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The Institute
Life at SIMSR
Admission Procedure
Selection Parameters
Fee Details
Important Dates
Illustrious Alumni
Contact Us

There is no religion SOMAIYA VIDYAVIHAR (SVV)
other than humanity
Padmabhushan Late Shri Karamshi Jethabai Somaiya, an Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and a Visionary,
who firmly believed that modern education has to have its roots in strong values, established
Somaiya Vidyavihar (SVV) in 1959. This underlying theme and legacy of SVV was continued and
strengthened by the late Dr. S.K. Somaiya and the legacy is being taken forward by Shri Samir Somaiya
— a Cornell University & Harvard alumnus.

SVV aims to provide for its students, meaningful and relevant education that emphasizes both the
liberal and professional aspects of higher education, steeped in rich Indian culture and heritage
and rooted in universal religious philosophies of the world.

The SVV campus comprises of 36 individual institutes dedicated in the area of Liberal Arts, Sciences,
Management, Humanities, Philosophies and Social Sciences as important aspects of scholarship,
and is spread across a 60-acre complex in Vidyavihar, in north central area of Mumbai and a 90-acre
complex in Sion, in the heart of Mumbai. SVV has over 38,000 students and 1,500 teaching staff.
Majority of its colleges are affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The trust also runs autonomous
post-graduate courses, vocational training courses, and high schools within the campus as well as
in rural India.

Within SVV lies Somaiya Vidyavihar University (SVU) which provides educational opportunities to all
qualified students to discover and disseminate knowledge in order to serve communities around the
world. SVU firmly believes in imparting education that teaches 'how to live' and 'how to make a
The guiding principle for SVU like SVV is 'Knowledge Alone Liberates'.


PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE We need to grow, to build up our human
society in a just way.Thus, development
Our Founder, Padmabhushan Shri K. J. Somaiya was deeply influenced by Gandhiji, and dedicated himself to
nation building. He founded Somaiya Vidyavihar on the 9th of September 1959. He later founded the Girivanvasi should reach to all sectors.
pragati Mandal, the K. J. Somaiya Medical Trust, Girivanvasi Education Trust and sister institutions to make great
citizens of India and the World. In the words of Swami Vivekananda, "We want that education by which character
is formed, strength of mind is increased. the intellect expanded and by which one can stand on one's feet."
We have now grown into a multi-disciplinary and multi-campus education institution with over 1500 faculty, and
38,000 students.
Our motto is: ञानादवे तुकैवलय् म् || Knowledge alone liberates. Liberates from poverty, from Hunger. Also, to liberate
one from the attachments that binds us to small-mindedness. Knowledge also provides opportunity to make the
life lived more meaningful. In the service of one's family, one's community, one's samaj, and indeed, the world.
Bearing in mind that there is no religion other than the life lived in the service of humanity, नमानषु ातप् रोधरम् ||
Our education in any subject will reflect its timeless fundamentals, its current context, and applications. There is
so much scientific discovery taking place at the intersection of fields of biology, computing, medicine, the social
sciences and everywhere else. We will provide students and faculty with an environment to engage this world,
to discover new truths, make new applications to create and share knowledge. Our education will also be
experiential. With projects that are ‘real’ and those that complement the learning inside the classroom.
Our students and faculty will be at the cutting edge of change, to incubate companies, to create NGOs, and
pursue any field of their passion. Our education will also be holistic. Sports and physical exercise must be a
firm part of the curriculum. For students to develop a love for sports, for recreation, for health, for teamwork, for
competition. Our education will also instil an appreciation for art and culture. In the Bhagavad Gita, Arjun asks
Krishna how is one to control one's mind that is as fleeting as the wind. Krishna responds that it can only be
done through practice and discipline. We will strive to teach our students to learn to stay calm in our turbulent
world. And our education will also include the ancient Indian tradition, its culture, its depth, and its knowledge.
We must keep the connection with our mother tongue and our languages. Languages are storehouses of culture,
and the loss of a language takes with it much learning, stored through it over the ages. Finally, our education
will help students lead a full life, to fall in love with life. Our dream is to build a world class research and teaching
institution that is global in the reach of its ideas, and universal in its service. Welcome to our community.



I have great pleasure in welcoming the prospective management education aspirants to the Somaiya
Vidyavihar University (SVU) , Mumbai for their studies in the University’s KJ Somaiya Institute of Management
Studies and Research (SIMSR).
The subject of Management as an academic and professional discipline has been undergoing revolutionary
changes during the last few decades. Appropriate knowledge and skills are necessary to manage the rapid
changing times and technologies in a globalized and interconnected world. We are in an era when
knowledge is expanding at an unprecedented rate. Mastering theoretical, experimental and practical
management and business skills through effective education programmes is indispensable for developing
core competencies and for giving the students a competitive edge. For maximization of the opportunities
for the cost effective management education and training, globalization, localization, contextualization
and individualization of curriculum and transactions are necessary.
Bearing these basic principles and dynamics challenges, we at SIMSR have been at the forefront of quality
and responsible management education in the country. Our Postgraduates Diploma in Management
(PGDM) programmes are designed, transacted and delivered following internationally renowned patterns
evolving the best practices in business and management education. Amongst our alumni are top-ranking
and highly-placed executives all over the world. Highly qualified and experienced faculty, state-of-the-art
infrastructure, the business and industry environment of the financial capital of the country, and a serene,
beautiful green campus with several sporting facilities and other educational, research and innovation
institutions are the hallmarks of SIMSR and the Vidyavihar campus of the University. Our academic
credentials, achievements, national and international accreditations and recognitions put us among the
top-most institutions in the country. I am extremely glad to welcome you as a student of this premier
management institute in the Somaiya Vidyavihar University. Once you are here, I am sure you will enjoy
the best of teaching and learning, research and community experiences in your student life.



Ready - For the New World

“It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is
most adaptable to change”
- Charles Darwin.

A report by McKinsey Global Institute from September 2019 with the title, “Future of Asia” states that Asia is
increasingly becoming the world’s centre and by the year 2040, Asia will account for 52 percent of global GDP
in terms of purchasing power parity and 54 percent of global consumption. These projected data figures repre-
sent incredible opportunities and challenges related to growth, disruption and innovation.
In the new world, technology and traditions will play a key role in driving change and integrating different
aspects of trade and society. This requires professionally trained managers with expertise in technology
enabled processes and softer aspects of empathy and collaborative spirit.
K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research (SIMSR), located in the heart of Mumbai in a
beautifully landscaped campus and now part of Somaiya Vidyavihar University (SVU), is in the forefront as a
leading business school in India, capable of providing the best inputs to young budding managers.
From Bloomberg labs to holistic self-management, analytics to leadership labs, creative strategy building to
risk management, cross-cultural management to digital communication, international diplomacy and so on, all
subjects are covered in depth. A fully residential campus with world-class sports facilities and opportunities for
experiential learning complete the pedagogical range.
The institute has grown in the past 38 years as offering sector-specific MBA programmes and executive educa-
tion for reskilling of corporate managers. We are now offering for admissions the PGDM-28th BATCH / PGD-
M(HCM)-3rd BATCH, for Batch 2020 - 22.
Our 10,000 + alumni base, more than 170 + recruiters on campus are proof of our goodwill and great reputa-
tion among all our stakeholders in India and abroad.
I welcome you to our Institute to avail of the opportunity of best-in-class management education
and develop an excellent personal and professional growth through SIMSR.



An Autonomous Educational Institute approved by University Grants Commission research and teaching institution
and is affiliated to the Somaiya Vidyavihar University (SVU) which is a Private University that is global in the reach of its
and has been formed vide Gazette Notification No. SFU-2013/C.R.200/Uni.-4 dated ideas and universal in its service.

26th August 2019 by Higher and Technical Department of Maharashtra. MISSION

To foster a spirit of inquiry,
enable livelihoods, encourage

innovations and create
good citizenship.



Two year full time AICTE approved programmes
Conducted in 6 trimesters of 10-12 weeks each over a period of 2 years

PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS SIMSR's two-year, full-time
residential programme focuses
Post Graduate Diploma in Management on real-world practice and
28thh BBaattcchhPPGGDDMMC2o0r2e02-02220-22 impact. From the diversity of
the curriculum to its detailed
Learning Goals: Objectives: and current pedagogy - the
classroom learnings at SIMSR,
1. Integrative Thinking The Post Graduate Diploma in made more prominent by the
2. Leadership Management aims at transforming dedicated effort of an
students into competent esteemed group of faculty and
Equivalent to MBA as per AIU value-driven professionals by corporate & business guests,
(Association of Indian Universities) providing them strong grounding emboldens the real edge of a
in management principles and SIMSRite. Add on to it an array
Open to students from India and processes by imparting functional of guest lectures, immersion
abroad including NRIs, FN, PIOs and competencies in the area of programmes, leadership lab
CIWGC Marketing, Finance, Operations, tutorials and industry-relevant
Intake 120 + 18* Human Resources and Data technical skill development -
Specialisations: Analytics, Finance, Science. The programme also programmes at SIMSR build
Human Resources, Marketing, exposes students to holistic future managers and leaders
Operations education incorporating ethics, from aspiring student, instilling
good governance and social not only a culture of learning
responsibility but also one of constant
Programme Specific Subjects Marketing Human Resources
• B2B Marketing • Consumer Behaviour • Performance Management Nitisha Sharma
• Competency Management • Corporate Governance • Learning & Development PGDM (2018 – 2020)
• Industrial Relations Finance Operations Management
• SCM Modelling • Security Analysis and Portfolio • Business Process Flows
• Supply Chain Management
Management Data Science
• Advanced Derivatives and • Big Data Technologies
• Design Thinking
Risk Management

*6 seats for Children of Indian Workers in Gulf Countries, 6 seats for Foreign Nationals, 6 seats for Person of Indian Origin

International Business has
Post Graduate Diploma in Management - International Business helped me understand the
14th Batch PGDM IB 2020-22 global perspectives of
management. With its course
Learning Goals: Objectives: curriculum, guest lectures and
student exchange programs, it
1. Expertise in International Business Post Graduate Diploma in has expanded my functional
2. Strategies in Changing Global Environment Management (International competencies of International
Business) focuses on creating a marketing and finance by
Equivalent to MBA as per AIU global mind-set and developing developing cross-cultural
(Association of Indian Universities) functional competencies necessary sensitivity. Having the
for rapidly changing International opportunity to learn a foreign
Open to students from India and business environment. The programme language - Spanish, has
abroad including NRIs, FN, PIOs and also helps the students to gain extended the boundaries of my
CIWGC exposure in other specialized areas expertise in the cultural
Intake 60 such as International Finance, diversities. With the immense
Programme Specific Subjects Export Import Policy, International amount of exposure provided,
• Export Import Policy Commodity Market, International it has transformed my
• Imports Management Trade Finance and Country Analysis personality as a suitable
• Multinational Management & Strategies in International manager to work across all
• Intellectual Property Rights Business Management. geographies.

Shreya Matta
PGDM – IB (2018 – 2020)


Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Retail Management
14th Batch PGDM RM 2020-22

Learning Goals: Objectives: From Experiential Learning
initiatives, Live Projects, Case
1. Integrative Thinking in Retail The main focus of the curriculum is Studies and Guest Lectures by
2. Understanding Customer Service to provide insights into the industry professionals, to
dynamics of the retail industry with transcending beyond the
Equivalent to MBA as per AIU special focus on retail operations. classroom by fostering an
(Association of Indian Universities) The course helps in understanding environment harboring student
the various nuances of retailing such talents, the PGDM Retail
Open to students from India and as studying various retail formats , Management program is a
abroad including NRIs, FN, PIOs and creating a memorable shopping sheer representation of an
CIWGC experience for the guests, academic masterpiece, and
Intake 60 identifying various support services presents an undaunting take on
Programme Specific Subjects and sales and finally, understanding Retail and Marketing.
• Visual Merchandising i/c and identifying the the important
Shoppers Experience drivers of sales growth. Sangam Singh
• E-Retailing PGDM – RM (2018 – 2020)
• Rural Retailing & Social Marketing
• Fashion and food retailing

PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS Coming from an Economics
background it was only a
Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Financial Services matter of time before I pursued
10th Batch PGDM FS 2020-22 masters in finance and
PGDM-FS at SIMSR gave me
Learning Goals: Objectives: the perfect opportunity to live
my dream. The curriculum
1. Analyze and critically evaluate Indian The programme aims to provide covers aspects of the financial
Financial Systems a comprehensive coverage of the world from the basics to the
Equivalent to MBA as per AIU various aspects of Indian Financial complex world of financial
(Association of Indian Universities) System comprising of Markets, markets. The excellent
Institutions, Products and Services. pedagogy and brilliant
Open to students from India and The course also provides insights infrastructure in the form of
abroad including NRIs, FN, PIOs and into niche areas such as Financial Bloomberg Lab facilitate
CIWGC Modelling, Commodity Markets, discussions of financial
Intake 60 Financial Inclusion, and Fixed theories’ application in the real
Programme Specific Subjects Income Securities Services in world. The rich diverse peer
• Security Analysis and Portfolio Financial Markets. learning experience not only
Management completes the journey and
• Behavioural Finance turns us into corporate-ready
• Investment Banking professionals but also makes
• Infrastructure and Project Financing the 2 years stay at SIMSR

Sreshtha Jain
PGDM – FS (2018 – 2020)

specially designed course that
Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Communications has helped me learn all forms
9th Batch PGDM COMM 2020-22 of communication that are
needed to support a brand, its
Learning Goals: Objectives: products or services. The
curriculum combines the basics
1. Managing Integrated Internal and The programme focuses on of Finance, HR and Operations
External Communication understanding, designing and and provides unique insights
managing marketing into the growing facets of
2. Design Integrated Marketing communications both internal as marketing with an in-depth
Communication Plan well as external. The programme study of the specialisation.
Open to students from India and helps in gaining exposure in niche Studying with a class full of
abroad including NRIs, FN, PIOs and areas such as Digital Marketing, marketing enthusiasts helps
CIWGC Marketing, Media Programming gather diverse viewpoints
Intake 60 and various other cross cultural especially during case discus-
aspects of communications. sions where we use Harvard
Programme Specific Subjects and Ivey cases. Moreover, the
• Celebrity & Sports Marketing committees, live projects and
• Introduction to Media and Media guest lectures make these 2
years a journey of a lifetime.
• Public Relations and Corporate Lakshya Sajnani
PGDM – COMM (2018 –
Communications 2020)
• Account and Brand Planning

PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS My search for the perfect
institute, providing my choice
Post Graduate Diploma in Management - Healthcare Management of Post Graduation Programme
3rd Batch PGDM HCM 2020-22 was complete when I got to
know about SIMSR! It has given
Learning Goals: Objectives: me numerous opportunities to
learn and grow with the
1. Integrative Thinking in Healthcare The programme enables the students diverse culture around. Talking
2. Understanding Global & Indian with relevant managerial and specifically about Healthcare
technical skills to tackle the Management here at SIMSR, I
Healthcare Systems challenges faced by the healthcare witnessed a perfect balance of
Open to students from India and industry, by equipping them with industrial knowledge and
abroad including NRIs, FN, PIOs and the tactics to take full advantage of managerial skill sets that have
CIWGC the ever growing healthcare sector. helped me to become ready for
Intake 30 The programme also helps the students the corporate world out there.
to update their knowledge about Intricacies of the Global, as well
Programme Specific Subjects the changing business environment as Indian Healthcare sector, are
• Pharma and Biotech Management of healthcare sector so that they can explained well with the
• Health Insurance & Financing apply the different management specially designed curriculum.
• Data Analytics for Healthcare techniques and fundamental
• Demographic Analysis & Policy concepts at the organizational level. Suparna Kukreja
PGDM HCM (2018 – 2020)
for Healthcare

1. Profile based selection
2. Candidates with a science
background will be preferred


PEDAGOGY Reasons to Study at SIMSR

Lush green campus located in the heart of Mumbai City. State
of the art classrooms & computer labs.

77+ well qualified faculty with rich industry and research experience. Visiting
faculty lectures by Eminent Corporate Professionals.

170 companies on campus. Highest package of 30 lpa (2018-19). 99% placement.

Large alumni base excelling professionally. Leaders in top notch organizations.
Actively associated in building networks and serving as mentors.

28 student driven committees. Leads to professional and cultural growth of
students. Promotes and develops leadership qualities and the ability to work
in teams.

‘ANKUR’ - the Institute’s Experiential Learning Program encourages students
to become socially responsible business leaders.

Yoga & Buddhist Centres. Facility to learn foreign languages. Rich learning
culture through co-curricular activities. Opportunities for students to work for
concurrent projects.

The institute has linkages with more than 30 international universities, including
the University of Applied Science Upper Austria, Steyr, Austria: University of
Applied Science, Krems, Austria; DHBW University, Stuttgart, Germany: THI
Business School, Ingolstadt, Germany.

Capital Markets SIMSR also organises various international
conferences every year
Creating awareness about
Capital Markets SIMSR Global SIMSR
Supply Chain International
Economic Policy Analysis Management
Conference Finance
To evolve into a leading policy Conference
centre engaged in research, teaching,
training and capacity building

International Business

To create superior knowledge base
on various dimensions of International


CENTRES Consumer & Market Studies SIMSR Global International Centre of
OF Marketing HR Economic Policy
EXCELLENCE To encourage a culture of research and Conference
creativity relating to critical issues (SGMC) Conference Analysis &
in Emerging economies Research
Entrepreneurship & Innovation
To foster successful

entrepreneurship activity

Sustainable Development Somaiya International
International Conference on
To conduct and promote research Conference on emerging economics
in the interdisciplinary areas Technology and
of sustainable development Information (General
Management Management area)
Diversity Management & Inclusion
To collaborate with industry on projects (SICTIM)

and researchers on managing
diversity at workplace


SIMSR has 30+ International tie-ups The Ambassador-Designate of Kazakhstan, Interactive session with students from Students visited DHBW for the
Bulat Sergazyuly Sarsenbayev for a guest lecture Tsinghua University foreign immersion program
MOU signed with Sany College, China MOU signed with Wintec, New Zealand


Resident Indians and CIWGC can GD-PI PROCESS Candidates will be offered the
appear for CAT 2019/XAT choice of the programme based
2020/CMAT 2020 & GMAT GD-PI Process will be conducted on their preference, merit
till Feb 10, 2020 in different cities across India rank and availability of seats
FN/PIO/NRI/CIWGC can appear Case based Group Discussion
for and submit GMAT scores.* and Personal in-depth interview 5
A candidate is eligible for CIWGC - GD & PI process at
admission by filling only one SIMSR, Mumbai
application form for all PGDM NRI/FN/PIO - PI by Skype or
programmes in-person (based on convenience)
be asked from the students after
declaration of merit list Shortlisting of candidates on Declaration of consolidated
the basis of test scores merit rank of the candidate
Shortlisted candidates to fill Candidate will have to fill
Candidate Profile Form & programme preference details
Statement of Purpose (SOP) online

12 3 4

*GMAT scores are valid for 3 years (Since December 2016)
**Admission is provisional i.e. subject to fulfilment of all the eligibility requirements
***Institute reserves the rights for profile based shortlisting


Personal Interview

Qualifying Exam 25% Past Academic Record
Case Based Group Discussion Work Experience
17% 8% 5% 10%



ILLUSTRIOUS ALUMNI Lata Pillai Ashutosh Khanna Jamnadas Majethia

Lloyd Mathias Batch 1986-88 Batch 1986-88 Batch 1987-89
Group President - Urban Sr. Client Partner Partner & Actor
Batch 1986-88 Infrastructure Korn Ferry International Hats-off Productions
Former Director YES Bank
- Marketing Madhusudan Kela Kamlesh Dangi
Hewlett Packard Aslam Karmali
& Business Strategist Batch 1989-91 Batch 1993-95
and Angel Investor Batch 1989-91 Proprietor Group Head - HR
CEO & Sr. VP - Retail MK Ventures InCred Financial Services
Ajay Kapur Eureka Forbes
Arvind Sharmaa Varun Chugh
Batch 1989-91 Gaurang Desai
CEO - Aluminium Batch 1994-96 Batch 1996-98
& Power Batch 1994-96 Senior Director - HR Managing Director
Vedanta Limited Advisor - Financial Black & Veatch Citibank
Loveena Khatwani Securities & Commodities
Batch 1993-95
Chief Client Experience
Edelweiss Capital

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