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How do we support Managers

How do we support Managers

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Your Wellbeing Service
How do we support Managers


• Management Referrals
• Case Conferences
• Pre Placements
• Work Health Assessments
• Contact Tracing
• Needlestick & Splash
• MOT’s
• Your Wellbeing
• Monthly Newsletters and literature
• How to set up and complete a Management Referral

Management Referrals

Making a referral to your Employee Wellbeing Service

One of the roles of occupational health is to advise on an individual’s fitness for work. The aim is to
ensure that undertaking the activities that you carry out at work and the environment in which you
work will not result in adversely effecting your health.

Organisational policies encourage you manager to make a referral to us:
• If you have been or are expected to be absent from work due to illness for a period of time

(return to work can be an important objective of a treatment plan for serious or long-term
conditions or injuries)
• If you have had several absence periods where there may be an underlying health problem and
not just absences relating to common self-limiting illness like colds or diarrhoea and vomiting
• If there are concerns about your fitness for work whilst you are at work such as signs that your
health is making it difficult for you to undertake work tasks or that work appears to be having an
adverse effect on your health and wellbeing.

A management referral is made using our online Cohort system. For access to this system you
should contact [email protected]

Referrals must be completed by a Referring Manager.

Management Referrals - Continued

It is important you take the time to read through the document carefully. It is really important that you
ask clear questions in order to get the best response from the OH Advisor dealing with your particular

You will need to put your employee at ease and re-affirm the reasons for the referral and what the
potential outcomes could be. Remember you are making this referral for all the right reasons as a
kind, caring and responsible employer.

• As the Referring Manager you will need to complete the Management Referral Form.
• Ensure the employee is aware of the referral and gain their consent, as they will be asked to sign a

written form upon arrival in the department.
• It is often helpful to provide us with a copy of your employee’s Job Description.
• All boxes marked with an asterix must be completed.

The process of a management referral should take the following length of time.
Once received, the process normally takes 2 days from receipt of referral to arranging an
appointment, we are able to provide appointments normally within a 10 day time frame and we
endeavour to have reports to you on the same day or after 48 hours (staff member has 48 to read a
report before it is sent to the line manager).

Case Conferences

Sometimes a management Referral is not always appropriate or sufficient for certain referrals, in this
case the manager may need to arrange a Case Conference.

A case Conference is when the Manager, HR Rep, Union Rep and the staff member all attend on the
same day.

This is especially useful if there are:
• Specific issues that need to be discussed as a whole team
• When redeployment could be a necessary outcome of the meeting.
• When a manager feels that they need additional support to come to an agreed result

In order to ensure that this is suitably arranged the manager would be required to provide the contact
details for all involved to the Employee Wellbeing Service. The Employee Wellbeing administration
team will then make the required contact with all involved in order to arrange the appointment.

What is your responsibility:
• Manager – to work with staff member and provide all the contact names (HR, Union Rep etc.) to the

employee Wellbeing service.
• HR - would be there to support all parties and take notes
• Union rep/friend - to support team member
• Occupational Health Advisor/Doctor - will manage and guide the case conference to ensure that a

final decision/outcome is reached.

Pre Placements

Pre-placement forms are created via Cohort’s Employment Plus OH Internal Pre-Placement Clearance Process – v1 (Appendix 2)

Module by the recruitment team, in which it will be sent to the Recruitment Recruitment send link to No Non Clinical Non Clinical Patient Facing and Phase
candidate’s given email account. employees (Cohort) internal Clinical
No immunisations EPP
OH Form required BCG
Hep B Course and Serology MMR x2
Hep B Course and Serology
Candidates will then submit their completed online form which HIV 1&2
will be received in the Cohort Inbox as an Employment Plus HEP C
work item. Hep B Surface Antigen

Candidate On-line (Cohort Is the form
Form) recieved complete?

Each employee form is checked in line with the flowchart Yes
opposite, the role will dictate the level of clearance required,
specifically whether they require vaccine’s and if EPP worker. Is this a clinical role No
They may be invited in for further immunisations, Bloods, they No Does the role
may even require a work health assessment or alternatively require EPP
they can be cleared immediately if they have everything that Is this an admin role in a clinical clearance
they require for their new role. environment
Yes No
A fit slip is then generated and uploaded to Trac as part of the Yes
on boarding process.
Has the client Needs to attend Does the client
lived outside require any
OH No of the UK for Yes Occupational further
more than 3 Health (prior to Yes immunisation
months in the
last 5 years – start date)
Was this a high
Is this a pure admin role Yes risk Country

Yes Is there a declared Can the employee be No Yes No
Health condition Yes
A WHA and New cleared at this stage Have they had Declared ‘Fit’
Starter Check Yes TB or cough (all definitions)
appointment needs No (No further lasting more
to be booked by immunisations No than 3 weeks on
in the last 2 Cohort
admin required)

Work Health Assessments

A work Health Assessment is completed for all staff who state that they have a health condition that
my affect there role. Your Wellbeing service will arrange an appointment to discuss this with the
employee and provide a fit slip with any adjustments the person may need to carry out there duties
within there new role.

Sometimes a health condition may occur whilst at work and a management referral may be used to
verify what adjustments are needed so the manager can support further.

Contact Tracing

Your Wellbeing Service will support the Trust when an outbreak (measles, meningitis or similar)
takes place. They will work with the department, infection prevention and control, Health and safety
and any other departments that would need to be involved surrounding the specific reason. A list
will be provided by the ward/department managers to your employee wellbeing service, Employee
wellbeing service will then ask each staff member to attend (if necessary) to be checked and any
immunisations or bloods taken.

Where a TB situation arises, there are normally meetings prior to any lists being produced, this is
when any staff member who has had 8 hours or more contact is contacted or anyone who is counted
as high risk (respiratory disorders etc).

Letters are sent to individuals asking them to attend the Wellbeing Service and updates provided
along the way to managers or groups involved.

Needlestick and Splash injuries

Your Wellbeing service has a direct number for all Needlestick or Splash injuries, this gives advice and help
to staff members who may require it after a Needlestick or Splash incident – 07745 306654

What to do first
If a member of your team receive a sharps injury or body fluid splash, remind them to report the injury to their
direct line manager and ensure a DATIX is completed.

We have leaflets explaining where staff members can get help or advice (dependent on which site they are

What can you do to protect yourself and your staff member.
First Aid Measures:
Sharps Injuries: Squeeze the site of the injury to encourage bleeding and wash the site and cover the site of
the injury Splash/body fluid contamination incidences: wash / rinse the area copiously

“Always ensure that you complete a Datix”

Gloves: Protects hands and wipes the needle and reduces the volume of blood exposure.
Visors/goggles: reduces splashes to the face
Do not re-shield any sharps and dispose of the sharps safely
Do not overfill the sharps bins and if you are carrying a sharp bin please make sure that the sharp bin is fixed
on a tray and always check the lid of the sharps bin is fixed correctly


What does it involve ?

Urinalysis / urine dipstick test - Check for presence of
• Blood
• Protein
• Glucose
• Ketones
• Leukocytes

Blood pressure test via digital sphygmomanometer, Random cholesterol and Blood glucose tests via a
point of care testing device, Height measurement and Body analyser test which includes:
• Body Fat Analysis%
• Visceral Fat Value
• Body Mass Index (BMI)
• Total Muscle Mass%
• Body Water Analysis%
• Metabolic Age
• Basal Metabolic Rate
Following the test the results are discussed with you and lifestyle changes discussed
You will leave with a print out of the report and a plan for actions

Your Wellbeing

• Salary Sacrifice, Cars, White Goods plus more.

EAP Service – Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
• Debt Advice
• Legal, Financial and Tax Advice
• Family Care
• Counselling for areas such as:
• Stress, anxiety & depression
• Low Self-esteem
• Relationship difficulties
• Disillusionment and burnout
• Bereavement
• Problems with drugs and Alcohol
• Eating disorders
• Trauma

Cavell Nursing – To support UK nursing professionals when they face a personal crisis like an
illness, domestic abuse or pressure from a carer.

Able Futures – For those staff members who struggle with mental health difficulties, it may mean you
have more bad days than good days. Cavell Nursing can help you manage your mental health at
work so you can enjoy more good days.

Monthly Newsletter & Literature

How do we keep everyone updated on the services that we provide and updates as to what is
happening in any particular month.

We have now started to share a newsletter with sites in order to provide any updates or overviews
for the following month.

We have leaflets to support managers and staff throughout their work life to provide information on
areas that may cause concern or for further information (these include but are not limited too):
• What is TB
• What you need to know about TB
• Signs and Symptoms of TB
• Your information (within OH)
• Needlestick and Splash injuries
• What to do if you have a sharps injury
• Donor blood
• What is Hep B
• What is Hep C
• Working Well – Stretch breaks
• Plus more

How To Complete a Management

Management Referral User Guide

In order to add a new referral, click either of the “ADD” buttons in the dashboard view


Please complete as much information as possible, mandatory fields are in red, in order to
assist Employee Wellbeing Services to deal with the case appropriately. You have a blue bar
along the top of the screen to show your progress.

Note: - There are additional fields: the Date Commenced in that role, and Length of Service in years. Please
complete this if known as this may assist Employee Wellbeing Services deal with the referral appropriately.


Once this first screen is complete, including all mandatory fields, click on “Save”. You will notice a message informing
you that the referral has been saved, and this will then allow you to proceed to the next section by clicking “Next”.


Please read through each question ensuring to
answer all questions marked with an * with as much
detail as possible.

Sign using your mouse

“Clear” or “Accept” your signature

Please fill all the necessary
information and click on “Next”


If you want to attach a file, Please click on “Add Files” and select the file you want to attach.
Once you finished click on “Start Upload”. If you do not want to upload any file please click
on “Next”.


Read through the information provided on the screen, you also have the ability to review the
questionnaire on this page, once you are ready to submit the referral enter I AGREE into indicated field
and click submit

You are able to preview the answers you have provided on the questionnaire by scrolling down the
page from here.

Accessing OH Responses

Once your member of staff has been seen by our service and we have issued a response, you will be
emailed to say that the referral has been updated.
Log on to COHORT to access your dashboard. To view the referral either click on the name of your staff
member or on the blue view icon against their name.

When the status says “Response issued” that’s when the
report is ready for viewing.


To access the report from the Occupational Health Advisor click on the “Response Forms” icon.


This page will always show the most recent report. If you wish to see an older report click on the drop down
and select the report date you wish to view.

You can also print off the reports and
questionnaire if you wish to have a
paper copy by clicking in the Print icon.

Continued You can select multiple reports
to print (if there is more than
Remove the tick in the box one report linked to this
next to “Questionnaire” if referral) by opening the drop
you don’t want a copy of the down and selecting all the
referral you submitted. reports you wish to print.

Click on OK to print off what
you have selected.

*Please note that this will appear as a PDF document at the bottom of your screen and will not go to the printer*

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