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While completing a mission for the queen in Scotland, Ciel and Sebastian get
caught in a storm on the sea. (oneshot, sweet, very little smut in this one).

I don't own Kuroshitsuji


Sebastian and Ciel as a pair, don't like, don't read lol

The Cave

Ciel spluttered, cold water rushing into his choking mouth, slender body tossed in the
waves. He grappled for something, anything to hold onto, but found nothing. The sides of
the boat he had clawed at moments ago had been thrown away from him, and he was lost.
He was miles from the nearest shore. The dark sky above was flashing with cruel lightning,
threatening to fry his tiny body as it struggled in the chilling salty water. Ciel might as well
have been a rag doll for how easily the waves played with him, and he was panicking as he
was plunged beneath the raging ocean over and over, the opportunities to snatch a gasp of
air so few that he felt his lungs burning. When he thought he could handle no more the
current tossed his own knee up into his face, catching him hard at the temple. He could not
restrain the yelp that escaped him, yet under water it only drew water into his open mouth.
Ciel reached up desperately to try and find the surface. Uneven and violent as it was, he
needed to find it...where though he was being lifted by a powerful harness, his
entire body was caught and drawn upward rapidly, breaking the surface with the roaring of

Thin shaking arms tightened around familiar shoulders, clinging to the one who had yet
again saved his life. He could not open his eyes against the heavy spray of the angry water,
instead opting to drop his forehead into the well-known gap between neck and shoulder to
shield his face somewhat as he coughed up water onto the already-soaking wool. A voice
rang out louder than the chaos around them,
"Just hold fast, young master, and I'll take you to safety."

Ciel had trusted similar words more than enough times to trust in them now. So he did as he
was bade, ignoring the lurching of his stomach as they raced above the torrid waves, his
trustworthy butler exerting unworldly strength to graze the water's unstable surface and
carry them toward land. Not that Ciel had seen any land as he had been frantically
searching when he was tossed overboard to begin with. He could not afford to think on
such concerns as he shivered and coughed, wanting to cover his ears against the utter noise
around him, but needing to hold on to Sebastian so much more.

It had been an interesting case when it had first begun; a certain group of looters had been
targeting a string of ancient castles on the Scottish Coast. It was suspected that they must
have used a boat to access the rocky cliffs below the castles, and heavy climbing gear to
scale up. Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of antiques had been stolen from the
carefully preserved sites. Some of the castles were still in use as well, but no one had
managed to catch sight of the perpetrators. With careful inquiries, they managed to make
progress in their investigation and track the group to a certain castle that stood on a small
island apart from the coast by several miles. The only access was by boat. They had to row
out together from a separate bay to avoid detection, while the light was fading.

Just hours ago Sebastian had scaled the tall rocky walls of the island by simply running up
the side, Ciel on his back. They followed the long, strong rope that the criminals had used
to climb up earlier. Within moments Sebastian had confronted the group of looters, even
Ciel managing to knock a few of them on the knees. They had left them tied inescapably in
the main entrance of the castle, with the intention of contacting the local authorities when
they returned to shore.

By the time Sebastian began to row back to the bay, the waves had grown choppy and a
rumbling in the sky spoke of a rising storm. Only moments later the storm threw a wave
over the boat, knocking Ciel over the side and into the crashing waters that swallowed him
up. In the back of his mind he had known that Sebastian would save him, but for the several
long moments that he was rolling about in the freezing water he could feel nothing but
terror. The long cloak he had worn to fight off the biting cold of September ended up
dragging him down, tugging hard at his throat as it twisted around. It was a relief when his
butler's strong arms pulled him from the watery hell.

Now Ciel tried to regain his breathing, choking on the lingering tingle of water in his throat.
Sebastian's body was surging against him as he literally ran atop the water. He wanted to
ask how far away they were from the shore, but he did not trust his voice between all his
coughing. It was so dark, as the setting sun had been blotted out by the inky black storm
clouds, and Ciel kept his eyes shut, as the one time he had opened them he had seen a long
finger of lightning streak across the sky directly above them. He didn't know what would
happen should Sebastian actually be struck by lightning, but he knew that he himself
certainly wouldn't survive.

Finally, Sebastian's gait changed, and the sound of the storm was muffled, the wind being
cut off. The utter relief washed over Ciel as his ears rested in the semi-silence. He opened
his eyes, seeing nothing but complete blackness.
"Se-Sebastian, where-" Ciel began coughing at once when he spoke, and he felt Sebastian
press his chin gently against his head as though to reassure him.
"This is a coastal cave, young master. We can rest here until the morning. It is not safe to
venture home."

Ciel was set down carefully onto a surprisingly soft surface, where he curled up and began
shivering in earnest. He wanted to wipe at the salt water clinging to his long eyelashes, but
his arms felt so heavy. He heard movement and what sounded like dragging, followed by a
small puff sound. Soft light penetrated his closed eyelids, and Ciel eased them open slowly.
He saw his butler, kneeling over a growing fire composed of driftwood, coaxing it to life
with a slow caress of his ungloved hand.

"Sebast-" Ciel suddenly felt his churning stomach rebel at his effort to speak. He quickly
turned to the side, propping himself on hands and knees, and vomited up a sickening
amount of seawater. Ciel was actually thankful that he had made Sebastian wait to feed him
dinner, this way there was nothing else in his stomach. The poor shivering boy heaved a
few times without bringing anything else up, a sharp ache stabbing through his middle. As
he struggled to regain his breathing, he felt his butler's hands untying his cloak. Instantly
the great weight of the wet garment lifted from his shoulders and he felt like he could
breathe again. "...thank you..." Ciel murmured without thinking, as Sebastian calmly rubbed
the center of his back, patting every now and again. The rumble of thunder and the howling
of the wind echoed from the mouth of the cave some distance away, adding an eerie
element to their predicament.

"Are you alright, young lord?" Sebastian asked quietly a few seconds later. Ciel nodded a
"I-I...can't m-move..." Ciel shivered, feeling like he would fall over at any moment and
afraid to try and move an inch. Arms wrapped around his waist and pulled him back to rest
on his heels, bracing his back against a solid chest. His small body was still wracked with
violent shudders due to the intense cold, his fingertips tingling and numb. Sebastian's breath
was intensely hot as it floated past the cold curve of his ear.

"Young master, pardon me but I must remove your clothes; you're in danger of
"Any-anything...j-just...h-help me!" Ciel bit out, trying to sound angry but coming off as
more desperate. The cold seeping into him through his wet clothes was almost causing him
pain, and so he almost moaned in thanks as he felt them peeled off him quickly, layer by
layer until he was absolutely bare. He was shaking so badly that he ached, and could barely
catch his breath. Sebastian pulled him off the ground briefly and then set him down near the
fire, which by now was a healthy blaze. A warm expanse of fabric was inexplicably draped
around his slender trembling shoulders, large hands rubbing his body through it while that
smooth voice instructed him,
"Pull your limbs in tight, young master, and try to relax."

Ciel let out a relieved sigh as the heat from the flames flowed over him in comforting
waves, heating his chilled skin through the mystery fabric. The sensation of those hands
creating such delicious friction against his back and shoulders was soothing him greatly. As
the discomfort eased away from him he finally took a look around him. He now saw that
the floor of the cave consisted of fine white sand, which explained why it was comfortable.
Ciel had briefly wondered through everything else why it had not felt hard and rocky. The
walls of the cave were made of white limestone, meaning that even the small light of the
fire brightened their shelter greatly. The warm glow of the flames danced on the chiseled
walls and arching ceiling above them.

"Sebastian, what is this?" Ciel asked quietly, his voice low and raspy as he plucked at the
edge of the fabric wrapped around him. The wonderful warmth of those hands did not leave
him as Sebastian answered,

"I managed to transport our supplies here when the boat overturned. Forgive me for leaving
you briefly, young master, but I calculated that you would be able to hold your own until I
returned for you. I knew that you would need what we packed into the boat. This blanket
for one."
"You risked my life for a blanket?!" Ciel coughed out, "You bastard!"
"Calm yourself, master. You are benefitting from it now, are you not? As well as the extra
one you are sitting on. Without them you would be covered in sand clinging to your wet
"I still can't believe you." Ciel wheezed. Sebastian must have decided that Ciel had warmed
up enough to sit by himself for a while, and he moved away.
"Suit yourself, young master." Ciel glanced over at his butler, meaning to glare at him.

Instead he found himself staring as the man began stripping his own sopping clothes from
long limbs. After discarding the heavy tailcoat Sebastian effortlessly piled small, scattered
boulders of fallen limestone on the other side of the fire, and began laying his clothes out
upon them so they would dry. He stripped down to his undershorts before Ciel blushed and
tore his eyes away. Somehow Sebastian seemed so...human...without his uniform. That fine
black suit was like armor that his butler wore every day in service to his master. To see him
without it was like seeing a different side of him entirely. His skin looked so tender in the
soft light of the fire, gleaming with remaining water, moving across firm muscles that
sculpted his lean body. Ciel peeked once more, and then could not tear his eyes away from
Sebastian's sleek back, strength rippling with every movement he made as he began to
place Ciel's clothes over the boulders as well. When Sebastian turned to face the fire,
holding out his own arms to strip the remaining water from them, Ciel's eyes became fixed
on his dark, provocative nipples. They stood out so starkly against his white chest, making
their presence known.

"Are you feeling warmer, young lord?"
The question snapped Ciel out of his slow examination, and he blushed when he realized
that Sebastian had been watching him. Warmer indeed.
"I'm alright." Ciel answered blankly.
"That is encouraging to hear, young master." Sebastian said, with a wide smile. "If you will
please wait there, I shall procure your dinner."
Before Ciel could open his mouth to ask how in the world the butler intended to do this,
Sebastian was gone. The cold boy gave a shrug and inched nearer to the fire, rubbing his
wet skin down beneath the blanket. The sound of the thunder rolling outside the shelter of
the cave, muffled through layers of rock and woodlands around them, made shivers run up
Ciel's spine. The mouth of the cave was still close enough to where he could see the flashes
of lightning on the walls, and hear the roaring waves. He felt a childish fear of being alone
creep into his mind, and he swallowed hard, wishing he didn't feel like such a coward.

Several long moments passed before he seriously considered calling Sebastian back to him.
He wanted to desperately as a bolt of lightning landed nearby and shook the ground of the
cave. He held back, however, knowing that he would have absolutely no reason to give the
demon when he questioned why he had been summoned. Ciel was trying to think of an
excuse when Sebastian's voice called from the mouth of the cave.

"I am back, young lord." He appeared, looking odd walking about in nothing but his black
undershorts, holding a large slab of raw meet in his hand, wrapped in a net of leaves. "Your
dinner, sir."
Ciel raised an eyebrow and turned up his nose.
"I do hope you are not expecting me to eat that."
Sebastian chuckled easily as he came nearer and showed Ciel how the meat was already
speared on a stick, ready to go over the fire. Ciel made a grumpy sound, and the butler
began setting up a makeshift spit.
"You are so easy to upset, master. Did you really think that I would have you eat raw

Ciel didn't have a comeback for that, so he simply deadpanned,
"What kind of meat is that anyway?"
"Nothing hideous, I assure you; it is just venison."
The boy watched in silence as his butler began to slowly cook the meat over the fire. While
Ciel expected Sebastian to always care for him, he could never suppress his amazement of
how his demon provided for him. Here they were, in a cave on the coast of Scotland, during
a vicious thunderstorm, and still, somehow, his butler was still ensuring dinner was on time.
It was an odd sight, however, to watch Sebastian standing there and cooking in naught but
his drying undershorts. Ciel smiled ever so slightly to himself, and yawned. The warmth of
the fire, along with the low light, was making him drowsy. Within moments of Sebastian
putting the meat over the fire, the hypnotic turning of the spit lulled Ciel into a half-
sleeping state. His eyes continued to fall closed despite his attempts to keep them open.

Eventually he became aware that the spit was no longer turning, and that Sebastian's hand
was gently pawing at his shoulder.
"Your meal is ready, master. Wake up."
"I didn't fall asleep, you idiot." Ciel yawned, rubbing his face. The blanket fell from his
shoulders, and he let it gather in his lap, glad to feel the heat more directly on his skin.
Sebastian handed him what looked like many leaves woven together to create a bowl, and
inside were small slices of delicious-smelling meat.

"Let me guess, sea salt for seasoning?"
"Quite perceptive, master." Sebastian looked proud as he continued. "As well as some other
herbs and spices that can be found locally."
Ciel bit into his piece of venison and hummed, closing his eyes in appreciation of the
delightful taste.
"How do you find it, master?" Sebastian asked, kneeling subjectively by Ciel's side.
"Excellent." Ciel answered at once. "You outdid yourself, given the circumstances. It is
"I am honored, master."

Ciel took several moments to indulge in the hot meat, even sending Sebastian back to cut
more off the meat still hanging from the spit. When Sebastian once more handed him his
woven plate of leaves to him, Ciel took it gratefully.
"You should have some as well."
Ciel's comment seemed to take the demon aback.
"Pardon, master?"
"Would you turn your nose up at human food for any particular reason?"
Sebastian smiled a soft, secretive smile and went to slice yet another two pieces of meat off
the main body, bringing it back on a handkerchief. He sat down companionably beside Ciel
and took a bite.

"Well-seasoned...I think," Sebastian commented as Ciel chewed on yet another piece of his
own venison, watching him closely.
"You mean after all this time you really can't tell?"
"I am afraid not, young lord. Learning how to create human food was merely an exercise in
following the recipe correctly, and applying extensive research as to what combination of
ingredients produced the best results. The flavor to demons such as myself is so
incredibly...well, it is hard for us to comprehend."
Ciel was eagerly devouring yet another piece of meat.
"Why did you hesitate?"
"I did not wish to offend you with my opinion of your main source of sustenance, master."
"What could possibly be more offensive than any other opinion you have revealed to be
before? If I remember right, you always express your thoughts with gusto."

Sebastian grinned, but it did not reach his ears.
"In truth, my lord, I did not want to delve too deeply into the subject of foods and flavors as
far as my kind are concerned."
"Oh? Why not?"
Ciel pushed, licking the salt from his fingers. He heard a small breath, reminiscent of a
chuckle, and then his butler answered,
"Because, my lord, I am very, very hungry."
Ciel swallowed hard, feeling a twinge of pain at these words. While it could have been said
that Ciel Phantomhive had no conscience, he could still understand the injustice of certain
"If I were you," Ciel commented quietly after a long pause, "I would resent my master
bitterly; always having to serve up food, watching him eat until he was content, day after
day, while all the while staring myself."

A flutter of warmth ran unexplainably through Ciel's heart when he saw Sebastian's hands
actually shake a bit around the meat they held. It took several moments, and few more
pieces of meat eaten by Ciel before Sebastian spoke.
"How could I ever resent you, my lord?" The words came as a complete shock to Ciel, who
swallowed faster than he wanted to, choking a little. He looked over at his butler, holding
his warm, sincere gaze.

"The dull flavor of the human food I make for you as significant as one grain of sand
amongst the oceans of the world. How can I hope to describe how much more you will
serve me with your death than I could ever serve you now in life? How could even such a
brilliant human like yourself be able to fathom that the 'flavor' of a soul is beyond the
flimsy concept itself? It is an experience. A merging of energy. A pleasure beyond anything
you humans could ever understand. Sweeter than the sweetest dessert, richer than the
softest fabric, filled with more ecstasy than the most powerful physical climax."

Ciel was entranced by his butler's description of something that he could never experience,
though he did blush at the mention of 'physical climax'.
"I never realized it was more than a meal." He said quietly, and gazed down into his empty
"How could you? It is not as though you have known many demons in your short life."
Ciel chuckled lightly.
"Just knowing one is enough."
Sebastian observed Ciel's bowl.
"Master, would you care to have my portion? I have no interest in finishing it."
"Why not? It may seen dull and tasteless to you, but to me it is delicious."
Sebastian moved over toward Ciel, who expected the butler to slide the two pieces of meat
into his bowl, but instead, he picked one up with his fingers, and held it out to his master.
Ciel, unsure why Sebastian chose to do this, reached for it with his own hand. The demon
pulled back, shaking his head.

"Let me feed it to you, my lord."
"Why the bloody-"
"I can sense your enjoyment more closely that way, master. If you insist that I am 'missing
something' perhaps I can detect it better like this."
Ciel pondered for a moment, and then obediently opened his mouth. Sebastian broke a
small piece of the meat off and slipped it between Ciel's parted lips. It was such a small
morsel that Ciel hardly had much chewing to do. He had to wonder why Sebastian would
feed him such scant bites. He was far too worn out by this time to question it and truthfully,
it stroked his ego to be fed like this. Like a prince he sat there, bare-chested, a blanket
around his waist and his servant feeding him. Yes, it was rather nice. He liked Sebastian's
long, graceful fingers so near to his lips, ghosting over them with every new bite.

Ciel had always admired those fingers from the time they reached through the bars of his
cage to caress his tear-dampened face. They had looked different then, with inhumanly long
black nails and wrapped in something like leather. The fingers themselves were much as
they were now; white, pristine, elegant. For all their gracefulness they were a man's fingers,
filled with strength and ability.
Ciel had no need to ponder the hands of anyone else who might touch him, as hardly
anyone ever did. This meant that the occasional touch from Sebastian sent shivers of
excitement through him. No one else's touch affected him like this. Lizzie always
smothered him and crushed his hand in her tiny one, Undertaker's grubby fingers made

Ciel's skin crawl when they poked at him, and his Aunt Red's gloved touch always felt
condescending...when she had been alive. But Sebastian...his touch was never intrusive,
ever light and instructional or firm and protective. And good. The brush of Sebastian's hand
had always felt nice to Ciel, unlike anyone else's. He had been touched far too horribly in
the past to crave another's hand, but he had found himself at least thinking about Sebastian's
off and on when it touched him.

He wordlessly ate from Sebastian's hand for a few more moments, neither of them saying
anything. The rumble of thunder and the whirling of wind the only sound. When Sebastian
had no more to feed him, he simply tossed their leaf-bowls in the fire, which smoked
briefly. As he turned back to face Ciel, his ruby eyes suddenly flashed, opening in response
to something Ciel was not quick enough to see. The next instant Ciel lay flat against the
deep sandy floor, his butler atop him, something long and thin squirming over his chest. It
took the boy a few more seconds to realize what had happened. He jerked against the odd
movements against his chest, and looked up to see a long, wriggling object being squeezed
in Sebastian's hand. The very end of it was squirming about on Ciel's skin. A split second
later, and it stopped moving altogether. Ciel was gasping due to the flood of fight-or-flight
energy that still surged through him, having shocked his heart and now left him breathless.
He saw that Sebastian was staring down at him, studying him.

"Are you hurt, master?" He asked, concerned.
"I don't think so." Ciel answered, "What is..."
Sebastian raised his hand and flung the long object far back out toward the entrance. He
sneered over his shoulder, before looking back down at his master.
"An adder. It was slinking toward you, out of your line of sight."
Ciel's eyes went wide and he swallowed, shivers of horror going through him. One bite
from an adder and he would be dead. Not even Sebastian could have saved him had he been
too late to kill the snake. The butler felt the trembling in his master's small body, and his
eyes softened. He ran his hands down Ciel's arms, rubbing up and down.
"Cold, still, master?" He asked gently.
"Um...a bit..." Ciel answered numbly, still not completely recovered from the sudden
incident. Sebastian stared down at him as he kept rubbing Ciel's slender arms. He opened
his mouth to say something else, but then seemed to think better of it, and instead leaned
forward to arch his body over his master's.

He bent his head so that his lips spoke into Ciel's ear, heat from his breath brushing against
"Death seems to constantly chase you, my lord. From members of human and inhuman
society who wish to kill you, to your own affliction of asthma in your lungs, to nature itself.
How it angers me at times like though taunting me."
It was not a particularly flammable statement, but it enraged Ciel at once. He spared no
time but jerked his head to the side to avoid Sebastian's words.
"Because you want me dead?!" Ciel growled, suddenly struggling to move out from
beneath his butler. Sebastian restrained him, somehow managing to be gentle. "Because you
want to feast upon my soul as soon as you get the chance? Is that what you mean!?"

Sebastian had to pin the flailing boy down to the soft ground with his own body to keep
him still. Ciel was faintly aware of Sebastian's bare skin pressing against his own, but he
was too upset about his words to think on the sensation. The demon finally managed to pin
Ciel's arm in such a way that he could lay his hand on the boy's forehead and try to keep it
still. Having done so, he forcefully spoke once more into Ciel's ear.
"Because I cannot be parted from you so soon."

Ciel went still beneath Sebastian, the butler's words stunning him.
"That's a lie."
"You know I cannot lie to you." Sebastian said softly, letting the side of his head brush
against Ciel's. "It is true. I do not wish for anything to separate you from me. I will be by
your side until your goal of revenge is met, and not one second earlier. Only you and I can
bring about that time, and any other efforts to harm you and part you from me cause such
anger in myself that...that I can barely contain it."

Ciel flinched slightly at the unexpected feel of Sebastian's hand sliding up through his hair,
cradling the side of his face. It was an oddly affectionate gesture for the demon, and it
moved something within Ciel, and sent quivers of odd excitement through his belly. In that
second he became acutely aware of his butler's naked flesh against his own, and realized
that the blanket that had preserved his modesty had been dropped in the scuffle with the
adder. He was completely naked beneath Sebastian, and that smooth abdomen was pressed
firmly against his hips and...
"You're crushing me, Sebastian..." He said, awkwardly placing his hands on Sebastian's
arms to push him away. Instead, he found himself marveling at the softness of the demon's
skin, and how such softness could house such steely muscles beneath.
"One moment more, please master," Sebastian murmured against his temple, "I so rarely
have the opportunity to be so close to breathe in your tempting scent so deeply, and
so close to the source..."

Ciel shivered at the concept of Sebastian reveling in his scent, wanting to be so near to him.
His butler had always been so closed off and appropriate, and this was a breach of that
behavior. Not that he was about to complain further. It was nice to have the warmth of that
body so close, that form that had saved his life so many time before. Those strong muscles
in his core and arms pressed against him, holding him closely, cherishing him. He had
never thought that Sebastian was capable of such tenderness at this beyond what was
necessary to keep him comfortable. But was sweet...
"Do embracing me, Sebastian?" Ciel asked quietly. "You never have before.

Apart from when I cannot walk and you carry me, that is."
"I do like being near you, master. It is...difficult to stay away. I am drawn to you like gulls
to the sea."
"Gulls are filthy scavengers that never stop screaming." Ciel shot back, unable to be taken
in by the intended poetic metaphor. Sebastian did not seem the least bit put off by Ciel's
scathing words, having a tough hide for them.
"At least my voice is soothing, then, hm, master?" Sebastian quipped softly, gathering Ciel
up in his arms and pulling him up into a true embrace.

Ciel shifted to sit up as his butler guided him, feeling his heart begin to pound as his head
was pressed to the bare skin of Sebastian's chest. Even faster did it thump when soft kisses
were dropped onto his head, climbing across to his temple, where Sebastian tilted his head
back to kiss his cheek as well.
"Sebastian...what are you..."

Ciel's voice died away as Sebastian's kisses now landed near the corner of his mouth. He
gasped ever so slightly, never believing that his butler would be so bold. The next instant
those lips were on his own, only a light brush before retreating. Ciel's entire body went stiff
in surprise. His butler leaned his lips against Ciel's forehead.
"Young master, " Sebastian whispered, low and soft, "Do not recoil from me, please."

Then those lips again, so warm and smooth, this time pressing a bit more firmly. Ciel's
eyelids fluttered closed, and he spread his own lips to invite that gloriously intimate action.
So this was what it was like to kiss someone? It wasn't at all like he's thought it would be;
slimy and sickening, overheated and nonsensical. It was slow and sweet, so tender and
pleasantly warm...and very, very soft. Ciel let out an extremely quiet moan, a
breathy sound that fluttered between their open mouths. That was enough to encourage
Sebastian, and he ever so gently increased the pressure of the kisses, moving his hand
upward on Ciel's back to cup his shoulder blade. The movement of Sebastian's gloveless
hands on his bare back was tantalizing, and Ciel shivered pleasantly. What on earth were
they doing? His mind screamed at him that this was an arena where he could become
intensely wounded were he unarmed...and Sebastian had completely, and totally, unarmed

"Sebastian, we...we can't..." He muttered, sounding unlike himself as his tone was soft and
quavering, "This...isn't...we...we just can't."
Ciel had not pulled back while he was speaking, but had let the words flow out against
Sebastian's mouth, and then the demon began to kiss his face once more as he spoke.
"Weak protests from so fiery a child." Sebastian pointed out, an obvious chuckle in his
tone. "If you were truly averse to this you would not be struggling to find a reason to
object. Now, my young lord, you are someone who always knows what he wants. If you did
want me to stop, you would tell me so directly and clearly."
"I..I.." Ciel struggled to protest as Sebastian spoiled him with slow, heart-meltingly tender
kisses all over his face. "I don't...know..."
"Goodness, are you saying you don't know what you want for a change?" Ciel tried to
frown, but his face was too softened by those sugary kisses, and all he could do was let it
smooth back out into a dazed, intoxicated expression. Sebastian could see that his little lord
was actually having an intense internal struggle, and tried to help him along. "Do you want
me to stop, master? Do you want me to let you go?"

Ciel did not need to think on that more than one second. He shook his head from side to
side, leaning it forward against Sebastian's.
"I feel safe's nice."
Sebastian brought one hand up to cup the side of Ciel's head, stroking through his hair.
"Do you want me to kiss you again?"
Ciel's pale cheeks flushed pink, and he nodded sheepishly. Sebastian as always, obeyed his
master's wishes. He tilted Ciel's chin up for another kiss. This time Ciel slid his slender
arms around Sebastian's neck, anchoring himself while those demonic lips caressed his
own. Sebastian carefully shifted so that he was sitting cross-legged with Ciel straddling his
lap. Sebastian began sliding his hands up and down Ciel's sides, sending shivers of
excitement through the boy. Ciel felt the heat of Sebastian's body seeping into his own,
through the very thin under drawers Sebastian wore. Ciel then remembered that he was
naked beneath the one corner of blanket that still clung to his waist. What with Sebastian's
nearly-naked state, there might as well have been no barriers between them at all. While

Ciel had been naked in front of Sebastian many times before, he had never been kissing him
while, sitting in his lap.
After several long moments of kissing, Ciel pulled back to catch his breath. Sebastian
smiled and stroked the side of his face.
"Alright, master?" He whispered, brushing the backs of his fingers against Ciel's cheek.
"Just out of breath is all." Ciel panted, his hands sliding down to Sebastian's shoulders.
"Why...why haven't you done this to me before? If you wanted to so badly?"
"This bond between us is not about what I want. At least, not until the very end. For now, it
is about your wishes being fulfilled. You have never seemed to enjoy my touches at any
time. You flinch and tell people to keep away when they put their hands on you, kindly or

"It is true that I don't like being touched." Ciel mumble. "I find it...demeaning and..."
"Do you feel demeaned now, young lord?"
Sebastian asked, tilting Ciel's head to the side and kissing his delicate neck. Ciel gasped and
shuddered at the intense chills that ran down his back at the touch.
"Ahh...not..not when it's you...I've...I've always liked your touch, are my butler. It
would be improper to..."
"That is your excuse, master? Truly? Propriety is all that would stand between you and your
desires? Since when has that sopped you before?"
Ciel bit his lip, looking frustrated.

"I think you needed to give yourself an excuse to keep you from something that would
make you very happy, my lord. Because you mistakenly believe that it will be too
complicated. I assure you , it will not be. I am here to serve you in any way possible, and to
ensure your comfort."
Sebastian brushed a lock of Ciel's frizzy, sea-washed hair away from his face and tucked it
behind his ear.
"You said yourself you don't feel demeaned. So then, how do you feel, my young master?"

Ciel arched a little as Sebastian leaned in to brush his lips against his master's collarbone.
"Good." Ciel answered simply.
"That's all that I want for you." Sebastian promised him, and latched his mouth to the span
of flesh between Ciel's neck and shoulder. Ciel gasped, and he felt his cock jump to life at
the slight scrape of Sebastian's teeth. He could not stop the growing urge in him to
reciprocate what Sebastian was doing, and he leaned forward to nuzzle the side of
Sebastian's head. His hair smelled like rain and salt from the sea. It was a far more pleasant
smell than Ciel would have thought.

"I like that." Ciel said quietly, as Sebastian began sucking at the area, lapping at it with his
tongue. Small fingers began to massage the demon's bare shoulders, and then trail over his
strong, broad back. 'This is the frame that has shielded me so many times,' Ciel thought, his
heart beating faster with excitement to remember the incidents, 'these muscles have carried
me, saved me, been woven into existence for me...'
"You're mine." Ciel moaned into Sebastian's ear, as the demon gently bit him again. "Like
any other part of myself, I am perfectly comfortable with you..."

Sebastian chuckled, and almost startlingly fast, positioned Ciel facing outward on his lap.
Ciel was so surprised that his head dropped back, resting on Sebastian's shoulder.
"And how about this part of you?" Sebastian asked, his hand sliding sensually down the
front of Ciel's body, it's destination obvious and erotic. Ciel panted, jerking his hips in
anticipation. When the demon's warm hand wrapped around Ciel's hard cock, the lithe body
tensed in the butler's arms.

"You've grown into quite the specimen of a young man." Sebastian whispered into his ear,
sliding his hand up the long, slender cock. "Hmmm you're very hard, and just look at how
excited you are, all wet and slick..."
"Sh-shut up!" Ciel said, blushing lividly, spreading his legs wider, "You don't need stop talking into my ear like that!"
"Why? Does it make you want to come already?" Sebastian asked, drawing out his words
and pitching his voice slow and deep.
"Urg!" Ciel squirmed, pushing himself up on Sebastian's thighs. "Harder, Sebastian,
"Ah, no my young lord; this is not like the times you pleasure yourself in secret. You can't
just grip as hard as you want and spill within a minute. You need to let your body feel the
extent of readiness like it's never known before."

As he spoke, Sebastian's free hand snaked up Ciel's side and began palming over Ciel's
breastbone and nipple. He released Ciel's begging cock, and instead took hold of both of his
pert nipples with the fingers of each hand.
"What are you going to do..?" Ciel asked, arching his chest upward beneath Sebastian's

"Don't tell me that you've never teased your nipples before?" Sebastian taunted, nibbling on
his ear and making Ciel groan. "How could you not when they get so hard like this?"
"I certainly wouldn't tell you if I did." Ciel quipped, whining as Sebastian rubbed those
little pink peaks between his fingers. "But I don't want you to tease me." He added,
squirming even more on the demon's lap.
"Oh? And why is that?"
"I'm...I'm tired, Sebastian..." Ciel felt mortified to say it, to admit that even as excited as he
was he was not up for all that the demon could offer him, at least not tonight. Sebastian
sighed, but stroked his chest gently to silently tell Ciel he understood.
"Very well, master. We can explore the teasing another time. You have had an intensely
hard night."

"If you count nearly drowning." Ciel grumbled, giving one of Sebastian's hands a little slap.
The butler lifted Ciel up, and gently laid him out on the ground, finally pulling that blanket
away entirely to expose him. Ciel's entire body relaxed as he sank into the soft sand. It felt
wonderful against his back, conforming to his every move and cradling him perfectly. It
was almost better than his mattress at the manor...well, perhaps not, but it was very
comfortable. Being laid bare like this was somehow erotic rather than embarrassing.

"Lay there and let me sate your need, master." Sebastian whispered to him, caressing his
face. "Then I shall hold you until you fall asleep."
Ciel felt a flutter of something akin to affection in his chest. That was a very appealing
thought. He had thought about it many times before, but had never had the courage within
his bold little self to ask Sebastian for such an action that would expose his weakness. To
have Sebastian offer that willingly...Ciel was very grateful.

Sebastian leaned down and kissed Ciel, and the boy reached up to hold his handsome face
between his hands, stroking his smooth cheeks with his thumbs. Those kisses were
enchanting, and Ciel already knew he could not live without them again. They moved to his
neck, making him sigh, then his chest, then down the front of his body until Ciel's heart was
pounding. He knew where those lips were headed next, and he could barely conceive of
actually feeling...

"Uuunnng..." Ciel moaned as a tongue flicked against his cock, teasing the head. It was
slippery and wet, so hot and smooth..."ahhh...that's good..." He muttered, when Sebastian
began licking him firmly up and down his cock. He had never even considered actually
letting anyone perform this act on him before, except...of course he had fantasized about
Sebastian before, but never thought that this would actually happen. He tilted his head back
into the embracing sand, enjoying the feeling.
Sebastian was true to his master's wishes, and did not waste time on teasing, but only gave
the length of his member a few moments of licking before he opened his mouth and took
Ciel in. The boy groaned loudly, thrown for a loop as he was surrounded by slick warmth
and soft flesh. It was absolutely incredible, by far the most wonderful sensation he had felt
in his life.

"Oh my god...Sebastian...yeeeessss..." He breathed out, his hands grappling in the sand for
something to hold on to. Sebastian's fingers found his own, lacing them together and
holding him in place. Ciel gripped them as he need to, just holding them lightly the rest of
the time. Sebastian went slow at first, just gentle suckling to allow Ciel to adjust to the new
pleasure of his mouth. He would give a few licks with his tongue, then go back to sucking
the head. When Ciel seemed to able to hand more, he slid his mouth even further down.
" o much...ahhhh..."

Sebastian managed to smile, despite how full his mouth was, as he began to bob his head
slowly up and down. Ciel's entire body tensed and relaxed in waves as he felt the pleasure
course through him. It was his first time, after all, and so it didn't take long. Perhaps three
minutes of Sebastian's ministrations, and he was moaning continuously, so close that any
move could be the one that pushed him over the edge. Sebastian could sense this, and so he
increased his suction dramatically, bobbing his head quickly.
"AHHH!" Ciel came with a piercing cry, and he arched up off the sandy ground on his
elbows, his hips jutting up as well in a stuttering rhythm, his fingers tightened around

Sebastian's in a death grip. Sebastian's red eyes were watching him, staring intently as Ciel
cried out. His master's blue eyes stared back, his face twisted with pleasure and almost
looking as though he was in pain. It was a beautiful sight. The demon swallowed Ciel's seed
deeply, letting go of one of his hands to he could hold onto Ciel's hip as he drew out every
last drop. Ciel panted and moaned, eventually sinking back into the sand as the spike of
pleasure eased into mellow aftershocks of bliss.
There was silence as Sebastian drew away, leaning his cheek against Ciel's leg as he
listened to his master's fast breathing. He still held that small hand in his own, and he
grinned as it squeezed a bit.

"Did you enjoy that, young lord?" The butler asked, turning his head to places kisses on
that soft flesh. Ciel breathed out a 'yes', and Sebastian chuckled. "Come here, master..."
The demon pulled Ciel up into his arms, brushing the sand off his back and from the back
of his head with a smile. Then he wrapped the boy in the discarded blanket, and held him
against his chest as they both leaned back onto the cave wall. Ciel's hand came up to rest on
Sebastian's waist, and his other arm folded up against the demon's side. They sat like that,
watching the fire and saying nothing, for a few long time. Ciel's heartbeat slowed to
normal, and his breathing resumed an even pattern one more. His eyes began to droop as he
watched the lazy movement of the flames.
"Your skin is soft." Ciel said quietly, after countless moments of silence. He had begun to
run his fingers idly along Sebastian's firm stomach and abdominals. "I suppose that I should
have known, or suspected, but it is still a surprise."

"Thank you, master." Sebastian said, nuzzling his head and pulling him impossibly closer.
"I doubt that I could compare to your own skin, however. It is incredibly soft."
The demon ran his bare hand over Ciel's cheek, stroking it gently with his thumb.
"I'm so tired." Ciel mumbled, wrapping his arms firmly around his butler again.

"I know, sir." Sebastian answered, "your poor body has been through much today. It needs
to rest."
"I wanted so much more..." Ciel said quietly, hiding his face by burying it against
Sebastian's chest.
"There will be plenty of time for that after tonight, my lord." Sebastian answered, humor in
his voice.
"For now," The demon passed his hand carefully over Ciel's forehead and eyes, "close your
eyes. Listen to the gentle thunder...the crackle of the fire...the surf breaking...the sound of
my voice..."
With each hypnotic suggestion, Ciel felt himself falling faster and faster into sleep. Finally
he drifted off to sleep, dreaming not of bleak and dreadful things, but of Sebastian's soft
kisses, and devilish eyes.

-E N D-

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