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Sometimes you never get over an addiction. Everyday, whenever you could,
however you could, you'll let the poison consume you. He knew it well... That
he was addicted.


“You look so f*cking good in a suit!” He shoved me into the private bathroom. We kissed
sloppy kisses. We couldn’t get enough. Not ever.

He closed the door behind him and I leaped into his arms. My legs wrapped around his
waist and he held onto my ass instinctively, pinned me to the wall and continued to kiss me.
We’ve been apart all morning and we really don't have more than a few minutes before
people start wondering where the groom had gone.

I'm addicted.

He dropped me to my feet and turned me around. I leaned over the sink and demanded that
he f*cked me. He laughed and asked if I missed him. I told him I did. I honestly do.

My pants dropped to the floor. He grabs my cheeks, kissed one and then spread them apart.
His tongue slithered up my ass. I moaned. There was nothing I could grab, to keep myself
from dying in this ecstasy. I bit my lip. That will have to do.

I turned around. His 8 inch monster was already pointing at me with pre cum slipping down
the slit. He licked his lips and pushed it against my hole. I breathe out, shut my eyes and
prey he won’t be gentle.

He holds my hips and pushed himself into me. He fills me completely. I cry out. He covers
my mouth, forcing me to stand with him as he f*cks me. His right hand goes around to
massages my forgotten cock. He didn’t have to do it but he did.

He pounds into me faster and harder. I start to tear up. It felt so good. My tears fall to his
hand and he whispers to me beautiful words. I calm down and roll my hips against him. He

“Can I come inside this time?” I knew he was grinning. It didn’t matter if I wanted to
believe it or not but he is a bad boy. The kind of bad boy that breaks you heart even while
you’re making love to him. The kind of bad boy that you’ll forgive every time because he
somehow figured you out before you could.

He's a bad boy and the perfect man. He was mine and hers...

I nodded, he still muffles my screams. He didn’t really have to ask. I'm so delirious he
could have spoken in Spanish and I still would have just nodded. How long as it been since
meeting him? 2 years? 3 years? I can’t remember.

He comes inside me. The very act made me come right after. I fall to my knees; I’m
completely out of breath. I turn around and look up at him. His smile is warm and cocky at
the same time.

I lean into him and suck him off until he comes again. He kisses me afterward. This time
slower as he holds me close to his body. Once again, he’s telling me all I want to hear and
all that he knows.

He's a sly bastard. Sneaky and yet totally honest and straightforward.

What else can I call him?

We fix ourselves up and casually walk out of the bathroom. He went one way and I went in
the other direction. I found my seat at the back of the ballroom and took a sip of my
champagne. I watched him intently as he made his way to the front where his wife patiently
waited for him to return to her side.

He taps his glass and instantly has everyone’s attention. I listen as he recites his speech
about everlasting love, his life before her and hopeful wishes about their future. It was a
sweet speech. I remember him writing it while he was at my apartment. I laughed. I even
checked his grammar.

I'm addicted.

The beautiful bride then stands beside him. They give each other a small kiss. I could never
deny how gorgeous she was. Her curly blond hair and flawless skin, she’s the women most
women envy. Standing next to him, they look like the perfect couple.

No one knows about our relationship. To the world, I’m just a friend he hasn’t even known
for more than a few short years. I scanned the room. His family and childhood friends all
applauded the uniting of two perfect people. I clapped too, even whistled a bit. Weddings
are fun.

We honestly have been having this kind of relationship ever since we met. Back when I was
working as a bartender at a straight bar. So straight “Girls Gone Wild” visited, twice. It’s
not the place to pick up guys but I just happen to be lucky enough to find him.

Or maybe luck isn't the right word for this.

After the first night there was no way we were going to end it. What “it” is, is completely
whatever anyone wants to call it. We have sex, all the time. We’ve been on dates and I’ve
said ‘I love you’… I think. Maybe I didn’t. I'm not sure.

I wont want to ever say 'I love you' either, its a useless phrase.

A man announced the bride and groom were going to have the very first dance of the night.
Some women clapped and some others cried. The lights dimmed and the spotlight landed
on my lover and his new wife. They were practically sparking.

I stood at the foot of the dance floor. Everyone was watching them but I was only looking
at him. He held her waist and she danced with her eyes closed. As they glided across the

floor to the melody of an old love song, I felt my heart tighten.

How long was I going to do this? I'm addicted.

His eyes locked with mine. His smile is even more enchanting now with a woman wrapped
around him. I smiled back and then he winked at me before spinning around to the other
side of the dance floor. He was born to be the charmer. I know that for sure.

Soon after, the groom releases his bride to have her dance with her father. She was crying
by that time. Her father proudly shook my lover’s hand before dancing with the bride. It
was a tender moment.

Outside, the crescent moon hung over dark blue clouds and shimmering stars. Behind the
ballroom there's a garden lined with tiny, blinking lights. I sat down on a bench and pulled a
cigarette from my pocket.

The warm breeze felt amazing. It was getting a little too stuffy inside.

“Lonely?” I didn’t turn around. I knew it was him. He came up and stood next to me. “I
didn’t think you’d actually come.”

“Why not? I love weddings.” I answered without blinking. I took another puff of my
cigarette. My lungs are going to have to forgive me tonight. I’ve been trying to quit for year

“I’m sure you do. And what do you think of mine?” What kind of f*cking question is that?!
I sighed and put out my cigarette.

“It’s nice.” I responded simply.

“Is that all?” He crouched down in front of me. His electric blue eyes cut into me. I leaned
in and kissed him. When we parted he was grinning, a big contrast from my frown. “I won’t
see you for a week after today. The honeymoon...”

“And that makes you smile?” I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll miss you.” His smile no longer reached his eyes. I was glad for that.

Because I'm addicted. How long will this go on for?

“You know…” I stood and he followed suit, watching me as thought out loud. “Because
you’ll be gone for so long I’ll probably find a new boyfriend.”

I couldn’t resist the urge to look directly into his eyes as I spoke. He looked surprised at
first but then just hugged me and then pressed his lips against my neck. I shivered against
his body. From far away I hear a song ending and then clapping.

“The song is over…” I muttered. He only held me tighter. “She’s finished dancing with her
father.” He bites down on my neck. Oh no, I'm falling again. Please… just don't leave a
mark. He sucks on my neck. There's no use, I return the embrace.

“If you’re quiet, we won’t be found.” He says finally. We wont be found? Thats right...
because we're a secret that we're used to keeping. “If I wait another week… I’ll die.” I
laugh a little. Sly, honest and sneaky. I should hate him for being too many things at once.

He kissed and touched me until we are at the far end of the garden.

He sits down and I straddle his lap. He slides into me easily, cum from before slips out and
provide the lubrication I needed. I’m sitting on him fully now, getting used to the size all
over again. He kisses me. “Please move.”

My hips rise and fall. Sloppy sounds echo in my ears. Someone could hear us. Someone
could smell us… the scent of passion, sweat, and sex. He leans in to me and kisses my
chest. He then takes control, just the way I like it, grabbing my hips and squeezing them.
He forces me to down harder. My body starts to ache but I easily ignore it.

I climb off of him and his mouth greedily claims my hard cock. I pinch my own nipples,
pushing me closer to the edge. His tongue swirls around the tip, lapping up the pre cum. He
looks at me the entire time, enjoying the rude faces I know I’m making. He told me once
that it was the best part of blowing me.

My cock twitched. I was close. His fingers suddenly dipped into me. I violently came;
filling his mouth so much a little bit came out his nose. I didn’t hold my screams. He kissed
me, feeding me some of my own cum. I swallowed it.

I wiped his lips with my thumb. He grinned and kissed me on my forehead. “I'm not ever
letting you go.” He said. “I don't care how many lovers you have.”

I was breathing heavily. We were just standing there, under the moon, surrounded by roses.
I didn’t understand that kind of confession. He probably knew I wasn’t really going to find
someone new and leave him behind. He probably knew…

That I’m addicted.

That we were addicted to each other.

He kissed me again. “When I come back… I want you to be the first person I see.” He held
my face, caressing my cheek with his thumb.

“Why?” I asked. He smirked. He’s a bad guy… for sure. “Why me?” I was asking myself
more than I was asking him. How long as it been? 2 years… 3 years… maybe more than

“Because it has to be you. You and only you.” How long will we be like this? He hugs me
and whispers beautiful words.
I cried again, silently... His bride, I knew, was looking for him.
I hugged him back… She’s probably worried, not knowing where he is.
Its her wedding day.
I whisper something, even I, didn’t understand… She’s looking for the love of her life.
“I love you too…” He says to me. I didn’t know why though.
I'm addicted…

-E N D-

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