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Mido and Kou are lovers currently living together. Mido visits Kou's room one
night to subtly initiate a new direction for their relationship to go. ****ing
ensues. ((Based on characters from an RP))

Roommate Business

A knock on the door at 3 AM woke Kou from his dreamless sleep. Confused, groggy, and
feeling the slightest bit of dribble on his chin, Kou blinked at the bleak darkness of his
room. Just when he thought that he might have imagined the noise, the knock came again,
louder and faster.

“Hold on,” Kou managed to say, tumbling out of his bed and struggling to get on his feet.
The knocking persisted, frantic enough to make Kou dive for the doorknob as fast as he
was able, and did not stop until Kou had opened the door.
Mido didn’t wait for Kou to open his door all the way, but thundered into his room and
whipped around to stare at him with expectant eyes. He filled the space like a storm.

Kou furrowed his brow and closed his bedroom door slowly. “Mido? What is it?”

Mido raised a finger swiftly, silencing Kou, eyes narrowed and serious. He took a moment
to relish in the full attention that Kou gave him then; Kou could see the satisfaction glinting
in his eyes when Kou kept his lips pressed firmly in compliance. Then, slowly, Mido pulled
off his jacket and discarded it on the floor.

“I want you to f-ck me,” Mido said, stepping towards him.

“Wait, now?”

Mido wrapped his arms around Kou’s waist and whispered in his ear, “Now.”

“Like right now, now?”

“Like right f-cking now,” Mido commanded, biting Kou’s earlobe.

Before Kou could respond, Mido had pushed him onto the bed and straddled him. His eyes
were needy, his lips parted and wet, and Kou felt something primal stir in his gut.

“Whoa, wait, time out,” Kou said, wiggling until Mido rolled over off of him. He stood up,
staring down at Mido who stayed on the bed and looked up at Kou, waiting to hear what he
had to say. “Why?”

“I want to f-ck you.”

“Yeah. Why?”

“Goddamn it.” Mido took a second to pout, and then spread his legs as if to give a formal
invitation. His eyes narrowed on Kou like the eyes of a predator. “I’m horny. I like you. I
want you to f-ck me into the mattress. Right. Now.”

There was a moment of stillness, Kou standing there with his hands on his hips and his
head tilted to the side. With a slight shrug, Kou unlaced his sweatpants. “Sure. That works
for me.”

His pants had only barely been opened when Mido reached up, grabbed him by his shirt,
and pulled Kou on top of him. He held Kou by his head, staring into his eyes, before both
of them collided in a deep, impassioned kiss.

Mido’s tongue was more experienced than Kou would’ve imagined, digging and diving and
swirling in places Kou didn’t think it should’ve been able to reach. He stroked Mido’s hair
with one hand and supported himself on the mattress with the other, while Mido wrapped
his arms around Kou’s neck and pulled him deeper and deeper into the burning wetness of
their kiss.

Kou squeaked softly into Mido’s mouth when he felt Mido’s legs wrap around his waist and
squeeze him tightly. Then, with skilled fluidity, Mido flipped Kou onto the bed with one
swift turn of his hips. Mido straddled Kou once more and eagerly kissed Kou wherever his
mouth landed, which happened to be Kou’s nose, eyelid, cheek, and both corners of his
mouth. It didn’t take much to know that Mido was obviously far too excited to focus on his
aim, for he never quite found Kou’s waiting tongue. Kou took the moment to breathe and
notice the sensation of Mido’s rocking hips on his pelvis before guiding Mido’s wondering
mouth back to his own, where they sucked desperately at one another’s saliva until Kou
thought he might drown in it.

Mido broke the kiss, staring earnestly into Kou’s eyes. “Touch me,” He demanded.

Moaning his compliance, Kou’s hands worked up underneath Mido’s shirt. Mido gasped
slightly at Kou’s touch, immediately grabbing the hem of his shirt and lifting it over his
head to allow Kou access. Mido’s hips drew wide, shaking circles around the base of Kou’s
hipbone, making Kou shiver as he grabbed Mido’s chest and ran his fingers idly over his

Mido made sounds Kou wouldn’t have even dared to imagine, panting and groaning and
planting wet, sloppy kisses on Kou’s neck and collarbone. Kou breathed deeply when Mido
desperately clawed at his shirt, nearly tearing it apart when he ripped it up over Kou’s head.
Expecting Mido to continue his desperate assault, Kou was surprised when Mido took a
second to stare at his bare chest. “Damn,” Mido whispered, tracing his fingers along the
hard curves of his abs. “Damn.”

“Are you just going to stare at them, or…?”

“Hold on. Give me a second.” Mido savored the muscularity of Kou’s chest. He ran his
palms up from Kou’s navel to his sleek shoulders, tracing every firm arc and bend along the
way. His sweating hands tickled Kou’s skin.

Kou grabbed one of Mido’s wondering hands and kissed his knuckles fondly. He held his
palm against his face for a moment, closing his eyes, smelling his skin and feeling his
touch. For that moment, the heat that had built up in the two of them calmed, and Kou
found himself just thankful that he knew someone as important as Mido. He kissed each of
Mido’s fingertips one by one.

When he opened his eyes, Mido was staring at him hungrily, kissing Kou’s lips the moment
they were free of fingers. Kou had only just started to taste the familiar saltiness of Mido’s
mouth before he was suddenly left abandoned. Mido grabbed at the hem of his pants, and,
after a quick glance to Kou to catch his nodding approval, pulled them down just far
enough to expose Kou’s erect penis.
Mido wasted no time and licked from the base of Kou’s penis to its tip, his eyes focused
directly on Kou’s face as he did so. Kou unintentionally jerked and Mido pulled away to
avoid getting hit. He snickered, looked Kou in the eye, and methodically enveloped the tip
of Kou’s dick in his mouth, tongue stroking all the right places to make Kou sigh.
Frustrated moans and pants seeped from Kou, his pelvis quaked, and he grabbed at the bed
sheets beneath him.

“Wait, Mido,” Kou gasped. Mido let go of him and looked up. Kou sat up, grabbed his
chin, softly kissed Mido’s cheek, and whispered,
“You want me to f-ck you, right?”

Mido’s flesh began to burn in Kou’s hands, and Kou could see his pale skin turning pink.
“You don’t have to,” he said meekly.

“I want to.” Kou kissed Mido briefly, licking at his teeth gently when he pulled away. “Do
you want me to?”

Mido laughed, the kind of nervous laugh he always did when he had lost his power-clutch
in a conversation. He grabbed a pillow in his fidgeting and held it to his bare chest. “Yeah,”
he confessed scratching his cheek.

“You can teach me,” Kou said, jokingly.

Mido just snorted in response and pushed Kou off the bed with a smack of his pillow. Kou
giggled pushing himself off the floor and propping his arms up on the bed. He started to
pull himself back up when Mido halted him with a single finger pressed against his lips.
Kou stared up at him, realizing just how regal his facial structure was went looked at from
below. Absentmindedly, Kou opened his mouth and let Mido finger it teasingly.

Mido moved to the edge of the bed, where Kou was kneeling, and spread his legs on either
side of him. He drew his fingers away from Kou’s mouth and stroked his silver hair
tenderly before guiding Kou by the back of his head to his crotch. Kou laughed softly,
edging the waistband of Mido’s pants down just enough to show his underwear.

Kou pressed his mouth against Mido’s underwear, nuzzling and nipping at the shape of his
erection through the fabric. Mido smiled at him, running his fingers through Kous’ hair.

“What are you doing?” Mido asked, chuckling.

“Nuzzling your manhood.”

“Did you read that in some kind of f-cking furry porn or something?”

“Woof woof.”

Mido laughed loudly, shoving playfully at Kou’s face and rolling his eyes. “You’re lucky
I’m horny,” he said, pulling down his underwear to reveal his already semi-erect penis.

Kou stared at it for a moment, his jaw slightly unhinged, then looked at Mido’s, biting his
lip and waiting impatiently.

“What, you admiring my junk or something?” Mido snickered.

“Yeah, actually.”

Mido groaned and grabbed Kou by the back of his head. He tilted Kou’s face upwards until
he was looking directly into his eyes. His upper lip was curled slightly, and Kou smiled
nervously out of excitement when he realized how beastly Mido was when he was horny.

“Shut up and suck it.”

Kou smirked before mimicking Mido, grabbing Mido’s dick and tracing his tongue up the
length of his shaft. He could feel Mido quiver against his grip. He gave a few more licks
before gently wrapping his lips around the head of Mido’s dick, enticing an excited moan
from Mido.

“Use your tongue,” Mido said softly, almost making Kou jump. “Trace a circle around the
base of the head.”

Kou hesitated, and then did as Mido said. He moved his mouth up and down along the top
of Mido’s dick, tracing a long oval shape around the base of his head as best as he could.
Mido hummed as he worked, encouraging Kou to work faster and evoke the softest moan
from Mido’s supple mouth.

“Tongue the slit,” Mido moaned, and Kou traced his tongue along the tip of Mido’s penis,
staring lustfully at Mido’s erotic face as he followed his orders.

“Go to the base. Relax your throat. Don’t… Don’t force yourself.” Mido’s words were
shrouded in breathlessness and excitement. Still, Kou obeyed, moving his hand to hold
Mido’s hips still as he lowered himself around the length of Mido’s dick. Mido gasped in
pleasure when Kou reached the hilt, and Kou was overcome with sudden zeal.

Kou began moving without waiting for Mido’s further instructions, moving his mouth and
up and down Mido’s shaft, from the tip and down to the base, without hesitation.

“Faster,” Mido groaned loudly, clutching at Kou’s head and bucking his hips
unintentionally. Kou grabbed Mido’s hands and pinned them to the bed on either side of his
hips. Mido raised his hips in response, moaning opening while Kou sucked and let his
tongue explore the curve of his dick.

He worked fast and hard, savoring the way that Mido’s dick swelled and twitched in his
mouth, curling his fingers around Mido’s own and feeling the way Mido squeezed them
whenever Kou’s lips grazed his tip. Mido’s moans came louder and louder, until he couldn’t
hold them back through a bit lip or gasping breath any longer.

“Kou,” Mido cried. “Kou, I’m going to come.”

Kou pulled back and pumped Mido a few times with his hand. “Already?” he smirked, and
before Mido could retaliate he once again closed his mouth around Mido’s dick and bobbed
his head until he felt Mido’s dick twitch and cum into his throat.

Kou pulled back, closing his mouth as if to swallow Mido’s cum, then spit it out into his
hand with a repulsed whine. “Ugh that's disgusting.”

“Sorry,” Mido said breathlessly, practically glowing as he weakly propped himself up on
his elbows.

“No, don’t be,” Kou said. “I just didn't know it would taste like this. I probably should’ve
taken the warning. Yuck.”

“Aw,” Mido giggled, leaning forward and rubbing a glob of cum off of Kou’s chin. “You
were doing so good, too. Being all forward and romantic.”

“Yeah? Well I try.” Kou smiled and affectionately kissed Mido, breathing in the soothing
scent that was carried on his breath. They stayed attached for a few seconds, lost in one
another’s taste, before Mido pulled away and placed his hand on Kou’s mouth.

“Gross,” Mido chuckled. “You taste like my spunk.”

“Is that right? Want to do a taste check?” Kou snorted jokingly and smacked the side of
Mido’s face with the hand holding his cum. Mido squealed as he retracted dramatically,
rolling onto the bed and whipping his cheek furiously.

“You’re disgusting!” Mido shouted through loud bouts of laughter.
Kou laughed as well, hopping up onto the bed and wrapping Mido in his arms. He lay there
beside him, kissing his head until Mido stopping playfully insulting him.


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