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Acrylic Bonds Rewrite

Acrylic Bonds Rewrite

Acrylic Bonds

By Blackwidow


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and
incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious
manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is
purely coincidental.

Fictions produced and distributed while bearing the author 'Blackwidow' typically
contains a 'yaoi' story line. Yaoi is adult fiction. It contains stories that allude to or
include sexual descriptions that take place between two males. These stories are
intended for an adult audience.

Special Thanks to DaiShiek whose bod was such an inspiration I constantly told him he
should put it to good use in the stripping industry if he wasn't going to use his head (the

one on his neck). Glad you went back to school to prove me wrong.


Two orphans Bryan and Stevie escape the evil headmaster of a cruel
boys home and find their way to a mansion in the deep south. They
encounter a set of identical twins and the sexual adventures ensue.
16 year old Stephen is a highly talented painter. Bryan is his self
appointed bodyguard.

Upon escaping they learn that the spoiled little rich twins come from a
family who are heavily invested in the art industry. While Bryan and
Stephen embark on an adventure out of necessity, the twins may have
found a new set of playthings to liven their otherwise boring days.
Regardless of the hardships they will have to endure, Bryan and Stephen
have committed their souls to one another in a tangled tale of acrylic

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Gift
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:

The Gift

“Wake up.” An insistent nudging pushed against Brian’s shoulder.
He reached over to make sure Steven still lay safely beside him before rolling over
to see who was annoying him.

As usual, it was the know-it-all; Erick.

“Hey! Brian… Isn’t it almost time for Stephan’s gift?”

Brian narrowed his eyes before rubbing them so he could see clearly. Shuffling
around on his mat, he pulled himself upright into a sitting position.

“What the hell do you want?” Brian hissed, his hands instinctively pulling Steven
close to him in a protective hug.

Steven mumbled incoherently in his sleep, nuzzling his face into Brian’s warm
chest. His soft wavy hair tickled along Brian’s chin.

Erick gave an evil grin, he reached to pat Steven’s head but found his wrist trapped
in a tight grip, courtesy of Brian’s right hand.

“You have a problem?” Brian spoke in a low tone so the other boys wouldn’t notice
what was going on.

Erick pressed his face close to Brian’s ear.

“It’s almost his turn you know.” He pulled his hand away from Brian, licking his
lips at the sight of the cute little tan body clinging to Brian’s firm upper body.

“It will be his turn soon and there’s nothing you can do about it.” Erick laughed
softly “Then he’ll be just like the rest of us.”

“Go away.” Brian ran his hand through Stephan’s sweaty hair, pulling him closer
wishing he had the ability to protect him forever. He didn’t need Erick’s leering
face reminding him of his powerlessness.

Steven’s birthday was next week, and the headmaster would come for him, just like
he’d come for all the other boys.

It was his “gift” to them. He would usually send a large cucumber, a banana or a
carrot in a box a few days before their birthday. The boys were supposed to use it to
practice getting their hole ready for him. They weren’t allowed to touch each other,
at least not until he had them.

Once he took their virginity, they were presented to the other boys as a new
member. Everyone who was a member received special privileges, more rations at
meal time, longer hours in the REC room, and if they were really good at pleasing
the headmaster, they were given free reign in the courtyard and didn’t have to fall
in with everyone else all the time. Some of the “best” even had their own sleep
quarters during their final year.

Erick was the resident snitch, so he was always offered “seconds” from the
headmaster. That is, once he was done, he would allow Erick to go next. He was
one of the master’s favorites.

He was 17 and had only been a member for a year but already, he was the most
popular among the boys. But he worried about Steven. Steven was unique and the
headmaster had watched him for years, salivating at the thought of his 16th

Most of the other boys were already eyeing him too. Erick didn’t want to be
replaced and Steven was his only potential competition. He watched Brian clinging
desperately to his little friend. Short of escape, there wasn’t a way for him to keep
Steven away from the other boys.

Apparently, the desperate grip was a little too tight as Steven began pulling away,
clawing at Brian’s neck.

“mmm, let me up Bry, I’m awake already.” Steven wriggled his way out of Brian’s
arms, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. He was one of the few that had somewhat

maintained his innocence in this place, in large part because Brian shielded him
from everything.

Steven was a strange one. He was what the bosses called a “mulatto” or someone
born from a mixed union, half black and half white. Although not unusual to see
people like that around here, Erick had never seen one quite like Steven.

Most of the blacks were bigger than the other boys, both in height and weight. They
were kept on the other side of the home though, but they'd see them in the yard
every now and then.

Even the “halves” were taller than everyone else. Steven was abnormally small, not
quite like a midget, but barely reaching the shoulder of any other guy around him.
His features were soft and round like a little boy face that never grew up. His eyes a
strong contrasting green that seemed so bright the color radiated even from a

The room began coming alive with the waking boys rising from their sleep mats.
Some pulling themselves from the cold floor, others rolling up bed mats and
placing them back on the shelves.

The few boys privileged enough to have beds, smoothed the blankets across the
well worn mattresses before shuffling their way across the room toward the mess
hall. Erick slid away from Brian after throwing a grin in his direction accompanied
by a ‘thumbs up’ sign,

“Next week’s just around the corner pretty boy.” He darted away before Brian
could give chase.

Brian looked down at his seemingly helpless young friend, who sat rubbing his face
with the base of his hand. He peered up at Brian and gave one of his cheerful
smiles. Brian took Stephan by the hand and led him to the mess hall. He would find
a way to save him from the headmaster, he didn’t know how, but he’d figure out

For three whole days, Brian had looked everywhere for an unguarded door, an
unlocked window, even a sewer line, there was no way out of this prison.

They lived in a ‘boys home’, which was sort of like an orphanage only the kids
were locked in and treated like delinquents. Most of them were considered

delinquents but oftentimes that was based on little more than a word or two from a
parent that didn't want to be bothered with their kids.

Every Saturday, they were dressed in presentable clothes, shuffled into the reading
room, and displayed like puppies. Everyone plastered smiles and remained on their
best behavior hoping to impress an adult or two who prodded and poked them as if
they were for sale.

Every week Brian would keep Steven close to him so it would be hard for the
adults to see how small he was. He didn’t want him adopted by someone who
would abuse him. Although now with the pending birthday, he was starting to
wonder if Steven would be trapped here forever.

Brian sighed while absently playing with his food. He had been born in a convent
to an unwed teenager. At age five he was taken to an orphanage where he learned to
fight, steal and lie. By the time he was ten, he was considered a delinquent and
transferred to this boys home where he met Steven.

Steven was apparently the product of an affair resulting in his mother leaving him
with a family that didn’t want him because they knew he was half black. At least
that was the story everyone had been told.

Steven never spoke of his life before the boys home. His innocent demeanor made
most of the guys treat him like he had a mental problem. It was weird enough that
he had been put with the white boys instead of the black ones.

Brian glanced at the little ringlets of hair that were bouncing over Steven's
shoulder. He couldn't help but smile. Ever since the day Steven crawled into
Brian’s sleep mat and invited himself into his bed as if it were the most natural
thing in the world; they had become inseparable.

Steven was Brian’s first friend in the boys home. Brian quickly became Steven's
self appointed protector. The idea of keeping Steven safe had become a reason to
endure each hellish day. He lived for this little one as if they were bound by some
invisible thread.

He tried to avoid allowing a frown to cross his face. It was becoming more and
more impossible to keep Steven innocent and secure with each passing year. Steven
would be 16 in less than a week, from the looks of things, there was nothing Brian

could do about it. It was one thing to keep the guys away, but keeping the
headmaster away... Brian sighed and pushed a baby carrot across his plate.

That was beyond his ability.

Early one morning, 5 days before Steven’s 16th birthday, Brian woke up when he
didn’t feel Steven laying next to him. Startled, he sat up in a panic to find Steven
sitting next to him holding a small brightly colored box. He turned it in different
directions as if waiting for it to do something.

“Look Bry! This was next to my head and the crinkly noise woke me up.” He
smiled innocently holding the box out in front of him like he was giving an offering
of some sort. Brian managed a weak smile before removing the box with shaking

“Keep your voice down okay, we don’t wanna wake the others.” Brian was trying
to remain calm as he carefully removed the paper.

Steven moved closer peeking over his shoulder. He didn’t want to scare him, but he
already knew what it probably was.

Sure enough the box contained a thick candle that was about 9 inches long. Brian
set it down on the floor, trying to figure out what he should do. Stephan looked
puzzled. Brian gave him a gentle smile and pat him on the head.

“It’s okay Steven. I’ll take care of it.” Brian chewed on his finger still lost in
thought realizing Steven had changed his expression from curious to worried. It
wasn’t that Stephan was stupid or mentally challenged, he had been sheltered so
long by Brian he didn’t have a strong grip on reality at times.

Steven spent almost every hour that they weren’t in class or doing chores…
drawing pictures. Brian had convinced him that just about everything bad in their
world was part of a game and if he played along everything would be fine. Now
that things were becoming serious, Brian had no idea how he was going to explain
this to his naive friend.

By morning, word about the gift had already spread and every other “member” had
stripped Steven naked with their eyes, sizing him up and down in anticipation of
giving him a birthday gift. Steven noticed the attention and gripped Brian’s arms,
holding on all day as if his life depended on it.

They worked through their day as they normally would. They helped weed the
gardens, they cleaned the yard, they attended classes, the boys who were on special
work detail dressed and went out in the world to complete their assignments, the
younger children scrubbed laundry and every so often a boy who was old enough to
be a 'member' would disappear with the headmaster or one of the security guards
for about an hour and return with tear stained cheeks often sporting the occasional

With only 4 days to go before his birthday, Brian knew he had to do something to
make the inevitable easier for Steven to handle. It was getting late. The boys
bedding down for the night cracked jokes and made lewd comments in Steven’s

Brian was worried. He held the candle stick in his hand realizing if he didn’t loosen
Steven before his first encounter with the headmaster, he could be injured. Brian
leaned against the wall, closing his eyes tight in frustration. He had secured a spot
in the corner for tonight, by getting their sleep mat together before the other boys
had arrived.

Steven leisurely drew pictures on his homemade sketchpad glancing up at his
friend’s worried features occasionally.

“Um, Stevie.” Brian said softly, “The thing is… I have to do something to you and
you might not like it … very much.”
Brian stared down at the candle, slightly aware of the eyes peeking in their

“It’s okay Bry.” Steven glanced “I already know about the gift. I know the
headmaster will request that I go with him in a few days, on my birthday and well,
I’d really appreciate it if you were the one to prepare me for him.”

Brian stared flabbergasted. He couldn’t believe his shy little friend spoke so
candidly about all this as if it were no big deal at all. He nodded. What more could
he say?

“Do you want to start… tonight? I mean, now?” Brian was afraid to look at Steven
as he spoke; afraid he would see his reddened face and discover how embarrassed
he was by all this.

Steven crawled silently toward Brian. Securing his sketchpad under the sleep mat,
he pulled the thin blanket over his body, a small attempt to conceal himself from
the prying eyes of the other boys.

Brian rubbed the candle between the palms of his hands, attempting to warm up the
wax a little so it wouldn’t hurt as much. Steven’s body slid along Brian’s until his
pelvic bone was in line with Brian’s stomach, scooting his body into a small ball so
his head lay on Brian’s shoulder and his bottom poked up in the air. Although
Stephan meant well, Brian was sure this wasn’t going to work.

“Um.. Stevie?” Brian whispered as more of the boys settled into their beds, some
tickling each other, some grabbing each others pillows and blankets demanding that
the younger ones give up what little comfort they had. Steven turned his head
slightly so he could see Brian’s face.

“I’m gonna have to put you on your stomach.. okay?” Steven nodded.

The boys scoot around under the blanket rearranging themselves until Steven lay
face down on the sleep mat, and Brian sat slightly behind him. Steven pressed his
face down hard, squeezing his eyes shut and gripping the mat on either side as if

Brian sat back on his haunches, looking down at his best friend, the small shaking
frame obviously awaiting an unimaginable torture. He ran his fingers through the
wavy curls, soothing him in an attempt to get him to relax. He leaned over slightly
to press his lips gently to the back of Steven’s neck, allowing a slight, gentle caress
to make Steven squirm with delight, completely forgetting he was afraid.

He rolled over onto his back, grabbing Brian around the neck.
“Can’t I watch you while you do it?” Steven’s voice was almost pleading.

He looked up at Brian, with plaintiff eyes. Brian smiled and ran his fingers along
Steven’s pelvis, then down his thighs. With one hand trying to set the mood, the
other hand groped around in the dark for the small bottle of oil he had stolen from
the kitchen that morning.

“Relax Steven, I’ll try and make it not hurt as much, I’ll do my best.” While
distracting him with his words, Brian moistened his fingers with cooking oil.

He slipped his finger around the small opening, noting Steven’s slight reaction to

the unfamiliar pressure, he captured the boy’s lips in a deep full kiss as his finger
entered the hole gently, moving in circles slowly until it widened enough for his
first penetration.

Brian wasn’t ready for his own reaction, he felt his underpants becoming moist
with his own drippings. Releasing Steven’s lips, he pursed his lips together tightly
while sliding his finger in all the way to the bottom. Stephan moaned, causing some
of the boys to turn in their direction as if possessing x-ray vision that would allow
them to see the activity beneath the cloth.

“Shhh.” Brian whispered, gently removing his finger and replacing the finger with
two. Steven gripped Brian’s neck in a desperate embrace, closing his eyes to hold
back tears of pain. Brian was worried he’d hurt him, so he began nuzzling his neck
to draw his attention away again.

A few moments later, Steven’s opening was loose enough to insert the candle, even
though Brian’s body was horny and hard, he knew better than to go against the
headmaster and do anything that would arouse suspicion.

He encouraged Steven to turn over again, this time placing part of his t-shirt in his
mouth in case he screamed. He held the candle between his thighs until it was a
little warmer than room temperature. With deft fingers, he spread his friend’s
buttocks open and began inserting the smooth waxy stick, slowly, gently inside.

With the other hand, he stroked Steven’s nipple and chest, as the candle
disappeared further and further, he placed kisses along his neck and back. The cries
began to dissolve into moans. Steven had hardened with desire and his eyes had
moistened in pleasure. Brian never wanted to fuck a guy so bad in his life.

Eventually, he removed the candle and stroked Steven a few times until a slow
small trickle squirted from his rod and landed in his hand.

Within a matter of minutes, Stevens breathing had evened out and he was fast
asleep. Brian turned on his side, placing the candle back in the little gift box. He
knew plenty of guys had been watching them, but for the moment, he had his own
desire to worry about.

While pressing his body close to Stevens he stroked himself using an even rhythm,
until he felt the release spray across Stevens backside. While falling into a blissful
sleep, he thought momentarily, he’d have to clean that up in the morning.

The days ran into each other. Every night, Entry Navigation
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his backside. Brian was nervous about how Favorite
easy it had been to get Stephan to 3. Chapter 3: Leap of

participate. Some nights, it seemed as Faith

4. Chapter 4: Freedom’s

though he was eager to get going and Mirage

would do things to make Brian’s whole 5. Chapter 5: Paint
body fill with such a powerful heat, he had thinner
to take a walk to keep from jumping on top
of Stephan 6. Chapter 6: The Tutor
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8. Chapter 8: Turpentine

9. Chapter 9: Fusion

10.Chapter 10: Optical


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