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Published by Astym Program, 2016-09-14 16:42:38

Clinician Brochure



The KEY…


Astym therapy is…

regenerative rehab designed to restore soft tissues.

Astym therapy is unmatched in its ability to

resolve tendinopathies, scar tissue problems,
and other soft tissue disorders.

Restore. Revitalize. Recover.

Want to be in DEMAND ? Restore. Revitalize. Recover.
Some of the more common diagnoses
Last year, almost 50,000 people sought out an Astym-certified showing excellent clinical results
provider on the Astym website alone. That does not even count with Astym therapy:
all the physician referrals, employer directed treatments, elite
athlete demands, nurse case manager requirements and GENERAL Conditions
word-of-mouth referrals.
• Chronic tendinopathy
There is a reason why Astym treatment • Joint and muscle stiffness
providers are in demand… • Sprains and strains
• Conditions resulting from
Astym treatment sets the standard for dysfunctional scar tissue or
soft tissue therapy, as the only regenerative fibrosis (post-traumatic, post-surgical, etc.)

medicine treatment in therapy. SPECIFIC Conditions
There is nothing like it.
• Achilles Tendinopathy
Become Astym-certified, and be known as: • Anterior and Posterior Tibialis Tendinopathy
• The go-to clinician for high quality care • Arthrofibrosis
• Being an expert in soft tissue treatment • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Providing the only regenerative medicine in rehab • Chronic Ankle Pain and Stiffness
• Specializing in top-level therapy • Chronic Wrist Pain and Stiffness
• A premier, evidence-based practice • DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitis
• Golfer’s Elbow
• Hamstring Strain
• IT Band Syndrome
• Jumper’s Knee
• Lateral Epicondylitis
• Low Back Pain
• Patellar Tendinopathy
• Plantar Fasciitis
• Post-Mastectomy Scarring
• Post-Surgical Scarring/Fibrosis
• Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy
• Scar Tissue/Fibrosis
• Tennis Elbow


Astym therapy
can improve yours!

We are moving to a system where After other treatments have FAILED
pay-for-performance will be
therapy achieves resolution
more common. Proving you offer
effective care is going to become Restore. Revitalize. Recover.

more important than ever. % Resolved with Astym therapy

The great thing about Astym therapy is 92
that it has been shown to be superior 91
(and often, far superior) to other treatment 89
interventions. Astym therapy often works 88
even after other treatment interventions 87
have failed. Take a look at the outcomes 86
data from thousands of patients… 84


Previous Failed Interventions

In our data-driven world,
tracking outcomes and results will become the new normal.

Are you ready?
If you are Astym-certified, then you are!

As part of being Astym-certified, you have full access to the Astym Analyst outcomes data program,
where you can easily report and access meaningful data

showing Astym therapy’s effectiveness, and also your own effectiveness utilizing Astym therapy.
This influential data can establish your value

and be used to obtain referrals, insurance contracts, strategic partnerships and more.

Hear what Astym therapy…
Astym-certified there is nothing like it!
providers are saying
about their outcomes: Peer-reviewed research confirms it:
• The Astym approach is the only regenerative medicine
I was asked to present at the treatment in therapy
National FOTO Conference • Astym therapy is highly effective and safe, and has broad applications
because of high FOTO scores. • Proven to be more effective than other approaches, Astym therapy
This will be a great opportunity has also been shown to be safe and effective across large populations
to discuss Astym therapy • Astym therapy demonstrates impressive results, even where
and its importance in my other treatments fail
treatment approach.
Astym therapy as a PROFIT CENTER:
— Gus L. Gutierrez, PT, DPT, OCS,
FAAOMPT, Astym Cert, • opens up new markets/patient populations
• captures new referral sources
Astym Therapy Instructor • brings “ideal” patients
• makes marketing easy: spend less with better results
Astym therapy has had a • increases internet ranking and social media recognition
great impact on my FOTO • increases clinical efficiencies
outcomes, especially my
knee and ankle patients. Astym-certified clinicians get better results, period. Astym treatment

— Ryne Foster, PT, DPT, OCS, Astym Cert is a market driver and a key part of our operation.

We are now in the top 10% — Mark Huslig, Administrative Director, Therapy Services
of outcomes for FOTO for
outpatient rehab. Astym treatment has increased our referrals and has set our clinic apart
from our competitors. The program pays for itself!
— Executive Director, Sports Medicine — Robert Robinson, PT, Astym Cert
and Rehabilitation Facility
The practice support is amazing…who needs a marketing person

when you have the Astym program?

— Amy Goddard, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, Astym Cert, Practice Owner

For more information or to register for an Astym therapy certification course: 800.333.0244 or [email protected]

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