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Published by CSU Newsletter Team, 2016-04-29 15:21:07

2016 April Newsletter

2016 April Newsletter

April 2016

Clinton Service Unit

Reversing Drug Overdoses

Inside this issue: In December 2015, Indian Health Service (IHS) and Bureau of Indian
Affairs (BIA) developed an agreement with the goal of reducing opi-
Exceed the Need 2 oid overdoses through making Naloxone, a prescription medication,
more readily available.
New Staff 3
Naloxone, also known as Narcan, is a rapid opioid reversal medica-
Provider Spotlight 4 tion to treat opioid or heroine overdoses. Opioids can slow or stop a
person’s breathing, which causes death. Naloxone helps the person
Tricare 4 wake up and keeps them breathing. An overdose death may happen
hours after taking drugs. If a bystander acts when they first notice a
Health Coverage 5 person’s breathing has slowed, or when they can’t wake a user,
there is time to call 911, start rescue breathing (if needed) and give Naloxone.
Diabetes Class 6
More than 90 IHS pharmacies across the United States will provide Naloxone to BIA agents when needed,
and as many as 500 tribal officers will carry Naloxone on hand.

The El Reno Indian Health Center will serve as an IHS site to provide Naloxone to BIA officers when
needed. For more information on the IHS and BIA agreement, please visit:

Upcoming Changes by Oklahoma Health Care Authority

Oklahoma Health Care Authority (OHCA) has recently proposed budget adjustments, which will require a withdraw of benefits great-
ly impacting the coverage of our Native American patient population. CSU’s Benefit Coordinators are able to help patients find any
gaps in health care benefits resulting from OHCA’s proposed reductions.

“We are here to increase access to health care for all of our patients”, said Ashley Foster, business office manager. “Each of our
patients who have active medical, dental, and vision health benefits (i.e. health insurance), help to
increase the variety and amount of services offered to all of our patients, including those through the
Purchased Referred Care Program”.

If you have any questions, please take a minute to visit with our Patient Benefit Coordinators to dis-
cuss your individual coverage. Our coordinators are aware of OHCA’s proposed reductions and may
provide you with more education to make an informed decision for you and your family. Patient Ben-
efit Coordinators in Clinton may be contacted at: 580.331.3300. Patient Benefit Coordinators for
Watonga may be contacted at: 580.234.8400.

“Exceeding the Need”

CSU is passionate about improving the health of our patients. Everyday, our employees “Exceed the Need” in providing excellent
customer service and great care. Below are just a few highlights from staff and patients:

“Pam Heapofbirds has been the only billing technician for CSU since December 2015,” said Ashley Foster, business officer
manager. “Pam has done a miraculous job at keeping the billing office from drowning in claims. She pays attention to details
and gets claims out as soon as possible. We appreciate the hard work Pam performs every day to keep us form claim back-logs,

internal control violations, and for keeping the reimbursements rolling in. Thank you Pam!”
“Pharmacy techs Amber Hutson and April Switzer went above and beyond in covering the pharmacy while we had a staff mem-
ber out sick,” said Cody Crouch, Clinton pharmacy chief. “While their workload doubled, they never complained and stayed pos-

itive. I want to recognize them for working hard and making sure all of our patient’s need were met.”
“Watonga LPN Delana Cowan has done a tremendous job in obtaining retina photos of our Watonga diabetes patients,” said
Chief of Optometry Dr. Steven Goldwasser. “She has significantly increased the number of photos taken for me to view in
Clinton, which allows for us to screen and detect early retinal changes in hope of reducing the risk of developing blindness.”
“We had a patient in Dental who had small front teeth causing him to be ashamed of his smile,” said Chief of Dental Dr. James
Palerino. “The patient said all of the other IHS clinics he went to said they could not do anything for him. He came to me and
I said I would like to try and help him. I prepared the teeth, and in ten days was able to place restorations on his six front
teeth. After he saw them he cried and thanked me over and over again. The next day he brought his wife in and she stated I

changed his life, making her husband smile again gave him his confidence back. Afterwards, we all hugged and cried.”

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CSU Welcomes our Newest Team Members

Cameron Blevins Candace Lopez Eladah Musick
Massage Therapist Massage Therapist Massage Therapist

Shawna Longhorn Stevi Brown
Medical Coder
Rachel Colvin Diagnostic Radiologic Technician

Accounting Technician

Susan Bedwell
Public Health Nurse

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Provider Spotlight

Dr. Chris Renshaw, MD

Dr. Chris Renshaw, of El Reno Indian Health Center (ERIHC), came to Clinton Service
Unit (CSU) in 2008. He holds bachelor degrees in Psychology (BA) and Biology (BS)
from the University of Central Oklahoma and a Doctorate in Medicine (MD) from the
University of Oklahoma's College of Medicine. Dr. Renshaw completed residency at
the University of New Mexico, and has been Board Certified in Family Medicine since

Dr. Renshaw started his career in Indian Health at the old ERIHC on Highway 66,
where he served until its closure from tornado damage in 2013. He then served as
Clinical Director of CSU for two years, before returning to full-time clinical work with the
opening of the new ERIHC in 2015. Since 2010 he has served as the Medical Director
for the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribe’s Emergency Medical Service.

Originally from southern California, Dr. Renshaw has lived most of his life in Oklahoma
and considers it his home. Blissfully married for 24 years, he describes his wife as a
registered pediatric nurse, belly dancer, gourmet chef, accomplished mountaineer, and
all around superstar. He spends most of his free time with family (both human and canine) and friends at their home in Piedmont.
Vacation time usually finds Dr. Renshaw hiking and hammock-camping in the mountains of New Mexico.

The people of the CSU drew Dr. Renshaw to join the team. The relationships he's formed with patients and team members are the
pull keeping him here. He is both honored and humbled to have the opportunity to serve this community. “When a patient or co-
worker chooses to entrust a beloved family member to my care, it is the greatest compliment I can receive,” said Dr. Renshaw. “It
has always been my personal mission to do the most good for the most people, and I find fulfillment and great reward in serving this
mission through IHS”.

Serving those who Serve

Congratulations to Pediatrician Kenneth Egan, MD of the Clinton Indian Health Center (CIHC) on becoming certified to contract
with Tricare, the health care program of the United Sates Department of Defense Military Health System. Through becoming a
certified Tricare provider, Dr. Egan is authorized to provide health care referrals to our Native American active duty and retired
members of the uniformed services and their family, as well as our Commissioned
Corps officers.

Certification through Tricare allows uniformed service personnel to receive outside
referrals through our providers and not seek outside primary care providers for
referral authorization. CSU is moving forward to expand the number of providers
who are certified through Tricare by completing the certification process for both
Dr. Christopher Renshaw, MD of El Reno Indian Health Center and Michelle
Beshaw, PA-C , of CIHC.

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You’re Invited to attend...

Health Coverage Day

Clinton Indian Health Center
May 19, 2016

9:30 am to 3 pm

Trained Application Counselors in addition to our Patient Benefits Coordinators will be on-site at the
Clinton Indian Health Center to assist patients with enrollment into the Health Insurance

Marketplace, Medicare and Medicaid. Help will be provided to in applying for health insurance cover-
age and to take advantage of any tax credits of which you may be eligible for. CSU will provide help

to those who are members of a federally recognized tribe and are in need of applying for
the tribal exemption.

Prior to coming to the event, be sure to gather all documents needed, including: household income
(including employer and income information), social security number, Certificate Degree of Indian

Blood (CDIB) or tribal membership, policy numbers on current health insurance plans covering
members of your household.

For when the unexpected happens...

Clinton Indian Health Center

Saturday Convenient Care Clinic

9am to 4pm

Walk-ins Only
No appointment is needed.

Saturday Convenient Care Clinic provides treatment for minor medical needs:

Sore Throat Eye and Skin Infections Earaches

Insect Bites and Rashes Sinus Congestion Minor Cuts and Wounds
Cough Nausea, Vomiting, Diarrhea Fever

Pregnancy Tests Bladder Infections Allergies

Chronic health needs such as diabetes, follow-up appointments, routine prenatal care, pain management, and chronic medication refill renewals

will require an appointment in the primary care clinic, and will not be seen in the Saturday Convenient Care Clinic.

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Sign up for your

Personal Health Record (PHR)

The Indian Health Service PHR is a website
where patient’s may access their personal

health information with access to:

Clinton Medications
Service Unit Lab Results
Track Health Issues
Shot Records
Health Information

Contact Health Care Team

CLINTON All may be done so from the privacy of our
patient’s personal computer, phone, and/or
10321 N. 2274 Road
Clinton, OK 73601 tablet.
(580) 331.3300
For more information, visit the website below and/or contact
Cedar (580) 331.3424 a CSU registration clerk.
Sage (580) 331.3389
SweetGrass (580) 331.3376
Peds (580) 331.3466
Fax (580) 323.2579 Tell us how we’re doing...
Hours of Operation
We invite you tell us how we’re doing and take
Monday—Friday our short online patient survey.
8am to 5pm
Saturday For a paper copy, please stop by registration.

Convenient Care Clinic 2015 CSU Patient Survey
9am to 4pm
1801 Parkview Drive
El Reno, OK 73036 Provide quality health care services focusing on prevention, restoration and
collaborative relationships that are valued and “exceed the needs” of our
(405) 234.8400 patients, community and tribal partners.
Eagle, Otter & Peds

(405) 234.8411
Fax (405) 234-5635
Hours of Operation

8am to 5pm


1305 S Clarence Nash Blvd.
Watonga, OK 73772
(580) 623-4991
Turtle & Peds
(580) 623-4991
Fax (580) 623-5490
Hours of Operation
Monday — Friday
8am to 5pm

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