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BLC301/03 Operations Management

Course Module

BLC 301/03



Professor Dr. Zoraini Wati Abas

Content Adapter: Dr. Kan Wen Huey
Instructional Designer: Mr. Khoo Chiew Keen
Editor: Mr. Khoo Chiew Keen
Graphic Designer: Ms. Leong Yin Ling

Dr. Kan Wen Huey

Centre for ODL Learning Experiences (COLE)

This course module is adapted from the online course material entitled
BLC 301/05 Operations Management developed by Wawasan Open University.

Wawasan Open University is Malaysia’s first private not-for-profit tertiary institution dedicated
to adult learners. This course material was published to support the learning of students registered with
Wawasan Open University. Wawasan Open University does not grant any degree, certification
or credits based solely on your completion of this course material.

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Table of Contents

Part 1 | About the Course 1

Course details 1

Allocation of student learning time 1

Part 2 | Course Overview 2

Course synopsis 2

Course content 2

Course learning outcomes 3

Study schedule 4

Assessment methods 10

Part 1 | About the Course

Course Details

Course Code | BLC 301/03
Course Title | Operations Management

School | School of Business and Administration (SBA)
Credit Hours | 3 hours

Learning Hours | 120 hours
Course Type | Specialisation Course

Course Lead | Dr. Kan Wen Huey

Email | [email protected]
Contact No. | 04-2180 390

Core Reading Materials | BLC 301/05 Operations Management

Allocation of Student Learning Time

No Activities No. of hours

1 Study learning materials, learning activities and self-tests 60

2 Attending tutorial classes 10

3 Participation in online forum discussions 10

4 Completing the course assignments 40

Total 120

1 BLC 301/03 Operations Management

Part 2 | Course Overview

Course Synopsis

This is a core major course aimed at providing you with the knowledge for working
in the operations function of an organisation. The major emphasis of this course is on

applications underpinned by the concepts applicable for manufacturing and services
industries. The course is also expected to provide a strong foundation for those wishing

to specialise in the logistics and supply chain management area.

You will learn about concepts and theories that will help to identify and analyse various
aspects of operations management. This course contains five study units. Unit 1 provides

a general context and the role of operations management in manufacturing and service
industries. Unit 2 emphasises the importance of project management and quality

management as effective tools and concepts. Unit 3 provides a general perspective
and highlights the importance of product design and process selection which serves as

competitive advantage before a product or service enters the market. Unit 4 discusses
the role of capacity and facilities management in a manufacturing organisation from the

perspective of supply-demand and how an operations manager optimally plans, controls,
designs layout and manages capacity. Unit 5 recognises the importance of capacity,

facilities and information technology in the service industry.

Course Content

Course topics include:

1. Introduction to operations management.

2. Project management and quality management.

3. Designing product, process and job.

4. Capacity, operations planning, facilities and technology in manufacturing.

5. Capacity, facilities and information technology in services.

BLC 301/03 Operations Management 2

Course Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

1. Describe product or service design and the transformation process of operations
management as well as its impacts on the society.

2. Identify business issues in team discussion and provide logical solutions in the

context of operations management.

3. Communicate clear and precise ideas in operations management to relevant

3 BLC 301/03 Operations Management

Study Schedule

The following study activities will guide you in your learning.

Unit Topic Focus Self-check*


Introduction attempt Please attempt
Definition of Self-test 1.1
1.1 operations of the context Activity 1.1 of the WOU

management of operations of the WOU PDF course
management. PDF course material.


Comparison The differences Explain the Please attempt
of between differences Self-test 1.2

1.2 manufacturing manufacturing between of the WOU
and service and service services and PDF course

processes organisations. products. material.


The attempt Please attempt
fundamentals Activity 1.2
Operations Self-test 1.3

1.3 strategy for of operations and of the WOU
manufacturing strategies in Activity 1.3 PDF course
manufacturing of the WOU material.
organisations. PDF course


BLC 301/03 Operations Management 4

Unit Topic Focus Self-check*

on service


concept and Please
classification Please attempt
Operations before attempt Self-test 1.4

1.4 strategy for discussing the Activity 1.4 of the WOU

services service matrix of the WOU PDF course
PDF course
processes and material. material.
challenges of


in services.

5 BLC 301/03 Operations Management

Unit Topic Focus Self-check*


The use Activity 2.1 Please attempt
of project Self-test 2.1
Project and
2.1 management of the WOU
management Activity 2.2
as an of the WOU PDF course

important tool. material.
PDF course


Please Discuss
The concept
Quality of quality attempt the various

management Activity 2.2 techniques
2.2 management
in in of the WOU of quality
manufacturing PDF course management
material. tools.

Discuss the
Quality difference

Quality management attempt between
2.3 management techniques or Activity 2.3 service

in service tools in service of the WOU quality and
PDF course
organisations. manufacturing

List the Explain the
Illustrate the
Quality concepts purpose aims to
and benefits
2.4 certification of quality of quality ISO 9000 and
and certification certification the core

benchmarking and for products elements of
and services. ISO 14000.

BLC 301/03 Operations Management 6

Unit Topic Focus Self-check*

The Please
Designing importance of attempt Please attempt
Self-test 3.1
product and manufacturing Activity 3.1
3.1 of the WOU
process for products’ of the WOU PDF course
manufacturing development PDF course material.
design. material.

any service

activity that
is of interest

to you.

The service Understand Please attempt
design the process
Service Self-test 3.2

3.2 design and methodologies flow and of the WOU
delivery from the work out PDF course
perspective of a service material.
service design. blueprint.

(Please refer
to the Tutorial

on page 43
of the WOU

PDF course

The aspects Please

of job design, Please attempt
Job design expansion, attempt Self-test 3.3
3.3 and work work Activity 3.2 of the WOU

measurement measurement of the WOU PDF course
PDF course
and labour material. material.

7 BLC 301/03 Operations Management

Unit Topic Focus Self-check*


The attempt Please attempt
Capacity measurement Activity 4.1 Self-test 4.1
4.1 of the WOU
management on capacity of the WOU PDF course
planning. PDF course material.


Please Please attempt
Operations The role of Self-test 4.2
4.2 planning and planning and Activity 4.2 of the WOU

control control. of the WOU PDF course
PDF course material.

The Please
competitive attempt Please attempt

advantage Self-test 4.3
Facility Activity 4.3
4.3 of facilities of the WOU
management of the WOU
location and PDF course PDF course
layout in material. material.


Discuss the

The impact of benefits Discuss the
Operations implications of
4.4 technology on and risks of
technology technology in
manufacturing. operations manufacturing.


BLC 301/03 Operations Management 8

Unit Topic Focus Self-check*


The overall Please attempt
Capacity and capacity Activity 5.1 Self-test 5.1

5.1 operations impact in and of the WOU
control in the service Activity 5.2 PDF course

services of the WOU
operations. material.
PDF course


The process of Please

evaluating Please attempt
Service facility location attempt Self-test 5.2
facilities Activity 5.3
5.2 and designing of the WOU
location and layout for of the WOU PDF course
design PDF course
the service material. material.

What are the


of service
delivery in Please attempt

the context of
Information The role of Self-test 5.3
5.3 technology in information information of the WOU

services technology. technology? PDF course
(Please refer material.

to the Tutorial
on page 52

of the WOU
PDF course


* Note: Please refer to activities and self-tests in BLC 301/05 Operations Management PDF
course materials.

9 BLC 301/03 Operations Management

Assessment Methods

You will be assessed through the following methods:

50% 50%

Assignment 1 Assignment 2

Quiz, Group Work, Quiz, Group Work,

Presentation, Presentation,
Proposal, Essay, Proposal, Essay,

Annotated Annotated
Bibliography, etc. Bibliography, etc.

BLC 301/03 Operations Management 10

Wholly owned by Wawasan Open University Sdn. Bhd. [200501018250 (700364-W)]
Wawasan Open University [DU013(P)]


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