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Vanessa Coleman - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Copy CHOICE 2

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Published by Vanessa Coleman, 2019-05-28 12:48:02

Vanessa Coleman - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Copy CHOICE 2

Vanessa Coleman - 2019 Colonial Ebook Published Copy CHOICE 2

Colonial life!

By : Vanessa Coleman


Table of Contents

Hello to the 13 colonies Hey you meet my town
Meet Joan And Joseph Glossary

Play the Game Bibliography

Home Sweet Home
Ring Ring It’s School Time
Let’s review
MMM It’s Food Time
Fantastic clothing

Picture of U.S flag

Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

Before the 50 states there were the 13 Colonies.
Let Joan and Joseph tell you about the 13 Colonies.
Colonies could be ruled by kings, queens or rarely a

Well King George III ruled the 13 colonies. Before
King George III ruled the 13 colonies the Dutch
ruled the 13 colonies. The 13 colonies were
separated into 3 groups, the New England, Middle
and, Southern Colonies.

Welcome to the 13 Colonies!

The New England
colonies were good
for fishing, The
middle colonies
were good for
southern colonies
produced cash

Here is a map of the 13 colonies

Meet Joan and Joseph!

Meet Joan, Joan is a girl in the 13 colonies. Joan lives in
Massachusetts. She is 9 years old.
Meet Joseph. Joseph lives in the 13 colonies. He lives in Georgia.
Joseph is 9 years old too.

Kids playing.

Meet Joan and Joseph

Picture of a colonial girl Picture of colonial boys

Play the Game

Find the words

You will learn about colonial times in
this book. I hope you like it and learn
lots. Happy reading !

Use the cursor to help you find the hidden

Play the Game

Hope you like this book and you learn
alot about colonial life.

Home Sweet Home

Homes in Colonial times are very different than the homes we live

in today. To make a house run in colonial times everyone in the

household would have their own job to do. For example, because

there was no indoor plumbing if you had to go to the bathroom in the

middle of the night there was a pot called a chamber pot that you

would use. A chamber pot was stored under your bed. If you needed

to use bbbbbbbbbbbb it you would pull it out and use it.

then in the morni hen In the morning the kids would

nnnnnnnnnnn empty it

Colonial house

Home Sweet Home

Some of the jobs that Joan and Joseph
people did by hand in would help harvest
colonial times food not buy because
machines do today. you couldn’t buy all
For instance people your food at a store.
did laundry by hand
in colonial times.
Now there is laundry
machine that does
the laundry for you.


harvesting food

Ring Ring it’s School Time!

Everyone would be in one room
whether you in kindergarten or
8th grade you would still be in
the same room.

You would have to memorize
your lessons or if you didn’t
you would have to wear a pointy
cap called a dunce cap.

One room schoolhouse

Ring Ring it’s
School Time!

At school you wouldn’ t have a
desk. You had a bench so you /watch?v=vfjwVqot0Gc
would have to share with other
people, you could be in third
grade and the person next to you
is in a different grade than you

Today in older grades you would
probably have desks and you
would keep all your things in
there like folders,books and

Ring Ring it’s School

In colonial times they didn’t
have folders they had things
called hornbooks watch this
video to learn about hornbooks.

Classroom writing slate

Let’s review

Today well Joan and Joseph will tell you
about colonial times

Tell me what you know over here

MMM It’s
Food Time

Today's food is a lot different than
the food in colonial times. Joan and
Joseph will tell you all about it.

People in colonial times had to grow Colonial Food
their own food instead of going to a
grocery store. They also had to trade
say you are in the middle colonies
(they are good for plantations ) and
you needed fish you would trade some
plants for fish that’s how trading

Fantastic Clothing

Clothing is different in Joan and Joseph ‘s time than today. Well Joan
can you tell us about your clothing please? “Sure” said Joan.

Joan’s clothing Joseph’s clothing

Joan ‘s clothing was a Joseph would wear
petticoat and she wears dresses from birth till
ankle length dresses. seven years old. When
Girls and women usually Joseph was very young
owned dresses that had and just like Joan they
ruffles and, dresses tied in wore hat that were
the back called pudding cap.
They were like
helmets of today and
would keep kids safe.

Hey you Meet My Town

In every town there were stores for different thing here are some
below. Joan and Joseph will tell you about the jobs in the town.
Well the first job is a silversmith a silversmith would make your
silverware and would make all your silver objects in your house.
Second job a blacksmith a blacksmith would make your metal
objects like a hammers and everything metal

A colonial blacksmith shop.

Hey you Meet My Town

The third job is a gunsmith. A gunsmith would craft your guns for
things like hunting also for wars.
Fourth job is a pharmacist. A pharmacist would make your
medication like a pharmacist would do today.

Watch the video

vOh no, the British are

After the king George III was

ruled the 13 colonies life was

pretty good because they got to

make there own choices but

after the french and indian war

aka the seven years war. There

were taxes. Thought different

acts like the sugar act taxing

sugar and etc. Then one way

they rebelled is the Boston tea

Some links


Boston tea party A act that put a tax on tea so people
Acts in boston rebelled by dumping tea
Pudding caps into the boston harbor

Act came after the french and native
american war because the king was
in great det so he started taxing

Pudding caps are like helmets today
they were for kids were littler so they
would have the litter kid were
pudding caps


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