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On this month’s issue:

Hogwarts School
of Witchcraft &


what’s in sto

page page
The five places The Hogwarts
we’d most want Ghosts
to visit at
2 Hogwarts

ore for you?

page page Magical
A Mystical Grub
List 3



the five places
we’d most want

to visit at

by Pottermore
A list of the must-see spots on campus
handpicked by the Accio editors themselves.


The majority of us would trade ten years of our life to spend ten
days in the wizarding world, However, if we could only pick a
handful of locations to pay a fleeting visit to, these are the ones we’d be
debating between. where broomsticks fly, sweets make you vomit and
three-headed dogs guard secret magical treasures.

What about the other common rooms, we hear you cry?
Well, as we saw the most of Gryffindor’s during the books,
we’ve opted for this one – plus Fred and George’s raucous
parties could probably not be beaten by the other houses. Yes,
this room full of squishy arm chairs and roaring log fires was
the scene of scraps and snogs and of a hundred rambunctious
all-nighters, and we want nothing more than to approach the
Fat Lady, say something weird, and be admitted into that noisy,
wonderful sanctuary. We’d even accept the possibility of being turned
into a canary, sharing our room with a rat-shaped turncoat, or being
visited by an escaped prisoner from Azkaban in the middle of the night. It’d
be worth it for those squishy chairs.

Hagrid’s Hut
First of all, Fang was there most of the time, and even
if he was large and slobbery, we can all agree that a
room with a dog in it is invariably better than a
room without. Hagrid’s hut was something of a
haven for Harry throughout his long years at
Hogwarts; somewhere he could
escape from the familiar flick of eyes
to his forehead, and break his teeth
on rock cakes in peace. Sure, it was
occasionally home to writhing barrels of
mealworms, or dragons, but it was also
home to Hagrid, the most soothing half-
giant in all the land. Hagrid’s hut might
have been a bit small and bit out of the
way, but it was also more home to Harry
than most of the places he rested his head,
even if the trade-off was sometimes having to
eat stoat sandwiches.


D umbleOdoffriec’es
If a venue is sealed off by a secret password and a
magically moving staircase, you know it has to be special, and
Dumbledore’s secret abode was no exception. Tucked away up
a tower, Dumbledore’s office was home to even more magic and
mystery than the rest of Hogwarts. Left to our devices in there,
we’d be certain to have a cheeky dive inside his Pensieve, and hang
out with Fawkes, of course. So perhaps it’s good that it was password
protected. We’d have also relished the opportunity to have a word with the
oil-renderings of past headmasters or convince the Sorting Hat to put us in
another house, just for kicks.
Much of being a prefect sounds about as fun as a sing-
along with a Mandrake, but between the prefects’
carriage on the train and the prefects’ bathroom, the
elite segregated spaces might just about have made it
worth it. Hogwarts positions itself as a meritocracy,
but there’s nothing fair about the comparison between
the prefects’ bathroom and the one for the ordinary
witches and wizards of the school. On the one hand, you
have rainbow-hued bubbles, perfumed water and a bath
the size of a classroom; on the other hand, dingy sodden
spaces populated by trolls, spiders and giant murderous
snakes. At least they both have Moaning Myrtle,


There’s no competition, really, since how could any other room
possibly contest a space that becomes whatever you
want it to? Pay the mere price of pacing backwards and
forwards while thinking hard, and you’d be rewarded with the
location of your wildest dreams: a safe space to practice mag-
ic, a place in which to hide a secret item or – in our case – a
sunny beach on the shores of a sea made of Butterbeer, populat-
ed only by Dobby, serving treacle tart with a smile. It was one as-
pect of the castle that we can’t help but feel was somewhat underused
– because once you knew it was there, surely you’d never want to leave?





Written and illustrated by Pottermore

The Hogwarts ghosts represented the four houses of Gryffindor, Slytherin,
Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff in their own unique ways.
Here’s our guide to those who haunted Hogwarts.

Nearly Headless Nick The Fat Friar
Gryffindor House Ghost Hufflepuff House Ghost
A fifteenth-century nobleman who A jolly fellow who resembled a monk,
went to Hogwarts. His real name was Sir who was sorted into Hufflepuff back
Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. Nick, in his day. His magical ways roused
a wizard at the royal court of Henry suspicion, and he was eventually
VII, fell in love with Lady Grieve. After executed after the senior churchmen
trying to magically fix her crooked grew suspicious of his ability to cure
teeth, the spell backfired, Lady Grieve the pox, and his penchant for pulling
grew tusks, and Nick was sentenced rabbits out of the Communion cup.
to death for his actions. He wrote a The Fat Friar always resented the fact
ballad about his own demise, entitled The that he never became a cardinal.
Ballad of Nearly Headless Nick.


The Bloody Baron

Slytherin House Ghost
A hot-tempered sort of fellow, who was responsible for the death of the Grey Lady,
aka Helena Ravenclaw. In his living days, he was simply known as The Baron. It
was only at the point of his death that the ‘bloody’ part of his name was added in.
And for good reason. Head over heels in love with Helena Ravenclaw, The Baron
murdered her out of anger when Helena refused to return home with him. After
stabbing her fatally, he was so remorseful, he used the same weapon to take his
own life.The Bloody Baron’s chains were an ‘act of penitence’ for what he did to

The Grey Lady

Ravenclaw House Ghost
The morose daughter of the Ravenclaw house founder, Rowena Ravenclaw. Her
real name was Helena. After stealing her mother’s diadem and running away,
Rowena Ravenclaw sent The Baron to retrieve her. Alas, it didn’t go so well. The
Baron, mad with jealousy at Helena’s freedom, ended up stabbing her when she
refused to return with him. Helena’s ghost had a ‘single dark wound’ upon her
chest as a result.The ‘forest in Albania’ where Helena would go into hiding was
also frequented by Lord Voldemort. Eventually, the enchanted diadem would
become one of Voldemort’s Horcruxes, after he discovered its hiding place in a
hollowed tree.


School Poltergeist
Who was he? Well, that’s the thing. Strictly speaking Peeves wasn’t a ghost
at all, so we can’t be sure. Think mischief-maker with a penchant for ‘kinetic
disturbances’. We do know that he reflects his nature, a seamless blend of humour and
malice. We’re not even sure he was ever alive like the other house ghosts, but many
attempts have been made to remove Peeves from Hogwarts. One such attempt in
1876 went disastrously wrong and led to the whole school being evacuated. Peeves
was named for being the pet-peeve of every Hogwarts caretaker ever. Also –
‘poltergeist’ roughly means ‘noisy ghost’ in German.



Need a list of fun things to do at Hogwarts? We’ve got you covered.

◊◊ Vciosmit amllofnouroroms

◊◊ Play a game of exploding snap with the

◊◊ Sneak some kitchen treats into the Hufflepuff
Common Room

◊◊ Solve the Ravenclaw Door Riddle
◊◊ Wave to the Giant Squid from the Slytherin

Common Room windows

◊◊Watch a Quidditch

◊◊ Bring along merch from the team you’re supporting
◊◊ Try to spot the Golden Snitch
◊◊ Take a photo with both teams and have them sign it


◊◊ Go on a Hogwarts
tour with Hagrid

◊◊ Start a convo with one of the portraits
◊◊ Get acquainted with a Hogwarts Professor
◊◊ Visit Moaning Myrtle
◊◊ Say hi to the house-elves in the Kitchen

◊◊Dine in the
Great Hall

◊◊ Grab a treacle tart or a cauldron cake
◊◊ Sing along with the frog choir
◊◊ Listen to Dumbledore’s dinner speech

◊◊Take as many
Hogwarts classes
as you can

◊◊ Potions: Brew Amortentia, the strongest love potion
◊◊ Transfiguration: Turn a porcupine into a pincushion
◊◊ Charms: Learn the Summoning Spell
◊◊ Defense Against the Dark Arts: Create a Patronus
◊◊ Flying: Try out the Quidditch Dive


Magical GrubThe most mysterious treats of the Wizarding World for every kind of sweet tooth.

EBveerrBytie-eFaBnlaosvtot’usr Jelly beans with a crazily wide range
of flavors, from the signature chocolate,
Fcuorriotuhse foodie peppermint, and marmalade, to less
fanciable ones like spinach, liver, and
even going as far as vomit, earwax,
paper, and boogers.

Chocolate Frogs A very popular sweet made from
chocolate in the form of a frog. They
crFoeoslliredctethnoetr merch come with a collectible card of a
famous witch or wizard in each pack.

Skiving Snackboxes A range of sweets that make the con-
sumer appear ill. These were developed
Frisokr-ttahkeebrrave by the Weasley Twins to help students
get excused from class. Maladies
include fainting, fevers, nosebleeds,
and puking. This double ended treat
contains its antidote as well.

Ffeunontre-rltothaveiinnegr DBrloowobinleg’sGBuemst Berry-flavored gum that lets the
consumer blow bluebell-coloured
bubbles that refuse to pop for days. The
gum retains its sweetness forever and
never loses flavor no matter how long
you chew it.

jtFuraonnrksitceheendtal Fizzing Whizzbees

Large sherbet balls that will cause a
person who sucks on them to float a
few inches off the ground.





f irst


Support your favorite team and pre-order their merch through the Firebolt app.
Claim your items upon arival at Hogwarts.


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