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The Banner 01012020

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FREE! 606-355-2370 [email protected] JANUARY 1st, 2020


BRODHEAD 606-758-4938
FARM MARTNeed to replace that old water heater? Call us for a price! 5187 New Brodhead Rd., Brodhead, KY

We have plumbing parts,

We are probably cheaper than most chain stores. Yes, Really! pipe, connectors & shut offs!

You may not be from around here, but you may want to make Toilets, toilet parts, & faucets!
the drive here for these prices! We have irrigation pipe & pumps!

Oh, you didn't know that we had water heaters? We have electrical supplies!

What else do we have that you don't know about?

Come have a look, or call us before We have tools
you make a trip to pay more somewhere else! & tool accessories
- Need a drill bit or saw blade?
Installation Available
on Water Heaters - we have those!
and Toilets!

We have hardware!

- Bolts, Screws, Nails, Chain!

We Have We have propane!

LKWood/Coal/Pellet And as always, we
have Farm Supplies.
Stoves & Accessories
& Installation Abailable!

Call Lindsey - Come and see At the corner of Call Lauren -
Hwy 39 & Hwy 2750
For An Appointment the new nail tech, Spray Tan
Main Street Certified Technician
606-308-3156 Josephine Kraft Crab Orchard Ky For An Appointment

Wednesdays 606-308-3097
at LK Beauty!


Open: Monday through Saturday. Closed Sunday.

CCI offers top pay for top experience and most
Band Sawed likely we are doing work in your area.
CCI Industrial Services is looking to fill the
1" boards, 2x4, 2x6,
4x4 & 5x5 INDUSTRIAL SERVICES following positions...

N P VariCoeudsarLPeonsgt ths All types of welding Machining Machinery
ACCEPTING Installations
Dr. Dawn Carpenter, NEW PATIENTS! On All Lumber
DNP, APRN, FNP-C • Welders Fabricators • Carpenters/Metal Stud Framers
Also Will Custom • Pipe Installers
Band Saw Your Logs • Duct Installers • Concrete Workers
• Machinery Installers • Industrial Workers
606-271-0471 • Maintenance Workers • Steel Erectors
• Electricians • CDL Drivers -Equipment
Little Bee Boutique • Forklift Operators Custom
• Crane Operators Haulers Preferred Fabrication
Ladies & Children Boutique Clothing • Construction Workers
Celebration of Life Gifts Top Pay For Top Experience,
Primitive Decor 401K Plan Available, Heath Insurance,

Authorized Candleberry Candles Flexible Work Schedule
& Cubbies Dealer
Phone Keep it simple, list and send last 3 places you have worked,
Embroidery - Items Personalized hand written is okay with contacts and dates.
606-453-3901 (Buy Item Here or Bring It In) Mail to P.O. Box 433 Somerset, KY 42502

Fax: 606-453-9420 Tuesday, WEDNESDAY & Thursdays While Supplies Last - Skecher Twinkle or apply in person at 799 Kit Cowan Rd Somerset, Ky 42501
Beginning the week of 9am- 6pm or by appointment Toes Shoes $5 pair. Yes! $5 pair! or email to [email protected]
January 5th we will be open Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays
912 S. Wallace Wilkinson Blvd CCI INDUSTRIAL SERVICES
Liberty, KY M-F 9-5 & Sat 9-2 Phone: 606-677-0241 Fax: 606-677-0154



IIffIItt's'sFFrreesshheerr TThhaann TThhiiss,, IItt's's SSttiillll GGrroowwiinngg

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22889966KKYYHHwwyy3399NN CCrraabb OOrrcchhaarrdd KKYY 4400441199 PPhhoonnee ## ((660066)) 335555--00003300,, Keep Warm and Save Lives this Winter
tthheenn22nnddaanndd44tthhWWeeddtthhrroouugghhFFeebbaannddMMaarr.. For a limited-time, KBC donors receive hoodie sweatshirt
ssttaarrttiinnggJJaann2222nnddaannddccoonnttiinnuuiinngg 11sstt aanndd 33rrdd WWeedd tthhrroouugghh FFeebb aanndd MMaarr..
PPoouullttrryyaannddSSmmaallllAAnniimmaall SSaallee.................................................... MMaarr 77tthh -- 1100 AAMM KY Life of the Party Shirt- The need for blood and blood donors doesn’t slow down during the winter.
FFaarrmmMMaacchhiinneerryy,,TTooooll aanndd MMiisscc.. SSaallee............................ MMaarr 2211sstt -- 99 AAMM Cancer treatments, premature births, car accidents, diseases and surgeries continue. Blood donations,
SSpprriinnggFFlloowweerraannddPPllaanntt SSaallee.......................................................... MMaayy 88tthh -- 1111 AA..MM.. however, frequently decrease due to school cancellations, weather-related travel issues and cold and
SSppeecciiaallPPuummppkkiinnaanndd FFaallll DDeeccoorraattiioonn SSaallee.............. SSeepptt 1166tthh -- 1111 AA..MM.. flu season.
SScchhoooollbbeenneeffiittCCoonnssiiggnnmmeenntt SSaallee.............................................. NNoovv 77tthh -- 99 AA..MM.. Kentucky Blood Center (KBC) is inviting generous donors to help local patients by giving at the blood
CChhrriissttmmaassSSaallee.......................................................................................................... DDeecc 55tthh -- 1100 AA..MM.. drive listed below. As a thank you, donors will receive a fun KBC hoodie to keep them warm this winter.
JJaannuuaarryy AApprriill Mount Vernon Community
FFeebbrruuaarry2y2002200 MMaarrcchh Tuesday, January 7 from 1:30–6:30 pm
11 22 33 44 11 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 11 22 33 44 Gym First Baptist Church
at 340 West Main St. Mount Vernon.
55 66 77 88 99 1100 1111 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 88 99 1100 1111 1122 1133 1144 55 66 77 88 99 1100 1111
Blood donors must be at least 17-years-old (16 with parental consent), weigh at least 110 pounds, be in general good health,
1122 1133 1144 1155 1166 1177 1818 99 1100 1111 1122 1133 1144 1155 1155 1166 1177 1188 1199 2200 2211 1122 1133 1144 1155 1166 1177 1188 show a photo I.D. and meet additional requirements. Sixteen-year-old donors must have a signed parental permission slip, found
at Walk-ins are welcome.To schedule a donation, visit or call 800.775.2522.
1199 2200 2211 2222 2233 2244 2525 1166 1177 1188 1199 2200 2211 2222 2222 2233 2244 2255 2266 2277 2288 1199 2200 2211 2222 2233 2244 2255
About Kentucky Blood Center
2266 2277 2288 2299 3300 3311 2233 2244 2255 2266 2277 2288 2299 2299 3300 3311 2266 2277 2288 2299 3300 Celebrating more than 50 years of saving lives in Kentucky, KBC is the largest independent, full-service, nonprofit blood center in
JJuunnee JJuullyy Kentucky. Licensed by the FDA, KBC’s sole purpose is to collect, process and distribute blood for patients in Kentucky. KBC provides
MMaayy AAuugguusstt services in 90 Kentucky counties and has donor centers in Lexington, Louisville, Pikeville and Somerset
11 22 11 22 33 44 55 66 11 22 33 44 11

33 44 55 66 77 88 99 77 88 99 1100 1111 1122 1133 55 66 77 88 99 1100 1111 22 33 44 55 66 77 88

1100 1111 1122 1133 1144 15151616 1144 1155 1166 1177 1188 1199 2200 1122 1133 1144 1155 1166 1177 1188 99 1100 1111 1122 1133 1144 1155

1177 1188 1199 2200 2211 22222323 2211 2222 2233 2244 2255 2266 2277 1199 2200 2211 2222 2233 2244 2255 1166 1177 1188 1199 2200 2211 2222

2244 2255 2266 2277 2288 29293030 2288 2299 3300 2266 2277 2288 2299 3300 3311 2233 2244 2255 2266 2277 2288 2299

3311 3300 3311
SSeepptteemmbbeerr OOccttoobbeerr NNoovveemmbbeerr DDeecceemmbbeerr
11 22 33 44 55 11 22 33 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 11 22 33 44 55

66 77 88 99 1100 1111 1122 44 55 66 77 88 99 1100 88 99 1100 1111 1122 1133 1144 66 77 88 99 1100 1111 1122

1133 1144 1155 1166 1177 1188 1199 1111 1122 1133 1144 1155 1166 1177 1155 1166 1177 1188 1199 2200 2211 1133 1144 1155 1166 1177 1188 1199

2200 2211 2222 2233 2244 2255 2266 1188 1199 2200 2211 2222 2233 2244 2222 2233 2244 2255 2266 2277 2288 2200 2211 2222 2233 2244 2255 2266

2277 2288 2299 3300 2255 2266 2277 2288 2299 3300 3311 2299 3300 2277 2288 2299 3300 3311

MMaannaaggeerr FFoorrddaailiylymmaarrkkeettiinnffoo:: AAuuccttiioonneeeerrss
DDaavviiddSScchhrroocckkPP22883399 CCaall:l:660066--335555--00000011 LLllooyyddCC..SScchhrroocckk PP22660022

662255CCoolelemmaannLLaannee 445500AAIIWWyylleerr RRooaadd
CCrraabbOOrrcchhaarrdd,,KKYY4400441199 CCrraabbOOrrcchhaarrdd,, KKYY 4400441199

Editor never take anything from anyone, what’s scary now is a process called They do offer the aging and facial lege student filed a lawsuit against
so I don’t care who sees my face, “deep fake”.As one social media site
as many readers recognize me from had a program to swap your face recognition software among others. Apple for $1 billion, claiming the
the picture in this segment. But, it’s with a cat or make you look old, deep
Tom Tyler illegal to gather this information in fake can place pictures of someones That company has been around 10+ company's alleged use of facial rec-
some states without consent. face into video. I had heard of this
Maybe for good reason. This bio- along time ago, but now I guess a years? Some of the deep fake vid- ognition software in its stores
metric data (your digital facial fea- more affordable program is available.
I was recently in a store and no- tures) that is stored, could be sto- I used to dabble in 3d graphics (for eos that I have seen, are pretty con- falsely linked him to a series of
ticed at the checkout that there were len or sold without the person video game creation) and was try-
tv/monitors above the checkout knowing. But some companies ing to get my face on a 3d model. vincing, but you are aware that a Apple store thefts. Apparently he
lines. This may not seem unusual, claim that they will run the facial This is so much easier these days
but the cameras that were feeding expressions through software that and a lot more realistic. I have put celebrity or politician is in a funny had lost a photo I.D. that was used
these monitors were using facial will tell if the customer has had an my face in a Japanese companys
recognition. You could tell on the enjoyable shopping experience. (It software (, and video that they normally wouldn’t by the thief to verify his image with
screen as a blue box would target doesn’t take a database to figure it freaks you out a little to see “you”
the faces of the customers. So you out if a customer is satisfied.) But moving and you know it’s not you. be in (they would change Clark Gable Apple. Scary stuff. So maybe I don’t
would think, this is to help identify
shoplifters, etc? Now, I don’t use in a familiar movie like Gone with care who sees my face, but I would
my face for security on a phone lock
system or whatever and would the Wind with a politician etc). This care if it is floating out on the web

can be amusing but, someone can or in a digital cloud that may be used

be accused of a crime or of being in without me knowing or worse used

a compromising position with against me if I am innocent. To quote

“video proof” that was “created”. Edgar Allan Poe “Believe half of

How could you prove it wasn’t you what you see and nothing of what

in a video? In April 2019, a NY col- you hear.”

• Attention •

If you have built a new house or
made improvements to an
existing structure, please
notify the PVA office.

We need the information to place a
fair assessment on your property.

Janet Vaughn

Rockcastle County

Property Valuation Administrator

Third Floor Courthouse 606-256-4194

David’s Tire Center Seagrove’s THOROUGH TRUCK
24 Hour Towing & Recovery Storage
Complete Heavy Duty Truck Repair
Mechanic on duty 606-355-2730
All types of repairs 24 Hour Towing and Road Service
We do MUFFLER and exhaust Resident Manager
replacement and custom pipe bending. on site (606)-256-4099 or (800) 556-4099

606-256-4606 5x10 - 5x15 - Bonded & Insured for your
Heavy Equipment
1431 S. Wilderness Rd (U.S. 25) 10x10 Hauling needs
Mt.Vernon, KY New & Used Parts
10x15 - 10x20
David and Josh Thompson, Owners Master Card & Visa
ON HWY 643




Great defense is good insurance.

If you want to guard against loss from a R. Marlene Lawson
storm or accident, it helps to be insured by a
company who’s on your team. Kentucky Farm 1325 W. Wilderness Rd.
Bureau is Kentucky’s insurance company, Mt. Vernon, Ky.
which means there’s an agent in every county
to provide the winning service you deserve. (606) 256-2050



DID YOU KNOW? Word Search
“CLASSIC TOY JOY” Answer on Page 11
• January is named after the Ro- BARBIE WORD LIST RAGGEDY ANN
man god Janus, who was always BIG WHEEL SILLY PUTTY
shown as having two heads. He EASY BAKE OVEN JACKS SLINKY
looked back to the last year and ERECTOR SET JIGSAW PUZZLE TEDDY BEAR
forward to the new one. ETCH-A-SKETCH JUMP ROPE TINKER TOYS
• The Anglo-Saxons called G.I. JOE LEGO VIEW MASTER
January “Wulfmonath” as it was JACK-IN-THE-BOX LINCOLN LOGS
the month hungry wolves came MR. POTATO HEAD YO-YO HAVE FUN!
scavenging at people’s doors. PLAY-DOH
• January is National Soup
Month in the U.S.
• The only Shakespeare plays
that mention January are “Much
Ado About Nothing” and
“Winter’s Tale”.
• More couples separate or di-
vorce in January than in any
other month.
• The song "The Twelve Days
of Christmas" refers to the pe-
riod between Christmas and
The Feast of the Epiphany (Jan.
6th). Most people, associate the
period as the twelve days lead-
ing up to Christmas. For many,
the nativity scene is kept up
through January 6th, and is the
last of the decorations to be put
away until next Christmas.


& Lic
The Banner is published as close as possible to the 1st of each HWY. 150 MT. VERNON KY. if needed
month. Deadline for submissions for publication is 12:00 noon the
Wednesday before the print date. (It may be the last Wednesday of 606-308-5159
the month or it may be the next to last Wednesday of the month.)
The deadline for the next issue will be printed on the first classi- AUTO’S
fied page near the submission form. Space may become limited, in
which it may not be possible to include submissions even if they 2003 Chevy Impala 4/D 6 Cyl Auto ..................1,995. 2004 Chevy Malibu 4/D V6 Auto...........................1,295.
are before the deadline. The earlier something is submitted, the 2005 Chevy Malibu 4/D 4 Cyl Auto .................1,295. 1996 Volvo 850 4/D 6CylAuto 79k miles...............1,995.
more likely it will be placed. 2002 Mercury Sable 4/D V6 Auto ....................... 995. 2002 Mercury Cougar 2/D V6 Auto.......................1,495.
2006 Cadillac STS 4/D V8 Auto..........................3,995. 2004 Volvo S40 4/D 4 CylAuto...............................1,795.
Business & for-profit organizations are encouraged to contact 1994 Chevy Corvette V8 Auto 61k Miles ........5,995. 2007 Ford Fusion 4/D AWD V6 Auto....................3,295.
our advertising consultant at (606) 355-2370 for more informa- 2008 Chevy Cobalt 4/D 4 Cyl Auto...................2,995. 2001 Ford Taurus 4/D V6 Auto...............................1,495.
tion. 2007 Ford Taurus 4/D V6 Auto..........................2,495. 2007 Cadillac CTS 4/D V6 86K ...............................4,495.
The Banner doesn’t knowingly accept deceptive or fraudulent 2010 Mazda 5 4/D 4 Cyl Auto.............................2,995. 2006 Buick Lacrosse 4/D V6 Auto.........................1,995.
advertising. Readers can report appearance of fraud in any clas- 2014 Mitsubishi Mirage 4/D 4Cyl Auto............2,995. 2010 Chevy Impala 4/D V6 Auto............................4,995.
sified or display advertisement to the Publisher. The Banner re- 2006 Chevy Impala 4/D V6 Auto .......................1,995. 2005 VW New Bug Convt 2/D 4Cyl Auto 61K.....4,495.
serves the right to reject any advertisement or submission which 1998 Eagle Talon 2/D 4Cyl Auto.......................... 995. 2002 Cadillac Eldorado 2/D V8 Auto......................1,495.
doesn’t meet established guidelines for acceptability by the publi-
cation. We can’t do every story someone may suggest or print TRUCKS - VANS - SUV’S
every submission that is given to us.
The advertiser agrees that neither the Publisher, the paper, the 2007 GMC Yukon XL Denali AWD 4/D V8 Auto 3rd Row .....8,995.
paper staff, nor The Banner’s parent company shall be held liable
for damages as a result of any error in advertisement beyond the 2011 Chevy Equinox 4/D 4 Cyl Auto ...................5,495. 2011 Chevy Traverse 4/D V6 Auto......................6,995.
normal and customary occupied portion of the advertisement in 2004 Chevy C-2500 4/D V8Auto ..........................4,995. 2008 Chevy Equinox AWD 4/D V6 Auto ...........2,995.
which the error occurred; no matter the cause of the error, and 2005 Ford Explorer 4x4 4/D V6Auto ....................1,795. 2001 Toyota Rav4 4x4 4Cyl Auto.........................2,995.
there shall be no liability expressed or implied for non-insertion of 2000 Ford F150 6 Cyl 5Sp.......................................2,495. 2005 Chevy Suburban Z71 4x4 V8 Auto.............3,995.
any advertisement beyond the sum paid to The Banner for such 2005 Chevy Avalanche 4x4 4/D V8 Auto.............5,995. 2010 Nissan Frontier 4x4 XCab V6 Auto.............6,995.
advertisement. The views expressed in individual ads are not nec- 2006 Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 4x4 V8 Auto.. 5,495. 2011 Kia Sorento AWD V6 Auto..........................4,995.
essarily those held by The Banner staff nor owners. 2001 Chevy C-1500 XCab 4x4 V8Auto................2,495. 2002 Dodge Dakota 4x4 XCab V6 5Sp.................1,795.
2005 Chevy Tahoe 4x4 4/D V8 Auto.....................2,995. 2009 Jeep Liberty 4x4 V6Auto ............................2,995.
The Banner contact Information: 2005 Ford F150 XCab V8Auto 4x4.......................4,495. 2004 Dodge Ram 1500 4x2 V6 5Sp.......................3,995.
PO Box 460, Crab Orchard, Ky 40419 1999 Chevy C-2500 XCab 4x4 V8Auto................2,495. 2003 Chevy Trailblazer 4/D 4x4 6CylAuto.........1,795.
By Email: [email protected] 2006 Ford F150 QuadCab 4x4V8Auto 110kmiles 6,495. 1999 Chevy Tahoe 2/D V8 Auto...........................1,495.
By Telephone: 606-355-2370 - Fax: 606-355-2320 2001 Ford Explorer 2/D 4x4 V6Auto ....................1,495. 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4/D V6 Auto.............2,495.
2005 Chevy C-1500 4x2 V8Auto ...........................2,495. 2003 Chevy C-1500 4x4 XCab V8 Auto ..............4,495.
2005 GMC Yukon 4x4 4/D V8Auto 3rdRow.........3,995. 2005 Chevy Suburban 4x4 4/D V8Auto3rdRow.3,995.
2013 Chevy C-1500 4x4 XCab V8 Auto Leather..11,995.
2015 Chevy C1500 LTZ Crew Cab 4x4 V8Auto.....................................24,995.

SEDE-Z Freeze, Crystal Cold, & Diamond Brands Available!
Check Out Gas Refrigerators & Freezers!
Kitchen Utensils, Accessories, and Stainless Steel Cookware.
5920 KY Hwy 643 • Dr. Sarah King • Dr. Kevin Skidmore • Dr. Gary King •
CLO - 20THWander around and pick up some Candies, Jams and Jellies. Optometrists
Waynesburg, KY 40489
Looking for 20/20 Vision in the Year 2020?
Bulk Foods and Cheese by the block for savings! (606) 355-7464
Fresh Big Brown Farm Eggs! Call us for an Appointment
Stanford 150 39
6THNatural Herbs and Vitamins. New and Used Books 859-986-7027
27 Crab
Toys along with the softest of New Born goodies. 109 Boone St., Berea, KY
Looking for that special gift? We have it! Waynesburg Orchard

JANWind Chimes, Oil Lamps and accessories to fix your family 27 643 1770
heirloom and so much more!
*8:30 am 4:30 pm To Ottenheim 5 miles from 150 150

Country 643 39
Somerset To
6 Days a week 643 Somerset



Custom Windows Porches & Decks Built Chris Combs
Additions Owner
Vinyl & Aluminum Clad Wood [email protected]
Door Replacement
London Electrical Repairs 219 London Shopping Center
Darryl Messer @ 606-682-0525 London, KY 40741
606-386-0690 1-606-330-0169
Anthony Belcher @ 270 -699-5490 Michael E. Hall, Pharm.D H. Scott Graham, R.Ph

Serving Central and Eastern Kentucky

Since 1972

Complete Home Comfort


Rodney L. Smith
523 West Street Sales and Service
P.O. Box 516 SUTTON

Brodhead, KY 40409 Thank goodness for Goodman PHARMACY INC.
606-256-1683 Office
Phone: 859-792-4611 330 W. Maple Ave.
859-661-5986 Cell Heating & Air Conditioning Fax: 859-792-3511 Lancaster, KY 40444
email: [email protected]
606-758-0129 Fax
[email protected] LASTS AND LASTS AND LASTS Friendly Service From People You Know

Hwy 150 Mt. Vernon, KY 40456

Chris Bucher 301 Richmond Road N Rockcastle
Berea, KY 40403 Self Storage Units
Manager Phone 859-986-8611
Fax 859-986-8351 Outdoor R.V., Boat & Trailer Storage
[email protected]
We now have indoor
Donald L. Cash CASH boat storage available!
Owner TOOL 100 Whippoorwill Lane
Mount Vernon, KY. 40456
Steel & Fabrication
9 Wallin Street [email protected]
Brodhead, KY 40409
Cell Phone: 606-308-3032 CAN GO HERE!
Email:[email protected]


8:30 am 4:30 pm • 6 Days a week

We Have In Season Apples! 5920 KY Hwy 643
Waynesburg, KY

CLOSED Jan 6th-20th 40489
(606) 355-7464
Granny Smith, Rome,
Jonagold, Mutzu,
Stayman-Winesap, Cider!
Cameo, Fuji, & Pink Lady.

PENCILS, NOT sen for its connotation of wealth It's not a wasp. Fabrics & More
DEAD YET in China, where the best graph-
ite at the time was coming from. It looks like a wasp. It moves We do Alterations
Because of the plentiful cedar American pencil makers started like a wasp. But it's not a
supply in the US and many small imitating the color as it became wasp. The Vespamantoida ♦ Dress Fabrics ♦ Shirtings ♦ Gloves
east coast graphite mines, the an indicator of quality. Separate wherleyi mantis a newly dis- ♦ Baby Knits
US became a hot spot for pen- from the color, the most unique covered species of praying ♦ Denim ♦ Quilting Accessories ♦ Hosiery
cil manufacture in the late 1800s feature of an American pencil mantis that has evolved to ♦ Home Spun Fabric
and the first half of the 1900s. became the addition of the at- mimic a wasp. It lives in Peru ♦ Notions ♦ Hats
Eberhard Faber moved from tached eraser. There's no evi- along theAmazon River.
Germany to take advantage of dence of who exactly invented ♦ Baby Items ♦ Herbal Health Care
the promising US pencil climate, the ferrule as we know it, or
as did many other Europeans why it became such a standard, Mon., Tue., Wed., Fri., Sat. Open 8:30 - 4:30
looking to innovate elsewhere. but it did, without a doubt, set
It wasn't until the early 1900s American pencils apart. The Closed on Thursday & Sunday
that things got really interesting ferrule introduced a new level
when Eberhard Faber's heirs of convenience and also became 859 Slate Branch Rd. (off Hwy 643 Crab Orchard) 606-355-2146
introduced the revolutionary a point of pride in a pencil's de-
Blackwing 602 and were major sign. Early ferrules were elabo- KRAMER'S HORSESHOEING & TACK
contributors to the development rately made from brass and of-
of the indelible pencil. ten featured flashy eraser Farrier Supplies • Custom Harness & Tack
shapes. Even in the 21st cen-
By the 1930s, American pen- tury, the attached eraser is con- 1 1/2 miles west of Crab Orchard
cils had a distinctive personality sidered an American feature,
and were competitive with those one that never really caught on Dog PPCrhoooldlnauercsCtsases STALL GRID Eq&uPFinHraFeorourdSriluesluecrLptSCspinulaeeprmepolfeinests
being made elsewhere in the outside of the US. There are still Pet Flooring for the
world. Two things became at least 3 pencil manufacturers Cell welfare of horses!
trademarks of the American in the U.S.
pencil, the first being the color. Schrocks Digestive Aid Perform
During the World's Fair in Chi- More pencils are made in the U.S.
cago, Koh-i-Noor, a Bavarian than in any other country. The Natural Horse Wormer
pencil company introduced their
uber-luxurious 1500 pencil, Agri Tonic
which was painted a rich yellow
and dipped in gold. Legend has Limber Res-Q
it that the color yellow was cho-
Redmond Mineral Salt

Fancy Tack, EquiPride - EquiLix

Holsters, Sweetpro Licktubs for Cattle

Knife Sheaths, Allstar Equine Pads

Belts, Bowman Bits Open: Mon-Tue-Wed-Fri

& Any Custom Oster Clippers & Acessories 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Leather Work Saturday 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
& Much More
(Closed Thursday & Sunday)
Leon & Merlin J. Kramer
7485 Ky. Hwy 1770
606-355-9280 We Ship UPS & Priority Mail Stanford, KY 40484

The earliest stopwatches were The fall is a traditional unit of
known as pulse watches. distance, equal to about 18.6 feet.
Made in the 1680s,
they were used by doctors.


EVANGELIST information nor take part in any Dr. William F. Holland Jr.
MELVIN SISSON action which might be ‘harmful LIVING ON PURPOSE
to my comrades. If I am senior, I
P.O. BOX 3145 will take command. If not, I will SPEAKING TO THE MOUNTAINS
WEST SOMERSET, KY 42564-3145 obey the lawful orders of those
appointed over me and will back Soon after Jesus had resur- told that Jesus had visited
Phone (606) 679-2512 them up in every way. rected from the grave, we them, he said that until he
Article V: When questioned, find a beautiful story found could touch His scars, he
CODE OF CONDUCT throughout the world. should I become a prisoner of in John chapter 20 that is a could not accept it. After
Article I: I am an American, war, I am required to give name, wonderful example of how eight days they were gath-
After the war (WW2) the fighting in the armed forces rank, service, number, and date much God loves us and ered together again, except
American armed forces jointly which guard my country and our of birth. I will evade answering wants to encourage us. Here this time Thomas was
developed a Code of Conduct. way of life. I am prepared to give further questions to the utmost of is a true account about the there, and Jesus miracu-
The President of the United my life in their defense. my ability. I will make no oral or friends and family of Christ lously appears again. He
States approved this written code Article II: I will never surrender written statements disloyal to my that were gathered together told Thomas to reach out
in 1955. The six articles of the of my own free will. If in country and its allies or harmful after His crucifixtion, griev- and touch the scars, and he
code create a comprehensive command I will never surrender to their cause. ing and mourning over His did. Jesus said, “Be not
guide for all American military the members of my command Article VI: I will never forget death when all of a sudden faithless, but believing,”
forces in time of war, and in time while they still have the means that I am an American, He appears in their midst! and Thomas replied, “My
of peace. The articles of the code to resist. responsible for my actions, and I’m sure they are awestruck Lord and my God.”
embrace (1) general statements of Article III: If I am captured, I will dedicated to the principles which beyond words. He stretches
dedication to the United States continue to resist by all means made my country free. I will trust out His hands and reveals Dr. Holland is a Christian
and to the cause of freedom, (2) available. I will make every effort in my God and in the United the wound in His side, and minister, author, and
conduct on the battlefield, and (3) to escape and aid others to States of America. of course, they are over- community outreach
conduct as a prisoner of war. escape. I will accept neither joyed to see Him. He spoke
The new Code of Conduct is not parole nor special favors from the Pray for our military. peace unto them and chaplain. Request a free
a part of the Uniform Code of enemy. breathed on them and filled copy of his new CD at:
Military Justice (UCMJ). Instead, Article IV: If I become a prisoner “That your faith should not them with the Holy Spirit.
the Code of Conduct is a personal of war, I will keep faith with my stand in the wisdom of men, but Allow me to say, that even
conduct mandate for members of fellow prisoners. I will give no in the times when we are
the American armed forces in the power of God” struggling to believe, He
vel not at this: for the hour is I Cor.2:5 will make the extra effort to
Physical and Resurrection coming, in the which all that are find us and prove to us that
Bodies in the graves shall hear his His (Christ’s) glorious body, it He personally cares about
voice, 29 And shall come forth; is enough to know that we shall us. Thomas was not there
1. Sown in Corruption. they that have done good, unto be like our Lord. 1 John 3:2 that night and when he was
2. Sown in Dishonor. the resurrection of life; and they Beloved, now are we the sons
3. Sown in Weakness. that have done evil, unto the res- of God, and it doth not yet ap- our spirit, our mortal body is whom were still alive when Paul
4. Natural urrection of damnation. pear what we shall be: but we flesh and blood. Read 1 wrote this though some had
5. From the dust. Those who have rebelled know that, when he shall ap- Corinthians 15:50 Now this I died, James... Jesus brother.
against Christ will be resur- pear, we shall be like him; for say, brethren, that flesh and We know there will be 2 resur-
Resurrection Bodies rected too but to hear God’s we shall see him as he is. It is blood cannot inherit the king- rections.
judgement against them and to essential to the Christian faith dom of God; neither doth cor- May God bless you all until next
1. Raised in Incorruption. be sentenced to eternity apart that Christ, like whom we shall ruption inherit incorruption. month when we will be writing
2. Raised in Glory from him. There are people who be, arose from the dead in the There will always be people about Spiritual Growth.
3. Raised in Power wish to live well on earth ignor- same body in which he suffered. who say Jesus didn’t rise from
4. Spiritual ing God and see death as a final That the grave was empty and the dead. Paul assured us that Written/Submitted by
5. From Heaven test. Jesus does not allow unbe- that his body was of flesh and many people saw Jesus after his Evangelist Jody Goodin
1 Corinthians 15: 42-44 42 So lieving people to see death as bones. Luke 24:39 Behold my resurrection... Peter (Cephas),
also is the resurrection of the the end of it all. There is a hands and my feet, that it is I the disciples, more than 500 525 Hwy 896
dead. It is sown in corruption; judgement to face. The natural myself: handle me, and see; for Christians - its believed most of Parkers Lake, Ky 42634
it is raised in incorruption: 43 It resurrection of the redeemer in a spirit hath not flesh and bones,
is sown in dishonour; it is raised the resurrection is not described as ye see me have. Was recog- 606-376-8183
in glory: it is sown in weakness; in great detail. Yet the scripture nizable yet His body was
it is raised in power: 44 It is sown does not leave us totally igno- changed. Glorious, spiritually
a natural body; it is raised a rant. We shall be corruptly like perfect, adapted as well for nor-
spiritual body. There is a natu- mal communication as for the
ral body, and there is a spiri- free unencumbered activities of
tual body. John 5: 28-29 28 Mar-

0 8490 Hwy: 39 South Crab Orchard, KY old heating and
air with a new
6) 355-7327 (606) 51 0-3
We Buy Wrecked Cars

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2000 Jeep Wrangler 4.0 5sp Ready $4,995.
2008 GMC Sierra 1500 4x4 4 Door READY TO GO!! 36 Months deferred
interest with approved
2004 GMC Denali Left Front Damage equipment
2010 Chevy Impala Right Front Damage
2012 Cadillac CTS Front Damage 33,671 miles
2014 Chevy Equinox 45,000 miles Front Damage
2014 Chevy Malibu Light Front Damage 61,416 miles
2004 Chevy Tracker V6 4WD Auto
2014 Chevy Impala LTZ Red Ready $5,794
2012 Chevy Impala Front Damage Mist Gold/Silver Winstead's
2015 Chevy Malibu 2LT Silver Left Front Damage Heating & Air
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2008 Cadillac SRX Runs & Lot Drives $2,795
2002 Chevy Monte Carlo SS Pace Car $5,995
2003 Chevy Suburban 4x4 Ready $3,195 We Accept

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Rims Off Of A Dodge 700-800lbs, Good Beef or FORK Mon-Sat
APPLIANCES Pickup, 245/75/R16 $75. Breeder, $700 Or Best Offer. TARPS CLOSED
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2000 Chevy Blazer w/New ELECTRONICS Grass Hay, Very Big 3x4x8,
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2002 Mercury Marquis, TV. All For $150. 606-687- Cutting & Welding Torches Propane Lantern & Coleman
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107k Miles, Dependable 0454 Cart & Regulators, $600 Cookstove, $25 CASH For
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*Dry, Seasoned Firewood 6 Room House For Rent,
Set of 6 Lug Aluminium 1 Muscovy Duck $7, 2 Game $50.00 per “rick”, 606-879- Hwy 90 East Bernstadt KY, Dewalt Tools
Wheels with Good Tires for Chickens $6 Ea. 606-392- 2654 Prefer Elderly Couple. 606- Grinders, Circular Saws,
Chevy Pickup, $150. 859- 8085 *Hobart Stickmate LX AC- 843-7364 Jigsaws, Reciporcating Saws,
582-0751 DC Welder, New, $325. Impact Drivers, Impact
CASH 606-224-0257 FOR SALE Wrenches, Fans, Lights,
*JVC AM/FM CD Car Radio Nigerian / Lamancha Goat *2- 18ft Hydraulic Fold Wing
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2 Acres, Has Water & Elec- Solar Panel Kits
tric, 1& 1/2 Miles On Hwy
Deadline to get something in the 3274, Chestnut Ridge - 235 Watt Kit $350.00
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January 22nd, 2020 All Panels Have 10yr Warranty.
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ter & Electric, On 1/2 Acre,
1& 1/2 Miles On Hwy 3274, Honda Brilliant
Chestnut Ridge - Rock-
castle Co. 606-308-4739 Engines Engines

Phone:606-355-2370 4HP $260.00 2.4HP $195.00

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Deadline for submissions for publication is Noon on Wednes- KOUNTRY QUILTING

day and the date of the deadline is printed above this coupon. House - Furnished or Un- I Do Hand & Machine
furnished, With Acreage, Quilting!
MOST CLASSIFEDS WILL BE FREE! All classifieds must be Has 7 Garages, Many Out-
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15 words or less. Classifieds $1000 oroverrequire a $4 listing Pond Over An Acre In Made Items For Sale.
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fee. Any sporting/automotive classified without a price listed is 3274, Chestnut Ridge - 30yrs Experience.
Rockcastle Co. 606-308- Come By And Visit,
assumed to be valued at over $1000. Garage sales,Yard Sales & 4739 Tuesdays or Thursdays
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moving sales, for rent or sale homes/property cost $4, due in or Call 606-875-4852

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Crab Orchard, Ky 40419


FOR SALE *Polaroid Land Camera, An- * Mens Black Tuxedo, Size 40 SPORTING SERVICES
tique Conversation Piece From Regular, Like New, $25.CASH
Cooler, Like a Coleman $20, 1956, Model 800, $60 CASH 606-224-0257 RECREATION *Music/Piano Lessons. Must
606-879-8825 606-224-0257 have an ear for music - play by
FURNITURE SKS Powertrooper 7.62x39 ear. For Beginners or to Play
Roller Walker, with Seat & *Ladies Boots, New Rifle, Like New $500. 859- Better! Piano Tuning. 606-308-
Brakes, $300. Negotiable 606- Condition, Grey Fur Coat With Wooden Closet Wardrobe2 582-0751
879-8825 Big Collar,All Fur, $500. 606- Marble Top Tables, End
669-6222 TablesEntertainment Book- 12Ga Pump Shotgun, Vent 1009 Mrs. Ellie
Construction King 856 Com- shelf, 3 Chairs, Tables, Vases Ribbed Barrel, with a Slug
mercial Fork Lift, Can *4 Bedspreads, 1 Regular,1 & Bottles 606-879-8825 Barrel, $250, 859-582-0751 *Computer Repairs in Rock-
Move Trucks/Cars/Logs Queen, 2 Twins, $20.00 castle Co. 606-758-0187
etc. $5,000 OBO. 606-308- CASH FOR ALL. 606-224- Wall Pictures, Hutch w/Mirror, NewAR15 Ghost Rifle, $600.
4739 0257 Hutch Cabinet for Guns or 606-453-9912 *Will Haul Scrap Metal. 859-
Dishes, 2 Dinning Room 304-2686
5 Saddles & Bridles $500 For *Antique 8 Piece John Deere Tables, Bed Room Dressers, 12 Gauge Shotgun, Like New,
All. Ten or Twelve Leather Farm Toys From 1972, Made Lamps, Various Furniture
Jackets & Vests, New $100 by Ertl in USA, $375 CASH (Some Antique, Some Not) $120. 606-308-3352 *Home Health Caregiver in Mt.
For All. Three Wall Mounted Like New, 606-224-0257 606-879-8825 Vernon Area. SERIOUS IN-
Horse Collar Mirrors, $300 Hi-Lift (Handyman Brand) QUIRES ONLY. Have Refer-
For All. 859-544-7730 *Dewalt 18 Volt Drill/Driver *Kitchen Table & Chairs $50. Jack 52” Tall, Can Be Used For ences. Call Mrs. Ellie 606-
Set, 3 Batteries, Charger, Hard Black Walnut Table & Chairs Jeep Etc.$100. 859-494-6568 308-1009
2 Mounted Deer Heads $25ea. Case, $100 Cash. 606-224- $250. Cedar Chest $125. 606-
859-544-7730 0257 669-6222 * American Eagle 327Ammo, WANTED
*ATable Lamp for sale &ALL Two Boxes, 50 Count Each,
Free Standing Greeting Card *Snakes Skin Style Shoes & KINDS of Antique Furniture $25. Cash. 606-224-0257
Display Stand, Swivels, 4 Purses Different colors Never 606-669-6222
Sided, 24 Pockets. $20. 606- Been Used, Hats, Other Shoes *Various Aluminum Baseball Want: To Buy Really Old Gui-
423-1000 & Purses Available. 606-669- *Game Table $50, Sectional
Long White Wig With Stand, 6222 Couch $200. Living Room Bats, $35 CASH 606-224- tars. Even In Rough Condition.
New $45. 606-365-2264 Chair, $30. 606-669-6222
*John Deere 10ft Grain Drill 0257 Acoustic Or Electric. 606-256-
*Four Elvis Presley LP Record With 2 Seed Boxes, Older *Furniture, Clothes, Side
Albums From 1961 & 1962, Model FB137A. $1,500. 606- Board Cabinet with 2 Big *5 Gallon Bucket of Baseballs, 5212
Fantastic Condition, $350.00 271-0471 Drawers, $50. Small Corner
FOR ALL. 606-224-0257 Couch for small room, $50. $25 CASH 606-224-0257 Want: Old Stopper-Top
606-669-6222 Bottles. Colored Bottles Pre-
*2 Rod & Reel Combos, Both ferred 606-256-5212
*Straight Stand Up “Aide” Brand New, $20 For Both 606-
Chair, to help elderly get up 224-0257
$75. 606-669-6222
*Gazelle Exerciser, Like New Want: Lady Is In Need Of A
PETS $90 CASH 606-224-0257 Coat 859-516-1468

ANSWER FOR PAGE 4 Female Chihuahua Puppy, 2
mths old, Tan & White Long
Hair, Had Shots & Wormed, The idea of Go Figure is to
Very Small - Not For Kids That arrive at the figures given at
Could Hurt Her, Good For the bottom and right-hand
Single Or Older Person, Really columns of the diagram by
Playful but may nip (puppy nip), following the arithmetic signs
Potty Trained on paper, $50. in the order they are given
606-341-5574 or 859-991- (that is, from left to right and
2643 top to bottom). Use only the
numbers below the diagram to
complete its blank squares
and use each of the nine
numbers only once.

Answer on page 14.

12 JANUARY 1, 2020 Want: Water Bed, Big One THE BANNER BIBLE TRIVIA
With Mirror in Headboard, *Want: – PINBALL & AR-
WANTED Drawers in Base. Also Want a CADE machine video games. TAKEN FROM THE “KING JAMES VERSION”
Buffet, Small Desk &AHeavy Stand-up or tabletop type in
continued Duty Dolly 859-319-4209 good – mint condition only. Subject of BIBLE TRIVA ANSWERS
CASH PAID 740-708-1996 “Wisdom”
Want: P/U Cap or Solid Want: Lady with 2 children 1. Servants of men
Cover. 60” Wide x 76” Long needs help with Beds, Dresser, *Want: To Buy 33 1/3’s, 45’s, 1. What are we not to be? Explanation: Our allegiance
To Fit 2012 Colorado. Couch, Chairs, Table & Chairs, Any Record Albums 606- should only be to God.
609-405-0717 PHONE # Cofffee Table, End Table & 303-5302  Many teachers Reference:
CORRECTED Lamps, TV, Boy Clothes Sz 6,  Doctors of the law 1 Corinthians 7:23
Want: A Place To Cut Wood Girl Clothes Sz 8-10, Tops Sm, *Want: To Buy 100 (6 foot)  Servants of men
606-510-1065 Sh oes Sz9. 859-209-4647 T-Posts Paying $2ea 606-224-  Honest with each other 2. Godliness with content-
0257 ment
Want: Recliner Chairs & *Want: Cedar Logs or Stand- 2. What brings great gain? Explanation: Godliness with
Cheap or Free Wood 606- ing Timber, 606-355-7056 *Want: To Buy US Coins & contentment is great gain.
669-0532 Paper Money. Appraisal  Godliness with contentment Reference: 1 Timothy 6:6
*Want: HAMMOND full- Available 606-878-0687  Investing money
Want:/Need Couch, Chair, Set size organs (Vintage/25 bass Leave Msg.  Buying property 3. Unbelievers
of Queen Mattress - for free or pedals) & external LESLIE  Giving to the poor Explanation: For what fel-
cheap.859-319-4209 speakers.Also vintage electric *Want: To Buy Or Trade  Buying stock lowship hath righteousness
pianos & audio, tube electron- Livestock & Chickens. 859- with unrighteousness?
EST Tool and Machine is ics & tubes. 740-708-1996 304-2686 3. Who are Christians not to Reference:
currently looking to hire be unequally yoked together 2 Corinthians 6:14
highly qualified CNC Ma- *Want: Big Pine Logs - *Want: Buying Comic Books, with?
chinists/Toolmakers to work Around 12” to 25”. You Cut & Video Game Consoles & 4. They wanted to obey God
in a high quality, job-shop Bring To Me. 606-271-0471 Games, & Buying Records - Explanation: The apostles
environment. This position Rock & Roll, Johnny Cash, knew that God is the supreme
will involve setting up new Elvis, etc 859-329-1534 leader, not the high priest.
parts on a daily basis and Reference: Acts 5:29
running small volumes of  Animals
non-repeating parts. Ideal  Satan 5. Increased knowledge
candidates will be able to  Unbelievers Explanation: Ecc. 1:13 tells
effectively program conver-  Other denominations us that Solomon gave himself
sationally as well as use to searching out by wisdom
CAD and CAM software to 4. Why did Peter and the other all things that were done un-
efficiently produce parts with apostles disobey the high der the sun. In Ecc 2,
minimal supervision. Benefits priest? Solomon summarizes his life
are very comprehensive in which he tells us he with-
including health insurance  They disliked him held nothing from himself in
and paid vacation along with  He arrested them his effort to experience all the
a competitive pay scale  He beat them joys and pains of life. He
based on your relative  They wanted to obey God wrote Ecclesiastes at the end
of his life after he had accu-
experience. 5. What does the 'Preacher' mulated a vast wealth of
of Ecclesiastes say increases knowledge and experience
Apply in person at sorrow? and he testified that 'all is
55 Dug Hill Road vanity and vexation of spirit.'
Brodhead, KY 40409  Lack of recreation All the knowledge he ac-
or mail resume to  Simple-minded ways quired in his lifetime brought
 Strong adversity him nothing but sorrow.
P.O. Box 357  Increased knowledge Reference: Ecclesiastes 1:18
Brodhead, KY 40409
or online at


Chism Bags Crisp SUDOKU
Bushels Juicy
Drive Bins Sweet
Thru Tart
Storage Baking The rules are simple. A quick look reveals that the
Apples puzzle is a 9-by-9 grid of squares divided into
9 1/2 x 14 units We got 'em! nine 3-by-3 square blocks, with some of the
Security Cameras squares filled in for you. The object is to fill in
We Have the blank squares in such a way that each
$50 per month Apple Cider! of the numbers1 to 9 appears exactly
24 Hour Access once in each row, column, and block.
Just South of Mt. 2020 Etna Rd., Eubank, Ky. If the puzzle has been constructed properly,
Vernon on Hwy 461 Closed on Wednesdays & Sundays there should be only one way to complete the
diagram within the rules of the game.
859-559-9903 We now have Red Delicious, Rome, York, York/Short core, Despite this apparent simplicity,
Stayman-Winesap, Golden Delicious, Cameo, solving some sudoku puzzles
can be complicated indeed.
Jonagold, Mutzu, Granny Smith, Fuji, & Pink Lady.
Hillside Pantry 606-423-1000

Snyder Storage A fierce tornado destroyed his keep what he had found. What “Pumpkin season is over. Eggnog season is over. Now it’s ham hock season.”
Vacancy home. Finally, when the rains the flood destroyed and took
stopped and floods subsided, he from him also brought him
606-392-2276 returned to look at the damage. wealth.
CONWAY All had been destroyed. His Many of us have stories that
home was gone. His belongings are similar to this one. What
CALL TODAY had been washed away. There we once viewed as a tragedy
10X10 UNITS was little more than the turned into a triumph. What we
10X20 UNITS foundation and piles of rubble. once believed was a trial and
time of testing eventually
BRAND NEW But as he stood at the site, turned into a gracious gift of
EASY ACCESS dazed and discouraged, he God’s grace as He protected
FIRST COME FIRST noticed something shining in us from being destroyed by the
the midst of a pile of debris. Enemy.
SERVE As he looked closely at the
glimmering object, he Beethoven, the great
discovered it was a large piece musician lost his hearing but
of gold bullion. He did his best became a great composer and
to find the owner but to no his music still lives. John
avail. No one knew where the Bunyan was thrown into
gold came from or who it prison and forgotten for years.
belonged to. But through his adversity he
glorified God by writing
After waiting for weeks for Pilgrim ‘s Progress. Fanny
an owner to come identify the Crosby lost her sight but wrote
gold he was told by his attorney over 6,000 Christian songs.
and the police department to
“We went through fire and
water,” wrote the Psalmist,
“but you brought us to a place
of abundance!”

Visit us at:

14 JANUARY 1, 2020 THE BANNER in history to celebrate the 1. March 25th is recognized
“For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, New Year and to make New as Annunciation Day, cel-
saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to ~Riddles~ Year's resolutions? ebrating when Mary learns
give you an expected end.” Jeremiah 29:11 (KJV) NEW YEARS from the Archangel Gabriel
~Answers~ that she will give birth to the
Answer to puzzle This time, not “funny” riddles, the new year and back to the Son of God. (Read
on page 13. more like “did you know?” previous year. Luke1:26)
riddles. 3. Around 4000 years ago the 2. Julius Caesar declared
From page 11. Babylonians were the first to January 1 the start of the
1. In the Middle Ages most celebrate New Year's. Their new year when he estab-
European countries ob- most common resolution was lished the Julian Calendar.
served New Year's Day on to resolve to return borrowed January was named for
March 25th. What is the sig- farm equipment in the New Janus, the two-faced god
nificance of this date? Year. who looked both ahead to
2. Who established January
1 as the start of the New
3. Who were the first people

Kielbasa with Brussels Sprouts

A quick dish that is good with macaroni and cheese and a loaf
of French bread. Try it with spicy brown mustard!


• 1 tablespoon canola oil
• 1 (16 ounce) package kielbasa sausage,
sliced into 1/2 inch pieces
• 1 red onion, chopped
• 14 ounces baby Brussels sprouts,
trimmed and cut in half
• salt and ground black pepper to taste


Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the sausage and onion. Cook and stir
until onion is translucent, 8 to 10 minutes. Add the Brussels sprouts, and cook 10 minutes more.
Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Find at Least Seven Differences Between Cartoons! FDA or USDA? Department of Agriculture trition facts label on all pro-
(USDA), meanwhile, works cessed foods created and sold
Almost everything Ameri- to support the American ag- in the U.S.
cans eat, including the food ricultural economy and “pro-
in restaurants, has been vide a safe, sufficient, and A frozen pepperoni pizza,
checked by one of two gov- nutritious food supply for the because it contains meat, will
ernment agencies. The Cen- American people.” go through three separate
ter for Food Safety and Ap- USDA inspections: 1 At the
plied Nutrition (CFSAN), The USDA mainly over- slaughterhouse, 2 at the pep-
which is a part of the Food sees meat, poultry, and eggs, peroni-making facility, and 3
and Drug Administration but under its umbrella also at the pizza factory. A frozen
(FDA), a division of the U.S. falls the Center for Nutrition cheese pizza usually only
Department of Health, regu- Policy and Promotion, which needs approval from the FDA
lates drugs, dietary supple- establishes Dietary Guide- once: when the pizza manu-
ments, and ensures, accord- lines, and the Food and Nu- facturer adds a nutritional la-
ing to government language, trition Service, which admin- bel. The USDA also
that the foods people eat in isters SNAP benefits (aka
the U.S. “are safe, whole- food stamps). The FDA, grades cuts of meat.
some, sanitary and properly meanwhile, is responsible for
ANSWERS: (1) Snowman Button Missing; (2) Snowman Mouth labeled.” The United States regulating and putting a nu-
Different; (3) Mans Mouth Different; (4) Snowman Arm Different;
(5) Snow Pile Different; (6) Eyebrows Missing; (7) Hair Different.

McGuire’s Music & More
The Ten
Start a Career in Commandments BUY,CSEhLaLs&eTMRAcDGE -uSiEreT,UOPSw&nReErPAIRS
Cosmetology 606-256-3819Come, Check Like us on
1 Thou shalt have no other Us Out!! Facebook
Wild Roots Hair School gods before me. Acoustic & Electric Guitars
859-626-2252 Enroll Today 2 Thou shalt not make unto Sterling Including Kelly
thee any graven image. by Music Man Mahalo Ukuleles
ENROOPLLEMNENT 3 Thou shalt not take the BC Rich The Loar Fender & Recording
BlueRidge Traben Kustom Amps King
$900.00 OFF OF YOUR DOWN PAYMENT! in vain. Plus Vintage and Used Instruments

4 Remember the sabbath Op2en4: 0MonW, Tuees-tThMu, Fariin11amS-t6p.mMClots.edVWeedr, nSaot, nSun
day, to keep it holy.
Veterans 606-678-0778
5 Honour thy father and thy
mother: that thy days may Thift Shop Essentials, Inc.
500 W. Hwy 80
be long upon the land Somerset, KY 42503 10% Discounts to all Veterans
which the LORD thy God
Tuesday - Friday A non-profit to provide basic
giveth thee. 11am-5:30pm living essentials to
6 Thou shalt not kill.
7 Thou shalt not commit Saturday 11am-4pm Homeless Veterans, and to assist
Closed Sunday & Monday local Veterans and Veteran Causes.
Although today the process is purely decorative, it is 8 Thou shalt not steal. It was once customary to bake a cake with a bean in it on
believed that ears were originally pierced in a 9 Thou shalt not bear false January 6th. Whoever got the slice with the bean was
ceremony to let demons out of a person's head. believed to have good luck all the rest of the year.
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Bring your baler to Brodhead Farm Equipment for a
FREE - yes FREE Lube Job and Inspection of Entire
Machine thru March 2020.
We will oil, grease and check it out - NO CHARGE!
If any problems,
we will call before The Signature name says it all.
It is built upon the three signature pillars of Vermeer balers

— convenience, ease of use and durability.

repairing or spending
a n y o f y o u r m o n e y.

Any Make, Model or
Brand - whatever!

Brodhead Farm Equipment
Downtown Brodhead ♦ 606-758-9532

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TWO CAN DINE $8 99 their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14 (KJV)

• 6 Pieces of Chicken (drumsticks & thighs) 2 POT PIES Monday - Friday 8-5
Orginal Recipe®, Extra CrispyTM or Mixed Saturday 8:30 - 12
• 2 Individual Mashed Potatoes with Gravy for only $600
• 2 Individual Coleslaws WHOLESALE MOBILE HOME & RV PARTS
• 2 Fluffy Biscuits
Rabon Warren Co., Inc.

Offer Expires 01/31/2020 Mt. Vernon Location Only Offer Expires 01/31/2020 Huge Inventory In Stock!
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Rico. Does not include Nashville Hot Chicken. Extra
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2 PIECE 99 Got something
for only $329 • 6 Pieces of Chicken (drumsticks & thighs) to sell, something
$2DEAL Orginal Recipe®, Extra CrispyTM or Mixed
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Orginal Recipe®, Extra CrispyTM or Mixed Orginal Recipe® or Extra CrispyTM • 2 Individual Coleslaws
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Offer Expires 01/31/2020 Offer Expires 01/31/2020 Offer Expires 01/31/2020 [email protected]

Limit one per coupon at participating KFC restaurants. Limit one per coupon at participating KFC restaurants. Not Limit one per coupon at participating KFC restaurants. See guidelines on Ad
Not good with other special offers. Not valid in Puerto good with other special offers. Does not include Nashville Not good with other special offers. Not valid in Puerto
Rico. Does not include Nashville Hot Chicken. Extra Hot Chicken. Not valid in Puerto Rico.Tax extra. Rico. Does not include Nashville Hot Chicken. No Crab Orchard, KY 40419
charge for breast pc. substitution.Tax extra. No repro- No reproductions accepted. 2019 KFCC RECO/88483CB/2PO breast pc. substitution.Tax extra. No reproductions 606-355-2370 * Fax 606-355-2320 Order Form page 10.
ductions accepted. 2019 KFCC RECO/88483CB/2PO accepted.
2019 KFCC RECO/88483CB/2PO

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