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Published by Jayla Williams, 2019-12-02 20:41:22

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Low Organized Games

Jayla Williams
Kine 1151- P05
Tues/Thurs 7-7:50
October 24, 2019

Table of 1. Warm Up
Contents 2. Game I- Human Knot
3. Game II- Concentration
4. Game III- Musical Hula Hoops
5. Game IV- Pac-man tag
6. Game V- Thief in the Night
7. Game VI- Guess Who?
8. Game VII- Tic Tac Toe Relay
9. Game VIII- Back to Back
10. Game IX- Let’s Link
11. Game X- Get off the Island
12. Game I- Doctor Dodgeball
13. Game II- Farmer, Farmer

Warm Up ▪ Two laps around the gym
▪ Feet together and stretch straight down
▪ Feet apart and stretch the left
▪ Feet apart and stretch the right
▪ Feet apart and stretch down the middle
▪ Left arm across chest
▪ Right arm across chest

Game I- Human Skills: Teamwork and listening
Knot Equipment: N/A
Space: Half court
Time: Unlimited

Rules: Class will be divided into two teams and stand in a
circle. Each player will grab hands with another team
member across from them and both hands shouldn’t be
with the same person. The teams must untangle
themselves from the knot without letting go. The team that
untangles first is the winner.

Game II- Skills: Listening
Concentration Equipment: N/A
Space: Half court
Time: 5-8 minutes

Rules: Students will sit in a circle and a topic will be given.
The students will then make a beat while each person says
a word relating to the topic. If a student takes more than 5
seconds to say a word, he/she is out and a new round will
begin. The game will continue until there is one player

Game III- Skills: Alertness, listening, and movement coordination
Musical Hula Equipment: Hula hoops and speaker
Space: Half court
Hoops Time: 8-10 minutes

Rules: Hula hoops will be placed around gym floor and students
will have to walk around until the music stops. When the music
stops students must run inside a hula hoop. There is only allowed
one student per hula hoop. If two people get to the hoop at the
same time they must play rock, paper, scissors to determine who
gets to stay. If you are left without a hula hoop you are out and
the music will begin and the next round will continue. Each
round one hula hoop will be taken away until there is only one
hula hoop left.

Game IV- Pac- Skills: agility and speed
man tag Equipment: N/A
Space: Half court
Time: 10 minutes
Rules: 3 players will be selected to be “ghosts.” All other
players will be Pac-man. Students must get away from
ghosts while staying on the gym floor lines and maintain a
speed walk. Students are not allowed to jump from line to
line. If you are tagged by a ghost you must sit down
where ever you got tagged. The game will continue until
there is only one “Pac-man” remaining.

Game V- Thief in Skills: Hand-eye coordination and agility
the Night
Equipment: flags

Space: Half court

Time: 8-10 minutes

Rules: All players will be given a flag to tuck into their

pants and will spread out amongst the half court.

Instructor will blow whistle indicating students to try to
steal one another’s flag. If your flag has been snatched
you must sit down. While you are sitting down you are
eligible to steal other player’s flags but you can’t move
from your area. The game will continue until one player


Game VI- Guess Skills: Listening
Who? Equipment: N/A
Space: Half Court
Time: 5-6 minutes
Rules: One person will be selected to be the “detective”
and asked to leave the group. The remaining students
must designate one person to be the leader. Once the
leader has been chosen, the student that was asked to
leave will come back. Students will then sit in a circle and
the leader has to create a beat and the students will
follow. The detective must guess who the leader is within 3
attempts. If the leader fails to do so in the 3 attempts

Game VII- Tic Skills: speed, alertness
Tac Toe Relay Equipment: hula hoops and bean bags
Space: half court
Time: 8 minutes

Rules: There will be 9 hula hoops placed on the gym floor.
Students will split into two teams and will be given 8 bean
bags each. Teams will stand on opposite sides of each
other in a straight line. The first player will have and bean
bag in their hand and will run to place it when the whistle
is blown. Once the bean bag has been placed the next
player will go. The first team to get tic tac toe will win.

Game VIII- Back Skills: teamwork, strategy
to Back Equipment: N/A
Space: half court
Time: 1o minutes

Rules: Students will be split into groups of two. Students
will then turn away from their partner and be back to
back. They will then sit on the floor and lock on arms.
When the whistle is blown, the students must try to stand
back up without breaking from each other’s arms.

Game IX- Let’s Skills: listening and motor skills
Equipment: N/A
Space: Half Court

Time: 10 minutes

Rules: Students will randomly walk around the gym. The

instructor will randomly call out a number and the
students must form a group with that number. If you don’t
have a group or the group isn’t that number then you are
out and the game will continue.

Game X- Get off Skills: Teamwork, communication
the Island Equipment: hula hoop, mat, scooter, and rope
Space: half court
Time: 10 minutes
Rules: Students are divided into two teams. Each team will
be given a scooter, mat, a hula hoop, and a rope. The
objective is to get all equipment and players onto the
opposite side without anyone touching the floor. If a
player touches the floor, the team must start over. The first
team to make it to the opposite side wins.

Game I- Doctor Skills: hand eye coordination
Equipment: dodgeballs

Space: half court

Time: 10-15 minutes

Rules: Students will be divided into two teams and each
team will choose player to be the “doctor.” The doctor
should remain anonymous to the opposing team. If a ball

hits you or the ball you threw is caught then you are out.

The doctor can revive any player that has been hit, but
once the doctor has been hit players can’t be revived
anymore. The game will continue until all players one

team have been eliminated.

Game II- Farmer, Skills: listening, speed
Farmer Equipment: N/A
Space: half court
Time: 10 minutes

Rules: One student is chosen to be the farmer. The rest of
the children line up at one side of the gym on a line. All of
the children on the line yell at the same time “Farmer-
Farmer can we cross your golden bridge?” Then the
farmer yells, “Only if you're wearing the color . . . . (Picks
a color)”. The children with the color he picks gets a free
pass to the other side over the “bridge” but this can only
be done if they skip across. Then when all the free people
reach the other side, the remaining children must then run
as fast as they can to the other side without getting
touched by the farmer. If a child is touched by the farmer,
he/she then also gets to become a farmer and helps
Farmer #1 catch people as they run by.

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