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From the Field ®

Share 10 RPR

Strategies for Success

What is RPR?

Realtors Property Resource (RPR ), one of the most innovative • Research hundreds of datasets on over 160 million properties
benefits included in your NAR membership, delivers on-the-go
• Access the entire RPR platform via desktop, iOS and
access to an all-encompassing real estate data platform, available
Android devices
exclusively to REALTORS , and offered at no additional cost. Easily
• Create winning listing presentations
accessed through desktop, iOS and Android devices, RPR offers
residential and commercial agents, brokers, and appraisers with • Calculate the ROI for home improvements
data sets ranging from tax and mortgage history, to listings, sales, • Use the exclusive Realtor Valuation Model (RVM ) in
valuations, demographics, psychographics, and school information, pricing discussions
to name just a few.
• Refine the value of a home when conducting a comps analysis
• Build a comprehensive relocation packet

• Create customized, client-friendly reports from any handheld or
desktop device

What’s in the eBook?

Getting Started
Realtor duo Shares Benefits of Switching to RPR ...................................................................................................................................... 5
We all have preconceived notions about how difficult change can be. We’re accustomed to our current providers and moving
on to something new requires effort. Here, a mother/son real estate team describe how the RPR app is well worth the switch.

RPR Covers Every Angle of Buyer-Agent Relationship ............................................................................................................................... 8
Know the market, anticipate objections, find a match, close the deal. Sounds simple, right? Learn how this Realtor
incorporates RPR into his buyer strategy.
10 Minutes & a Little Positive Persuasion Lead to Happy First-time Home Buyer ................................................................................. 10
Technological innovation, market expertise, and abundant energy equally contributor to this Realtor ’s successful 20-year run.
Learn how she helped guide a first-time homebuyer toward a buying decision beyond what she thought was possible.


It’s Easy to Become a Listing Presentation Pro With RPR ......................................................................................................................... 12
It all started with a $40,000 dollar difference in list price expectations. Yet, this Realtor ’s higher valuation prevailed based
on data she pulled from RPR.

Going Beyond the Data Leads to Landmark Listing ...................................................................................................................................14
Further exploration of the RPR site lead this successful agent to a landmark listing, plus forever changed the way he works
with clients.
Second Chance CMA Earns This Realtor a Coveted Listing .................................................................................................................... 16
This Realtor from Texas has turned lemons into lemonade when her listing presentation fell through. Not one to lose easily,
she waited and watched, and decided to take a second chance. This time she kicked it up a notch.

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success

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Open House
Hail Mary Effort Proves Worthy of This Realtor ’s Strategic Open House Move ..................................................................................... 18
In real estate, you win some, you lose some. Yet for this Realtor based in Florida, losing one turned into a trifecta of wins. All
because of a very unusual set of circumstances at a very popular open house.

Conversion is Key for This Open House Expert .......................................................................................................................................... 20
When one-third of your annual sales in a single year stem from open houses, you pay attention. Something is working. For Nicole
Nicolay that “something” includes a three-fold open house strategy that consistently results in above-average performance.


What’s Behind This Agency’s Successful Farming Strategy? Relationship building ............................................................................... 24
“Belly-to-belly” are some of the wisest words ever spoken about real estate marketing to this New York broker who says one of
her most successful strategies for earning new business is farming neighborhoods.


Commercial Real Estate Pro’s Five “Must Have” RPR Tools .....................................................................................................................26
One might think that 27 years in the industry would make anyone an expert on anything real estate related. Yet, for this Realtor ®
based in Tampa, the learning never stops. Find out what five RPR features he can’t live without.

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success

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Getting Started

Realtor duo Shares Benefits of Switching to RPR

We all have preconceived notions about how difficult change can be. We’re
accustomed to our current providers, and moving on to something new requires a lot
of effort.

Yet sometimes those perceptions can keep up from making real progress, especially
when it comes to adoption of new business tools.
Realtor Joshua Woodward felt that way when his mother, a branch manager for
McGraw Realtors , Oklahoma, introduced him to RPR.
“My mother, Holli Woodward, said RPR is a great tool,” said Joshua, who serves as the
YPN education chair for the state of Oklahoma. “It looked like it might be the new best
thing, but I was hesitant since I had just gotten used to my old app.”

Working through his hesitation, Joshua downloaded the RPR app and within minutes
Holli and Josh Woodward
of tinkering with his profile, was up and running.
“It’s leaps and bounds above any other real estate technology I’ve Oklahoma
ever used,” he said. “The app saves me an incredible amount of time,

money and stress.”

What are Joshua’s favorite RPR features? Here, he takes us on a virtual tour of how RPR comes to his rescue on a daily basis.

Representing the Seller

“Most of the time sellers have looked up their home values on consumer-facing sites before I get there,” said Joshua, who sold three houses this
week. “And usually they’re either confused or dissatisfied with their findings.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 5

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Getting Started

It’s then that Joshua relies on RPR’s valuation models to earn the “And if they’re ready to make an offer, I use my iPad to go to the
confidence of his clients. “It gives me a real opportunity to shine RPR website, pull up the subject property, click on zipForms and
when I pull up RPR and provide the client with accurate comps, start drawing up forms on the spot.”
based on current data. It gives them confidence in my abilities.”

“Typically I meet with a client, then go back to the office and run
comps. Now while I’m with my clients, at that very moment, I pull up
the comps on RPR, show them what we’re working with, and can
even email them the RPR Property Report or Seller’s Report. It’s
that fluid.”

Representing the Buyer

Being able to keep a buyer’s emotions up is paramount for Joshua.
He says that when someone is “ready and willing” to purchase a
home that any disruption to the momentum could be detrimental to
the process. Yet, with RPR mobile at his side, Joshua is able to help
the buyer move seamlessly from concept to the closing table.

“Using RPR on the road with buyers takes away
the stress,” he said. “With the app, I’m able to
answer any questions my buyer might have while
we’re in the car, on the sidewalk, or in the house.”

Most times, Joshua’s buyers are asking for information on schools,
neighborhoods, and recent home purchases in the area. “We’ll be
driving through a neighborhood that’s not on our list and the buyer
will ask what’s available on the street or nearby. All I need to do is
pull up RPR and every single house in the area is displayed, whether
it’s for sale or not. I’ll then show them what schools are in the area,
including ratings and reviews. It’s amazing.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 6

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Getting Started

Representing In Absentia “There I was, in my uncle’s game room. In mere minutes I pulled up
my RPR app and sent a Property Report to my client in real time
Holli Woodward, Joshua’s mother and CRS National Executive
even though we were 500 miles apart.”
Committee Member, says the app has changed the way she does
business by giving her greater flexibility to service clients, even Holli, a Region 8 CRS National RVP, believes full disclosure is
when she’s out of town. imperative when working with buyers and sellers. “If I’m going to

“Our business is a well oiled machine that we want to keep be out of town, I notify my current clients to let them know that I
continuously running, even if we’re out of town,” said Holli. “For won’t be here to show them properties but that I can still get them
most of our clients, it’s the biggest financial investments of their everything they need as far as information. I wouldn’t be able to do
lives so it’s important that we are always there to help.” that without RPR.”

Joshua describes an out of town trip to visit family. A client called to
say he had seen a home for sale on a consumer site and wanted
his opinion.


Getting Started With RPR

This eBook will introduce you to the many facets and features of RPR. We’ll begin by establishing
your RPR comfort level—setting up your account and profile, covering different aspects of the
homepage and then taking a deeper dive into the real guts and glory of how this all-important tool
will become your most valuable, professional asset for years to come.

Learn more at:

Get the eBook!

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 7

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RPR Covers Every Angle of Buyer-Agent Relationship

• Know the market
• Anticipate objections
• Find a match
• Close the deal

Wish it were that simple? Of course, but we know it’s not. Being a buyer’s agent in
the information age has challenges probably not worth repeating here. Rather, here at
RPR, we offer solutions—simple, reliable, and accurate tools that help REALTORS
successfully execute every step of the home buying process.

We were recently reintroduced to a REALTOR from the Boston area who, along with
all 240 of his agents, use RPR in every facet of his operation, notably when working
with buyers.
John Connolly, Vice President
“Buyer expectations come in all shapes and sizes but one thing is for sure: they all expect
SUCCESS! Real Estate,
accurate, timely information,” says John Connolly, Vice President of SUCCESS! Real Estate,
Boston, Mass.
Boston, Mass. “From basic characteristics of the home to a thorough analysis of local market
conditions, REALTORS really need to be on their game.”
Here, John shares how RPR helps his entire team remain relevant when working with buyers.

It Starts With Searching for the Right Property

“RPR’s database has hundreds of datasets and filters to get to where you want to be. Recently, we’ve relied a lot on heat maps during property
searches. With that, we can easily tell if a client is interested in a home that lies within a flood zone. They’ll want to know up front whether they’re
going to need flood insurance. A hot button issue these days.”

At the Right Price

“It’s easy to put together buyer tours using RPR, especially when I can support the data with solid evidence that can either affirm or deny the
seller’s asking price. RPR has pricing tools in place that help us pinpoint value with razor like precision.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 8

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In a Preferred School District John’s Endgame?
“A client of mine wanted to purchase a home within a 10-minute Johns wraps up his comments with a final plug for what he claims to
drive of a specific school. I entered the address into RPR, mapped be one of his most powerful tools in the RPR arsenal: the platform’s
out a 10 minute drive time, calculated the mileage, and easily data and reports are accessible 24/7 from a desktop, phone or
mapped out our search area.” tablet. “I’m with my buyers, they have a question or see a property
that isn’t on our list. I can instantly pull up the info using my RPR
In a Desirable Neighborhood app and we can all look at the same thing together. I can even send

them reports from my phone. RPR is a game changer in
“Using RPR, we can analyze neighborhoods to help our clients
this industry!”
understand the people, economy and quality of life in the place they
might call home. We can identify walkability scores, and points of
interest like hospitals, restaurants, grocery stores … anything that
would be important for a homeowner to know.”
With Deliverables That Make a Difference
The RPR Guide to Working With Buyers
“And then we wrap it all up by creating reports from RPR. Property
reports, school reports, neighborhood reports, market activity … This eBook will show you how to
buyers love them all and it really makes us shine as REALTORS , engage clients on a deeper, data-
especially because we can customize the reports with our name, driven level. You’ll learn how to perform
logo and contact info.” advanced searches —including map
layers and drawing tools—locate
neighborhood and school information,
and generate marketing materials that
will create a wow factor for your buyers.

Learn more at:
Get the eBook!

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 9

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10 Minutes & Some Positive Persuasion

Lead to Happy First-time Home Buyer

Technological innovation, market expertise, abundant energy, and a quick wit all equally contribute to Brenda Noffert’s successful 20-year run
in real estate. An Associate Broker for Better Homes & Gardens Alliance, Wichita, Brenda earns her stripes as a multi-tasking, multi-functional
Realtor who successfully serves clients in the residential, relocation, retail and investment property segments.

Here, Brenda shares an anecdote from the road, including how her intuition, experience and reliance on RPR are wrapped up into one real estate
tour de force.
“You can ask people to come to your office and make them sign a buyer agreement, but
if they’re not emotionally committed to you, it means nothing,” said Brenda, a member of
the South Central Kansas Board of Directors.

“First, you need to give clients confidence that when you

promise something, you deliver. That helps to create an
emotional connection. And if I give them something before
they ever ask for it, that spirit of service crushes the ol’ time
real estate stigma that everybody’s out for money. Whether

they decide to buy or not, I make sure they are taken care of.”
Brenda Noffert, Associate Broker
Better Homes & Gardens Alliance
That commitment to relationship building recently earned Brenda a buyer’s commitment for a
Wichita, Kansas
corporate relocation to Wichita. “Right off the bat, Celeste, a first time homebuyer, told me that her
parents advised her to buy a fixer-upper, something she could gain instant equity from.”

While getting to know one another, Celeste confided in Brenda that she didn’t really enjoy fixing things up but that it was probably the best
course of action, based on input from her parents. “I know I’ll have to cast a wide net to find what I need, so I’m willing to commute long
distances to find the right home,” she said.

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 10

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Brenda set to work, asking Celeste the right questions to determine The strategy worked. Within minutes, Celeste responded, “This is
exactly what type of home was within her price range and what what makes sense for me to purchase rather than what others are
she’d be willing to do to bring it to market value. She encouraged telling me. Let’s meet tomorrow and go over things. Wow!”
Celeste, a busy executive, to rethink what she was hearing from
A jubilant Brenda knows she did the right thing by turning to RPR to
others and to consider purchasing a home that she could live in
help identify possibilities for her client. “Now instead of saying she’ll
comfortably and still earn a profit at resale.
go anywhere and over commit to a home, Celeste can choose from
“Buyers, especially first-timers, sometimes underestimate what several homes in four different neighborhoods and won’t need to
it takes to renovate a home,” said Brenda. “I encourage folks like spend all of her time and money paying others to renovate a house.”
Celeste to consider buying something they can dress up rather than
“RPR is there to help us do our homework,” said Brenda. “There’s
fix up.”
no stone unturned. If it’s not there, it’s not anywhere. And boy does
“If you’re paying people to fix things, it eats your equity,” Brenda it make us look good when we can lead our clients in the right
told the client. “But if you get something that only needs cosmetic direction. I’m sold!”
changes, and you enjoy doing that, in three to five years you can
resell at a profit. And, we have plenty of homes to choose from
within that criteria.”

With support from her new client, and knowing she could use
RPR to find exactly the right neighborhoods within a reasonable
commute time, Brenda dug a little deeper. “Tell me where you
work and how long you want to drive each day, and let me do my
homework” she asked.

Brenda then turned to RPR to conduct a search for properties within
Celeste’s acceptable commute time and price range. From those
results, she analyzed the needs of each listing, and in less than ten
minutes had emailed her new client a list of for-sale properties, and
school and neighborhood reports in four different areas of Wichita—
all representing homes that required a little TLC rather than a do-
over, and within a short drive time to work.

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 11

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It’s Easy to Become a Listing Presentation Pro With RPR

It all started with a $40,000 difference of opinion. A past client of Penny Brockways’
called to say she was looking to break even on a quick sale of her home, which was
originally purchased for $183,000. Penny thought the property could sell for $227,000
but was outnumbered by her husband and business partner, James (who felt $200,000
was a more realistic list price) and the client who felt both of those prices were “way,
way too high.”
Determined to prove otherwise, Penny, a REALTOR with Brockway Realty, Clear Lake
Area of T exas, created an RPR Seller’s Report showing James and the client why she
was right about the price. Based on Penny’s input, the team compromised, landing on
an asking price of $220,000—nearly $40,000 more than their client’s original purchase
price. The property received a full price offer in eight days. In fact, they continued to
receive offers that were over list price.
James and Penny Brockway
“Since then, we’ve become RPR’s biggest fans,” claims Penny. “It has helped grow our Brockway Realty, LLC
business because it has given us more credibility.” Clear Lake Area, Texas

Leading from the start

Penny specializes in listing presentations by maximizing every RPR tool at her disposal. When potential clients call, she is ready.

“That first phone call is critical,” she said. “I’ll immediately pull up RPR on my tablet and start researching the seller’s home while asking
questions at the same time.”
Penny first looks to the Realtor Valuation Model (RVM ) Confidence Score. “It gives me a level of security as to whether the value is solid. Four
or five stars give us a great start.” She then turns to RPR’s map features to see current values of neighboring homes. Next, she quizzes the seller
to confirm the home’s basic facts such as number of bedrooms, baths, square footage, etc. Penny then lets the seller know that, together, they
will adjust the current value of his/her home using RPR’s Refined Value Tool.

“They’ll tell me they have an addition that’s not on the public record or upgraded a bathroom in recent years. We can adjust the home’s value for
a new kitchen, entry doors, roof, and so many other improvements. It’s easy to do and clients are incredibly impressed by the fact that I can do it
right then and there.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 12

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Getting to Yes Penny cites how engaged clients become when everyone is working
from her tablet. “They immediately start touching the screen and
Based on what is shared, Penny emails her new client an RPR
looking around the RPR site to see what other properties have sold
Seller’s Report, complete with a customized cover highlighting the
for, what’s pending, days on market, or even in foreclosure. They
seller’s name, address, and home photo. The report includes nearly
love the maps and the fact that I can continue to refine the value of
20 data sets ranging from the suggested list price, home facts and
their home based on what I’ve seen during my listing presentation.”
comps to the property’s history, seller proceeds and market activity.
“I can’t imagine being a REALTOR right now and not having access
But she doesn’t stop there. “The big thing here in Houston is
to RPR,” concludes Penny.
schools,” said Penny. “We work in a particularly sought after district
so the RPR School Report is one of my most important assets.That
and the Neighborhood Report are invaluable.”

“I can’t imagine being a REALTOR right now and
not having access to RPR,” said Penny.

According to Penny, nothing can be set in stone until she meets the
client face to face, i.e., tours the home. “At least 50 percent of the
time, that house is different from what you, or even the seller, think it
is. After seeing the home, I’ll use my tablet to access RPR and show
the client photos of other houses in the neighborhood. I’ll ask, ‘Can
you tell me which of these homes is a one or ten, and where your
house sits in comparison? And if you’re house is a four, what are
you prepared to do to bring it to a level you are most
comfortable with?’”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 13

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Going Beyond the Data Leads to Landmark Listing

Recently, David Momper, Broker Sales Associate with Coldwell Banker Select, Tulsa,
shared his RPR success story with us, including the catalyst that spurred those
successes: a shift in thinking.

“Initially, my RPR experience was limited to accessing data” said David, whose credits
include Oklahoma 2015 Realtor of the Year, 2005 President of the Greater Tulsa
Association of Realtors and 2012 President of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors,
among others. “I really didn’t know how much I could really use it for, like the extent to
which I could perform property searches and generate reports.”

That mindset shift and willingness to explore the RPR site to his advantage led to
winning a landmark listing for this REALTOR based in Tulsa, who has been practicing
since 1978.
David Momper, GRI, CRS, CRB
“Our market carries affordable housing for most, meaning a $550,000 listing is highly attractive Coldwell Banker Select
for most REALTORS ,” says David. When the opportunity presented itself, I turned to RPR.” Tulsa, Oklahoma
“Even though the seller was incredibly impressed by the data and high-quality look of my RPR
property report, I made it clear that this was only the first step,” said David. “My strategy is to meet
the clients, establish a rapport, show them the resources I have at my disposal (RPR data and
reports), then go do my homework.”

“I really didn’t know how much I could really use it for, like the extent to which I could perform property
searches and generate reports.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 14

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What is a Renovation Worth?
David’s seller had invested nearly $85 thousand in repairs to the In fact, the seller commented that he knew he was getting a “fair
second story of his home, just to get it ready for sale. Yet, it was shake” on the pricing because David had demonstrated how each
up to David to determine what those upgrades were worth in the home improvement factored into the equation.
current market.
“To have RPR at my disposal as an analytical and reporting tool,
“I used RPR’s refine value tool to measure the market value of the coupled with my knowledge of the neighborhood and market, is all I
seller’s improvements to the home,” he said. needed to be put above the competition,” said David.

David then returned to his seller to share his pricing strategy, which
relied on both RPR’s refined value and his knowledge of the local
market. “I’ve been working in this market for a long time. And my
experience told me that this home is in an older neighborhood
The RPR Guide to a Successful Listing
where nearby newer homes are attracting more buyers. I
recommended a list price of $550 thousand even though the data Presentation
suggested a somewhat higher price,” he said.
This eBook will introduce a series
Not surprisingly, the seller abundantly agreed. By then, David has of tools and techniques that will
earned the homeowner’s trust by presenting data and reports that strengthen your keen sense of the
clearly demonstrated what the market offered, what had sold in his market, your expertise in determining
area, and what buyers were looking for. value, and your ability to bring a deal
to close in the shortest time possible
“My seller said I presented the most credible pricing strategy and
and at the highest price.
the most informative reports,” he said. “I know that was based on
the data and reports I garnered from RPR, coupled with my unique Learn more at:
experience in the local market. And when you walk into a guy’s ebook/listing-presentation
house with a 38-page report, he thinks you know what you’re
Get the eBook!
talking about.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 15

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Second Chance CMA Earns This

Realtor a Coveted Listing

If within every mistake there is a potential for growth, then success lies ahead for
those who know how to recognize and rectify missteps along the way.
Michele Miller, a Realtor with Gary Greene Better Homes & Gardens, Texas, has a
great story about how she turned lemons into lemonade, in that regard. When called
to do a listing presentation for a luxury home in a highly-desirable neighborhood,
Michele thought she knew the area well enough to come up with some numbers and
make her presentation.
“I was off on my suggested list price,” said Michele. “I did not calculate the value of
the home’s improvements or the community and its amenities well enough to do it justice.”
Michele Miller
Not one to lose easily, Michele watched the property for a while and when the listing never
Gary Greene Better Homes & Gardens
went live, she decided to take a second chance. This time she kicked it up a notch.
“Whenever I do a CMA I first go to my MLS and run two reports. The first doesn’t let me pick
comps and also doesn’t allow me to personalize,” she said. “I can pull comps for the second report
but it’s just data. The third, and final, which gives me everything I need, is RPR.”

Since Michele had been in the house before and was familiar with the improvements the homeowners had made in the past three years, she
went into RPR, searched for the property, selected the Refine Value Tool, and added the home’s improvements. She then selected comps and
rated each against her subject property based on her enhanced awareness of the home and the area.

“What I like about RPR’s comparative analysis tool is that I get to pick comps and then tweak the value of
each against my subject property,” she said. “It’s a unique feature I don’t get anywhere else.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 16

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The ability to present a price range for a home is also a valuable
feature of RPR, according to Michele. “I get to present a range
that I feel reflects the home’s condition, how it compares to other
properties, and make my own price adjustment based on my
personal knowledge, like how motivated they are to sell. It’s an
incredibly flexible tool.”
She then made a brilliant move by personally delivering a
handwritten note, accompanied by her comprehensive, client-
friendly RPR Seller’s Report, to the homeowner. The note read, “I
noticed you haven’t listed your house for sale. Maybe I can help.
I’ve reevaluated your home using a highly-accurate data source and
have a much better understanding of your community. Here is
my report.”

Without question, the homeowner responded. “You’re the only agent
that followed up with us when we didn’t list the first time,” said her
new client. “And the information looks great. Please come over and
list our house.”
“I just love the presentation of RPR reports,” said Michele. “And
people are catching on. Our corporate office [Gary Greene Better
Homes & Gardens] is asking us to make RPR our preferred comp
analysis tool and has even asked me to talk about RPR at meetings.
I am happy to be leading the way in my office.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 17

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Open House

Hail Mary Effort Proves Worthy of This

Realtor ’s Strategic Open House Move

In real estate, you win some, you lose some. Yet for this REALTOR from Florida,
losing one turned into a trifecta of wins. All because of a very unusual set of
circumstances at a very popular open house.

As every real estate agent knows, open houses can be feast or famine. On this
particular day, Gregg Center, a REALTOR with Premier Sotheby’s International
Realty, Sarasota, FL, lucked out. His luxury property listing had quite the appeal for a
number of discreet buyers.

“I was somewhat surprised when six different couples entered Gregg Center,
the property at once,” said Gregg. “It was a blessing and a curse Premier Sotheby’s International Realty
because, obviously, I wanted to engage all of them equally.” Sarasota, Florida

With questions about the property looming and little time to waste, Gregg turned to the app he traditionally relies on in similar
circumstances. This time he wasn’t so lucky. “I tried to engage each of my open house visitors by relying on data from my
real estate app,” he said. “But its unresponsiveness frustrated them. I felt frustrated as well. High-end buyers have high
expectations, and my ‘go-to’ app didn’t perform when they wanted more information.”

What makes Gregg a good agent? He’s quick on his feet. “Right then and there, I remembered that I had downloaded the RPR
app about three days prior to my open house and played around with it for about 30 seconds, with no real strategy in mind.
I’m new to RPR so had honestly forgotten about it. But I had to do something and followed my instincts.”

Top REALTORS Share 10 RPR Strategies for Success Share 18

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Open House

Within seconds of the last couple leaving, Gregg pulls up RPR on Less than 24 hours later, Gregg’s new clients make a $2.1 million
his phone and heads off his prospects at the door. He moves the offer on the house across the street.
conversation forward:
But here’s where it gets even better.

Gregg: “Thanks for stopping by. Do you have any questions “We win some, we lose some,” said Gregg. Turns out the buyer and
about the property?” seller could not agree on the seller’s contingencies. “Yet, my client
was so impressed by my ability to instantly respond to their needs
Visitors: “We’ll contact you if we do.” that they decided to sign on with me to purchase another home,
Gregg: “Is this the only house you’re looking at or are you including selling their current home AND four parcels of waterfront
interested in this general area of town?” property they want to list.”

Visitors: “The area.” One might say, Gregg had a good day.
Gregg: “If I said I know of other homes in the area and could Today, Gregg touts RPR as one of his most essential business
show you them right now, with photos and facts, would you tools. “I use the app in every single sales opportunity, especially

allow me to help you?” on buyer tours,” he said. “It shows that I have market information
Editor’s Note: Gregg begins praying, “please work, please readily available and never have to say ‘let me get back to the office/
work” as he pulls up the RPR app. computer and put together some information for you.’ I can do it
with the app when they walk into the kitchen and have it finished
Visitors: “Yes” and sent to their email before they have moved to the dining room. It
essentially does everything for me.”
To Gregg’s astonishment, RPR’s app returns search results within
“Well, not everything,” he adds. “I’m waiting for the app to make all
seconds, instantly displaying every home for sale within a half mile
my appointments for me. I’m sure RPR is working on that.”
radius of where they are standing … including, of all places, a listing
right across the street.

“I couldn’t believe I missed the house across the street,” remarks
Gregg. The sign was poorly placed and I didn’t see it on my MLS.
But there it was, right there on RPR.”
He continues with his soon-to-be client. “There’s a place across
the street. No open house scheduled but I can set up a tour for
tomorrow if you like. And here’s everything you’d want to know
about the property,” as he shows them his phone.

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Open House

Conversion is Key for This Open House Expert

When one-third of your annual sales in a single year stem from open houses, you pay
attention. Something is working.

For strategic-minded REALTORS , open houses are an opportunity to convert market
watchers, tire kickers, and fence sitters into clients. What sets apart a “showing” from
a “client conversion and closing opportunity” can be attributed to a REALTOR ’s style
and RPR. That, according to this San Francisco based agent who was recently named
Rookie of the Year by the Bayeast Association of REALTORS .
“I have a clearly defined strategy for planning and carrying

out an open house,” said Nicole Nicolay, a REALTOR
with the Engel Group at J. Rockcliff Realtors, Pleasanton,
California. “It’s a game plan that has consistently resulted in Nicole Nicolay ®
above-average performance.” Engel Group at J. Rockcliff Realtors
Pleasanton, California

Nicole, who has more than a decade’s worth of real estate marketing and technology
expertise under her belt, said the data and reports found within RPR fulfill three vital
components of her open house strategy: 1. Using insightful, engaging icebreakers; 2.
Providing credible, relevant information; and 3. Ensuring a timely and consistent
follow-up method.

A Meeting of the Minds

Nicole greets her open house guests with an enthusiastic welcome. “I’m super passionate
about greeting people as they enter and then touring them through the home. I make it a
practice never to sit down. I want to be ready … meeting people at the door.”

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Open House

Then come the icebreakers—what Nicole attributes to her success to show the property’s characteristics. “They get really excited about
at converting visitors to clients. “If I engage them, I can make an the real time data,” she said.
impression, one that attests to my passion and knowledge.” So she
As to the RVM and whether homeowners claim to have checked
intuitively asks the right questions, without being intrusive.
other national real estate websites to determine their home’s
“I’m never shy about engaging people to find out where they’re estimated value, Nicole explains the legitimacy of RPR’s RVM and
coming from. I strive to establish a connection from the start,” said how it supersedes all other models. “As the only REALTOR -owned,
Nicole. “For example, I’ll ask if they are from the area and, if not, automated valuation product, the RVM goes beyond the traditional
I know what direction to take.” At that point, Nicole will offer her AVM by incorporating listing and sales data from the MLS into the
potential client information on area schools and the neighborhood, equation. It is a very credible automated tool for determining value.”
all drawn from the RPR platform.

As the conversation continues, Nicole will flush out whether or not
her open house guest is considering both buying and selling. If so,
she promptly offers to send them an RPR Mini Property Report on
their current residence, complete with a comp analysis. “It gives
me something extra to touch base with them. And because they
asked for it, they don’t feel like I’m pouncing on them. It’s an even
exchange. We’ve built a relationship.”

Right on the Money

Open house visitors all have different scenarios and agendas,
including the so-called “nosey neighbors.” Yet, Nicole advises
that neighbors are not to be overlooked. “Often times, they are
considering putting their own home on the market and that by
visiting open houses they are able to gauge where they stand,”
she explains.

Right there, Nicole uses her iPad to pull up RPR’s maps. The display
reveals the RVM , or Realtor Valuation Model , for every house in
the neighborhood, including theirs. She can also zoom in and click

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Open House

Preparation is Key A Hard Act to Follow
Nicole prepares for her open house by running RPR’s Mini Property, Nicole even has a proven follow-up system in place for collecting
Neighborhood and School Reports. At open houses, she displays contact information at open houses. “I learned pretty quickly that
one copy of each report in a high traffic area. Then when guests people write like doctors when you ask them to write down their
pick one up, she responds with, “It’s great that you picked up email addresses.” Instead, Nicole created a landing page off of her
that Property Report. Right now, it’s the only copy I have left but if website that has a signup form for exactly that purpose.
you’ll give me your contact information, I’m happy to send you a
“Whenever someone asks for more information, I point them to
personalized report.”
my iPad which is usually displayed in an open area. I ask them to
Here are Nicole’s top three picks for RPR reports used at complete the online form,” she said. “The form includes an open
open houses: field to include their home address in case they are thinking of
selling.” She adds, “And I make sure to impress upon our visitors
that the form has a box to check, ‘Homes by email’ so I can send
The Mini-Property Report highlights everything a potential
them new listings in the area they desire.”
client wants to know about the property without overwhelming
them with data. What makes this buyer-friendly report so That evening, Nicole starts to analyze the needs of clients that
unique is that REALTORS can include their own personal captured her attention at the open house. “I send them customized
notes and photos using any handheld or desktop device. RPR reports to suit their interests, knowing I am giving them
something of value but that RPR is doing all the work for me,” she
said with a smile. “Sometimes I hear from them right away and we
The Neighborhood Report provides an in-depth portrait of the
close on a deal. In another case, I didn’t hear from the client for six
people who live in an area, in addition to key indicators such
months.” Here’s the scenario:
as job growth, unemployment, cost of living, commute times
and climate. The report also includes median list and sales “I was talking to a couple at an open house … the usual stuff.
prices, listing and sales volumes, and per square foot pricing They asked for more information so I promptly got their contact
on sold homes. information and sent them RPR Property and Neighborhood
Reports. Although I periodically checked in with them, six months
went by without a response.
The School Report summarizes student population, testing
outcomes, parental reviews, ratings, and contact information
about a public or private school—essential information for
buyers with school-aged children.

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Open House

Then, to my surprise, I received an email, ‘Dear Nicole, This is Mary. We met at an open house several months ago. At that time, you sent me
a report with some really impressive information. That report, and your willingness to take the time to explain the information to us, made us
remember you. I’m ready to buy a house. Please call me.”

Turns out, not only was Nicole’s newfound client ready to buy a house, she had already picked out the property she wanted to purchase. The
client had been to another open house and loved the property. Yet, instead of employing the open house agent to foster the deal, the client went
back to Nicole. When asked why, the client responded, “Of all the open houses my husband and I went to, you were the only one who took the
time to get to know us and what we were looking for, and to explain the information to us.” Three days later, they signed on a home worth
$675 thousand.


The RPR Guide to a Successful Open House

Learn everything there is to know about the neighborhood and schools surrounding your listing, then
master the art of creating marketing materials that will build your brand and create a wow factor for your
open house. We’ll even reveal a few good icebreaker ideas for making a positive and lasting impression on
your soon-to-be new clients.
Learn more at:

Get the eBook!

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What’s Behind This Agency’s Successful Farming Strategy?

Relationship Building

Belly-to-belly are some of the wisest words ever spoken about real estate marketing
strategy, according to broker Claire Bisignano Chesnoff. A master salesperson, broker/
owner, and founder of an eight-agent operation based in Staten Island, NY, Chesnoff
says one of her most successful strategies for earning new business is farming
neighborhoods. Her technique is succinct, safe, and proven.

Dominating much of the Staten Island market, Claire Properties, LLC is now setting its
sights on opportunities in Brooklyn. Their farming strategy includes identifying potential
neighborhoods and then sending a team of up to three agents to go, as Chesnoff says,
“belly to belly” with homeowners.
Claire Bisignano Chesnoff
“Telephone solicitations are no longer effective,” claims Claire Properties, LLC

Chesnoff. “And marketing pieces, such as postcards, can be Staten Island, New York
valuable, but our greatest reward comes from establishing relationships
in neighborhoods, by meeting people on their sidewalks and in their

living rooms.”

In this instance, a team of three agents descends upon a potential market area—it’s here they
work on building relationships with homeowners and shopkeepers in the area. Each agent,
according to Chesnoff, plays a critical role in the pursuit she calls “our newest challenge.”
Antoinette is accompanied by Frank, a techie who loves data; and Harold, a people person
whose presence also provides a sense of security for both the agents and homeowners.

And their secret weapon? Realtors Property Resource (RPR ).

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Their farming strategy is executed Chesnoff and her agents also rely on referral generation while
as planned: farming neighborhoods. Many times a homeowner will share what
kind of activity is going on in the area, such as a couple divorcing
Frank, equipped with the RPR app on his phone, stays at the
who may need to sell, or an adult child whose mother has passed
sidewalk, pulling up data on the home and its owner. Armed with
and she needs to sell the mom’s home.
accurate data, he is able to speak intelligently, with a top-to-bottom
“It’s really all about courage,” concludes Chesnoff. “Arming yourself
view, as Chesnoff describes. With RPR, Frank accesses the home’s
with tools like RPR, exuding confidence, and putting yourself out
estimated value, property facts, and mortgage and tax information,
there, is what makes or breaks a great agent.”
as well as the owner’s contact info. And as the conversation
between agents and the homeowner ensues, he can add notes to
the property details page.
Meanwhile, Antoinette and Harold engage the homeowner who, in
this case, is outside working on his property. “We’d like to let you The RPR Guide to Geographic Farming
know what your home might be worth based on recent sales in the
area,” says Antoinette after a brief introduction. Learn how to establish and calculate criteria for a marketable
farm area and then generate client-friendly reports that
Harold delivers an RPR Market Activity Report to the homeowner,
will spark homeowner interest in that
and asks, “Do you know anyone in the area who is thinking of
neighborhood. We will also offer tips
moving or needing a place to rent? We can help.”
and tools for conveying your value
Turns out, he does. “I’ve been trying for a while to find a waterfront to For Sale By Owner listings, and
property in Staten Island but haven’t had any luck,” said the conclude by sharing a great story about
homeowner. “And I’ve got a house in the Bay Ridge section of how RPR’s app helped a rising New
Brooklyn to sell.” York City broker to hit the jackpot while
farming a neighborhood in Brooklyn.
Right there, the team is able to tell their new client what his Bay
Ridge home is worth and search for properties in his desired Learn more at:
location … by accessing the anytime, anywhere, RPR data platform. geographic-prospecting
“Of course, we first determine whether the buyer or seller is under
Get the eBook!
contract with another agent,” says Chesnoff. “In this case, he
wasn’t, and we were able to list his property as well as represent
him during the purchase of his Staten Island home.”

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Commercial Real Estate Pro’s Five

“Must Have” RPR Tools

One might think that 27 years in the industry would make anyone an expert on virtually
anything real estate related. Yet, for Carlos Fuentes (CCIM, CIPS, TRC), the learning
never stops, especially in commercial real estate.

“I have to learn everything there is to know about a client’s

operation if I’m going to find the right location,” he said.
“Then I use stats, maps and reports to ensure the location is
viable for that type of business. That’s where RPR never lets

me down.” Carlos A. Fuentes

Namaste Realty LLC
Asked which of RPR tools and features he finds most helpful, Carlos replied, “All of them! RPR Lutz, Florida
is an incredibly efficient and accurate resource that provides everything I need to know about a
commercial or residential property. And I know it’s more accurate than any other resource available in
today’s market.”
Here, in his own words, Carlos describes his favorite five RPR tools:

Best Business Report

What he likes:
“I use the Best Business Report all the time. The Esri data goes much deeper than what you’d
expect. It breaks populations into segments like household income, male/female, married/single/
divorced, etc., but the extra sections like how and where consumers in the area spend their money
is invaluable. And the report itself is really impressive. My clients love the graphs that show which
business types are over-and-under represented.

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How he uses it:
“It’s one of my most powerful influencers. If I have a client that I can also create heat maps that show breakdowns of household
wants to open an ice cream shop, I can run the Best Business income, age, married/divorced, etc., and depending on where you’re
Report and show him there’s an abundance of similar shops in the from, the flood zone maps can be really important.
area. But I won’t leave it at that. I might advise my client to open
One time I used RPR maps to identify all the churches in an area
a Dunkin Donuts, or a bakery that serves cakes as well as yogurt
and then encouraged my client, a pizza shop owner, to send flyers
smoothies or frozen yogurt—something that gives him a competitive
with coupons to all of those churches. Another time I conducted a
edge. On the other hand, I can also use the report to lead clients
map search of all available properties within specific ZIPs for a client
into areas where there isn’t such tough competition.”
who was licensed to conduct business in those areas only.”
Carlos’ Tip for RPR Reports
“RPR’s commercial reports are lengthy, as they should be. I like that Crossover between commercial
I can customize them to reflect my brand, add notes, etc. But a lot and residential
of people don’t realize that RPR intentionally leaves off the page
What he likes
numbers so that we can further customize the report by pulling out
“I work with a lot of international buyers and sellers. Most are
pages that aren’t helpful to particular circumstances. Every single
looking for a business location first and possibly a residential
report can be tailored to that client’s needs and interests, including
property down the line. With RPR, I can easily jump between the
adding our own pages.”
two, finding the perfect site for their business and helping to identify
Mapping areas they might be interested in for a home purchase.

What he likes How he uses it
“RPR maps are easy to use, intuitive, and have many, many layers of RPR residential property searches are easy but still comprehensive.
data. Seeing things visually provides greater insights that you don’t I’ll start by helping my client identify neighborhoods and schools
get from merely looking at the numbers. they would prefer, and RPR has search tools for each of those …
even reports for each. It shows the client that I have a broad range
How he uses it
of resources at my disposal. Being a CCIM makes it easier.
“I use RPR’s maps to identify nearby Points of Interest (POIs). There
Proximity to their business, home and school is really important
are hundreds of them in many different categories—manufacturing,
so I’ll use RPR maps to identify properties, neighborhoods, and
government offices, banks, retail, hospitals, restaurants … the
schools within a certain drive time as well.”
list goes on. And hovering over an icon reveals data about that
company like sales volume, number of employees, square footage,
and year opened.

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More and more reports
What he likes
“A big part of my business is working with franchise consultants. Video Learning
When I show them RPR reports, they are amazed. I’d bet my
last dollar that many franchise sources do not have as complete Getting Started with RPR Commercial
information as RPR provides.”
Navigate through the Commercial application of RPR. Your
How he uses it one-stop-shop for comprehensive market data, allowing
“Simply, I use RPR’s commercial reports to build my business REALTORS specializing in commercial properties to save
throughout the franchising industry. The Commercial Trade Area time and money. This basic course
Report, Trade Area Analysis and Property Reports congregate data is a complete step by step library
into one source like I’ve never seen before. It’s also completely of video tutorials that will introduce
accurate. All of these things help me to build trust among my you to all the commercial features
clients. It’s proven.” RPR has to offer.
Learn more at:
Anytime, anywhere access
What he likes: fundamentals
“RPR’s app is outstanding! I have an iPad with Internet and being
able to sit in front of a property with a client and do searches or run Watch Today!
reports right there is absolutely fantastic.”
How he uses it:
“I was referred to a client that had opened a Dollar Store franchise
only three months earlier. The client was critical of the location,
which had been suggested by the franchise consultant and a
business broker. While at the site, I pulled up RPR reports on my
phone and showed him how the location was more than adequate;
only his marketing strategy needed direction. That small effort
landed me a consulting agreement with the client to help him with
marketing and possibly relocating within the same plaza.

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