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Published by wekeb21209, 2021-04-13 08:11:45

Tangled Zine

Tangled Zine

one day, we might
look back and regret
the way we spent
our time on earth.

we consume and
waste too much

many things that we do without a second thought,
amount to so much unexpected damage.

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before i explain more, please
answer this pop quiz!

1. how long do you 3. Do you bring your own
usually shower for? shopping bags when you
a) 10 mins (+5) go for groceries?
b) 30 mins (+3) a) I keep my extra tote bag
c) more than 40 mins ready at all times! (+5)
(+1) b) sometimes, when I re-
member! (+3)
2. which mode of c) I would just use the
transport do you use plastic bags they provide
most often? (+1)
a) walking/riding my bi-
cycle (+5) 4. How often do you
b) public transport (+3) replace your smart-
c) my own private car/ phones/other electronic
motorbike (+1) devices?
a) Every 5+ years, when it
can no longer work properly
b) around every 3 years
c) Everytime a new model is
released (+1)

now add up all the points you
collected! which ancestor are

“how can such little
random things de-
termine the fate of
the entire planet?”
is what you would
probably think.

its true that the test is
rather extreme. but if
we can’t even provide
a place for our future
descendant to live, how
can we say that we did

a great job?

it’s so difficult to achieve
sustainability because
every little thing we do
has a carbon footprint.

a ten minute shower
is enough to release 2
kg of co2 to the atmo-
sphere. multiply that
with the population of
the earth!

The carbon footprint of plastic (LDPE
or PET, poyethylene) is about 6 kg
CO2 per kg of plastic. In 2019, the
production of plastics totaled around
368 million tonnes worldwide.

o me spsai vnei epsr oadnudc tcso wr peo rations omtaenvuefnacnteuere
might n

exc c d.

ifsystemhiact awmneedwapnaosnltwittieocawclhilcalhnhaganevgetehtsiosodnthoaoaugglloho,tboafl level!

it’s okay to feel
overwhelmed and
discouraged, be-
cause it sustain-
ability is not easy to


however, this doesn’t
mean that there’s
nothing we can do to
help! the little things
we do can help reduce
c02 emmissions

it’s difficult for one person to
save the world, but everyone’s
combined efforts will make a

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