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Published by Temple Solel, 2020-12-21 15:50:10

January 2021 Pathfinder

January 2021 Pathfinder

As We Welcome 2021!

I’ve heard many say the year 2020 will be one Ushering in 2021, we undoubtedly expect to face new
challenges that will come our way. As our Annual
for the record books. It’s been a year that was Campaign winds down, we want to thank all of you for
anything but predictable. your generosity and support during these times. We have
begun our budgeting process for fiscal 2021-2022. Please
As I write this, not much has changed on the know your financial support all year long is critical and
Temple front since my last article in October. important to us. We also thank you for supporting the
We did however, get to share beautiful productions of the many programs and events Temple Solel presents
High Holidays, Sukkot, Simchat Torah, and Hanukkah throughout the year. Attendance has been strong.
celebrations together.
For now, we will continue to connect with each other and
We’ve enjoyed distanced “meet and greets” with Rabbi the Jewish Community, celebrating our Jewish holidays
Stiel, as well as “drive by” graduations, to name a few. and milestones, mostly in a virtual way. Please be sure to
We’ll continue to plan and bring you our many virtual regularly check our calendar at for
programs, including Shabbat Services, Life Cycle Events, the many ways to participate. Also, don’t forget to look for
Educational Programs, as well as opportunities for you to your weekly eNUZ emails that are sent on Thursdays. They
engage with our Clergy and with each other. We’ve all are full of Temple and Community information.
worked together to adjust and learn new ways of
communicating. Virtual Happy Hours is one of my Sadly, this pandemic has affected so many people in many
favorites! difficult and tragic ways over the past 10 months. Let us
not forget the personal heartache they have endured.
Yes, it’s a new reality and most of us are “Zoomed out”! Let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers.
We miss our family get-togethers, traveling, dining in our
favorite restaurants, as well as enjoying our Temple family All of us have been tested in many ways, but our resolve is
in person. strong! We have each other, and we have Temple Solel. I
know you all join me in looking forward to the day we can
What IS different today is we aren’t sure what tomorrow be together again, in person, in our beautiful Sanctuary.
might look like. How much of this ”new normal” will
prevail? As things change and evolve, we’ll continue to Stay safe and healthy.
adapt, as we’ve all done so well.
Doreen Feldberg
What we DO know is Temple Solel remains a strong and
vibrantly engaged Congregation. We’re grounded in Temple Solel President
relationships and deeds, elevated by Shabbat and Torah.

The Mission of Temple Solel is to be a vibrant, inclusive and
engaged Reform community, grounded in relationships and deeds,

and elevated by Shabbat and Torah.
We see the divine spark in each individual by together:

 Warmly welcoming all who enter
 Nurturing lifelong learning
 Creating joy through prayer and music
 Celebrating holidays and sharing life cycles
 Fostering a love of Israel, and
 Working for Tikkun Olam – repairing the world

2 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781

Molly Jamison Kelly, daughter of Jennifer and Benjamin Kelly, will become a bat

mitzvah on Saturday, January 2, 2021 at 10:30 am. Molly attends
Arizona School for the Arts and enjoys art, singing, and drawing.
For her mitzvah project, Molly collected art supply donations for
the Boys and Girls Club.

Samuel Smith and Jacob Smith, sons of Rebecca and Alex

Smith, will each become a bar mitzvah on Saturday, January 9, 2021 at
10:30 am. Samuel and Jacob attend Mohave Middle School. Sam is
passionate about all genres of music and plays the saxophone in the
middle school band. He is very interested in engineering and how things
work. He would like to travel to Europe and explore the world. Jake

loves animals and video games. He plays the drums in the middle
school band. He would love to go to Hawaii to hike a volcano and
swim in a warm ocean. The Smith boys have postponed their mitzvah
project during the pandemic and hope to work with Lost Our Home
pet rescue when volunteering is allowed once more.

View Shabbat and B’nai Mitzvah Services by visiting and selecting
the “Click here to watch our Streaming services” link at the beginning of each service.

January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781 3

A Lesson in Faith

Dear Solel Family,

I hope your secular New Year is off to a great amazing growth takes place. It is said that a bamboo tree
start. I know many of us were all too happy can grow 80 feet in 6 weeks! Amazing, right? Clearly, the
to see the end of 2020. Not that there is growth did not take place only during the final year. It was
anything magical about the beginning of a happening all along, only we could not see and observe it.
new year… it’s an arbitrary division of time… just like a
birthday or an anniversary. We mark it not so much The lesson from this tree is one of perseverance. We can
because it has meaning in and of itself, but because it’s a apply this lesson to our own lives as well. If there is a
measuring stick for us. It’s a way for us to see how much project we have been working diligently on for years that
we’ve grown and what we’ve accomplished in the year has not yet shown promise, it may just be that we have to
before. continue to believe in it and in ourselves a little bit longer
before it finally takes off. There may be growth and
At this time of year, we celebrate the holiday of Tu development that is happening in the project and in
BiShvat. On this holiday, all of the trees on Earth get one ourselves that may be difficult to perceive.
year older… one more ring in the trunk. It reminds me of a
story of growth that I have heard from several different My hope for us during this challenging and frustrating time
sources. It is the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. in our lives is that we recognize the seeds of growth that
Perhaps you have heard it as well. It is a story faith, hope have been planted in us and in our community. May we
and patience. see the fruits of our efforts in the not-too-distant future.
Until then, be patient. Have faith. It’s coming…
When a bamboo tree is planted, it does nothing for the
first year. If watered and cared for, it does nothing for the In growth,
second year as well. Also, for the third and fourth years….
nothing. No sprouts, no growth, no visible evidence that Todd Herzog
anything is happening beneath. Finally, in the fifth year,
Cantorial Soloist

WELCOME NEW MEMBERS Temple Solel office &
The Solel Preschool
 Jessica Grossman and Steve Giordano will be closed January 18, 2021
 Erica Bonime


Al and Sandy Barkov ................................. 63 yrs Marvin and Karen Leff .........................52 yrs
Herb Bartick and Harriet Joselit-Bartick.... 21 yrs Jim and Bobbi Moss .............................43 yrs
Craig and Lauren Brown............................ 16 yrs Robert and Sheila Press .......................53 yrs
Marilyn Carson and Sandie Leavitt.............. 1 yrs Ron and Marilyn Reinstein...................49 yrs
Ori and Mirit Eisen .................................... 21 yrs Lawrence and Simma Robbins.............31 yrs
Craig and Robin Fink ................................. 48 yrs Howard and Judith Rosen....................21 yrs
Ken and Betsy Gometz .............................. 35 yrs Milton and Gail Scharff ........................40 yrs
Steve and Terri Ann Greenberg ................ 32 yrs Robert and Jackie Siamon....................22 yrs
Jaron and Amanda Gressel ....................... 11 yrs Len and Norma Suckle .........................44 yrs
Larry and Fern Kane .................................. 33 yrs Stephen and Megan Weinstock...........19 yrs

4 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781

New Year’s Resolutions at The Solel Preschool

New Year’s Resolutions are an interesting I will always do my best.
Encourage your child to always give it everything they’ve
way to start the year fresh. 2020 was an got. If things don’t always work the first time, don’t worry.
interesting and unusual year. Here are some
suggestion to help you help your child get 2021 I will be nice to my family and friends.
off to the best start ever. Encourage kindness and harmony at home. This is a goal
that can apply to everyone in the family.
Setting goals is an important part of your preschool child’s
early development. Making commitments teaches children Children feel good when their parents acknowledge their
how to be responsible and creating resolutions together accomplishments. Go over the list of resolutions a few
can be a great way to start good habits from a young age. times during the year and acknowledge the successes and
talk about what resolutions still need more attention. The
Try sitting down with your child and talking to them about praise will help them develop self-regulating behaviors and
how New Year can be an exciting time for growth and improve their self-esteem. Remember a resolution is a
change. Letting your child come up with their own ideas is guide, so be flexible and understanding if your child is
an opportunity for family bonding in a fun and exciting way. making an effort.

Encourage your preschooler to set some resolutions and The Solel Preschool will be opening enrollment for the 2021
then evaluate the options to come up with the most -2022 school year the first full week of January. We offer
specific and achievable choices. Remember to keep things low ratios, warm and caring teachers, exceptional
positive too – challenges that start with “I am going to…” enrichment programming (COVID protocol permitting), and
are much more positive than saying “I am going to stop…” a community for your whole family. Temple Solel members
are allowed to register first and classes fill up quickly, so if
Here are a few ideas that are perfect for preschool children you are interested, get your registration in early. Visit
to help you get started. Remember to always do what to register for the 2021-2022 school
works for your family. year.

I am going to eat more healthy foods. Mary Ann Bloom
To help your child along, limit any junk food that comes in
your house and try to introduce at least two fruits or Director of Early Childhood Education
vegetables into every meal. Making better food choices is
an important lesson for preschool children to learn. Snacks Upcoming Dates to Remember:
are not only a way to stave off cravings between meals but
a means of introducing your child to new textures and  January 1: School Closed
tastes. Some examples would be rainbow fruit kebabs,  January 4: School Resumes
cucumber sandwiches with cheese or meat filling, healthy  January 8: Laila Tov Tot Shabbat (zoom)
smoothies (blueberries, pomegranate juice, wheat germ,  January 11: Preschool Registration Begins!
almonds, and avocado).  January 18: MKL Holiday (School Closed)

I will help tidy my room and brush my teeth before bed.
This could include putting away toys or picking up clothes
and shoes.

Summer Camp
Registration Opens in
February—Stay Tuned!


January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781 5

Who Am I?

Over the summer, I ordered a book Who am I?

entitled, “The Failure Book” by Chad Lilly and I dropped out of college.
Karen Lilly. It is an interesting collection of
famous and successful humans who have My first movie had disappointing ticket sales.

taken the word perseverance to a higher I was rejected by two film schools.
level. I hope some of these interesting details
show up around your dinner/breakfast table discussions Professionals in the movie business told me that my work
and give everyone listening the boost to continue on. wasn’t worth watching.

Who Am I? My actors threatened to go on strike because my movie
took too long to make.
I felt ugly compared to other girls.
Even after I spent $700,000 to design an alien character for
My dream to be a ballerina was shattered when I wasn’t one of my movies, it still failed to look the way I needed it
chosen to go on tour with my dance company. to.

I was turned down for my first Hollywood movie role. I am Steven Spielberg.

I starred in a movie that critics described as “witless, “Failure is inevitable, success is elusive.”
contrived, and pointless.”
Tobee Waxenberg
I lost the role of Cleopatra to another actress, who was
paid $1 million, an unprecedented amount of money for a Director of Raker Religious School
female actress.
Coming Up:
I was told by a producer that I was too fat to be in his Tu BiShvat, the New Year for Trees! A time to plant and eat
show. the fruits associated with the land of Israel. Oranges, figs,
dates, pomegranates, almonds, and olives are served as a
I am Audrey Hepburn. reminder of the connection between us and Israel. It will
also be the time to plant parsley for the Passover Seder!
“For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for We have a big surprise for our students for Tu BiShvat! It
beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness.” involves teachers, seeds, dirt and a visit! Hmmm….what
could it be?

Email List

In an effort to streamline communication, the following
email addresses are available for use:

Caring Community [email protected]
eNUZ items [email protected]
Temple Solel Library .................... [email protected]
Membership............................ [email protected]
Pathfinder ............................. [email protected]
Men of Solel......................... [email protected]
Sisters of Solel................................... [email protected]
Social Action [email protected]
SPPA ........................... [email protected]
Temple Solel office ....................... [email protected]

6 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781

Temple Solel Book Club Lunch and Learn with

Dear Fellow Book Lovers, Mitzvah Maven Danny Siegel

We did our best with Daniel Deronda at the Solel Book January 20th at 12:00pm
Club in December. Many thanks to Robert Wardy for
expanding our horizons. Six months ago, The Jewish Publication Society
published Radiance, an anthology of Danny Siegel’s
On January 19 we will meet again at 6 p.m. selected prose and poetry. Join us for a book launch
on Zoom to discuss New York Times and interview with Danny. Rabbi Debbie Stiel, who has
bestseller Apeirogon by Colum McCann. I known Danny since her college years, will orchestrate
will send the link by email close to the date. a discussion with Danny Siegel concerning his writings
If you do not already receive emails from and mitzvah work. The talk will include some teaching,
the book club, please send your email some text about Jewish values, and reading poetry
address to [email protected] to get on from the book. There will also be an opportunity for
the list and to receive the Zoom link for the comments and questions from attendees.
meeting (or to get off the list).
Social Action at Solel
Colum McCann is not our typical Jewish author because he
is a non-Jewish Irish-born author who started out as a We would like to thank the following individuals for
journalist. McCann arrived in the U.S. in 1986 and took a volunteering with Family Promise in December.
7500-mile bicycle journey across our country to hear
authentic American voices. Apeirogon follows two real life Jane Marks The Solel Preschool Staff
figures: Rami Elhanan, an Israeli graphic designer, and Esther Zack Rae Rader
Bassam Aramin, a Palestinian scholar and previous political Lynn Weissman Dottie Braun-Cohen
prisoner. Consisting of 1001 short sections, the two central Martha Lieberman Jane Vogel
figures bond over the untimely deaths of their daughters. Barbara Neuman Beverly Nathan
Charles Finch in The Washington Post described the book
as “a loving, thoughtful, grueling novel.” Friends who have Janice Feldstein Allison Collins
read it recommend it highly. Nancy Linder Susan Wine
Phil Hawkes and Family Bob Ransom
The book club will meet every month through May on David Levy Judy Schaffert
February 16, March 16, April 20, and May 18, each at Jamie and Aaron Lieberman Steve Cohen
6:00 pm. Please save these dates. and Family Bob and Shari Levitan
Mary Ann Bloom Karin Epstein
In February we will read a 350-year-old
memoir by a Jewish woman in Europe, We Need to Know…
Glikl. According to Wikipedia, Glückel of
Hameln was a Jewish businesswoman and Please inform the Temple Solel office when a family
diarist. Written in her native tongue of member or friend is in the hospital. Too often we find out
Yiddish over the course of thirty years, her about illnesses, crises and hospitalizations long after they
memoirs were originally intended to be an occur. This is a missed opportunity for visits from the rabbi
ethical will for her children and future and calls from the Caring Community as well as other
descendants. Glückel’s diaries are the only assistance offered by the temple. We need your help in
known pre-modern Yiddish memoirs written by a woman. order to offer ours.

Anyone interested in leading either discussion can reach If you’d like to let us know about a member
me at the email below. that is ill, has a surgery date coming up,
or is experiencing any other health-
Happy 2021 and happy reading, related issue that the rabbis should know
about, please call the temple office at
Judy Schaffert 480.991.7414, ext. 126 or email Jelena at

[email protected] [email protected]

January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781 7

Thank You! “Hidden Figures” at

Volunteer Recognition Torah Study

Volunteers are an essential part of Temple Solel. We would like One of my favorite hobbies is writing feminist midrashim,
to thank the following volunteers for their time and efforts: or stories about women characters in the Bible. The
Hebrew term midrash means “to seek,” and it refers to the
Birthday Calls Nancy Weinstein tradition of delving beneath the surface of the text and
Arlene Bonime Gail Zucker illuminating its hidden depths. Judaism believes that
midrashim are not new tales. Rather, they were all
Knitting for a Purpose Magen Masks included in the Torah that Moses received on Mount Sinai,
Arlene Bonime Toby Gerst but kept concealed. The purpose of writing midrashim is to
Carol Brillman Debbie Seplow reveal those holy, hidden words.
Jill Loebel Jane Marks
Beverly Nathan Esther Zack Feminist midrashim honor that tradition by seeking out
Margie Rahilly Ted Kort hidden female figures in the Bible. When we read the text
Linda Ribnik Stephen Gerst closely, we see that every story contains women
Beth Sennett characters. Sometimes they are featured players, and at
Lisa Trotta Yahrzeit Notices other times, they are overlooked or concealed in the
Cynthia Marcus background. But women are always there—weaving
garments, talking to angels, healing the sick, and shaping
communal laws.

Would you like to volunteer at some point in the future?
We’d love to have you! Email [email protected], and we’ll
add you to our volunteer email list for upcoming opportunities.

Thanks for Giving

Thank you to the following Temple Solel volunteers who
made Thanksgiving truly happy for Saving Amy families!
Saving Amy staff and the 22 families they serve are truly
grateful for your generosity.

Sy and Harriet Achtman Dottie Braun-Cohen “We typically think of the Torah as a patriarchal text,
Marcia Feinstein The Smith family mostly because we’ve been taught to view it through
Ken and Marian Fisher Phil and Marilyn Hawkes patriarchal eyes,” writes Rabbi Elyse Goldstein in
Bill and Laurie Hopkins Audrey Sobel “ReVisions: Seeing Torah through a Feminist
Robert and Shari Levitan Jane Vogel Lens” (2001). “But when we strip away the centuries of
Marshall and Lesley Lustgarten Stephanie Cherny male commentary that have obscured and sometimes
Barbara Neuman Ruth Jacobs negated the original text, and read it with clear eyes, we
Joel and Sarah Superfon Aaron and Diana Turk discover that women are portrayed in much the same way
Susan Wine and Bob Ransom Gary and Phylis Bolno as men—with the same kinds of strengths and
Janice Feldman Alyce and Dennis Helfman weaknesses, loves and loyalties, fears and foibles.”
Suzy Berkowitz Patty Lernor
Melissa Fink Marti Candiello Consequently, the first step of writing a feminist midrash is
Ester Zack Shana Siegel to look at a biblical passage and ask: “Who is the woman in
Beverly Nathan Lois Bell the story? How can I retell the story from her point of
Erin Scharff Janice Feldstein view?” In next month’s Pathfinder, I will delve into the
Deborah Kay Debbie Seplow process I use to write feminist midrashim.
Linda Ribnik Mary Ann Bloom
Betsy Lawful The Gulinson family Torah Study meets virtually every Saturday morning at
Aaron and Jamie Lieberman Shari and Steven Cohen 9:00 am. See eNUZ for Zoom link and info. Please join us!
The Speyer family
Matthew Kozinets

8 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781

Limmud AZ is virtual this year!

Registration is now open for this virtual event taking place
Sunday, February 21, 2021 from 9:45 am to 2:00 pm. Early
bird pricing is $18 per person through January 31, 2021.
Starting February 1, 2021, general admission is $25 per
person. Day-of pricing is $36 per person. Visit to register.

January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781 9

Fall Fun at
The Solel Preschool

Clean up time! Putting toys Families completed turkey
back in their baskets. projects and sent them in
for the class to display.

Experimenting with items in We love reading Exploring all kinds of
lots of different ways is a books at The Solel
huge part of early learning. Preschool! pumpkins and gourds is a
favorite fall activity.

The infant room had each Making a moon rock Having fun with some We were sad not to be able
baby pose with a special messy sensory play, dinos in to have parents in the
fall themed centerpiece and painting after reading some the “snow!” building for Thanksgiving
sent the pictures to the space-themed books. this year but the classes still
parents. made the holiday special in
their classrooms!

10 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781

Temple Solel Endowment Foundation

Securing Our Future | Month & Year

“Legacy Gifts can make a significant difference”

A Reflection from Nelson Lerner, Immediate Past President

As of November 30th the foundation had assets under
management of $1,428,000, quite an increase over prior
years. Most of this year’s increase is from the prudent
investment by Morgan Stanley and overseen by the
foundation. We need to continue our fundraising efforts to
reach our first interim goal of $3,000,000.

Jim Moss, Foundation Treasurer, outlined several different
tax advantaged giving strategies not too long ago in the
Temple Solel Pathfinder. Please speak with your financial
advisor to see if one of these strategies makes sense for
you. 2021 is fast approaching and you may want to
implement one of these methods prior to year-end.

As previously noted, one of the foundation’s key
fundraising efforts for 2021 is to pursue legacy gifts. For
those who have already included the foundation in their
estate plan, we thank you. For those who have not, the
foundation board plans on active solicitation for legacy gifts
beginning with Circle of Giving members. When contacted,
please be receptive. Please remember that legacy gifts will
not affect your current lifestyle as these gifts are
testamentary in nature. Your heirs may not receive every
last dollar of your estate but they and future generations
will receive a financially stable spiritual home, namely
Temple Solel. These “future gifts” can accelerate
fundraising for the foundation to reach our ultimate goal of
$10,000,000, a number that can offer an incredible amount
of annual revenue that would be distributed to Temple
Solel and secure its future – L’dor v’dor.

I am so grateful to have served as the Temple Solel
Endowment Foundation President over these past few

Nelson A. Lerner

Immediate Past President

COVID Impact on Upcoming Events:

Please remember that all of our events are
subject to change/possible cancellation due to
COVID infection rates. Temple Solel takes COVID-
19 precautions and protections very seriously and
our teams continue to meet as benchmarks and
research change and adapt over time. We
appreciate your patience and flexibility!

January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781 11
Upcoming Speakers & Topics
Live Stream Reminder

Temple Solel records/live streams Friday Night and
Shabbat Morning Services to accommodate family and
friends of our community who may be unable to attend in
person. While the camera is primarily focused on the
Bimah and other areas at the front of the sanctuary,
others in attendance may be seen on the live stream and
recorded. If you have any reservations about your image
being streamed or recorded for others to view, please let
someone know so that we may attempt to seat you in an
area less likely to be on the live stream and recording.
Please note, however, that we are unable to guarantee
that your image will not appear. We apologize for any
inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Tuesdays, January 5, 12, 19, 26, 10:00 am Did You Know???
Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz
Erev Shabbat Services are available
“39 Ways to Repair the World!” via StreamSpot on your home PC!
Go to and click
Monday, January 11, 4:00-5:30 pm on the button to stream services and
Rabbi Sid Schwarz / co-hosted by Congregation Or Tzion
join us Fridays and Saturdays.
“Sherman Minkoff Lecture: The Creation Story
and Humanity’s Homework” I  Mah Jongg
Purchase Mah Jongg cards for 2021
Tuesday, January 12, 1:00-2:00 pm
Rabbi Or Rose Hadassah is selling 2021 Mah Jongg cards. The cards cost
$9 for the standard size and $10 for the large ones. Checks
“Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi: Interreligiious Pioneer” should be made payable to Hadassah. A current address
needs to be on your check. Please mail checks to Sheryl
Thursday, January 14, 1:00-2:00 pm Socoloff, 12193 E. Paradise Dr., Scottsdale, 85259. The
Dr. Joy Ladin deadline for placing orders is January 31, 2021. If you
would like an e-mail confirmation of your order, please
“The Soul of a Stranger: Reading God and Torah from a include your email address.
Transgender Perspective” Hadassah received $2,300 last year by selling 900 Mahj
cards. Please order your cards through Hadassah so we
Thursday, January 21, 1:00-2:00 pm can earn even more this year. Thanks!
Prof. Evgenya Shkolnik
Any questions? Contact Sheryl Socoloff
“The Habitability of Our Nearest Exoplanet Neighbor and [email protected] or 480.277.1454
What Does It Mean to You”

Monday, January 25, 12:00-1:00 pm
Noam Zion

“Jewish Debates about Marital Intimacy”

Please note that all presentations above are virtual in
nature until further notice.

Classes cost $18 per person, per session, and you must
register to attend. Learn more and register at

12 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781

Contributions We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support Temple Solel by remembering and
honoring their friends and loved ones through their generous contributions.

Annual Campaign  In memory of Dr. Richard Adelson  A donation has been made by
David and Barbara Jean Adelson Nelson and Lisa Lerner
 In memory of Gregg D. Alpert
Julie Alpert  Thank you to the Temple Solel staff and  In honor of Rabbi Linder. Thank you for
members for your overwhelming your beautiful leadership during this
Art @ Solel Fund amount of love and support year’s High Holy Day services and for all
David and Bree Bielenberg that you do for this community.
 In memory of Elliott B. Golden, forever Scott and Marlene Tucker
missed  In memory of Virginia Montgomery
Mrs. Pamela Ornstein Eugene Montgomery  In memory of Nessie Roiter, daughter of
Myrna Roiter
Cantorial Soloist Todd Herzog’s  In memory of Harry Gold Sol and Helen Epstein
Herb and Judy Gold
Discretionary Fund Rabbi Stiel’s Discretionary Fund
 In memory of Alice Novak
 In memory of our beloved fathers Judy Alpert  In honor of Rabbi Debbie Stiel. Thank
Michael Miller, Morrie Bauer, you for meeting with us. We greatly
and Leo Miller  In memory of Bessie Levinson and enjoyed getting to know you. The Tribe
Bonnie, Steve, Tom and Gary Miller Evelyn Lasik Harriet and Sy Achtman, Steve and
Lois, Jared, Taylor, and Vija Bell Shari Cohen, Jill and Mike Loebel,
Caring Community Fund Myrna and Ira Wechter
 In memory of Helen Lambeck
 In honor of Dottie Braun-Cohen Maxine Henig  In memory of Pauline Feldman
Al and Sandy Barkov Karen Leff
 In memory of Vivian Golombuski
 In memory of Jennie Bonime Michael Golombuski  In memory of our loving father,
Arlene Bonime Milo Chozen
 In memory of Stella Epstein Martin and Rollie Rosen
 In honor of Rabbi John Linder Richard Epstein
Charles and Diana Love Raker Religious School Camp
 In memory of Hedda Kornreich
 In memory of Kay Tuber Sachs Family Donation
Debbie Scharf
 In memory of Iz Bernstein  In memory of Minna Slater
 In memory of Howard Levey Sharon Cohen Mark Stern
Leonard and Robin Balon
Jim Waxenberg Youth Fund  In honor of the Bat Mitzvah of our
 In memory of Henry Hollander granddaughter, Hailey Glicksman. We
Robin, Len, Shana Balon  In memory of our beloved Uncle Jim. are so proud of her!
We love you and miss you. Love, Grandma and Grandpa
 In memory of Miriam Waldbaum Adam, Eden, and Jack Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Ackerman
Sue Waldbaum
Rabbi Linder’s Discretionary Fund Social Action Family Promise Fund
 In memory of Milton Waldbaum
Sue Waldbaum  A donation was made by  A donation was made by
Barbara Kish Marshall and Lesley Lustgarten
Dr. Gerald Becker Adult Education
 In memory of Ron Turbyfill  In memory of your sister‑in‑law, Les
Fund Brent Adleman and Chris Turbyfill and Lorna Klebe
Stewart and Sharon Levine
 In honor of Jerry Friedman  In memory of Jackie and Charles R.
Jan Carp Lugo/Kranzberg. Loved and missed. Social Action Fund
Carol Serpa
Edward and Celia Linder Interfaith  A donation was made by
 In memory of Mrs. Rose Reisman. Barbara Neuman
Bridge-building Fund Thanks so much for your wonderful Bill and Laurie Hopkins
assistance with the Shiva for my
 In gratitude of Rabbi Linder late mother.  In memory of Arthur Harrison Love
Avery Crossman Dr. Ellen Babby Charles and Diana Love

Endowment Fund  In memory of Duncan Owles  In memory of Anna Bolno
Elaine Owles Gary and Phyl Bolno
 In memory of Harlan Crossman
Avery Crossman  In honor of Rabbi Linder  A donation was made by
Gerda Klein Ken and Marian Fisher
 In memory of Gayla Crossman Marshall and Lesley Lustgarten
Avery Crossman  A donation was made by
Len and Ellie Harris
 A donation was made by
Mark Stern  In memory of Paul Schlemmer
Mal and Jane Jozoff
General Fund
 A donation was made by
 In memory of Donald Neuman Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Miller
Barbara Neuman Ms. Joyce Kranzberg

January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781 13

Contributions (Cont’d)

 In honor of the marriage of Paul Shaffert Solel Preschool Fund  Thankful we are able to provide
and Nene Kalu. All the best for a long assistance
life together of happiness and health.  In memory of Michael Jonathon Bell and Mr. and Mrs. Marc Hudson
Michael and Judy Schaffert Morris Lasik
Lois, Jared, Taylor, and Vija Bell  A donation was made by
 A donation was made by Steven and Gayle Pincus
Mr. Robert and Ms. Shari Levitan  A donation was made by
Mark Stern Tzedakah Fund
 In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Irving and
Saralee Lober Temple Solel Hardship Relief Fund  In memory of Evelyn Oxhandler Love
Ms. Erica Linn Charles and Diana Love
 In gratitude to the Temple Solel
 A donation was made by Community  A donation was made by
Sarah Superfon Charles and Diana Love Joani Frankel
Sy and Harriet Achtman
 In memory of Daniel Leff Donations received after
Marv and Karen Leff November 30, 2020 will be printed in

the next issue of the Pathfinder.

Discretionary Fund Moving?
If you’re moving or have just recently moved, please take
Temple Solel thanks everyone for their continued a moment to notify the temple office so that we may
generosity and support of our clergy staff through update our records. This would include any change of
contributions made to their individual discretionary email or contact phone information. Please email
fund accounts. To avoid any confusion, we ask that you [email protected] or call 480.991.7414. Thanks!
be sure to include the intended rabbi’s full name in the
memo portion of your check and/or on any
correspondence that accompanies your contribution.

Thank you!

The “Go To” List at Temple Solel

Call Temple Solel at 480.991.7414 and refer to extensions below.

Birthdays/Anniversary Information ........... Joan Giannini [email protected] ext. 127
Building Rental/Facilities ........................... Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
K’hilot......................................................... Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Committee Participation............................ Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Donations................................................... Joan Giannini [email protected] ext. 127
Dues Adjustments...................................... Peter [email protected]... ext. 124
Dues Payments/ Billing Issues.................... Joan Giannini [email protected] ext. 127
Illness/Caring Community.......................... Jelena [email protected] ext. 126
Meeting Scheduling/Calendar ................... Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Membership............................................... Peter [email protected]... ext. 124
Pathfinder Questions ................................. Peter [email protected]... ext. 124
The Solel Preschool.................................... Mary Ann [email protected] ............. ext. 163
Rabbinic Scheduling ................................... Jelena [email protected] ext. 126
Raker Religious School ............................... Tobee Waxenberg [email protected] ......... ext. 123
Volunteers.................................................. Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Yahrzeit Information.................................. Jelena [email protected] ext. 126

14 January 2021 / Tevet - Sh’vat 5781


Kaddish will be recited on Erev Shabbat on the following dates:

January 1, 2021 January 22, 2021

Roslyn Altschul Ralph Henig Polly Pass Madeleine Beauget Beverly Ginsberg Lynn Lupton
Mort Balon Morry Howard Josef Pruzhansky David Bloom Henry Glascock Jean Miller
Norman Berns Leona Isaac Eric Roseman Bill Bloom Sherman Gleekel Natalie Mintz
Joel Birnbaum Herbert Klein Maurice Rosenblum Ida Bolotin Dora Goldstein Maximo Piccione
Muriel Gottlieb
Sarah Brody Craina Knoll Lillie Rosenthal Eugene Borowitz Ruthe Grossman Louis Rabinovitz
Anna Brustin Peter Kokalis Alex Rubenzik David Brecker Edith Guyer Clara Rotfeld
Hannah Busch Erwin Lanson Leon Rubin Sophia Chapman Gert Kane Annette Seplow
Howard Covinsky Samuel Lazarus Abe Rudberg Thelma Cohen Marion Kaplan Bill Shedlov
Dana Dickman Calvin Lieberman Sophie Rutman-Clayman Kelly Cooper Charlyne Katz Gusssie Siporin
Adam Donnenfield Harry Lishinsky Ruth Schwartz Herman Dickstein Mollie Kipness Vince Smith
Mona Ehrenreich Austin Matlock Karen Shifris Marilyn Fine Sandra Kirschblum Helen Smith
Ann Krips
Selma Fink Julius Menaged Arnold Siegel Ruth Finn Jack Lazarus Martha Straka
Stanley Garner Phillip Moss Lillian Smith Clara Freidenreich Lawrence Leebove Marcey Strick
Eugenia Gavartin Robert Murray Maurice Targove Lois Frumess Max Teper
Sylvia Ginsburg Mira Neimark Morris Vinegar Louis Furstman Evelyn Weiss
Harry Ginsburg Joyce Oppenheim Murray Wlody
James Harris Louis Palitz

January 8, 2021 January 29, 2021

Jean Barrett Sheldon Katz Milton Nomkin Willard Abraham Shirley Goldberg Morris Notrica
Sylvia Cartsonis Phillip Kottle Manuel Pass Jean Adleman Donald Graceman Lillian Paull
Eve Donsky Ida Kozinets Evelyn Pliskin Emile Carp Betty Hertz Milton Polayes
Dolores Elam Benjamin Kushnerov Ruth Powell Herbert Cohen Rosa Hirsch Harry Robbins
Zelda Lasky
J. Eugene Farber William LeGrand Charles Raker Jay Cooper Evelyn Jacobs Sandra Rosen
Sara Feige Fred Levey Mark Reisman W. Louis Coppersmith Blanche Katz Sophie Sachs
Jack Gershman Belle Levitt Stephen Rineberg Shirley Fanger Raleigh Kkuller William Silberstein
Linda Gersten Louis Lippin Ada Rosenblum Ruth Fishgold Rose Landers Arthur Silverstein
David Glaser Joseph Mayers Gerald Salman Jerry Germaine Adeline Levitan Frances Solon
Robert Gold Doris Megeff Eugene Schwartz Bertha Getzov Ruth Lidawer Michael Weinshel
Paul Hochberg Theresa Moss Eileen Tager Lila Glasky Rose Lipschitz Peter Zack
Evelyn Motzkin
Edna Hoffman Shirley Motzkin Daniel Weber Bennett Goldberg Richard MacMillan
Russell Jurgenson Harry Whitman
Phyllis Kaplan Ruth Yelsky

Alex Alexander January 15, 2021 Leo Randall Condolences
Simon Bolotin Ruth Reich
Anita Breit Milton Greenspan Sarah Reinherz We Mourn the Loss of:
Cortland Brovitz Dorothy Grotsky Samuel Roth  Morris Seeskin, beloved husband of Eileen Fein
Sonya Harris
Ruth Cohen Margaret Hawkes Jean Rothstein
Stan Cohen Peggy Kauffman Lee Seidenfeld
Victoria Fallas Barry Koblentz Else Seligman
David Feldman Leo Lamden Sondra Sherman
Steven Fields Dorothy Levey Stanley Singer
David Fillman Rose Levinsohn Ruth Slaton
Adolph Fine Frieda Litwin Kathleen Snaza
Sandford Love
Doris Fleischman Octavio M. Martin William Spiegel
Chester Freund Walter Marx Corrinne Stafford
Morris Friedman Ola McGrew Miriam Waldbaum
Rose Geller Stuart Miller Charlotte Wallach
Joseph Glash Ben Moretsky Alvin Weinberger
Barbara Gold Aaron Novak Alex Weiss
Jill D'Anne Goldberg Kate Passon David Wiener
Moises Pienknagura
Isaac Goldstein Ethel Rabinovitz Sam Wilf
Phil Gorman Samuel Zyttenfeld

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Temple Solel
Gift Shop News

Our Gift Shop is one of the best-kept Published by and for the members of Temple Solel
sweecrheatvseintothPoeleffvaeasrle—lenyito.etCmeostmhceahtaadnnugdeesweeitwh hthaet January 2021
Jewish holidtoayCsoavnidd-s1e9a,stohnesG. ift
Rabbi John A. Linder [email protected] x.122 Rabbi
We have BaSrhaonpdiBsactloMseitdz.vaShtapyresents, Rabbi Debbie Stiel [email protected] x.131 Rabbi
amazing talltituontefdrotmo eIsNraUeZl aant ddifferent Todd Herzog [email protected] x.136 Cantorial Soloist
price points, anodumr wucehbmsitoer,e. Rabbi Maynard W. Bell Rabbi Emeritus

Don’t forgewtwbwab.ytegmifptsl,ewsoeldedl.ionrggpresents Executive Committee & Trustees
and even a bfoeraduetitfauillsmoenzzwuzhaehn. We also
have jewelrytthoemGeifettSyhooupr wevilelry want and Doreen Feldberg .................................................................................................... President
need and lovely hostess gifts. Rae Rader................................................................Executive Vice President - Social Action
Stephen Slogoff.............................................................................Vice President - Accounts
reopen for business. Larry Fink ................................................................. Vice President - Trustee Development
The Gift Shop is open several times during Lauren Brown.............................................................................. Vice President - Education
the week. Please cTahlal nthkes!temple office at Larry Cohen...............................................................Vice President - Facilities and Security
480.991.7414 before you stop in so that Brian Weinberger.........................................................Vice President - Legal and Contracts
we may be able to assist you. Bobbi Moss ............................................................................................................ Secretary
Phil Hawkes............................................................................................................Treasurer

Madelaine Berg Lisa Lerner TSTY Co-presidents:
Bettina Chow Robert Lipson Ariel Eisen
Eve Danoff Eric Mininberg Drew Kolber
Judy Gold Howard Rosen

Return Policy Administrative Staff

The temple will cheerfully accept any Peter Pishko [email protected] x.124 Executive Director
returns for store credit only. Jacquelyn Null Engagement Specialist
Thank You! Tobee Waxenberg [email protected] x.128 Director of Raker Rel. School
Elis Legler Raker Religious School Coord.
Torah Portions/Candle Lighting Times Noni Clark [email protected] x.123
Joan Giannini Controller
January 1/Va-y’chi/Genesis 47:28–50:26/5:14pm Jelena Santiago [email protected] x.121 Office Manager
January 8/Sh’mot/Exodus 1:1−6:1/5:19pm Mary Ann Bloom Executive Assistant
January 15/Va-eira/Exodus 6:2−9:35/5:26pm Sonya Placencia h[email protected] x.125 Director of Early Childhood Ed.
January 22/Bo/Exodus 10:1−13:16/5:32pm Kathleen Manahan Preschool Billing & Office Asst.
January 29/B’shalach/Exodus 13:17−17:16/5:39pm Alberto Mena [email protected] x.127 Education Assistant
Vojo Stanisic Facility Manager
[email protected] x.126
[email protected] x.162

[email protected] x.135

[email protected] x.164

[email protected] x.129

[email protected] x.129

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