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Published by Temple Solel, 2021-03-01 16:26:30

March 2021 Pathfinder

March 2021 Pathfinder

Light on the Horizon

T he last time our Temple Solel community miraculous speed of vaccines being developed, approved,
manufactured and distributed, we can now say “this too shall
gathered in person for Shabbat was Friday, pass” with a brighter light on the horizon.
March 13, 2020. Indeed, a Friday the 13th that
proved to be a harbinger of things to come. It This has been a long, devastating year. No doubt there have
was an unusually rainy, dark afternoon for been silver-linings; yet we are not looking through rose-
Phoenix. Shortly before services began, seeing colored glasses. Family and friends have died as a direct
the sun shining through the rain clouds, I hustled outside with consequence of COVID-19. Jobs have been lost, businesses
the prospects of seeing a rainbow. To my delight, I was closed, life cycles scaled back or postponed, isolation
greeted by this double rainbow, arched over our sun-bathed exacerbating the ever-present fractures of mental illness and
building. This rainbow has helped get me through what is abuse. The communal life of religious worship has been
now approaching one year of the pandemic. confined to our homes, on computers screens, and cell
phone. COVID-19 fatigue is real.
In writing about the biblical rainbow, arising from Noah and
the ark story, the 13th-century Spanish Bible commentator, We all want to reopen the temple and come back in person,
Nahmanides, sees it is an inverted bow (as in a bow and no one more than your clergy team. Rabbi Stiel can’t wait to
arrow) that is no longer
aimed at the earth. The bow meet you in person! We are
that had threatened the getting closer. Hundreds
earth in the form of a flood, within the Solel community
is now pointed away from have either been fully
earth; it no longer has a vaccinated, have had their
string or arrows; a ceasefire first shot, have an
from above. In this sense, appointment, or are trying
the rainbow can be seen as a like the dickens to get one.
hopeful portent of things to At Pathfinder press time,
come; a sign of God your clergy, staff, and lay
orchestrating peace in the leaders are in the trenches,
high heavens. doing the necessary spade-
—Rabbi John A. Linder work to reopen in a
A rainbow is the refraction responsible way. Stay tuned!
of light through water drops, breaking up the white light so
that we can see the various colors in its visible spectrum.1 March 13, 2021 coincides this year with the first day of the
One moment water presents itself as threatening, torrential Hebrew month of Nisan. What a lovely gift from the universe.
rains, the next moment as a breathtaking rainbow—offering A rainbow at the beginning of a year filled with hardship,
possibilities barely imaginable just minutes earlier. keeping us from losing hope—assuring us that the rain will
stop, the sun will shine; gam zeh ya’avor–this too shall pass.
I recall, just a month into the pandemic, trying to offer As the month of Nisan ushers in the rebirth of spring,
comfort and hope to the congregation through the Jewish renewed life, and our people’s Exodus from Egypt, it too
adage, “gam zeh ya’avor–this too shall pass.” Well, who brings us closer to reengaging in life. The desert bloom is
would have imagined, now a year later, that we would still be within sight. Keep that in your mind’s eyes. It’s not far off.
experiencing worship, religious school, adult education, shiva
minyanim, board and committee meetings, all of them Rabbi John A. Linder
virtually. Thankfully, with the remarkable, nothing short of
1 My Jewish Learning on “The Jewish Rainbow Connection”



2 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781

Estelle Elizabeth Davis, daughter of Jamie and Gregg Davis, will become a bat mitzvah on

Saturday, March 6, 2021 at 10:30 am. Estelle attends North Phoenix Preparatory Academy and enjoys
sewing, competitive gymnastics, and baking. For her mitzvah project, Estelle is looking forward to
raising money to help make gymnastics accessible to families that can’t afford the fees.

Olivia Soren Lang, daughter of Mindy and Adam Lang, will become a bat mitzvah on Saturday,

March 13, 2021 at 10:30 am. Olivia attends All Saints Episcopal Day School and enjoys playing volleyball,
theater, singing, reading, going to the gym, playing games, and spending time with family. For her mitzvah
project, Olivia volunteered with New Pathways for Youth. If you’d like to find out more, visit

Isley Sloane Zall, daughter of Alli Zall and Brad Zall, will become a bat mitzvah on Saturday, March 20, 2021 at

10:30 am.

View Shabbat and B’nai Mitzvah Services by visiting and selecting
the “Click here to watch our Streaming services” link at the beginning of each service.

March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781 3

Passover: A Journey of Inner Liberation
T his month, we will celebrate the holiday
awareness into the present moment, catching ourselves

of Passover. Most of us will participate in before we fall into old routines and reactions.

some kind of a Seder, whether in person or Once we are able to move into the present, we can zoom
online, and we will retell the story of our out from our limited view of ourselves. We can remind
ourselves that we are, in fact, spiritual beings who are
Exodus from Egypt. In Jewish mystical circles,
‘mitzrayim’ (the Hebrew word for Egypt) is a narrow place, larger than our individual personal dramas. We can apply
a place of constriction. We encounter these narrow places the wisdom of the Passover story to our daily lives. Rather
in our everyday lives. than being confined to the slavery of our past, we can

We encounter mitzrayim when we are waiting in line at symbolically open the door for Elijah, to the hope of a new

the post office and we feel those angry impulses start to future… which of course requires dying to our former

rise. We encounter mitzrayim when we’re with our selves.

families and we replay the roles we have played for years, May we take a new look at our traditions this year, and
often even repeating the same conversations. We hopefully begin to see them with fresh eyes…

encounter mitzrayim when we have a disagreement with a In song,
romantic partner that brings up our inner defenses. The Todd Herzog
challenge for us on a daily basis is to break free from these
Cantorial Soloist
unconscious patterns. And we can do that by bringing our


Todd & Juliet Burgess ..........................13 yrs Andrew & Ellen Meltzer ...............................14 yrs
Jonathan Cartsonis & Claire Bowey .....26 yrs Jordan & Ann Oland .....................................20 yrs
Gregg & Jamie Davis ............................21 yrs Steven & Gayle Pincus..................................43 yrs
Michael & Lisa Flader.............................7 yrs Ernie Riffer & Jody Reiser .............................31 yrs
Rob & Shlomit Gruber..........................17 yrs Marc & Tracy Schwimmer ............................38 yrs
Eric Haas & Jennifer Serlin ...................23 yrs Brent Shuster & Candice de Saint-Antoine ..14 yrs
Marc & Dina Hudson............................18 yrs Andrew & Stacy Sweet .................................17 yrs
Michael & Rhea Kowitz ........................20 yrs Mark & Sandy Winograd ..............................33 yrs
Dan & Becky Lieberman.......................32 yrs Gary & Susan Worth.....................................28 yrs

4 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781

Play is How We Roll

As we near the end of this school year, 6. Play and learning go hand-in-hand. They are not
separate activities. They are intertwined. Think about
many parents have talked to me about the them as a science lecture with a lab. Play is the child’s
curriculum at the Solel Preschool. Play is really lab.
our curriculum and I found an article on the
NAEYC (National Association for the Education 7. Play outside. Remember your own outdoor
of Young Children) web site that explains the reason Play is experiences of building forts, playing on the beach,
so important. Enjoy. sledding in the winter, or playing with other children in
the neighborhood. Make sure your children create
10 Things Every Parent Should Know about Play outdoor memories too.

1. Children learn through their play. Don’t underestimate 8. There’s a lot to learn about play. There’s a lot written
the value of play. Children learn and develop cognitive on children and play. David Elkind’s The Power of Play
skills—like math and problem solving in a pretend (Da Capo, 2007 reprint) is a great resource.
grocery; store physical abilities—like balancing blocks
and running on the playground; new vocabulary—like 9. Trust your own playful instincts. Remember as a child
the words they need to play with toy dinosaurs; social how play just came naturally? Give your children time
skills—like playing together in the kitchen corner or for play and see all that they are capable of when given
creating or creating a menu for a pretend restaurant. the opportunity.

2. Play is healthy. Play helps children grow strong and 10. Play is a child’s context for learning. Children practice
healthy. It also counteracts obesity issues facing many and reinforce their learning in multiple areas during
children today. play. It gives them a place and a time for learning that
cannot be achieved through completing a worksheet.
3. Play reduces stress. Play helps your children grow For example, in playing restaurant, children write and
emotionally. It is joyful and provides an outlet for draw menus, set prices, take orders, and make out
anxiety and stress. checks. Play provides rich learning opportunities and
leads to children’s success and self-esteem.
4. Play is more than meets the eye. Play is simple and
complex. There are many types of play: symbolic, Bongiorno, Laurel PhD
sociodramatic, functional, and games with rules—to
name just a few. Researchers study play’s many
aspects: how children learn through play, how outdoor parent-play
play impacts children’s health, the effects of screen
time on play, to the need for recess in the school day. Mary Ann Bloom

5. Make time for play. As parents, you are the biggest Director of Early Childhood Education
supporters of your children’s learning. You can make
sure they have as much time to play as possible during Upcoming Dates to Remember:
the day to promote cognitive, language, physical, social,
and emotional development. March 5: Rock & Roll Tot Shabbat, 3 year olds perform
on Zoom

March 24 & 25: Passover Seders

COVID Impact on Upcoming Events: Did You Know???

Please remember that all of our events are Friday and Saturday Shabbat Services
subject to change/possible cancellation due to are available via StreamSpot on your
COVID infection rates. Temple Solel takes COVID- home PC! Go to
19 precautions and protections very seriously and and click on the button to stream
our teams continue to meet as benchmarks and services on either day to join us!
research change and adapt over time. We
appreciate your patience and flexibility!

March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781 5


An amazing young woman walked into our office in July can, we do it because we want to, and we do it because
2019. Her name, Elis Legler, was applying for the position of regardless of our fears, we have the courage and the
Raker Religious School Coordinator. From the moment I willingness to go on.
spoke with her, I felt that Elis was the one for Raker! Please
enjoy reading about her journey and experiences along the I never feared moving to a new place. I knew that, worst
road to coming to Phoenix. We are fortunate to have Elis on case scenario, I could always move back home… which I did,
staff, and of course very lucky to be able to share Ben, her many times. I lived in different places throughout my life.
adorable baby boy, with her and her husband Adam. Rio de Janeiro, London, Israel (in the city and in a kibbutz),
New York City (in Manhattan and on the other side of the
Tobee Waxenberg East River), West Texas, and now Arizona. All these places
are so incredibly different, but yet, every time that I was
When we we think about the word ‘courageous,’ we surrounded by a Jewish community, they were unique and
instantly think about someone who has no fear, someone familiar. When it was time to move here, I knew that I
brave. would be in Arizona for a really long time, if not forever. We
have no family in Arizona, we didn’t know anyone in
For years I was called courageous, and for a long time, not
only did that word bother me, but I replied Arizona. But as soon as I heard that the
with… “Courageous? Me? I can’t even look Scottsdale/Phoenix area had a big Jewish
at a snake picture without closing my eyes community, my worries went away. No
in desperation!” Just as an idea, I went to matter what, you can always count on your
Papago Park and avoided at all costs that Jewish community. And it did not
playground with the huge snake sculptures. disappoint. Once again, being courageous
(Oh yes, and yet, I moved to Arizona!) proved to us, that when you focus on the
bright side, you will always be “counting
About 10 years ago, a friend of mine told your blessings.”
me “You are so courageous. You always
follow your dreams, and you have no fear of It’s at the core of the Jewish people to be
going after what makes you happy.” And courageous. It lies in the importance of
just like that I realized that I had it all wrong. keeping our religion and community alive.
That is why your family belongs to a temple,
I am not the kind of courageous person who that’s why you send your children to
will take on skydiving as a hobby or that will religious school. Religious school is not only
pet a wild animal. And no, I won’t look at a about giving your children the opportunity
snake, even from a safe distance. But, I am to learn about Judaism, Hebrew, and Israel,
the kind of courageous person who will it is about teaching them to be courageous and proud of
express my thoughts out loud, who will go after what I their heritage, it is about teaching them the importance of
want, and will always ask questions. I guess, in a way, I do belonging to a Jewish community.
all the courageous things that are not dangerous. What’s
the worst that can happen? Failing and trying again? Having Now that I am a Mom, this is proving to be true all over
to change my course and strategy? Receiving ‘no’ as an again. What a difference a Jewish community makes. The
answer? Ultimately, trying (but playing it safe) doesn’t hurt! words of kindness, the support, in a language that is
universal to us. There is something in this language that is
Bottom line is that you don’t have to be fearless or brave to even quite unrealistic, something magical, mystical, and for
be courageous. Being courageous means that even though sure spiritual. How can a person feel so at home even
you have fears, you are brave enough to follow your plans, though she only lived at this new place for such a short time
you still chase after what you believe in, you still go after compared to most? How can a person feel so welcomed
what you want. And with that being said, an enlightening and loved even though she met her community (in person)
fact: we are all courageous. for such a short period of time before having to accept a
virtual-only connection? How? Because this is us.
The Jewish people endured so much. And yet, we carry on.
Holocaust survivors carry their fears and traumas for life, Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for believing in
and they still thrive. They live because they can; they live the importance of Jewish studies and connections to your
because regardless of their fears and traumas, they have family. Thank you for being here for Temple Solel and Raker
the courage to go on. Religious School, because we sure are doing everything we
can to bring Jewishness and mindfulness to your home.
Anti-Semitism is still a sad reality. And yet, we don’t hide
our culture, we don’t hide our pride, and we cherish our Elis Legler
traditions in all possible moments. We do it because we
Raker Religious School Coordinator

6 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781

Drew Kolber Temple Solel Book Club

Drew Kolber is a Junior at the Herberger Young Scholars Dear Fellow Book Lovers,
Academy. She was raised in Arizona with her parents Elissa
Katz and Jason Kolber, and their cats, Coco and Mocha. Thank you to Noreen Cohen for leading the February
Drew loves interfaith connections and started a teen discussion of Glikl.
chapter of the Sisterhood of Salam Shalom where Muslim
and Jewish teen girls connect and foster friendships to This month, on March 16 at 6:00 pm,
build community. “This is the coolest thing!” Fred Schwartz will lead our discussion
of Judaism’s Great Debates:
Drew is also co-president Controversies from Abraham to Herzl
of TSTY (Temple Solel by Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz (no relation
Temple Youth) and is a to Fred). “A volume easily read,
Madricha. “I really love Judaism’s Great Debates whets the
the Temple Solel reader’s appetite with a desire to dig
community and think it’s deeper into where we’ve been as a
very warm,” she says. way of understanding some of the
She has been a Temple most important issues facing us
Solel member since she today.”—Ellis Shuman, Times of Israel.
was in kindergarten. Her The author’s method of analysis for
family became members each debate is to consider its context,
in 2010. “It was so worth its content, and its continuity [meaning its] ongoing
it to join and it still is,” relevance of the issues at stake.” The phrase “argument
Drew explains, “The for the sake of Heaven” means we debate respectfully to
family aspect along with community through song, discern the Divine intent and preserve the minority
specifically with Todd. I love to sing and have sung in the opinion in the same spirit. The discussion should be a lot of
choir.” fun. Please join us.

Temple Solel membership to Drew “means community, it Next, we have meetings coming up on April
means family, it means mentorship.” She had the 20 (when we will read Other People’s Pets,
opportunity to talk to and build friendships with the clergy. a novel by R.L. Maizes) and May 18, each at
The Temple Solel Clergy are an inspiration to Drew. 6:00 pm. Other People’s Pets, the April 20
“There’s something about rabbinic teaching that it takes book, “examines the gap
daily things and makes them meaningful in an older between the families we’re
context which I think is super, super cool,” she says. Drew born into and those we
is interested in pursuing The Interfaith Youth Core, running create, and the danger that
interfaith programming to start dialog on college holding on to a troubled
campuses. “I would love to either attend Minerva for past may rob us of the
college or ASU for the Barrett Program and continue future.” On May 18 we will read Thoughts
writing and continue learning about the world.” From A Unicorn: 100% Black. 100% Jewish.
0% Safe. by MaNishtana, an African-
Her favorite Temple Solel memory is “having the American Orthodox rabbi.
opportunity to talk with a lot of Holocaust Survivors
through Dr. Jay’s Raker Religious School Class. Even though I welcome anyone might like to lead the April or May
I’ve heard their stories several times, it’s always just really discussion to reach me at the email below. If you would
incredible to hear stories of resilience and those are like to be added or removed from the Solel Book Club
always really meaningful,” she says. mailing list, please also email me at
[email protected]
Something Temple Solel members may not know about
Drew is that she’s “happy to have a conversation with Happy reading,
anyone,” she says, “I’m very grateful for Temple Solel and
all the people who have supported me for a long time. Judy Schaffert

March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781 7

Thank You! “Eve’s Daughter–A Midrash”
at Torah Study
Volunteer Recognition
In the beginning of the Creation story, God creates Eve,
Volunteers are an essential part of Temple Solel. We would like the first female human being. In Hebrew, she is called
to thank the following volunteers for their time and efforts: Chavah, meaning “life.” She embodies the twin forces that
govern the cycle of life – birth and death.
Birthday Calls Magen Masks One day in her garden, Eve puts her lips to an apple from
Arlene Bonime Toby Gerst the Tree of Knowing Joy and Pain. With a kiss and a bite,
Debbie Seplow the twin forces inside her are activated. She embraces her
Knitting for a Purpose Jane Marks partner Adam, and they bear “sons and
Arlene Bonime Esther Zack daughters” (Genesis 5:4). When the first son lives and the
Carol Brillman Ted Kort second son dies, Eve becomes Em Kol Chai, “the mother of
Jill Loebel Stephen Gerst all that happens in life.”
Beverly Nathan We know the fate of Eve’s sons, but what about her
Margie Rahilly Yahrzeit Notices daughters? Possibly, we meet one daughter in the Song of
Linda Ribnik Cynthia Marcus Songs, which we read on Passover each year. She is Rayati,
Beth Sennett a maiden in King Solomon’s court. When Rayati falls in love
Lisa Trotta with a handsome youth, she takes him back to her
Nancy Weinstein mother’s garden. She says: “Come, my beloved, let us see
Gail Zucker if the vine has flowered, if the pomegranates are in bloom;
there I will give my love to you, under the apple tree… for
Would you like to volunteer at some point in the future? love is fierce as death” (Song 7:12-8:6).
We’d love to have you! Email [email protected], and we’ll Like her mother Eve, Rayati knows that a kiss can unleash
add you to our volunteer email list for upcoming opportunities. both the creative force and the destructive force of the
cosmos. Yet in the midst of this perennial cycle, we find
Shout out goes to Toby Gerst and the our greatest human strength – our ability to bond with one
another and enjoy life’s fruits. This is the legacy of Eve and
entire Magen Masks volunteer team for her family: “Be fruitful and multiply,” and take a bite out of
their continued efforts and hard work! life. On Passover this year, let’s honor them by adding an
apple to our seder plate!
Torah Study meets virtually every Saturday morning at
9:00 am. See eNUZ for Zoom link and info. Please join us!

Matthew Kozinets

8 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781

March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781 9

Tu BiShvat Fun at The Solel Preschool

Lots of smiles during playtime We celebrated Tu B'Shevat at the Solel Some kids prefer to keep their
in the Narwhals class Preschool and celebrated the trees and all hands clean, so fingerpainting
they provide. in a bag is their favorite way to

Taking a break with some sweet treats!

We love reading stories at Solel Sometimes we get messy with
and make sure to read a few sensory activities!
each day

We also enjoyed tasting various fruits Physical activities are so Oranges, apples, and raisins—Tu BiShvat
during our Tu BiShvat Celebrations important to develop young is a yummy holiday!
muscle skills and setting up
obstacle courses is one of our
favorite ways to stay active

10 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781

March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781 11

Temple Solel Endowment Foundation Upcoming Speakers & Topics

Securing Our Future | March 2021 Thursday, March 4, 1:00-2:00 pm
Professor Joel Gereboff
I am a lucky person. My parents raised me in a traditional
Jewish home with solid Jewish values. They taught me, as I “Who and What Should I Fear: Early Rabbinic Views”
am teaching my daughter, that giving is a privilege. Sharing is Professor Joel Gereboff is Associate Professor of Religious
a mitzvah. A big part of being a Jew is paying it forward. I Studies at Arizona State University. He received his Ph.D.
have tried to do that. It feels good. from Brown University in History of Judaism in Late
Antiquity and his BA from New York University in
We are a community here at Temple Solel—not just a loose Philosophy.
collection of schlemiels who scramble for parking spots in the
same lot on High Holidays. We are here for each other. We Monday, March 15, 1:00-2:30 pm
help each other. Hands on. Dr. Jennifer Wiseman

Rabbi Linder and the Temple Solel Endowment Foundation “Beauty, Mystery, Significance in a Vast Universe”
Board members keep reminding me how important it is to Dr. Jennifer J. Wiseman is the Director of the AAAS
support the Foundation, keep it alive and help our spiritual Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSER) program.
community grow. Because of it, we can support Jewish She is also an astrophysicist at NASA, where she is the
tradition, education and teach our colorful observances. It is Senior Project Scientist for the Hubble Space Telescope.
essential to have that endowment in place, with annual gifts
the Temple can count on. Please note that all presentations above are virtual in
nature until further notice.
Less than eighty years ago, almost an entire generation of our
families—not strangers—people who actually looked like us, Classes cost $18 per person, per session, and you must
with our surnames, were murdered, only because they register to attend. Learn more and register at
wanted to go to their synagogues to practice Judaism.

But now, here at Temple Solel, we enjoy all the religious
freedom we could ever dream about.

Look at it from a strictly pragmatic point of view. You have a

A. Add a provision in your estate plan to make a generous
legacy gift to the Foundation.

With that said, we also welcome current contributions.

B. Write those dreadful, soul-squealing checks to the Internal
Revenue Service. Truthfully, we are nicer, and we serve much
better bagels.

Imagine what it would be like for our spiritual community
without you and your legacy gifts. Our sanctuary could
possibly be dark, not able to observe Shabbat, and have
cobwebs on the mezuzah at the front door. We would not
feel our desert sunrise streaming through the stained-glass
windows. Shemah, Kol Nidre and Hatikvah would be stone
silent. There would not be a place to say Kiddish or Kaddish,
get married, break the glass, celebrate our children’s Bar and
Bat Mitzvoth, or simply to feel at home in a cold, isolated

We are Temple Solel! Our name means Pathfinder. By
definition, we lead the way down new roads to better lives
for our families. “We get by with a little help from our
friends” The Beatles. Be mine. And thank you for being

Please consider supplementing your generous support of
Temple Solel with a gift to the Endowment Foundation;
legacy or current gifts or both! As always, we suggest you
discuss these strategies with your estate attorney and tax
advisor to determine what might be appropriate for your

Geoffrey Harris

Board Member, Temple Solel Endowment Foundation

12 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781

Contributions We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support Temple Solel by remembering and
honoring their friends and loved ones through their generous contributions.

Annual Campaign Fund  In memory of Emile Carp  In memory of Ralph Henig
Jan Carp Maxine Henig
 In memory of David Sussman
Adam Nach  In memory of Rose Amendola  In memory of Sherman Gleekel
Jan Carp Mimi Gleekel
 In memory of Rose Amendola
Fred Forsythe Endowment Fund  In memory of Donald Graceman
Myra Baum Mimi Gleekel
 In memory of Henry Glascock
 In memory of Jerry Smith Avery Crossman  In memory of Evelyn Jacobs
Richard and Cathy Boskey Cynthia Marcus
 In memory of Eric Roseman
Cantorial Soloist Todd Herzog’s Jim and Bobbi Moss  In memory of Marilyn Fine
Neal and Barbara Klein
Discretionary Fund General Fund
 In memory of Sophie Sachs
 Always fun to hear you inspire all of us  A donation was made by Ray and Valda Sachs
at Solel Mel and Sue Helfand
Gail Zucker & the Zucker Girls Nathan Casselman Foundation  In memory of Russell Jurgenson
Russell, Leonor and
 Thank you for making Ellie’s Bat Mitzvah  In honor of Howard Segal for all of Andrew Jurgenson
so special! your help
Todd and Sara Goldman Rachel Blank  In memory of William LeGrand
Ruth LeGrand
 In memory of Ola McGrew  In memory of Jean Adleman
Marney Field Barrie and Bellarri Adleman  In memory of Harry Whitman
Sandra Goodman
 In memory of Else Seligman  In memory of William Hopkins, Sr.
Ralph and Leslie Seligmann Bill and Laurie Hopkins  In memory of Ruthe Grossman and
Bill Bloom
Capital Fund  In memory of Max Teper Saramae Teich
Bob and Marilyn Teper
 A donation was made by  In memory of Belle Levitt
Chuck Pishko  In memory of Morris Friedman Sheldon Levitt
Bonnie Levitt
Caring Community Fund  In memory of my beloved mother,
 In memory of Simon and Ida Bolotin Phyllis Kaplan
 In memory of Rose Amendola Carol Brillman The Sobel Family
Arlene and Erica Bonime
 In memory of Raleigh Kuller Jim Waxenberg Youth Fund
 In memory of Rose Amdendola David Levy
Carol Brillman  In memory of Rose Amendola
 In memory of Sheldon Katz David and Jennifer Lamden
 In memory of Clara Rotfeld Deana Katz
Gary and Phyl Bolno  In memory of Steven Fields and
 In memory of Stephen Rineberg Herbert Cohen
 In memory of Fred Levy Gail Rineberg Steven and Shari Cohen
Leonard and Robin Balon
 In memory of Rose Amendola Oneg Fund
 In memory of Mort Balon Gary and Phyl Bolno
Leonard and Robin Balon  In memory of Rose Amendola
 In memory of Robert Gold Joan Feinstein
 In memory of Mae Rovins Herb and Judith Gold
Leonard and Robin Balon Rabbi Linder’s Discretionary Fund
 In memory of Lila Glasky
 In memory of Rose Amendola Herb and Judy Gold  In gratitude for all the support for my
Michael and Karin Epstein son, Jeff’s recovery from heart surgery
 In memory of Our mother, Sandra Rosen Israel and Vandi Hanin
 In memory of Betty Hertz and Howard and Judith Rosen
Jules Hertz  Thanks for all you do!
Milly Kaplan  Eve Donsky Jerry and Andrea Lewkowitz
Howard and Paula Donsky
 In memory of Rose Amendola  In memory of Gloria Weisman
Sandra Harris  In memory of my mother, Ronald & Amy Korn & family
Martha M. Straka
Dr. Gerald Becker Adult Jane Marks  Thank you for your strength, support
and compassion during the difficult time
Education Fund  In memory of Bertha Getzov of our mother’s passing
Jane Marks Ted, Jodi, Jackie and Randy Amendola
 In memory of Edna Hoffman
Arnold Hoffman  In memory of Oscar Rauch  Thank you for making Ellie’s Bat Mitzvah
Joe Freeman and Carolyn Rauch such a special time!
Edward and Celia Linder Interfaith Todd and Sara Goldman
 In memory of Aaron Novak
Bridge-building Fund Judith Alpert  In honor of Ellie Goldman’s Bat Mitzvah
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Friedman
 In memory of Edward Linder - Always in  In memory of Maximo Piccione
our hearts! Leo and Mateo Piccione  In memory of Sandy Harte
Catherine Linder Spencer Aaron and Diana Turk
 In memory of Eugene Schwartz
Leslie Schwartz

 In memory of Phil Gorman
Louis Gorman and Peggy Kile

March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781 13

Contributions (Cont’d)

 In memory of Gaye Jolosky  Thank You So Much! Raker Religious School Camp
Amy Hummell and family Mrs. Teri Young Donation Fund

 In memory of Mrs Natlie Mintz  In memory of Robert I. Young  In honor of Ellie Goldman’s Bat Mitzvah
Barbara Kish Alisa Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. Allan Friedman

 In memory of Ida Lamden  In memory of Robert Young Social Action Fund
Dick and Fran Lamden Debbie Davson
 In memory of Adeline Levitan, mother
 In memory of Evelyn Lawful  In memory of Sandi Harte of Bob Levitan
Fred and Betsy Lawful Dick Harte Bob and Shari Levitan

 In memory of your mother,  In memory of our loving mother,  In memory of Peggy Kauffman
Rose Amendola Helen S. Feingold Gary and Phyl Bolno
Jeff and Patsy Parker Dr. and Mrs. Bert and Betty Feingold
Solel Preschool Fund
 In memory of Jerry Salman  In memory of Mary White Carp
Mal Jozoff Jan Carp  In memory of Rose Amendola, an
incredible caretaker and friend
 In memory of Leo Randall  In memory of Herman Dickstein and David Weinrab
Marnee Solon Annette Seplow
Judy Seplow Temple Solel Hardship Relief Fund
 In memory of William Spiegel
Norman and Frani Wolfe  In memory of Iris Diane Mozenter Katz  In memory of Hannah and Hy Busch
Sandra Harris Iris Bosch Feldman
Rabbi Stiel’s Discretionary Fund
 In memory of Robert Young Donations received after
 Thank you so much for all you did at my Steve and Susan Fischer January 31, 2021 will be printed in the
cousin, Robert Young’s funeral
Mark Cohen next issue of the Pathfinder.

Tikkun Olam Opportunities During Covid-19

There are many opportunities for helping out those in need HELPING YOUR NEIGHBOR:
in our community. Don’t forget to use #WEARESOLEL for us Jewish context: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
to see all your amazing projects. Leviticus 19:9

FOR THE HUNGRY:  Mow their lawn
Jewish context: “Share your bread with the hungry, and  Wash their car
take the wretched poor into your home. When you see the  Walk their dog
naked, clothe him, and do not ignore your own kin.”
Isaiah 58:7 KNIT OR SEW:
 Donate your work
 Serve a meal at St. Vincent de Paul  Google search for instructions on how to make
Email [email protected] if interested.
a no-sew blanket
 Deliver a meal with Meals on Wheels.  Learn how to sew virtually with a family member
 Make and donate face masks
Jewish context: “Your heart shall not be grieved when you FOR OLDER ADULTS:
give.” Deuteronomy 15:10 Jewish context: “Stand up in the presence of the aged,
show respect for the elderly and revere
 Donate blood by making an appointment at your God. I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:32
American Red Cross
 Help deliver groceries/run errands
 Donate to the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona.  Deliveries through JFCS

WORKING OUTSIDE: Email [email protected]
Jewish context: “The Lord God took the man and put him in
the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15  Writing a Letter or Making a Card:
Send letters/cards to Haven Hospice at 15551 N.
 Weeding out the backyard or apartment complex Greenway Hayden Loop, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
 Decorating a compost or recycling bin
 Litter Pick-Up

14 March 2021 / Adar - Nisan 5781


Kaddish will be recited on Erev Shabbat on the following dates:

March 5, 2021 March 19, 2021

Samuel Adelson Tandrea Goodfarb Richard Mahler Barbara Altshuler Bertha Goodman Joanne Mayer
Rose Bantit Charles Grotsky Molly Panitch Jack Bloom Estelle Greenberg Max Mayer
Esther Bell Joan Heller Hyman W. Perelgut Shirley Bloom Estelle Grey Konrad Meyer
Steve Blechman Brent Hershinow Edward L. Pincus David Breslow Marvin Grossman Simpson Meyers
Milton Hirsch
Joseph Braun Lottie Jandorf Rose Rudberg Charlotte Chassin Sarah Gutwirth Jack Oland
Andrea Braver Bernard Jandorf Andrew Schauer Molly Cutter George Hajnal Frances Podolsky
Carolee Brecker Miriam Kaplan Robert Schubert Irving Denenberg Sam Hardin Miriam Pritkin
Morris Burns Jason Kaplan Robert Shellow Samuel Dickman Robert Hertzenberg Toby Raznick
Joan Charney Leon Kauftheil Irving Siporin Nathan Farber Morton Isaacs Roger Robinson
Elizabeth Dees Henry Kaven Marion Sokolinsky Albert Fein Hyman Israel Judith Sachs
Kenneth Eisenberg Rozalyn Krupp Alexander Vadas Louis L. Fessinger Gerry Jacobs David Schaffert
Boaz Lerer
Bettye Friedland Hanna Lippin Claire Vadas Sylvia Forstadt Henry Kane Dorothy Schneiderman
Victor Friedman Esther Lipsman Nathan Wahlberg Peter Friedland Lilly Kassie Adeline Silverman
Donald Goldstein Sumner Wyman Edward Friefield Zainab Khan Herbert Simon
Harry Goodbinder Jenice Furstman Harry Lasky Lawrence Sinuk
Julian Galst Nettie Lavine Helen Starr
Imy Gellert Cheryl Lernor Bernard Sukenic
Morty Gerber Mania Lichtenstein Frieda Traister

Elizabeth Goldfinger Lawrence Marks Daniel Wolfe

March 12, 2021 March 26, 2021

Pierre Beauget James Jonas Eric Sachs Mary Barrett Helen Gonshak Jules Mink
Julian Belchamber Pearl Kroot Jonathan Saltzman Jane Bernstein Max Hacker Hazel Morris
Lorraine Bernheim Alvin Leff Herbert Schiller Walter Boninger Sarah Harris Phillip Raboy
Fannie Binn Alice Levine William Schuller Robert V. Boodman Kenneth Lambek Ted Rubin
Milton Lipsman
Elaine Cohen Abraham Macey Zena Shedlov Charles Braunstein Alvin Lerman David Schwartz
Marvin Covinsky Bernard Madorin Max Siporin Michael Brillman Ronald Levich Louis Shumaker
William Dees Morton Melny Robert Smolen Irene Burgess Harold Levitan Elaine Silberman
Lorraine Field Ben Morris Samuel Spinner Esther Ditchok Harold Lewis Harry Silverman
Lucille Frenkel Edith Phillips William Stevens Herta Feher Leona Libby Hope Silvestri
Gunther Garrison Anne Ray Vera Ugoretz Saul Friefield Emil Maier William Weitzenkorn
David Gerbarg Jacquelynne Reichbaum Stanley Valadez Edith Galpern Gertrude Marcus Shirley Wlody
Susan Smolens Ritter
Joan Glazier Meyer Roth Louis Wall
Louis Goodman Lee Wallace
Justinus Gould Preston Weisman
Barbara Jarol

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Scottsdale AZ
Permit No. 24

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Issued monthly
Volume 20 - Issue 8

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Temple Solel
Gift Shop News

Our Gift Shop is one of the best-kept Published by and for the members of Temple Solel
March 2021
secrets in the valley. Come and see what
we have toPolefafesre—niotetemtshcahtadnugee with the Rabbi John A. Linder [email protected] x.122 Rabbi
Jewish holitdoaCysovaindd-1s9e,atshoensG.ift Rabbi Debbie Stiel [email protected] x.131 Rabbi
Todd Herzog [email protected] x.136 Cantorial Soloist
We have BaSrhaonpdisBcaltoMseidtz.vSathaypresents, Rabbi Maynard W. Bell Rabbi Emeritus

amazing taltluitnoet dfrotomeINsrUaZelaantddifferent Executive Committee & Trustees
price points, anodurmwuechbsmitoe,re.
Doreen Feldberg .................................................................................................... President
Don’t forgwetwbwab.tyemgifptlse,swoeledld.oinrg presents Rae Rader................................................................Executive Vice President - Social Action
Stephen Slogoff.............................................................................Vice President - Accounts
and even afboeraduettifauillsmoenzwzuhzeanh. We also Larry Fink ................................................................. Vice President - Trustee Development
have jaenwdelloryvtehtoleymGhoiefstettSehysoos upgriwfetsivl.lery want and Lauren Brown.............................................................................. Vice President - Education
need Larry Cohen...............................................................Vice President - Facilities and Security
reopen for business. Brian Weinberger.........................................................Vice President - Legal and Contracts
The Gift Shop is open several times during Bobbi Moss ............................................................................................................ Secretary
Phil Hawkes............................................................................................................Treasurer
the week. PleaseTchaallntkhse! temple office at

480.991.7414 before you stop in so that Madelaine Berg Lisa Lerner TSTY Co-presidents:
Bettina Chow Robert Lipson Ariel Eisen
we may be able to assist you. Eve Danoff Eric Mininberg Drew Kolber
Judy Gold Howard Rosen

Return Policy Administrative Staff

The temple will cheerfully accept any Peter Pishko [email protected] x.124 Executive Director
returns for store credit only. Jacquelyn Null Engagement Specialist
Thank You! Tobee Waxenberg [email protected] x.128 Director of Raker Rel. School
Elis Legler Raker Religious School Coord.
Torah Portions/Candle Lighting Times Noni Clark [email protected] x.123
Joan Giannini Controller
March 5 / Ki Tisa / Exodus 30:11-34:35 / 6:10pm Jelena Santiago [email protected] x.121 Office Manager
March 12 / Vayak’heil-P’kudei / Mary Ann Bloom Executive Assistant
Exodus 35:1-40:38 / 6:16pm Sonya Placencia [email protected] x.125 Director of Early Childhood Ed.
March 19 / Vayikra / Leviticus 1:1-5:26 / 6:21pm Kathleen Manahan Preschool Billing & Office Asst.
March 26 / Tzav / Leviticus 6:1-8:36 / 6:26pm Alberto Mena [email protected] x.127 Education Assistant
Vojo Stanisic Facility Manager
[email protected] x.126
[email protected] x.162

[email protected] x.135

[email protected] x.164

[email protected] x.129

[email protected] x.129

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