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Published by Temple Solel, 2020-11-30 17:00:42

December 2020 Pathfinder

December 2020 Pathfinder

The Two Paths of Hanukkah

As a teen, my favorite poem was “The probably picked these verses to read at Hanukkah because
they fit thematically with the rededication of the Temple
Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost. The focus (around 165 BCE) that we celebrate at this season. But
of that poem is on the wisdom of taking the maybe they also wanted to balance the Maccabees’
less traveled path. I think it also speaks to a message with that of Zechariah.
broader truth in life: that often we find
ourselves at a crossroads (perhaps in a In Zechariah, the Israelites are told by God that for them to
discussion or in life choices) with more than one regain the Temple, they should concentrate on faithful
compelling path. Conversely, sometimes no path may living - “walk in My paths and keep My charge” (Zech. 3:7).
seem right or appealing. What is perhaps most interesting here is that the focus is
on peace between groups, “in that day, declares the Lord
In the political climate of today, I often find myself of two of Hosts, you will be inviting each other to the shade of
minds (that is a strange saying!), and I wonder which path vines and fig trees” (Zech. 3:10). And it is from Zechariah
to leave untraveled. On the one hand, I often want to that we get the famous prophecy, “not by might nor by
speak out vociferously when I think a political leader or power, but by My spirit says the Lord” (Zech. 4:6).
party is acting egregiously. After all, we are commanded to Zechariah calls for sacred living and building bridges
seek justice. If we do not stridently call out problematic between peoples rather than aggressive efforts of might
perspectives or behaviors, then individuals will feel they and power. And indeed, at that time in history, the
can continue. There are often very real and harmful Israelites were able to regain sovereign control over their
consequences to lack of action in our world. lives through a conciliatory strategy. They continued to
practice Judaism in exile, and then when the governmental
However, the problems with speaking out stridently (in a powers changed they were allowed back into their land.
sermon to our congregation, for example) is that such
sharp language can be very divisive in a group and can As is so often true in life, there is no easy answer here. We
serve to make the accused defensive. So, many people are left with at least two paths taught to us by the
prefer to avoid speaking out, and they focus instead on Hanukkah liturgy. The Maccabees call us to take strong
finding ways to quietly better the world. action when we see those in leadership acting wrongly,
but Zechariah encourage us to make gentle progress in this
I see both of these paths explored in the texts we read on world through religious living and dialogue. Really, it is the
Hanukkah. On the one hand, in the book of Maccabees, mix of these two approaches that has helped Judaism and
the Maccabees fight boldly for justice—no matter how the Jewish people survive till now. I hope each teaching,
painful the consequences may be. They are not just willing called upon at the right time, will help us to keep Judaism
to risk being disliked; they face the very real possibility of alive and to bring more light, justice and holiness into the
being killed as they fight the 3-year civil war. They will take world.
action to maintain their right to practice their faith.
Chag sameach! Looking forward to celebrating Hanukkah
On the other hand, on Shabbat Hanukkah we read from with you and our Solel Family!
the prophet Zechariah (Zech 2:14-4:7). Here Zechariah
shares his vision that the Temple will be rebuilt after its Rabbi Debbie S. Stiel
destruction by the Babylonians in 586 BCE. The rabbis



2 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781

Emily Skylar Rawitch, daughter of Erin and Joshua Rawitch, will become a bat mitzvah on

Saturday, December 5, 2020 at 10:30 am. Emily attends Sunrise Middle
School and enjoys reading, playing her guitar and ukulele, singing,
watching movies, and eating ice cream. For her mitzvah project, Emily
created the “Arizona Ice Cream Tour” to raise awareness and money for
kids with severe food allergies undergoing Oral Immunotherapy here in
Phoenix. More details available at

Ellie Makenna Goldman, daughter of Sara and Todd Goldman,

will become a bat mitzvah on Saturday, December 19, 2020 at 4:00 pm.
Ellie attends Mountainside Middle School and enjoys playing soccer and
spending time with her friends. As a member of the National Charity
League, she has participated in many service projects such as Feed My Starving Children, American
Heart Association, and St. Mary’s Food Bank.

View Shabbat and B’nai Mitzvah Services by visiting and selecting
the “Click here to watch our Streaming services” link at the beginning of each service.

December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781 3

Acceptance and Love

Now that we are through the drama of In order to bring healing to our country and to our world,

the election, I hope we can come together let us begin by loving and accepting ourselves. Then let us

once again in order to bring more find one small piece of commonality with someone we

light and humanity to our “Acceptance is disagree with. Perhaps that one small action
community. I know this is more easily said than simply love in will create a ripple in our community that will
done. I know I have been guilty of judging travel outward to our city, to our state, to our

others who do not share my political beliefs or practice. When you country and our world. This is not an easy
similar convictions. It is a challenge to continue love, you accept, process, because we are not used to it. But I
to see people as brothers and sisters when I when you lack believe it is one of the main things we are here
become so tightly attached to my own
particular point of view. And yet that is what is on Earth to do. Even if we never achieve the full
required at this moment.
love, you judge.” realization of this vision, our efforts will have
been worthwhile.

Psalm 133: ― Abhijit Naskar Wishing all of us love, light and acceptance

‫ ָּי ַחד‬-‫ ֶׁש ֶׁבת ַא ִחים ַגם‬--‫ ָּנ ִעים‬-‫ ּו ַמה‬,‫ּטֹוב‬-‫ִה ֵּנה ַמה‬ during this holiday season,
Hinei mah tov umanayim, shevet achim gam yachad...
How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live Todd Herzog

Cantorial Soloist

together in unity!”

Temple Office Closures WELCOME NEW MEMBERS

Thursday, December 24, 2020—Office Closes at 1:00 pm  Laurence and Victoria Rosenberg
Friday, December 25, 2020—Office Closed  Zoe Banning

Thursday, December 31, 2020—Office Closes at 1:00 pm
Friday, January 1, 2020—Office Closed

Spin A Little Love… A Tree Grows

Please note that our annual Spin A Little Love campaign has been in Solel
suspended for this year due to Covid-19. Our tireless volunteer, Linda
Ribnik, looks forward to resuming the program next December 2021. The purchase of a leaf on Temple
Solel’s Tree of Life provides a special
way to commemorate a
Leonard and Robin Balon .......................... 38 yrs Neil and Vicki Motzkin .........................35 yrs life-cycle event, while at the same
Steve and Lisa Banen ................................ 32 yrs Jeff and Patsy Parker............................27 yrs time providing needed funds for our
Robert and Eve Danoff .............................. 23 yrs Martin and Rollie Rosen ......................59 yrs children’s religious education. You
Steve and Nanci Fisher .............................. 47 yrs A. Bruce and Barbara Schimberg .........36 yrs have probably noticed the inscribed
Alan and Vicki Givant ................................ 57 yrs Fred and Arleen Schwartz....................57 yrs leaves, each one reminding us of a
Len and Ellie Harris.................................... 67 yrs Adam and Jodi Stone ...........................13 yrs
Aaron and Mara Kurasch........................... 20 yrs Michael and Natanya Washburn .........18 yrs special Simchah or thought
Eliot and Doris Minsker ............................. 63 yrs Ira and Myrna Wechter .......................52 yrs celebrated by a temple member or
Rodney Coty and Brooke Morrow-Coty .... 13 yrs
organization. These leaves can be
purchased for $180 each. All funds
are used to support various Temple

Youth and
Education Programs.

A leaf has been purchased:

 In honor of Rabbi Debbie Stiel
From Susan Waldbaum

4 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781

Ready for Some Polar Adventures?

B efore our “Polar Adventures” start during The Solel Preschool is offering two sessions of winter camp
during the 2020-2021 school winter break. We offer this
camp, we celebrate Hanukkah beginning camp to all children ages Infant-PreK. A child needs to be
December 10 this year. I know that the enrolled in The Solel Preschool to attend. The dates of the
holiday represents the rededication of the two sessions are listed below. This year we are offering a
7:30 am to 3:30 pm. time option for our program. Our
Second Temple in Jerusalem after the theme this year is “Polar Adventures”. The children will
Maccabees rebelled against Antiochus, but my favorite participate in themed activities, learning all about the
part of the holiday is the food. Making jelly doughnuts or polar habitats of the Arctic and Antarctica under the
sufganiyot, frying latkes, making cookies. I will be trying a direction of our wonderful teaching staff.
new food activities this year that I saw on the internet,
cupcake menorah. This will be a great project to do with Registration material has gone out in The Solel Preschool
your children at home. Be a rebel and give it a try. Scoop and is available at the school. Please contact the
school at 480.991.4545 or email at
[email protected] for registration materials or
any questions you may have.

Mary Ann Bloom

Director of Early Childhood Education

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

 December 4: Hanukkah Tot Shabbat
 December 21-23: Winter Camp
 December 24 & 25: No School or Camp
 December 28-30: Winter Camp
 December 31 & January 1: No School or Camp
 January 4: School resumes

The “Go To” List at Temple Solel

Call Temple Solel at 480.991.7414 and refer to extensions below.

Birthdays/Anniversary Information ........... Joan Giannini [email protected] ext. 127
Building Rental/Facilities............................ Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
K’hilot......................................................... Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Committee Participation............................ Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Donations................................................... Joan Giannini [email protected] ext. 127
Dues Adjustments...................................... Peter [email protected]... ext. 124
Dues Payments/ Billing Issues.................... Joan Giannini [email protected] ext. 127
Illness/Caring Community.......................... Jelena [email protected] ext. 126
Meeting Scheduling/Calendar ................... Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Membership............................................... Peter [email protected]... ext. 124
Pathfinder Questions ................................. Peter [email protected]... ext. 124
The Solel Preschool.................................... Mary Ann [email protected] ............. ext. 163
Rabbinic Scheduling ................................... Jelena [email protected] ext. 126
Raker Religious School ............................... Tobee Waxenberg [email protected] ......... ext. 123
Volunteers.................................................. Jacquelyn [email protected].. ext. 128
Yahrzeit Information .................................. Jelena [email protected] ext. 126

December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781 5


Hanukkah, which starts on the evening of To show personal growth at this time of year, Hanukkah is
the perfect opportunity to have your children learn the
December 10 is the perfect Jewish holiday to value of sharing and growth. Have your children go
celebrate during COVID. It is a family through their clothes that they have outgrown and the
celebration! Lighting the Hanukkiyah, saying toys which are no longer their favorite and donate to
prayers, singing Hanukkah songs and eating schools or nonprofits for children who are in need. Our
Hanukkah foods, all done in the home. No need to go to children should be appreciative of what they have and if
Temple for this first night! Celebrate with your pod, your they can share those riches, then lesson learned! It is
bubble, your family and do it big in your home! never too young to give to others.

The first night of Hanukkah is celebrated while we are still Tobee Waxenberg
studying the Torah portion, Vayishlach. Vayishlach focuses
on the struggle Jacob has with his own thoughts as he Director of Raker Religious School
wrestles with God, or a divine messenger. Upon the exiting
of the messenger, Jacob is given a new name, Israel, which Upcoming Dates to Remember:
means “one who struggles with God.” Have we not all
struggled with the changes of the last 9 months? Have we  December 11: Hanukkah Family Shabbat Service
found ourselves questioning God as to why our world has featuring our youth.
turned upside down? However, in this struggle, have we all
not become stronger? Have we not made positive changes
in our lives and perhaps experienced personal growth? We
have learned from our friends, our children, our teachers
and spouses/significant others that struggle can
strengthen not diminish!

COVID Warning:

Please remember that all our our events are subject to change/possible cancellation due to COVID infection
rates. Temple Solel takes COVID-19 precautions and protections very seriously and our teams continue to
meet as benchmarks and research change and adapt over time. We appreciate your patience and flexibility!

6 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781

Temple Solel Book Club

Dear Fellow Book Lovers,

We missed seeing you all at the Solel Book Club in
November because we had no meeting. I hope you are
well along reading our December 15 selection, Daniel
Deronda by George Eliot, to be introduced by Robert
Wardy. We will meet at 6:00 pm on Zoom. I will send the
link by email close to the date. If you do not already
receive emails from the book club, please send your email
address to [email protected] to get on the list and to
receive the Zoom link for the meeting (or to get off the

Mary Ann Evans (1819-1880), a.k.a. George Eliot, was a
leading writer of the Victorian era. She wrote seven
novels, including Adam Bede, The Mill on the Floss, Silas
Marner, and Middlemarch, featuring realism and
psychological insight. She used a male pen name to be
taken seriously in the nineteenth century and to shield her
private life living with a man married to another woman
for more than two decades. Daniel Deronda is somewhat
longer than our usual selections, so you will want to start
reading right away if you have not.

Daniel Deronda weaves two stories, one about Gwendolen,
who grows from a self-centered young beauty to a
thoughtful adult, and the other about Daniel, the adopted
son of an aristocratic Englishman who becomes fascinated
with Jewish traditions when he meets an ailing Jewish
philosopher named Mordecai and his sister Mirah and
discovers he is also a Jew.

Good news for 2021: We have meeting dates for every
month through May. They are: January 19, February 16,
March 16, April 20, and May 18. Please save these dates.

In January we will discuss New York Times bestseller
Apeirogon by Colum McCann. One reviewer wrote of this
story of the Middle East, “A quite extraordinary novel.
Colum McCann has found the form and voice to tell the
most complex of stories, with an unexpected friendship
between two men at its powerfully beating heart.”

In February we will read a 350-year-old memoir, Glickl.
Anyone interested in leading either discussion can reach
me at the email below.

Happy Hanukkah and happy reading,

Judy Schaffert

[email protected]

December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781 7

Thank You! “Color” at Torah Study

Volunteer Recognition

Volunteers are an essential part of Temple Solel. We would like
to thank the following volunteers for their time and efforts:

Birthday Calls Nancy Weinstein
Arlene Bonime Gail Zucker

Knitting for a Purpose Magen Masks
Toby Gerst
Arlene Bonime Debbie Seplow
Carol Brillman Jane Marks
Jill Loebel Esther Zack
Beverly Nathan Ted Kort
Margie Rahilly Stephen Gerst
Linda Ribnik
Beth Sennett Yahrzeit Notices
Lisa Trotta Cynthia Marcus

Would you like to volunteer at some point in the future? When I was young, I had a Technicolor heart. My favorite
We’d love to have you! Email [email protected], and we’ll gift was a new box of Crayola crayons – 100 count! I loved
add you to our volunteer email list for upcoming opportunities. the many shades of blue, green, red, and yellow. I also
loved opening a new box of Hanukkah candles each
I  Mah Jongg December. For eight nights, I arranged decorative patterns
Purchase Mah Jongg cards for 2021 of candles in my family’s hanukkiah.

Hadassah is selling 2021 Mah Jongg cards. The cards cost Later, as an adult learner of Torah, I discovered that our
$9 for the standard size and $10 for the large ones. Checks holy book is filled with people of color. Set in the ancient
should be made payable to Hadassah. A current address Near East, the Torah features a melting pot of diverse
needs to be on your check. Please mail checks to Sheryl groups, including brown-skinned Hebrews and Canaanites,
Socoloff, 12193 E. Paradise Dr., Scottsdale, 85259. The olive-toned Mediterraneans, and Black Africans and
deadline for placing orders is January 31, 2021. If you Egyptians – all trading, battling, and mixing with each
would like an e-mail confirmation of your order, please other. As a Jew today, I am a descendant of these many
include your email address. people of color, which makes me a person of color as well.

Hadassah received $2,300 last year by selling 900 Mahj In addition, I recently awakened to another personal truth.
cards. Please order your cards through Hadassah so we I realized that I am a person of rainbow color, or LGBTQ. I
can earn even more this year. Thanks! have inherited the traits of an additional group of
ancestors, dazzling people who shine with their own array
Any questions? Contact Sheryl Socoloff of fabulous hues.
[email protected] or 480.277.1454
How is it possible to see so much color? Scientists say that
the human eye contains three types of color-receptive
cone cells, allowing us to see visible light. But
hummingbirds have four types of cone cells, allowing them
to see ultraviolet colors. And amazingly, peacock mantis
shrimps have 16 types of cone cells – which enable them
to detect ten times as many colors as humans do.

Imagine it! How much more love would we feel if we could
see all those colors? As we celebrate Hanukkah this year,
let’s open our eyes and hearts to the colorful blessings all
around us. May we enjoy a season of Technicolor dreams

Torah Study meets virtually every Saturday morning at
9:00 am. See eNUZ for Zoom link and info. Please join us!

Matthew Kozinets

8 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781

December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781 9

Exploring paints and color Working on our
mixing in pre-k balancing skills

Building towers as tall as us! Dressed to impress for fall Sensory play with colored ice Having fun digging in our
picture day cubes sandbox

10 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781

Temple Solel Endowment Foundation JFCS Holiday Sponsorship

Securing Our Future | December 2020 Although we will not be able to host JFCS for their
annual holiday party, we can support them virtually
As we approach the end of a mind boggling year marked by through JFCS Holiday Sponsorship Program for
relentless hardship, loss of loved ones, and disappointment of youth.
not being able to convene in person as a synagogue You are invited to sponsor a client $75/each, or you
community since March, let’s step back if we can and count could donate gift cards or cash for groceries/food so
our blessings. they can buy a meal, or donate holiday treats that
can be distributed to the clients. Visit
Each of us has something to be grateful for and allowing JFCSChagim for more information on how to make
ourselves the luxury of appreciation and solace does not the holidays a little brighter for others.
minimize the reality of the melancholy we may be currently
experiencing. Live Stream Reminder

For me, I am comforted by a new career of giving back, a Temple Solel records/live streams Friday Night and
family of four in relatively good spiritual places, and my Shabbat Morning Services to accommodate family and
affiliations with Temple Solel and its Endowment Foundation. friends of our community who may be unable to attend in
person. While the camera is primarily focused on the
Our synagogue and its leadership have been beacons of hope Bimah and other areas at the front of the sanctuary,
during a tumultuous 2020. We are all familiar with the stirring others in attendance may be seen on the live stream and
virtual services capped by our High Holiday programming, recorded. If you have any reservations about your image
insightful sermons, uplifting music, and inspirational learning. being streamed or recorded for others to view, please let
I miss dearly my fairly regular Friday night attendance in the someone know so that we may attempt to seat you in an
sanctuary but in this period of improvisation the strong area less likely to be on the live stream and recording.
connectivity that the virtual platform provides is invaluable. Please note, however, that we are unable to guarantee
Hopefully, you feel the same way. that your image will not appear. We apologize for any
inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.
It was not until I joined the Endowment Foundation Board
early this year did I gain a profound understanding of how
Temple Solel pulls off all of its successes. Temple Solel, like
most non-profit religious entities, are designed to be
perpetual. In other words, our synagogue is structured to be
there not only for us now but for the benefit of future
generations to come. That in a nutshell is the mission of the
Endowment Foundation.

We are there to fill the gaps in the synagogue’s operating
budget especially in difficult times like these where delivery
of the full breath of the synagogue’s revenue generating
programs is not practical. While these income streams are
curtailed it is a reality that most of the expenses of operating
the synagogue remain. So, whether it is replacing the
proverbial leaking roof or supplementing pre and religious
school instructor salaries during a public health crisis, the
Temple Solel Endowment Foundation stands ready and able
to ensure the long-term viability and the financial
sustainability of our congregation.

There are many incentives for charitable giving this year,
some of which were discussed by Jim Moss in the November
Pathfinder. Please consider supplementing your generous
support of Temple Solel with a gift to the Endowment
Foundation. As always, we suggest you discuss these
strategies with your estate attorney and tax advisor to
determine what might be appropriate for your situation.

Wishing you and yours a peaceful, healthy, and prosperous
New Year.

Dean M. Scheinert

Temple Solel Endowment Foundation Board Member

December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781 11

Tikkun Olam Opportunities During Covid-19

We wanted to inform you of several important  Weeding out the backyard or apartment complex
opportunities for helping out those in need in our  Decorating a compost or recycling bin
community. Don’t forget to use #WEARESOLEL for us to see  Litter Pick-Up
all your amazing projects. That being said, CDC is suggesting
that if you are 60 years or older and/or have a HELPING YOUR NEIGHBOR:
compromised immune system—you should stay home no Jewish context: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”
matter what! Leviticus 19:9

FOR THE HUNGRY:  Mow their lawn
Jewish context: “Share your bread with the hungry, and  Wash their car
take the wretched poor into your home. When you see the  Walk their dog
naked, clothe him, and do not ignore your own kin.”
Isaiah 58:7 KNIT OR SEW:
 Donate your work
 Serve a meal at St. Vincent de Paul  Google search for instructions on how to make
Email [email protected] if interested.
a no-sew blanket
 Deliver a meal with Meals on Wheels.  Learn how to sew virtually with a family member
 Make and Donate Face Masks
Jewish context: “Your heart shall not be grieved when you FOR OLDER ADULTS:
give.” Deuteronomy 15:10 Jewish context: “Stand up in the presence of the aged,
show respect for the elderly and revere
 Donate blood by making an appointment at your God. I am the Lord.” Leviticus 19:32
American Red Cross
 Help deliver groceries/run errands
 Donate to the Diaper Bank of Central Arizona.  Deliveries through JFCS

WORKING OUTSIDE: Email [email protected]
Jewish context: “The Lord God took the man and put him in
the Garden of Eden to work it and keep it.” Genesis 2:15  Writing a Letter or Making a Card:
Send letters/cards to Haven Hospice at 15551 N.
Greenway Hayden Loop, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

A special thank you goes out to everyone who has contributed to this year’s annual campaign. There is
still time to participate. If you haven’t done so already, please use the form below and the self-
addressed return envelope contained inside this newsletter to make your contribution.
Please email [email protected] with any questions you may have.

5781 Temple Solel Annual Campaign

Pledge options Include:
1. Go to to contribute online.
2. Fill out this card and mail / submit with payment to Temple Solel, 6805 E. McDonald Dr., Paradise Valley, AZ 85253
Name: ______________________________________________ Phone Number: _______________________________
Pledge Amount: $ ____________  Bill My Account  Check #________  Credit Card (3% convenience fee)

CC# _____________________________________ CVV# ________________ Exp. Date _________________________
Billing Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Signature: _______________________________________________________________________________________

Thank you for supporting your Temple Solel community!

12 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781

Contributions We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support Temple Solel by remembering and
honoring their friends and loved ones through their generous contributions.

Art @ Solel Fund  In memory of Andrew Shauer  In memory of our beloved past
Fran Schauer president, Lee Harris
 In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Sol Epstein’s Rick and Laura Bistrow
60th Anniversary  In memory of Myn Silverman Becker
Barry Epstein Herb and Judith Gold  Thank you for allowing my daughter and
I to enjoy your wonderful services - it
Building Beautification Fund  In memory of our father, Arnold Rosen was very meaningful to us
Howard and Judith Rosen Shirma Revelson
 In memory of my beloved mother,
Ruth S. Graff  In memory of Amy Sarah Glass  In memory of Lee Allen Harris
Deborah Kay Jean Glass Steven and Terri Harris

Cantorial Soloist Todd Herzog’s  In memory of Judith Shumaker  In memory of Lee Harris
Discretionary Fund Joan Weissman The Harris Family

 In honor of the marriage between  In memory of Max and  Thank you for all of your love, support
Tom Miller and Staci Laudeman Yetta Hammerman and guidance through Ari’s Bar Mitzvah
Bonnie Miller and Family Judith Dobbs The Martins

 What a wonderful pleasure to have your  In memory of Robert Joseph Rabbi Stiel’s Discretionary Fund
voice and musical leadership with us at Larry and Fern Kane
Temple Solel  A donation was made by Mark and
Mark and Barbara Stern  The marriage of Tommy and Staci Miller Barbara Stern
Marvin and Barbara Chassin
 For beautiful and meaningful High Holy  For beautiful and meaningful High Holy
Day Services  In memory of Joseph Levine, DDS Day services
Marvin and Barbara Chassin Michael and Judy Schaffert Marvin and Barbara Chassin

 In honor of Todd Herzog - the services  In memory of Shirley Kulakofsky  In honor of Rabbi Stiel - the services
were so beautiful Susan Waldbaum were so beautiful
Fran Garner Fran Garner
 In memory of Reba Ginsburg
Caring Community Fund Ted and Sharon Gordon  A donation was made by Rick and
Laura Bistrow
 In memory of Dr. Stanley Bonime  In memory of Emanuel M. Kraus
Arlene Bonime Terry Kraus  Thank you for allowing my daughter and
I to enjoy your wonderful services - it
 In memory of Charles Brillman  In memory of Allan Flader was very meaningful to us
Carol Brillman Love, Lisa and Michael Flader Shirma Revelson

Dr. Gerald Becker Adult Education Jane & Bob Podall Library Fund  In honor of the birth of Bernice and
Fund Harris Geldberg’s, grandson, Eli Gene
 In memory of Gertrude Lewis Stewart and Sharon Levine
 In honor of Uri Feinberg for teaching Marvin and Barbara Chassin
History Class Social Action Family Promise Fund
Marvin and Barbara Chassin Rabbi Linder’s Discretionary Fund
 A donation was made by Audrey Sobel
Endowment Fund  Thank you for your kindness that you  A donation was made by Will and
show every day in your leadership
 In memory of Philip Alpert Mark and Barbara Stern Nancy Heller
Arnie Alpert and Nancy Webb
 For beautiful and meaningful High Holy Social Action Fund
General Fund Day services
Marvin and Barbara Chassin  A donation was made by
 In memory of Eva McFlickier Marcia Feinstein
Bellarri Adleman  We attended the High Holy Day on‑line
services and enjoyed them very much Temple Solel Hardship Relief Fund
 In memory of Esther Teper Marvin Raber
Bob and Marilyn Teper  In memory of Earl M. Lustgarten, MD
 A donation was made by Maxine Henig Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Lustgarten
 In memory of Bud and Elsie Lipner  A donation was made by Mr. David
Brian Lipner and Michelle Laiss  A donation was made by Herb Bartick
Miller and Mr. Robert Gillespie and Harriet Joselit‑Bartick
 In memory of my uncle, Mr. Lee Harris  In memory of Mrs. Micki Zatulove
Claudia Sherman  In memory of Harry Wolfe
Paul Zatulove Norman and Frani Wolfe
 In memory of Edwin and Ruth Buturla
Dr. and Mrs. P. David Adelson  In honor of Rabbi Linder - the services Donations received after
were so beautiful October 31, 2020 will be printed in the
Fran Garner
next issue of the Pathfinder.

December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781 13

Upcoming Speakers & Topics We Need to Know…

Tuesdays, December 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, 10:00 am Please inform the Temple Solel office when
Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz a family member or friend is in the hospital.

“39 Ways to Repair the World!” Too often we find out about
illnesses, crises and hospitalizations
Monday, December 7, 1:00-2:00 pm long after they occur. This is a
Rabbi Lisa Goldstein missed opportunity for visits
from the rabbi and calls from
“Chanukah: Cultivating Courage the Caring Community as well
for Righteous Action” as other assistance offered by
the temple. We need your help
Monday, December 14, 1:00-2:00 pm in order to offer ours.
Rabbi Avi Weiss
If you’d like to let us know about a member
“Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim—An Analysis” that is ill, has a surgery date coming up, or
is experiencing any other health-related
Monday, December 21, 1:00-2:00 pm issue that the rabbis should know about,
Rabbi Steven Exler please call the temple office at
480.991.7414, ext. 126 or email Jelena at
“As Long as the Candle Burns, Repair is Possible: [email protected]
Rav Yisrael Salanter and The Mussar Movement”
Did You Know???
Monday, December 28, 1:00-2:30 pm
Professor Ariel Anbar Erev Shabbat Services are available
via StreamSpot on your home PC!
“Are We Alone? Reason, Religion, and the Search Go to and click
for Life in the Universe” on the button to stream services and

Please note that all presentations above are virtual in join us Fridays and Saturdays.
nature until further notice.
Discretionary Fund
Classes cost $18 per person, per session, and you must Contributions
register to attend. Learn more and register at Temple Solel thanks everyone for their continued
generosity and support of our clergy staff through
contributions made to their individual discretionary
fund accounts. To avoid any confusion, we ask that you
be sure to include the intended rabbi’s full name in the
memo portion of your check and/or on any
correspondence that accompanies your contribution.

Thank you!

14 December 2020 / Kislev - Tevet 5781


Kaddish will be recited on Erev Shabbat on the following dates:

December 4, 2020 December 18, 2020

Benjamin Altwarg Larry Hall Dianne Lishinsky David Allweiss Robert Hawkes Jennie Millman
Melissa Barron Max Horne Ruben Nadler Dora Bakalar Elsie Heinle William Nathan
Fred Benderoff Burton Isaacson Matta Pereploytchikov David Barrett Sara Holtzman Donald Pollack
Ybikeh Berkovics David Jacobson Judith Prowda Mina Bentur Ben Kane Oscar Rauch

Richard Bernstein Stanley Joseph Harry Raznick Hyman Bricker Leo Kastner Susan Robbins
Rosalyn Bloom Louis Katz Florence Rigberg Bertha Cohen Michael Katz Harry Rosenblum
Mary Crossman Irving Kauff Frances Rudinger Joseph Denmark Freda Keats Gary Shapiro
Joshua Eisen Mortimer Keats Milton Schultz Udell Duboe Esther Kezele Hope Rose Shykind
Helen Elkin Betty Klein Gerhardt Shumaker Arlene Fiel Benjamin Klein Goldie Siegel
Sam Engel Alger Klein Robert Spiegel Freida Friefield William Kranz Rose Silberstein
Belle Epstein Ann Leavitt Phyllis Sweet Wendell Ginsberg Doris Leff Edward Usem

Harry Galst Betty Levie Jacob Meyer Swersky Virginia Glascock Harry Lewis Bessie Wolfe
Edward Goldstein Jeanne Levinsky Audrey Wallack Abe Goldberg Norman Lipton Benjamin Wolfe
Aviva Gross Peter Libby Helene Weinberger Esther Groman Rose Lishinsky
Allan Gurovitsch Shirley Lipman Emil Zugravu

December 11, 2020 December 25, 2020

Milton Ackerman Rose Haber Simon Scheuer Selma Bodell Gail Gash Lester Ostrov
Lillian Alpert Max Hirsch Joan Schrift Charlotte Bollyn Leonard Glazier Floyd Parker
Marvin Bendau Kate Kahn Ethel Schwartz Edith Brossman Frances Gometz Rita Pashkow
Rose Benson John Lawful Manuel Shindel Hilda Buchman Mearle Harrison Morris Rifkin

Gloria Burke Lillian Leopold Cynthia Shultz Mary Ann Cawker-Flood Evalyn Heavenrich Eleanor Schultz
Raymond Cohen Mildred Lerman Joseph Smulyan Ruth Charnie Solomon Isaac Sarah Seltzer
Harold Colb Sarah Levy Norman Sobel Allan Cohan Sarah Kaplan Florence Sennett
Lillian Corson Michael Miller Frances Sokolov Myron Cohen Ida Kassie Lillian Shapiro
Ruth Feinstein Betty Mink Joel Sukenic Edwin Cooperstein Ernie Laiss Harry Traister
Jack Frank Jerome Moses Philip Wain Rose Duboe Ida Lamden Sophie Turk
Harold Geller Jack Moses Irene Waxenberg Yetta Fessler Ben Lerman Robert Ullman

Ellen Gold Leah Nagel Bernie Weinberg Stephen Field Calvin Lieberman Sonya Ullman
Danielle Goldberg Isaac Rigberg Albert Wilkins Leonard Fisher Robert Mahler Mollie Wechter
Nelson Gotlieb Jean Rosen Leon Zinn Jacob Fishman Joseph McFliker Joseph Weissman
Edward Gottlieb Arthur Ruble Cary Zucker Shirley Freedland Jennie Menaged Sylvia Wohlman
Estelle Green Charles Gartell Louis Meyers

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 Harlan Crossman
From Avery Crossman

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Temple Solel
Gift Shop News

Our Gift Shop is one of the best-kept Published by and for the members of Temple Solel
December 2020
secrets in the valley. Come and see what
we have toPolfefears—e nitoetmesthchatandgueewith the Rabbi John A. Linder [email protected] x.122 Rabbi
Jewish holidtaoyCsoavnid-s1e9a,stohnes.Gift Rabbi Debbie Stiel [email protected] x.131 Rabbi
Todd Herzog [email protected] x.136 Cantorial Soloist
We have BaSrhaonpd iBsactloMseitdzv. aShtapyresents, Rabbi Maynard W. Bell Rabbi Emeritus

amazing tallittuontefdrotmo eIsNraUeZl atndifferent Executive Committee & Trustees
price points, anodumr uwcehbmsioter,e.
Doreen Feldberg .................................................................................................... President
Don’t forgewt wbawb.ytegmiftpsl,ewsoeldedl.ionrggpresents Rae Rader................................................................Executive Vice President - Social Action
Stephen Slogoff.............................................................................Vice President - Accounts
and even a bfoeraudteiftualilms oenzzwuzhaehn. We also Larry Fink ................................................................. Vice President - Trustee Development
have jaenwdelloryvettholyemhGoeisefttteSyshosougprifetwsv.iellry want and Lauren Brown.............................................................................. Vice President - Education
need Larry Cohen...............................................................Vice President - Facilities and Security
reopen for business. Brian Weinberger.........................................................Vice President - Legal and Contracts
The Gift Shop is open several times during Bobbi Moss ............................................................................................................ Secretary
Phil Hawkes............................................................................................................Treasurer
the week. Please cTahllatnhkes!temple office at

480.991.7414 before you stop in so that Madelaine Berg Lisa Lerner TSTY Co-presidents:
Bettina Chow Robert Lipson Ariel Eisen
we may be able to assist you. Eve Danoff Eric Mininberg Drew Kolber
Judy Gold Howard Rosen

Return Policy Administrative Staff

The temple will cheerfully accept any Peter Pishko [email protected] x.124 Executive Director
returns for store credit only. Jacquelyn Null Engagement Specialist
Thank You! Tobee Waxenberg [email protected] x.128 Director of Raker Rel. School
Elis Legler Raker Religious School Coord.
Torah Portions/Candle Lighting Times Noni Clark [email protected] x.123
Joan Giannini Controller
December 4/Vayishlach/Genesis 32:4/5:02 pm Jelena Santiago [email protected] x.121 Office Manager
December 11/Vayeishev/Genesis 37:1/5:03 pm Mary Ann Bloom Executive Assistant
December 18/Mikeitz/Genesis 41:1-2/5:05 pm Sonya Placencia [email protected] x.125 Director of Early Childhood Ed.
December 25/Vayigash/Genesis 48:18/5:09 pm Kathleen Manahan Preschool Billing & Office Asst.
Alberto Mena [email protected] x.127 Education Assistant
Vojo Stanisic Facility Manager
[email protected] x.126
[email protected] x.162

[email protected] x.135

[email protected] x.164

[email protected] x.129

[email protected] x.129

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