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Published by Temple Solel, 2020-07-31 16:16:03

August 2020 Pathfinder

August 2020 Pathfinder

Back to School at The Solel Preschool & Raker Religious School

A s I write this article, there are still many  Create and practice a goodbye ritual for school
drop off
unknowns in the education world today. We do not
know if camp will be over by August 7 or when the  Listen to your child’s worries
exact start date of The Solel Preschool will be. The
original August 12 start date may have to move. We We have had a wonderful camp this summer. We had to keep our
have learned to quickly adapt to any needed classes smaller, which helped students get to know each other
changes in our plans because of our changing environment. Going better and become more of a community. Smaller classes gave
with the flow from plan A, B, or C is a trademark of early teachers more time for one on one attention enabling them to
childhood education. tailor individual instruction, and helped keep the classroom less
chaotic and noisy, ensuring a more peaceful classroom. The
Here are a few tips to help get ready for the new school year. excessive heat this summer made water play on the splash pad a
welcome activity. We were able to separate the back of the social
 Establish a routine of “early to bed” and “school wake-up hall into 3 indoor playground rooms. Children learned new ways
time” several weeks before school begins so your child has to have fun without using shared play equipment. It was a
time to adjust to the new schedule. learning experience for everyone.

 Get appropriate gear for your preschooler. Let your child pick We will “see” you all in August. Stay cool.
out a new backpack and together write their name on it.

 Give your child a personal belonging of yours like a favorite Mary Ann Bloom
scarf or bandanna so they know you will come back to get it.
Director of Early Childhood Education
 Talk and read about school. Make books about school with
your child. Share how much fun you had in school and
answer any questions they might have.

I am excited to share with you our faculty for the Raker Staff for 2020-21: Susie Miller-Little Rakers, Alla Shnitman
and Marilyn Einhorn-Kindergarten/Big Rakers, Ellie Singer-First
year 2020-2021! It is important to me that we have Grade, Robyn Ginis and Lauren Mishlove-Second Grade, Sami
teachers on staff, whether it be on Zoom or in the Spencer-Third Grade, Kerry Taylor and Natalie Waxenberg-
building, that care about creating community, care Fourth Grade, Gilah Nemiroff and Ariella Feld-Fifth Grade, Allison
about the future of our Solel children, and care Collins-Sixth Grade, April Goodman and Jay Levinsohn-Seventh
about building enthusiasm for our students to Grade, Andrea Eisen-Eighth/Ninth Grade, Rabbi Linder and Rabbi
become lifelong learners. Stiel-10th Grade Confirmation, Rabbi Linder and Rabbi Stiel-
Eleventh/Twelfth Grade, Maddy Ginsberg-Class Substitute, 6-8
I want to welcome Ellie Singer, April Goodman, and Kerry Taylor JSTY Advisor, and 9-12 TSTY Advisor, and Eliana Givre-TSTY
to our staff. Ellie grew up at Temple Emanuel in Tempe, was a Advisor.
KUTZ camp counselor, active in NFTY and Emanuel's youth group.
April, who I am thrilled is coming back to teach at Solel, is By the time you read this column, school will be on the horizon! I
teaching in public school, very active in the ADL, and has two don't know the final answers for your student’s school; just
children in Raker. Kerry moved with her family from California, know we want to make Raker fun, comfortable, and safe.
has been involved with Jewish education since 2005, both as a
preschool teacher and a religious school educator, teaching L’shalom
higher elementary and middle school. Tobee Waxenberg

Welcome Ellie, April, and Kerry. We look forward to working with Director of Raker Religious School
all of you.



2 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780

Livia Grace Goodman, daughter of April and Eduard Goodman, will become a

bat mitzvah on Saturday, August 8, 2020 at 4:00 pm. Livia attends
Saguaro High School and enjoys singing, drama, coding, make-up,
and reading. For her mitzvah project, Livia collected money for
Homeward Bound homeless shelter in Phoenix, AZ.

Mila Taksanna Chow, daughter of Bettina and Jimmy Chow, will become a bat

mitzvah on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 10:30 am. Mila attends Arizona School of the

Arts and enjoys painting, music, nature, and cooking. For her
mitzvah project, Mila sewed upcycled, reusable bags to reduce our
reliance on single-use plastics. Proceeds will be donated to two

organizations that both clean up the oceans and look for innovative
ways to deal with our plastics problem.

William Cyrus Steen Koppell, son of Jennifer Steen and Jonathan Koppell, will

become a bar mitzvah on Saturday, August 15, 2020 at 4:00 pm.


Ted and Jodi Amendola....................... 25 yrs David and Martha Lieberman...................... 41 yrs
Gary and Phyl Bolno............................ 47 yrs Carter and Rachel Lipton ............................. 14 yrs
Richard and Susan Bookspan .............. 54 yrs Michael and Jill Loebel ................................ 48 yrs
John and Sonia Breslow ...................... 45 yrs Leonard and Phyllis Miller ........................... 59 yrs
Scott Brierley and Candee Brierley ..... 33 yrs Paul and Jessica Papoff................................ 49 yrs
Steven and Susan Charney.................. 45 yrs Clifford and Lynn Running ........................... 10 yrs
Marvin and Barbara Chassin ............... 50 yrs Gordie and Jerri Schubert............................ 69 yrs
Jimmy and Bettina Chow..................... 16 yrs Howard and Kay Segal ................................. 34 yrs
Al and Rita Cohen................................ 61 yrs Bob and Marion Smith ................................ 37 yrs
Andrew and Amy Cohn ....................... 31 yrs Keith and Miriam Spizzirri ........................... 31 yrs
James and Allison Collins .................... 28 yrs Joel and Sarah Superfon.............................. 18 yrs
Barry and Judy Friefield ...................... 39 yrs Neil and Mayde Superfon............................ 57 yrs
Will and Nancy Heller.......................... 44 yrs Robert and Marilyn Teper ........................... 62 yrs
Noah and Kathleen Horowitz.............. 13 yrs Ira and Susan Thomas ................................. 26 yrs
Mike and Risa Jacobson ...................... 23 yrs Jeff and Nancy Weber ................................. 44 yrs
Robert and Maxi Joselyn ..................... 37 yrs Lee and Jill Weiss......................................... 56 yrs
Ed and Elaine Klugman........................ 40 yrs Jerry and Elaine Weiss................................. 61 yrs
Ted and Elaine Kort............................. 55 yrs David and Lynn Weissman .......................... 30 yrs
Malcolm and Lynn Leinwohl ............... 12 yrs Michael Weissman and Lindsey Pohlmann . 12 yrs
Stewart and Sharon Levine ................. 49 yrs Bob Ransom and Susan Wine...................... 13 yrs
Sheldon and Bonnie Levitt .................. 48 yrs Norman and Frani Wolfe ............................. 33 yrs
Robert and Bonnie Lewis .................... 55 yrs Shelby and Sybil Yastrow............................. 63 yrs
Blake and Victoria Lewkowitz ............... 6 yrs

August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780 3

Back to School?
Normally at this time of year, we would
3. Take Time for Self-Care. Read a book, take a bath, get up

be looking forward to returning to our early and go for a walk on the trail. These are things that

regular school/work routines in a couple of can help to restore our sense of balance and reconnect us

weeks. College students would be heading to ourselves.

off to college or university, we’d be buying our school 4. Do Something ‘Normal.’ Things like cleaning out our
supplies and backpacks and kids would be half looking
forward to getting back to school to see their friends and closets, doing laundry, learning a new skill, or taking out
classmates and half lamenting the loss of their summer the trash. Even small acts of everyday life can remind us of
freedom. This year, it certainly looks like things will be our routines and can help to create a sense of the
different. mundane and familiar.

This year, the thought of back to school, along with 5. Call a Friend. Sometimes just sharing our anxieties and
everything else it seems, is shrouded in uncertainty. We frustrations with someone we love and trust can break the
don’t know exactly what the plan will be. We are monotony of Zoom calls and meetings. We don’t always
have to vent, but from time to time just acknowledging
surrounded by conflicting advice from politicians, doctors, where we are and what we are afraid of can take some of
policy makers and well-meaning friends and family
members. It’s hard to know what the right thing to do is. the emotional poison out of the water.

At times of uncertainty like this, we do have some options, I hope these ideas are helpful and that they provide us
though. There are ways we can continue to be in control of with some flexibility and humor as we approach the
our actions and our attitudes even as everything else unknown future. On the bright side, this situation has
seems to be spinning out of our control. Here are a few forced us to become more creative in adapting to our
things we can do to give ourselves and others some peace circumstances, which can only serve us well as we move
of mind: forward together.

1. Educate Ourselves. We can do the research and find In song,
sources that we trust to provide ourselves with real and Todd Herzog
accurate information.

2. Turn Off the News. While it’s good to be informed of the Cantorial Soloist
latest developments, we also need to realize when we’re
getting overwhelmed and stressed out. It’s ok to turn the
media off and to take ‘media fasts’ from time to time.

4 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780

Temple Solel Book Club During the pandemic, homeless families are being housed
at the Family Promise Day Centers instead of at churches
Greetings fellow book lovers, and synagogues. During this time groceries and dinners are
being provided by host congregations and delivered to the
August is supposed to be the month when our little ones Day Centers. The following Temple Solel volunteers bought
and young aspiring adults traipse off to school. I'm writing groceries and made dinner for homeless families during
this at the beginning of July, so that happy turning of the our host week of July 5-11:
calendar is not a sure thing at the moment. I hope that
when you read this the picture will be rosier and the book Phyl and Gary Bolno
bags, lunches, and backpacks get carried out the door with Harriet and Sy Achtman
your progeny. Jamie and Aaron Lieberman
Judy Schaffert
This month the Solel Book Club will meet on August 18 at Audrey Sobel
6:00-7:00 pm to discuss Lovesong: Becoming a Jew by the JIll Fireman
late scholar Julius Lester. Steve Slogoff has kindly stepped Catherine Kasper
up to lead the discussion. We will meet on Zoom as we Allison Collins
have the past three months. To receive the link, send your Milly Kaplan
email to [email protected] and you can get on the Susan Wine
mailing list. Dottie Braun-Cohen
Tobee Waxenberg
We have narrowed down a tentative list of books to Natalie Waxenberg
discuss during the upcoming season. The dates as of now Robin Balon
will be September 8, October 13, November 17 if we want Rae and Frank Rader
to add another book, December 15, February 16, and April
20. I'm excited to announce, in no particular order: Our next host week is October 11-17. Contact Rae Rader
at [email protected] if you would like to
 Daniel Deronda by George Eliot volunteer.

 The Russian Debutante's Handbook by Gary Shteyngart Correction

 The First Mrs. Rothschild by Sara Aharoni The June Pathfinder listed an incorrect spelling of
Lise Brovitz’s name in the article on page 2.
 A Pigeon and a Boy by Meir Shalev We sincerely apologize for the error.

 Love and Death in Rhodes by Solel member Art Scholarship Still Available
Marcia Fine
for High School Seniors
 Apeirogon by Colum McCann
Due to the coronavirus, the deadline to apply for the
Happy reading to all. I look forward to seeing you on Zoom annual cash award scholarship from Art @ Solel has been
on August 18. extended to August 25, 2020. Any temple member family
high school graduate this spring can obtain an application
Judy Schaffert by emailing [email protected] The only requirement is
that the student have an abiding interest in the arts. We
Did You Know??? look forward to receiving your request. The scholarship is
funded by sales of art from ART SHOWCASE exhibits and
Erev Shabbat Services are available from donations to Art @ Solel (please include Art @ Solel
via live Zoom on your home PC! in the memo line).

Go to and click
on the Friday Shabbat

6:15pm button to join us.

August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780 5

Magen Masks Rosh Chodesh Event

Magen is Hebrew, translated as shield, appearing 63 times Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Yes, Rabbi Stiel!
in the bible. Magen comes from the root ganan, which is a Please join us for our first Rosh Chodesh of the
verb meaning to defend, cover, or surround. “almost” New Year! Virtual dining and traditional
schmooze begins at 6:00 pm with a presentation by
Magen Masks is a sub-committee of Temple Solel’s Social
Action committee. Toby Gerst chairs our committee; 8 Rabbi Stiel at 6:15 pm. When? Tune in on
temple members are active in the work we do. We are a Wednesday, August 19th. Check eNUZ for the
“cottage industry” cutting, sewing, hot gluing, assembling, Zoom link as we get closer to the date. Looking
and finishing masks and shields, donating our finished forward to seeing all of your lovely faces! RSVP to
products to our greater Maricopa County frontline workers
at no cost to them. HonorHealth, Phoenix Police, Paradise [email protected]
Valley School District volunteers and countless other
community members use our masks and shields to protect We Need to Know…
themselves from the spray and aerosols of Covid-19.
Maricopa County Pandemic Response Unit coordinates Please inform the Temple Solel office when
priorities and needs of masks and shields. We work a family member or friend is in the hospital.
together to keep our frontline workers and residents safe
and protected. Too often we find out about
illnesses, crises and hospitalizations
Our volunteers work in their homes, each completing one long after they occur. This is a
step in the process towards creating finished masks and missed opportunity for visits
shields. Coordination of activities from home to home from the rabbi and calls from
happens quickly and often, as the need for finished the Caring Community as well
products is great. as other assistance offered by
the temple. We need your help
Committee members are, and have been, personally in order to offer ours.
financially responsible for the procurement of all
purchased supplies for masks and shields. We are grateful If you’d like to let us know about a member
for their generosity of purchasing supplies, time, skills, and that is ill, has a surgery date coming up, or
energy. Our volunteers neither expect nor want is experiencing any other health-related
reimbursement for funds they individually spend. All issue that the rabbis should know about,
healthcare systems, the health department pandemic unit, please call the temple office at
local food banks, public safety agencies, school districts, 480.991.7414, ext. 126 or email Jelena at
are aware masks and shields are not for sale—they are all [email protected]
The Al & Irma Feldman
We know members in our temple community would love
to become involved in the work we do; however, not all Y i d d i s h Club
members sew, drive, or are busy with work, caring for
others, and getting through day by day in our New Normal Please Note:
in keeping with our tradition.
There will be no Yiddish Club meeting in August.
YOU CAN HELP—TIKKUN OLAM Our next meeting will take place Wednesday,
What is needed now is assistance with seeking donations
of and/or purchase of foam, plastic for shields, fabric or September 23rd at 1:00 pm. “See” you on Zoom!
elastic. Our Magen Mask Committee is asking Temple Solel
members to join with us in keeping Maricopa County
residents safe and healthy. Please contact Toby Gerst,
[email protected] or Debbie Seplow,
[email protected] to discuss what supplies are needed
and how you can donate or purchase supplies. We are not
accepting monetary donations.

Thank you for your support. Together, we grow stronger as
we continue to protect those who protect us.

Toby Gerst

6 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780

Temple Solel Endowment Foundation “Black Lives Matter” at

Securing Our Future | August 2020 Torah Study

How the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic One of the most
Security (CARES) Act Can Impact You, enigmatic ancestors
Temple Solel and the Foundation of the Jewish people
is a Black woman
The CARES Act: who appears once in
the Torah. Her story
 Allows those in retirement to take penalty-free is mostly lost to
distributions from an IRA for coronavirus purposes. history; only one
fragment remains. In
 includes a provision for an IRA owner younger than Numbers 12:1 we
age 59 ½ affected by coronavirus to take distributions read, “Miriam and
from his/her IRA during 2020 without incurring an Aaron spoke against
additional 10% tax for early withdrawal. Such Moses because of
distributions have an aggregate limit of $100,000 per the Cushite woman
individual if taken from more than one retirement he married.”
plan. Such distribution(s) can be included in income
prorated over a three-year period or repaid within Who was this Cushite
three years after taking the distribution(s). woman? Where was
she from? Rabbis
 Waives Required Minimum Distributions (RMD’s) have pondered these questions for centuries. Some say
for 2020. that “Cush” refers to the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia in
northeast Africa. Rashi adds that “cushite” is a figurative
 Provides for individual taxpayers who do not itemize term for “beautiful.” In short, they surmise that Moses
to take an “above the line” charitable income tax loved a woman who was Black and beautiful.
deduction equal to the amount of charitable cash gifts
up to $300 (Individual), or $600 (Married). This will What was this woman’s name and personality? Rabbis are
offer you a partial tax benefit for contributions to not sure, but fortunately, the Torah is a “living tree” that
Temple Solel. grows through the practice of writing midrash—narrative
elaborations of the biblical text. Thus we can imagine more
 Allows for cash contributions to a charitable details about this Cushite woman. For instance, we can
foundation (such as Temple Solel Endowment name her Eisha, based on the Hebrew word for “woman”
Foundation) up to 100% of your adjusted gross income in Numbers 12:1. Also, we can interpret her silence in the
for the 2020 calendar year, with the excess deductible story as power. Eisha knew who she was, and what she
in future years. stood for. She saw no purpose in entering the squabbles of
Moses and his siblings. Her independence reflected the
Hoping this information is helpful. As always, we suggest history of her homeland—Ethiopia was never colonized by
you discuss these strategies with your financial and tax European powers.
advisor to determine what might be appropriate in your
particular situation. Finally, did Eisha serve the community in a leadership role,
in addition to being Moses’ wife? Fortunately, the Torah
Most important, as we all navigate through these provides another clue. In Numbers 12:8 we read, “God
challenging times, I wish you and your families the best of spoke to Moses peh-el-peh, mouth to mouth”—the same
health. way a wife speaks to her husband. Consequently, as we
look into the past, seeking ancestors we never knew, we
Jim Moss find Eisha, a woman who conveyed the word of God to
Moses, guiding him and the Israelites through the Sinai
Treasurer, Temple Solel Endowment Foundation desert and toward the Promised Land.

Torah Study meets every Saturday morning at 9:00 am via
Zoom link Please join us!

Matthew Kozinets

August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780 7


Volunteer Recognition  Marah Burke and children, Erica and Matthew

Volunteers are an essential part of Temple Solel. We would like
to thank the following volunteers for their time and efforts:

Birthday Calls Lisa Trotta
Arlene Bonime Nancy Weinstein
Gail Zucker
Knitting for a Purpose
Arlene Bonime Magen Masks
Carol Brillman Toby Gerst
Jill Loebel Debbie Seplow
Beverly Nathan Jane Marks
Margie Rahilly Esther Zack
Beth Sennett Ted Kort
Judy Sirkis Stephen Gerst
Debbie Smith Aimee Rabich

Would you like to volunteer at some point in the future?
We’d love to have you! Email [email protected], and we’ll
add you to our volunteer email list for upcoming opportunities.

Social Action at Temple Solel

At Temple Solel we seek the divine spark in each individual by working together, based on the Jewish tradition of tikkun
olam and the teachings of Torah, to help the needy in our community and affect social change. We invite you to become
part of our tapestry of neighbors helping neighbors. For more information, please email [email protected]

Tzedakah—giving of resources homeless families by providing dinner and a safe place to
sleep for seven nights on a quarterly basis during the year.
Organizations we have helped include the following:
 StreetLightUSA StreetLightUSA: Temple Solel sponsors luncheons at this
 Phoenix Cancer Support Network shelter for girls who have been rescued from sex
 Saving Amy trafficking.
 Jewish Family and Children’s Services
 Phoenix Jewish Free Loan Mitzvah Day: Solel members and Raker Religious School
 Jewish National Fund participate in various projects at Solel and in the
 Bubble and Froth Foundation for Food Assistance community that benefit a variety of charitable
G’milut Chasadim—acts of loving kindness
Jewish Family and Children’s Services Annual Foster Care
Thanksgiving Meal Project: Prior to Thanksgiving, Solel Party: Temple Solel sponsors a holiday party for the young
members come together as a community to create and adults who are part of the Foster Care program.
package individual Thanksgiving meals for Saving Amy, an
organization supporting those who are transitioning from Advocacy/Shinui Kivun—changing the status quo
homeless shelters to apartments.
 Immigration and Asylum Seekers:
Spin a Little Love: Each December Temple Solel members  Kino Border Initiative
support military families and community members in need  Arizona Jews for Justice
with gifts for the holidays.
 Interfaith Alliances:
Family Promise of Greater Phoenix: Temple Solel is part of  Islamic Speakers Bureau
the network of congregations that helps first time  Valley Interfaith Project
 Brit Olam

8 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780

August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780 9

10 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780

Renew Your Membership Commitment at Temple Solel

Membership commitments and other financial contributions help to ensure the strength and continuity of Temple Solel.
Being a member gives you a chance to be part of something larger than yourself. Our wide range of learning activities,
cultural and social programs, offer you a sense of community and provide a chance to form meaningful connections,
bonding friendships, and the opportunity to spend time with those who have similar interests.

Member Benefits include:  Use of the Community Mikvah at member rates

 Access to our clergy for pastoral care and life cycle  Access to our varied k’hilot and committees at
events member rates

 Registration in Raker Religious School at member rates  Access to youth programming

 Participation in educational programming at member  Registration in The Solel Preschool at member rates
Attendance at Friday evening or Saturday morning Shabbat
 Participation in our b’nai mitzvah program at member services is open to anyone.
Visit and select Join, then click on
 Placing loved ones’ names in annual Yizkor Book Membership Forms to begin the renewal process.
(additional fees apply)

August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780 11

Valley Beit Midrash


SCHOLARS’ CIRCLE – Inspired Jewish SCHOLARS’ CIRCLE – God and the Big Bang
Leadership August 12 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
August 4 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm God and the Big Bang by Daniel Matt
by Dr. Erica Brown Facilitated by David Lieberman
Facilitated by Josh Leitz
Can We Talk About God?
Hope & Light: An Hour of Musical August 13 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Inspiration! Presented by Rabbi Dr. Darren Kleinberg
August 5 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm in a virtual setting!
Maya Abramson with music and
Rabbi Shmuly with Torah! SCHOLARS’ CIRCLE – Exodus and
A Wave Theory Approach to August 19 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Unethical Aspects of Torah Exodus and Revolution by Professor
August 6 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am Michael Walzer
A virtual presentation taught by Facilitated by Rabbi Dr. Shmuly Yanklowitz
Rabbi Dr. Zev Farber

What’s Our Response to a Sex Offender Re-examining Our Moral Obligations to
Who Says He Has Repented? the Other
August 10 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am August 20 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm
Presented by Rabbi Dov Linzer in a Presented by Rabbi Zachary Truboff in a
virtual setting! virtual setting!

All events listed above are presented by Valley Beit Midrash. For full event description,
including cost, please visit

12 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780

Contributions We appreciate the thoughtfulness of those who support Temple Solel by remembering and
honoring their friends and loved ones through their generous contributions.

Art @ Solel Fund  In loving memory of Norma Power  In memory of Morris Rosenbaum
 In memory of Ira Thomas Nancy Weinstein Ira and Myrna Wechter

Ira and Susan Thomas  In honor of Rabbi Langowitz  In memory of Rodger Popkin
 A donation was made on behalf of Phil and Marilyn Hawkes Jeff and Nancy Weber

two artists who appeared recently in Dr. Gerald Becker Adult  In memory of Esther Joseph
the Art Showcase, Arlene Scult and Education Fund Larry and Fern Kane
Skip Feinstein  In memory of Skip Feinstein
 In memory of Mark Pevzner
Ira and Susan Thomas Abbey and Toby Goldberg Ludmila Brigadir

Building Beautification Fund Edward and Celia Linder Interfaith  In memory of George Blumenthal
 In honor of the wedding of Hannah Bridge-building Fund Marcia Feinstein
 In honor of Hank Rader's Baby
and Yakir Urman  In memory of Ann Shellow
Susan Spiers Naming Ms. Francine Garner
Frank and Rae Rader
Cantorial Soloist Todd Herzog’s  In memory of Betty Pishko
Discretionary Fund Endowment Fund Peter Pishko
 Thank you, Todd for your uplifting  In memory of Bertha Danoff
 In memory of Marcus Sachs
music and song during these difficult From the Danoff Family Ray and Valda Sachs
times.  In memory of George Kokalis
 In memory of Leah Kauftheil
Erland Meling From the Danoff Family Rosalie Avery
 For refuah shleimah for Kristin Stern,
General Fund  In memory of Dr. Jay LeGrand
my old choir director from Munster  In memory of Norma Power Ruth LeGrand
Jan Carp
Arlene Bonime  In memory of Eva Applebaum
 Thank you for keeping the music  In memory of Joshua Bonime Ruth LeGrand
Skip and Marcia Feinstein Arlene Bonime  In memory of Anne Greenberg
 In memory of my beloved husband, Sam and Joan Weissman
Capital Fund
 In honor of Nelson and Lisa Lerner’s Dave Robert Kazen  In memory of Skip Feinstein
Bella Kazen Sandra Harris
daughter’s marriage. Mazel tov!
Ms. Susan Waldbaum  In memory of Francis Sheriff  In memory of Celia Cohen
Bob Fishman Steve Cohen
 In honor of the birth of Debbie and
Stu Lanson’s grandson Evan and  In appreciation of the Temple Solel  In memory of Eli Fields
great grandson Valan. Community Steven and Shari Cohen
Ms. Susan Waldbaum Chuck and Diana Love
 In memory of Susan Klein
Caring Community Fund  In memory of David Schauer Stuart Phillips
 In honor of Rabbi Langowitz Fran Schauer
 In memory of George Goldstein
Alan and Beverly Nathan  In memory of Martin Holtzman Ed Goldstein
Bob Cohen and Dottie Gloria Holtzman
Braun‑Cohen  In memory of Ruth Goldstein
Ina Raznick and Family  In memory of Dorothy Meyers Ed Goldstein
 In memory of Norma Power Gordie and Jerri Schubert
Jan Carp Jim Waxenberg Youth Fund
 In honor of Rabbi Emily Langowitz,  In memory of Milt Myers  In appreciation to both Rabbis for
wishing you all the best in your Howard and Judith Rosen
future! their dedication and perseverance
Ms. Esther Zack  In memory of Henry Donsky during this crisis
Howard and Paula Donsky
Erland Meling
 In memory of Ann Benderoff
Howard and Paula Donsky MAZON Fund
 In appreciation of the Temple Solel

Chuck and Diana Love

August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780 13

Contributions (Cont’d)

Rabbi Langowitz’ Discretionary Fund  In memory of Norman Krumholz Social Action Family Promise Fund
 Thank you for your generosity of Eleanor Krumholz  A donation was made by

spirit and your sharing yourself with  In memory of Benjamin Binn Bob and Shari Levitan
us. Best wishes for your wonderful Eleanor Krumholz  In honor of Hank Rader's
 In memory of Richard E. Seplow baby naming
Mark and Barbara Stern Judy Seplow Gary and Phyl Bolno
 A donation was made by
 In honor of Malcolm Jozoff Temple Solel Hardship Relief Fund
NorthShore Congregation Israel Matthew Jozoff  In memory of Bill Pettit

Rabbi Linder’s Discretionary Fund  In memory of Lois Epstein Faith, David, Alisa, and
 To Ginger and Sandy Wlody, Mel Epstein Talia Boninger
 A donation was made by
Congratulations on becoming great  In memory of Dorothy Birnbaum, Marvin and Karen Leff
grandparents! Abraham Birnbaum, Ruth Stone Ori and Mirit Eisen
Phyllis Stone
Aaron and Diana Turk Solel Preschool Donation Fund
 For a speedy recovery,  In memory of Judith Harte  In memory of my wife, Ellen
Richard Harte
Shirley Dubow! Bob Wallace
Aaron and Diana Turk  In honor of Rabbi Linder  In memory of our Mother,
Zach Gerbarg
 In memory of Phyllis Leshowitz Bertha Schafer
Barry Leshowitz Rabbi Stiel’s Discretionary Fund Sandy and Ginger Wlody
 Welcome Rabbi!
 In memory of Dr. Walter Marcus Donations received after
Cynthia Marcus Jan Carp June 30, 2020 will be printed in the

next issue of the Pathfinder.

Discretionary Fund Please Note…
Due to Covid-19 concerns, the temple
Temple Solel thanks everyone for their continued will no longer be able to receive any
generosity and support of our clergy staff through donations of books or Judaica. As an
contributions made to their individual discretionary alternative, you may wish to donate
fund accounts. To avoid any confusion, we ask that you items to Goodwill or The White Dove
be sure to include the intended rabbi’s full name in the Thrift Shoppe. Visit their websites at
memo portion of your check and/or on any and
correspondence that accompanies your contribution. for locations, hours, and information.

Thank you! Thanks!


If you’re moving or have just recently moved, please take
a moment to notify the temple office so that we may
update our records. This would include any change of
email or contact phone information. Please email
[email protected] or call 480.991.7414. Thanks!

14 August 2020 / Av - Elul 5780


Kaddish will be recited on Erev Shabbat on the following dates:

Dorothy Abusch August 7, 2020 Tanya Minkus Milton Abrams August 21, 2020 Pauline Reibel
Salek Allweiss Andrea Nemiroff Gert Bauer Lois Ringe
Rochelle Alpert Ben Goldstein Aaron Phillips Gerald Berg John Hines Nathan Rubin
Patricia Avren Deborah Hertzenberg Shepard Powell Eva Berkovitz Ann Horlick Melvin Satz
Sarah Holman Philip Kahn
Bertha Belfer Linda Hurst Irwin Racine Minnie Breslow Morton Kay Jack Seiler
Howard Berkowitz Frederick Huth Norman Rosenfeld Anne Cohen Erwin Levinsohn Paul Shatkin
Harry Blask Harry Joffee Tulla Rosenhirsch Marvin Fishman Elizabeth Lieberman Hannah Spinner
Bernard Brodsky Sara Kanefsky Jacob Scharf Leonard Friedel Donald Litz Meyer Stern
Raymond Caplan Irving Kaplan Helene Scheinert Irwin Gilbert Beverly Lopatin Bessie Weiner
Audrey Carp Jeanette Kardon Jeffrey Shapiro Albert Groman Archie Micay David Weiss
Esther Clement Freda Kletsky Jacob Silk David Henig Hymie Milder
Doris Klugman Dorothy Moss
Rosalie Fox Jean Lerner Milton Spiegel
Francine Fox Louis Loewenberg Rosebud Splaver
Hyman Goldberg

Jack Boland August 14, 2020 Doris Ruben Theodore Bantit August 28, 2020 Paula Myers
Elsie Burger Joan Sachs Beryl Barth Bertie Nussbaum
Otis Burgess Leah Herzog Judith Saltzman Gert Baum Susanne Graziano Alex Shefrin
Elliot Cohen Richard Jacobs Bennett Scheuer Tilly Benson Harry Green Helen Smith
Bud Javitch William Heller
Selma Cohen Thelma Klein Martin Shapiro Sam Bloom Phillip Hollander Robert Spencer
Marilyn Fichman Bess Kristal Jenny Sherman Rose Brillman Kurt Isenberg Stefanie Steinberg
Fred H. Finkle Iris Machiz Harlan Sherman Philip Chapman Joyce Kessler Edith Strickstein
Bessie Fishman Addie McClaflin Janie Shumaker Lillian Dines Marjorie Lavine Harry Tuber
Allan Flader Sam Motzkin Raymond Silverman Frederic Dolgonos Howard Lichterman Ray Wasserman
Lillian Garden Jonathan Murray Tillie Somer Eli Friedman Ella Milder Edward Werner
Judith Glazer Leon Palles Hally Steiner Edna Goldberg Albert Minkin Michael Wolfe
Lewis Perlmutter Sophia Mishkin
Herbert Green Dave Pollock William Straka Joseph Graziano Marjorie Mishlove Fred Zechman
Dora Gurland Joseph Polonski Corinne Tessier
Mark Harris Simon Pritkin Sophie Weinstein


We Mourn the Loss of:
 Skip Feinstein, husband of Marcia Feinstein

 Norton Remes, husband of Joanie Remes

Non Profit

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Scottsdale AZ
Permit No. 24

Current Resident or

Issued monthly
Volume 20 - Issue 1

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Temple Solel
Gift Shop News

Our Gift Shop is one of the best-kept Published by and for the members of Temple Solel
secrets in the valley. Come and see what August 2020
we have to offer—items change with the
Jewish holidays and seasons. Rabbi John A. Linder [email protected] x.122 Rabbi
Rabbi Debbie Stiel [email protected] x.131 Rabbi
We have Bar and Bat Mitzvah presents, Todd Herzog [email protected] x.136 Cantorial Soloist
amazing tallitot from Israel at different Rabbi Maynard W. Bell Rabbi Emeritus
price points, and much more.
Executive Committee & Trustees
Don’t forget baby gifts, wedding presents
and even a beautiful mezzuzah. We also Doreen Feldberg .................................................................................................... President
have jewelry to meet your every want and Rae Rader................................................................Executive Vice President - Social Action
need and lovely hostess gifts. Stephen Slogoff.............................................................................Vice President - Accounts
Larry Fink ................................................................. Vice President - Trustee Development
The Gift Shop is open several times during Lauren Brown.............................................................................. Vice President - Education
the week. Please call the temple office at Larry Cohen...............................................................Vice President - Facilities and Security
480.991.7414 before you stop in so that Brian Weinberger.........................................................Vice President - Legal and Contracts
we may be able to assist you. Bobbi Moss ............................................................................................................ Secretary
Phil Hawkes............................................................................................................Treasurer

Madelaine Berg Lisa Lerner TSTY Co-presidents:
Bettina Chow Robert Lipson Ariel Eisen
Eve Danoff Eric Mininberg Drew Kolber
Judy Gold Howard Rosen

Return Policy Administrative Staff

The temple will cheerfully accept any Peter Pishko [email protected] x.124 Executive Director
returns for store credit only. Jacquelyn Null Engagement Specialist
Thank You! Tobee Waxenberg [email protected] x.128 Director of Raker Rel. School
Elis Legler Raker Religious School Coord.
Torah Portions/Candle Lighting Times Noni Clark [email protected] x.123
Joan Giannini Controller
August 7 Eikev/Deut. 7:12-11:25/7:04pm Jelena Santiago [email protected] x.121 Office Manager
August 14 R’eih/Deut. 11:26-16:17/6:57pm Mary Ann Bloom Executive Assistant
August 21 Shoftim/Deut. 16:18-21:9/6:49pm Sonya Placencia [email protected] x.125 Director of Early Childhood Ed.
August 28 Ki Teitzei/Deut. 21:10-25:19/6:40pm Kathleen Manahan Preschool Billing & Office Asst.
Alberto Mena [email protected] x.127 Education Assistant
Vojo Stanisic Facility Manager
[email protected] x.126
[email protected] x.162

[email protected] x.135

[email protected] x.164

[email protected] x.129

[email protected] x.129

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