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If you have an AOL email account and you are using Windows then, there is good news is waiting for you.

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Published by Thamos Liam, 2021-04-20 04:24:12

Can I access AOL Mail with Windows Mail?

If you have an AOL email account and you are using Windows then, there is good news is waiting for you.

Can I access AOL Mail with Windows

If you have an AOL email account and you are using Windows then, there is good news is waiting for
you. Now, you easily can use the Windows Mail with AOL email account to send and receive your
emails. Although setting up Windows Mail in Windows Vista for working with an AOL Account needs a
few extra steps.
You easily can access AOL Mail with Windows Mail and for that, we are here with the exact steps to do
so. Just use a strong and stable internet connection while doing this because a single mistake can ruin
the entire method.

Access an AOL Email Account with Windows 10

You easily set up your Internet account and open Windows Mail. This is a recommended step that you
have to connect your device with a good internet account before setting up an email account.

 First of all, enter your name and click on Next and this name appears in the From the box of the email
therefore most people simply type their own name

 After that, enter the email address and click on Next and your email address is your username, the @sign, and
your ISP, all details that your ISP must provide you with

 Now, select IMAO for your email type and then, enter for the incoming mail server and for the outgoing mail servers

 This is the time to click on the box that is marked Outgoing Server Requires Authentication on the page and
click on Next

 Enter your account name and password and click on Next and click on Finish and for your account name, you
have to enter the part of the email address before the @ sign and then, enter the Internet account’s password

 After that, check the Remember Password box to get your mail automatically in the background and choose
the AOL account you created, select Properties and click on the Advanced tab

 Then, select Accounts from Windows Mail’s Tools menu to see your email account and in the Outgoing Mail
(SMTP) box, change the number to 587 and click on Apply

IMAP Server box and click on Apply and click on Ok and click on Close and if you wi ll be asked to
download folders from the mail server then, you should click on Yes to finish the entire step

Access an AOL Email Account with Windows 8 Mail

You have to open the Mail app and enter the Win + C keyboard combination and choose Settings from
the menu which shows to the right of the screen

 After that, select the Accounts and choose to Add an account. Then, choose AOL from the list and enter your
AOL email address and password in the required field

 Choose the Connect button to add the AOL email account to the Mail app and you are done with the

More on Windows Mail

Mail is the default, built-in email program in Windows 10 and Windows 8; it is dubbed Windows Mail
on Windows Vista and mail allows you to access different email account, like your AOL Mail account in
one integrated place.
Windows 10 Mail supports automatically any email account that supports and POP or IMAP, therefore
it is simple to sync it with AOL Mail
You might need to know AOL’s IMAP server settings or the POP server sett ings for downloading email
to Windows Mail and AOL SMTP server settings to send an email. If you are facing any issues then,
call AOL Helpline Care in the UK to get instant support regarding the resolution. The technicians are
always there to serve you with all AOL-related issues.

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