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Nash Cup 2019



The London Squash & Fitness Club welcomes you to the 12th annual NASH Cup
Professional Squash Tournament. Having an event last this long is a true testament
to a dedicated committee and many strong local sponsors. What started out as a
$5K “experiment” has grown to an event known around the world as one of the best
on tour.

This year’s $32K USD combined purse is the second largest in Canada, and
remains the only PSA draw in the world where the women’s purse is larger than
the men’s. This continues to be reflective of the current world ranking of Canadian

48 players representing 24 countries will compete in a par 11, best of 5, single
elimination match format. The top 8 players in each draw receive a bye in the
opening round. The court tins have been adjusted to 17 inches for all matches (local
squash is played at 19 inches). The region’s top referees have been brought in to
make all the tough calls.

As noted an event of this magnitude requires tremendous support. It’s important to
recognize our sponsors (pg 20) and the dedicated committee of volunteers (pg 19)
who began working on this year’s event as soon as 2018 had ended.

Please be sure to support developmental squash through the 50/50 draws and silent
auction table.

Thank you to all who have volunteered; billeted players; sponsored; purchased
tickets; and entered the amateur draws.

JaySincerely, Nash

Tournament Host

Live Scores Online at

Our live score feature lets you follow the matches and
scores in real time on your mobile phone – from your seats
at the Nash Cup, or from work or home. Visit
on your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Technology courtesy of Mesh Communications and Polymath Interactive.

The NASH Cup Proudly Supports Developmental Squash

At the NASH Cup, We’re Social! @nashcup @nashcup


The London Squash & Fitness Club

The London Squash & Fitness Club (LSFC) was founded
in the fall of 1966. The physical facility has evolved over
time and features four international singles courts (two
glass-backed) and one glass-backed North American
doubles court.

LSFC is a private non-profit corporation owned and
managed by its members. The orientation of the club is
toward good fellowship through the sport of squash. Members are encouraged
to participate in both on-court and off-court activities, including special exhibition
squash matches, feature parties and events, club tournaments and other activities.

Much of the success of the LSFC stems from its membership. As a private club,
fully devoted to squash, a special camaraderie
exists among the men and women of the
LSFC, because of the members’ involvement
in, and commitment to, the ongoing growth and
development of the club and the sport.

Nestled in London’s historic Old North, the LSFC
was originally a large family home. This gives the
club a feeling of warmth and friendliness not found
in more conventional clubs.

Board of Directors – 2019 Executives

President – Chad Dawson
Past President – Brad Gleed
Vice President – Graham Leitch
Treasurer – Jeff Tudhope
Secretary – David Coate


Visit the pro shop to get all
the latest racquets, shoes, apparel
and court accessories.

Be sure to visit Black Knight
representatives on the doubles court
during the amateur draws.


Nash Cup Schedule

Tuesday, September 17th to Saturday, September 21st

Date Time Event Location

Mon. Sept. 16th 5:00pm - 8:00pm Local Play-In & Club BBQ Court 1 & 2

Tues. Sept. 17th 3:00pm - 10:00pm Round 1 – 16 matches Court 1 & 2

Wed. Sept. 18th 3:00pm - 10:00pm Round 2 – 16 matches Court 1 & 2

Thur. Sept. 19th 4:30pm - 10:00pm Quarter Finals – 8 matches Court 1 & 2

Fri. Sept. 20th 5:00pm - 10:00pm Semi Finals – 4 matches Court 2
Sat. Sept. 21st Court 2
7:30 pm Women’s Finals
9:00 pm Men’s Finals

Other Events

Date Time Event Location
Doubles Calcutta Doubles crt.
Thur. Sept. 19th 11:00am - 4:00pm Chatham Pro/Am
6:00pm Maple City Squash
Thur. Sept. 19th - Silent Auction
Sat. Sept. 21st Closes following Doubles crt.
women’s final Junior Pro/Am
Matches (singles) Courts 1 & 2
Fri. Sept. 20th 2:00pm - 4:30pm

Sat. Sept. 21st 6:00pm Spike Ball Matches Court 2

Fri. Sept. 20th - Good Life Fitness in use Amateur Draws
Sat. Sept. 21st 4:00pm - 9:30pm Fri.
9:00am - 4:00pm Sat.
Max. 16 per draw




Tuesday, September 17 Wednesday, September 18

[1] Vikram Malhotra (IND) 15:45 [1] Vikram Malhotra (IND)
[Bye] Court 2 [?]

15:45 Jayden Shortt (CAN) 15:45 [?]
Court 2 Alex Noakes (ENG) Court 1 [7] Reiko Peter (SUI)

15:45 Fernando Magdaleno (MEX) 17:30 [5] Christopher Binnie (JAM)
Court 1 Invitee (CAN) Court 2 [?]

[7] Reiko Peter (SUI) 17:30 [?]
[Bye] Court 1 [4] Leonel Cardenas (MEX)

[5] Christopher Binnie (JAM) 19:15 [3] Alfredo Avila (MEX)
[Bye] Court 2 [?]

17:30 Stu Hadden (IRL) 19:15 [?]
Court 2 Cory McCartney (CAN) Court 1 [8] Cameron Seth (CAN)
17:30 Tristan Eysele (RSA)
Court 1 Robert Dadds (ENG) 21:00 [6] Lyell Fuller (ENG)
Court 1 [?]
[4] Leonel Cardenas (MEX)
[Bye] 21:00 [?]
[3] Alfredo Avila (MEX) Court 2 [2] Auguste Dussourd (FRA)

19:15 Connor Turk (CAN)
Court 2 Darosham Khan (CAN)

19:15 Noah Browne (BER)
Court 1 Charles De La Riva (CAN)

[8] Cameron Seth (CAN)

[6] Lyell Fuller (ENG)

21:00 Jon Geekie (SCO)
Court 1 Ben Coates (ENG)
21:00 Thomas King (CAN)
Court 2 Guy Davidson (USA)

[2] Auguste Dussourd (FRA)

Visit for updates & live scores

Men’s Main Draw


Thursday, September 19 Friday, September 20 Saturday, September 21

17:45 [Quarter-Finalist] 18:15 [Semi-Finalist]
Court 2 [Quarter-Finalist] Court 2 [Semi-Finalist]

17:45 [Quarter-Finalist]
Court 1 [Quarter-Finalist]

21:00 [Finalist]
Court 2 [Finalist]

20:15 [Quarter-Finalist] 20:45 [Semi-Finalist]
Court 1 [Quarter-Finalist] Court 2 [Semi-Finalist]

20:15 [Quarter-Finalist]
Court 2 [Quarter-Finalist]


PSA Men’s - The Players

Vikram Malhotra
India World Rank: 61

Date of Birth: 1989-11-16
Residence: Mumbai, India
Coach: Thierry Lincou, Supreet Singh
Nash Cup: 2018 Semi-Finals

Auguste Dussourd
France World Rank: 66

Date of Birth: 1996-02-10
Residence: Saint Maur Des Fossees, France
Nash Cup: Tournament Rookie

Alfredo Avila

Mexico World Rank: 69

Date of Birth: 1991-06-17
Residence: Mexico City, Mexico
Nash Cup: 2018 Champion

Leonel Cardenas
Mexico World Rank: 78

Date of Birth: 2000-02-08
Residence: Tlalnepantla, Mexico
Coach: Marcos Mendez, Rafael Mendez
Nash Cup: Tournament Rookie


Christopher Binnie
Jamaica World Rank: 95

Date of Birth: 1989-01-26
Residence: Jamaica
Coach: Rod Martin, Rene Denis
Nash Cup: 2018 Finals, 2015 Main Draw

Lyell Fuller
England World Rank: 107

Date of Birth: 1995-10-22
Residence: Exeter, England
Coach: Johnny Harford, Robbie Temple
Nash Cup: 2018, 2017, 2015

Reiko Peter
Switzerland World Rank: 116

Date of Birth: 1989-03-31
Residence: Burlington, Canada
Nash Cup: 2015 Main Draw

Cameron Seth
Canada World Rank: 128

Date of Birth: 1994-04-21
Residence: Fergus, Canada
Coach: Laurence Delasaux
Nash Cup: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015



Tuesday, September 17 Wednesday, September 18

[1] Melissa Alves (FRA) 15:00 [1] Melissa Alves (FRA)
[Bye] Court 2 [?]

15:00 Mary Fung-A-Fat (GUY) 15:00 [?]
Court 1 Eva Fertekova (CZE) Court 1 [7] Nikki Todd (CAN)

15:00 Anna Kimberley (ENG) 16:45 [8] Donna Lobban (AUS)
Court 2 Sanne Veldkamp (NED) Court 1 [?]

[7] Nikki Todd (CAN) 16:45 [?]
[Bye] Court 2 [3] Enora Villard (FRA)

[8] Donna Lobban (AUS) 18:30 [4] Emilia Soini (FIN)
[Bye] Court 2 [?]

16:45 Hana Moataz (EGY) 18:30 [?]
Court 2 Ali Loke (WAL) Court 1 [5] Sarah Cardwell (AUS)
16:45 Cristina Gomez (ESP)
Court 1 Sofia Mateos (ESP) 20:15 [6] Nicole Bunyan (CAN)
Court 2 [?]
[3] Enora Villard (FRA)
[Bye] 20:15 [?]
[4] Emilia Soini (FIN) Court 1 [2] Jasmine Hutton (ENG)

18:30 Paula Jenkins (CAN)
Court 2 Marie Stephan (FRA)

18:30 Cindy Merlo (SUI)
Court 1 Jelena Dutina (SRB)

[5] Sarah Cardwell (AUS)

[6] Nicole Bunyan (CAN)

20:15 Nadiia Usenko (UKR)
Court 1 Alison Thomson (SCO)
20:15 Catalina Pelaez (COL)
Court 2 Catherine Giachino

[2] Jasmine Hutton (ENG)

Visit for updates & live scores

Women’s Main Draw


Thursday, September 19 Friday, September 20 Saturday, September 21

16:30 [Quarter-Finalist] 17:00 [Semi-Finalist]
Court 1 [Quarter-Finalist] Court 2 [Semi-Finalist]

16:30 [Quarter-Finalist]
Court 2 [Quarter-Finalist]

19:30 [Finalist]
Court 2 [Finalist]

19:00 [Quarter-Finalist] 19:30 [Semi-Finalist]
Court 1 [Quarter-Finalist] Court 2 [Semi-Finalist]

19:00 [Quarter-Finalist]
Court 2 [Quarter-Finalist]


PSA Women’s - The Players

Melissa Alves
France World Rank: 45

Date of Birth: 1993-12-29
Residence: Creteil, France
Nash Cup: 2018 Quarter Finals

Jasmine Hutton

England World Rank: 55

Date of Birth: 1999-04-05
Residence: Brighton, England
Coach: Rob Owen, Ben Hutton
Nash Cup: 2018

Enora Villard
France World Rank: 56

Date of Birth: 1993-10-27
Residence: Paris, France
Coach: Philippe Signoret
Nash Cup: 2015, 2013

Emilia Soini
Finland World Rank: 58

Date of Birth: 1995-10-19
Residence: Espoo, Finland
Nash Cup: Tournament Rookie


Sarah Cardwell
Australia World Rank: 60

Date of Birth: 1991-10-10
Residence: Melbourne, Australia
Nash Cup: 2017

Nicole Bunyan
Canada World Rank: 63

Date of Birth: 1993-11-22
Residence: New York, USA
Coach: John Mustro
Nash Cup: 2018, 2017, 2016

Nikki Todd
Canada World Rank: 64

Date of Birth: 1990-10-07
Residence: Toronto, Canada
Nash Cup: 2018, 2017 Semi Finals, 2016 Quarter
Finals, 2015 Quarter Finals, 2014 Semi Finals

Donna Lobban
Australia World Rank: 67

Date of Birth: 1986-12-19
Residence: Sheffield, England
Coach: Paul Price, Nick Matthew
Nash Cup: Tournament Rookie


Men’s Purse

Draw Position Percent Players Prize Total
M Winner $1,985.50
M Runner-up 19% 1 $1,985.50 $1,254.00
M 3/4 12% 1 $1,254.00 $783.75
M 5/8 $1,881.00
Q 9/16 7.5% 2 $783.75 $2,299.04
17/24 $1,463.04
  4.5% 4 $470.25
2.75% 8 $287.38 $11,000.00
1.75% 8 $182.88 $12,000.00

Player Contribution

All figures in USD On-Site Prize

Billet Credit

Total Prize Money

World Ranking Points

Result Points
Winner 200
Runner-up 130
Semi-Finalist 80
Quarter-Finalist 50
Round 2 30
Round 1 18


Women’s Purse

Draw Position Percent Players Prize Total
M Winner $3,339.25
M Runner-up 19% 1 $3,339.25 $2,109.00
M $2,636.26
M 3/4 12% 1 $2,109.00 $3,163.52
M 5/8 $3,866.48
Q 9/16 7.5% 2 $1,318.13 $2,460.48
  4.5% 4 $790.88 $925.00
2.75% 8 $483.31
1.75% 8 $307.56 $20,000.00

Player Contribution

All figures in USD On-Site Prize

Billet Credit

Total Prize Money

World Ranking Points

Result Points
Winner 350
Runner-up 230
Semi-Finalist 140
Quarter-Finalist 85
Round 2 51
Round 1 31.5

Past Champions

Year Men’s Women’s
2018 Alfredo Avila Emily Whitlock
2017 Tom Richards Millie Tomlinson
2016 Declan James Danielle Letourneau
2015 Declan James Maria Toorpakai Wazir
2014 Jens Schoor Kanzy Emad El-D-frawy
2013 Joe Lee Maria Toorpakai Wazir
2012 Julian Illingworth

2011 Shawn Delierre
2010 Jan Koukal
2009 Bernardo Samper
2008 Farzan Rasheed


Silent Auction

Be sure to visit the silent auction tables starting Thursday night and closing
after the men’s final.
Items available include racquets; lessons with western players; great swag
from Mackenzie; Care care and London Knights Tickets from BMW and
All proceeds go to Western Squash.
A big thank you to Scotiabank and Picton Mahoney Asset Management.
Each has contributed $1,500 to the Jesters University Squash League for
the 2018-2019 season!

Forest City Cup Women’s Doubles

LSFC is hosting the inaugural Forest City Cup Professional Women’s
Doubles Squash Tournament from Feb. 27-29, 2020 presented by The
A Team and run in conjunction our March Madness amateur doubles
LSFC is a leader in hosting professional squash tournaments with the
unbridled success of the NASH Cup, and we are excited to build on that
with professional women’s doubles, raising the profile of the game &
encouraging women in London & region to get on the doubles court. There
will be clinics (for men and women) throughout the tournament, as well as
a Pro-Am opportunities available.
For information about sponsorship and/or tickets please contact
[email protected] For information on the Women’s Squash
Doubles Association visit
- Forest City Cup Organizing Committee



Become A Member

The LSFC is available and accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a
week using our biometric fingerprint access. Inside the club, you will find:
• 4 International softball singles courts
• 1 North American hardball doubles court
• Online booking system
• In-house and city league play
• Certified squash professional with lessons and junior programs
• Lounge and licensed bar with breakfast and lunch available
• Convenient downtown London location with free parking
• In-house Pro Shop
• Fully equipped exercise and weight training area
• On-site professional massage therapy (RMT)
• Member owned and operated


2019 Nash Cup Committee

Professional Staff

Tom Panabaker Manager

Volunteer Committee Members

Jay Nash Tournament Host Trevor Tyson Billets
Craig Hall Officials Kim Atkinson Player Liaison
Silent Auction
Rob Doherty Amateur Draw Laura Savage Amateur Entries
Medical Facilities
Laurie Doherty Player Liaison Jordan Nash Scoring
Mark McLean Social Media Jeremiah Rusznyak Technology
Phill Stables Billets Lorie Forwell

Mike McNeil Scoring Blaine Prentice

Charlie Stratton Scoring Matt Henderson

Murray Shaw Hospitality Suite Sahand Izad

Ashwani Narwani Technology Bill Fitzpatrick

Junior Volunteers: Julia Nash; Adelaide Nash; William Jenkins; Quinn McLean

the Matches!


Thank you to our Tournament Sponsors

Follow the scores live at

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