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he had a very bad day to work

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Published by Aiden Muenchow, 2019-05-08 09:28:22

Joe's third bad day

he had a very bad day to work

Joe's 3rd Bad Day to Work
Written by Aiden Muenchow

Joe  is  6´2  and  has  black  hair  and  dresses 
like a normal person,and he semi and then he got 
into  it  and  backed  it  up  and  hooked  up  his 
trailer  and  then  he  ran  over  a  nail  on  the 
highway and then he crashed into a car.




The clock read 9:22 and he had to drop off 
the logs by 9:27 or else he would get fired by 
Bob [his boss] because he had already been late 
twice. Joe would hate to get fired because he 
would not make any money so then if he wouldn't 
have enough money to pay the bills so then he 
would lose his house! 





So he had to call his boss and tell him that 
he was going to be late but no one answered the 
phone because there was no reception out on that 
highway so he had to wait till help arrived But 
then Bob called and said why are you so late and 
Joe said his radiator blew out and his tires 
popped and Bob said you are fired and then joe 
got another job. THE END! 

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