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Need to improve the security in your condo or subdivision? This private security company can provide Fremont, CA communities with uniformed guards and patrols, all licensed and experienced. Learn more at

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Find Licensed Private Security Professionals For Fremont CA Local Communities

Need to improve the security in your condo or subdivision? This private security company can provide Fremont, CA communities with uniformed guards and patrols, all licensed and experienced. Learn more at

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Find Licensed Private
Security Professionals
For Fremont CA Local


Are there lingering security concerns in your subdivision or
condominium building? Private security may be the solution

you’re looking for!

Valiant Private Security offers
residential security services for
homeowners associations (HOAs)
and other parties looking to provide
protection to their local communities.

The security company headquartered in Campbell, California serves
the nearby city of Fremont, as well as other locations within the San

Jose area.

Through Valiant Private Security’s
services, stationed guards or patrols
can be deployed to help overcome
many of the challenges that HOAs

often face.

Parking enforcement is one of the issues that can be
addressed with the presence of security personnel in the


Your HOA most likely has its own set of rules
and regulations around parking on your

premises, and Valiant Private Security can
help ensure that these are strictly

implemented and that any related issues that
may surface are immediately resolved.

Crime prevention is another key benefit of the company’s residential services.
Common offenses such as auto theft and burglary, vandalism, and assault can be

effectively deterred by having stationed guards and roaming patrols.

Should problems arise, the security
company’s quick call response also
enables their staff to be present on

the scene within 20 minutes.

In business for 10 years, Valiant Private Security is composed
of a team of 26 professionals who have been trained to take a

proactive approach to security.

They are led by Guy Libby, a
security expert with three

decades of experience in the

Aside from their residential services, the company can be
commissioned to provide customized security solutions to various

types of commercial properties.

They also render school district patrol
services during times when there are
heightened security concerns, such as the
start and end of the school year, Christmas
and Easter breaks, as well as occasions like

Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Learn more at

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