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Little Field Farms (+1-916-367-1126) has announced the opening of its seasonal pumpkin patch in the lead up to Halloween. Established in 1857, the farm is open daily at Horseshoe Bar Road in Loomis. Find out more at:

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Published by francis, 2021-10-07 17:00:53

Experience Pumpkin Patch & Launchers With Corn Maze Farm Fun Day In Loomis, CA

Little Field Farms (+1-916-367-1126) has announced the opening of its seasonal pumpkin patch in the lead up to Halloween. Established in 1857, the farm is open daily at Horseshoe Bar Road in Loomis. Find out more at:

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Experience Pumpkin
Patch & Launchers With
Corn Maze Farm Fun Day

In Loomis, CA

Little Field Farms has announced the opening of its
seasonal pumpkin patch.

You can visit to enjoy a range
of activities including a large

corn maze and a pumpkin

The latest move sees the farm position itself for Halloween
with seasonal produce and attractions.

You can explore the farm, see the
tractors, and experience the
vibrant color of the pumpkin

The corn maze is a traditional experience for many American
families, and Little Field Farms seeks to keep the experience

alive with its latest open-farm experience.

By visiting the pumpkin patch,
you can support the farm while

enjoying local produce.

At the pumpkin patch itself, your kids are encouraged to pick their own
pumpkin, take photos around the farm cutouts, and create memories that

they will cherish for the rest of the year.

The farm has been managed by
the same Tudsbury family for
six generations.

The products available at the farm change daily
depending on produce.

For centuries, the farm has
produced some of the

freshest, juiciest fruit available.

People come from miles away to taste the sweet nectar of
their mandarins.

Farmer James Tudsbury states:
“Our fruits and vegetables don't
spend weeks in a warehouse or on
a truck before you enjoy them.”

Find out more at:

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