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Soap Free Procyon launched an expanded range of green cleaning solutions that can be used to effectively remove sticky residue from tile, carpet, upholstery, and other high-traffic areas. Go to for more details!

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Published by francis, 2021-05-07 11:31:49

This Spokane Odorless Degreaser Removes Sticky Residue From Any Surface

Soap Free Procyon launched an expanded range of green cleaning solutions that can be used to effectively remove sticky residue from tile, carpet, upholstery, and other high-traffic areas. Go to for more details!

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This Odorless Multi-Purpose Degreaser Removes
Sticky Residue From Any Surface

Want to go green with your household cleaning? Check out
these revolutionary products!

Plus Manufacturing, Inc. has launched an updated
collection of Soap Free Procyon eco-friendly
cleaning products.

The Spokane, Washington-based company offers a
range of green cleaning solutions made for
residential and commercial use.

As an industry leader in consumer
safety, the company carries certification
from Green Seal, The Carpet and Rug
Institute, and other product verification

Procyon's professional-grade cleaning
solutions are designed to dissolve and

eliminate sticky, soapy residue left
behind from traditional detergents and


The powerful products guarantee brighter floors, carpets, and tile
without the risk of rapid re-soiling or dirt build-up.

The company's latest line of products
includes multi-purpose cleaner and
degreaser, spot and stain remover, tile and
grout cleaner, carpet and upholstery
cleaner, carpet pre-spray, and more.
Designed by a professional carpet cleaning
service, the brand's popular Procyon Plus
Powder can effectively remove stubborn dirt
and stains from high-traffic areas in your home.

For over 36 years, professional service contractors and maintenance personnel around
the world have used Procyon's Multi-Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Concentrate to pressure

wash building exteriors and scrub the surfaces of walls, floors, concrete, and more.

Each of Procyon's eco-friendly
cleaners is odorless, hypo-

allergenic, and biodegradable.
The company's cleaning solutions
can be used with all types of home-

use equipment without causing

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for more details!

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