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AGX Media of Panama City has just updated its SEO and PPC advertising services. Together, these offerings allow a business to top Google search results and attract more clients. Learn more by visiting

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Published by francis, 2021-10-27 18:35:03

Panama City Small Businesses Can Generate More Leads With SEO & PPC Advertising

AGX Media of Panama City has just updated its SEO and PPC advertising services. Together, these offerings allow a business to top Google search results and attract more clients. Learn more by visiting

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Panama City Small Businesses Can Generate
More Leads With SEO & PPC Advertising

Panama City-based digital
marketing firm AGX Media
announces the launch of its

updated search engine
optimization (SEO) and pay-per-
click (PPC) marketing services.

By using both organic and
paid strategies, the agency
helps your business appear at
the very top of Google search


This move coincides with the
business landscape’s
accelerated shift into e-

commerce, which has seen
more people begin and end
their consumer journey online.

AGX Media provides proven
tactics so that you can

attract more customers and
thrive in this digital-first era.

AGX Media notes that
businesses on the first results
page receive between 71% to

92% of all traffic online.

For a small business without
an expansive marketing

budget, dominating search
results is a cost-effective way

to generate more leads.

Through strategic placement of
keywords into both consumer-

facing content and backend
meta-data, SEO helps your
website become easier for

Google to index.

When a website is optimized
for Google indexing, it has a

much higher chance of
ranking highly in search


Meanwhile, PPC advertising
involves creating keyword-
driven ads which are placed

ahead of organic search

This guarantees that your
business will be the top
result even if it has just
started its SEO efforts.

Learn more by visiting
the URL in the

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