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Apple Valley, California based solar energy expert Option One Solar is now providing an updated range of professional solar panel installation solutions with real-time monitoring. Go to for more info!

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Published by francis, 2021-06-14 15:41:13

Increase Property Value With This Long-Lasting Solar System In Apple Valley, CA

Apple Valley, California based solar energy expert Option One Solar is now providing an updated range of professional solar panel installation solutions with real-time monitoring. Go to for more info!

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Increase Property Value
With This Long-Lasting
Solar System In Apple

Valley, CA

If you'd like to cut your energy bills with no up-front costs, this reputable company
has the solution for you! Option One Solar, a solar energy company in Apple Valley,

California, announced the launch of an updated range of solar panel installation

The company researches,
designs and installs high-quality,

top-performing solar modules
and inverter systems.

The latest service update is part of the company's mission to help you
clients increase the value of your property, reduce utility prices, and

become energy independent.

Solar panels are a greener,
environmentally friendly alternative

form of energy that has become
increasingly popular with both
residential and commercial property


As solar panels are a relatively new invention, it can be
hard to tell how long they will last.

Solar panels can have between
10 and 25 years warranty, with
some manufacturers guaranteeing
at least 92 percent production at

year 25.

Option One Solar offers solar energy solutions and services to
homes and businesses throughout Southern California.

All of their solar systems are easy to
maintain and come with real-time

monitoring, allowing you to track the
efficiency of your panels.

They help you understand the benefits of going solar, if your
property is compatible, and what is the right system for your


Option One Solar is definitely
the solar energy expert you

can trust!

A satisfied client said: "Option One Solar is leading the solar
industry in professionalism, expertise, and customer service."

"Since day one, my sales rep has
been nothing less than perfect. He

has taken the time to answer all
our questions."

Go to for more info!

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