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Worried about becoming a stereotype starving musician or artist? Want to get your music heard around the world? Then get your tracks on Spotify with the latest service updates from Playlist Plugger! Go to for more information.

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Published by francis, 2021-11-02 07:41:04

Grow Your Musical Audience: Top Team Will Pitch Your Song For Spotify Playlists

Worried about becoming a stereotype starving musician or artist? Want to get your music heard around the world? Then get your tracks on Spotify with the latest service updates from Playlist Plugger! Go to for more information.

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Grow Your Musical Audience: Top Team Will
PItch Your Song For Spotify Playlists

Why toil on social media trying to
build your audience, when Spotify
can do it for you? All you have to do

is make it onto one of their
prestigious playlists, and the

subscribers do the rest.

How do you get onto the
playlists? With Playlist

Plugger, of course!

Their recently updated services include
the company’s Basic Spotify Playlist
Package, ideal for artists who want to
get a guaranteed spot on a Spotify
playlist, listened to by hundreds of
thousands of regular subscribers
around the world.

Statistics show that musicians
placed well on Spotify playlists

are often sought out by
listeners searching for similar

music on the platform.

Spotify is well-known as the place where
many music directors, film and television

producers go to find new music for
upcoming releases, and ranking well in a
Spotify playlist can mean the difference
between your career taking off and fading

into obscurity.

Services from Playlist
Plugger begin with you
submitting your track to the

company's team.

The team will assess your song
for suitability, and then, if

accepted, your track is pitched
to Spotify's playlist curators for

inclusion on a playlist.
You can choose to target a
particular genre or style of
music, and if the track meets
the requirements, it will appear

on Spotify playlists.

With the recent announcement,
the company continues to expand

its range of services plugging
tracks and musicians to Spotify
playlist curators to improve artists'

audience and exposure.

Playlist Plugger is the quickest
and most reliable way to get
your music out into the world,
and grow your audience
through inclusion on Spotify

Go to
https://www.spotifyplug to find out

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