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If you are interested in making a real estate investment in Panama, contact Alex Garridos (+507-6238-3315). He is an honest consultant that can help you understand the local market and guide you through the Panamanian procedures. Go to for more details.

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Panamanian Consultant Alex Garridos Guides Foreign Investors And Business Owners

If you are interested in making a real estate investment in Panama, contact Alex Garridos (+507-6238-3315). He is an honest consultant that can help you understand the local market and guide you through the Panamanian procedures. Go to for more details.

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Panamanian Consultant Alex Garridos Guides Foreign
Investors And Business Owners

Are you ready to invest in Panamanian real estate? You can
trust Alex Garridos to guide you every step of the way! 

Panama is an attractive country to invest and do
business in. It is a centrally located banking and

transportation hub. 
It has a stable democratic government and uses the

US dollar. Panama also offers tax incentives and
foreign investment protections. 

Garridos can help you understand
the complexities of the real estate
market in Panama and make sure

you get a good deal.
He understands the procedures in
the legal, business, and real estate
arenas, and will tailor a solution to

suit your needs.

He can assist you with due diligence, joint construction ventures,
real estate financing, entity formation, and more.

Garridos has been consulting for
over 12 years and has been
involved in over 360 deals. 

He helps individuals, start-up
businesses, and real estate investors

navigate Panamanian laws and

For a $97/hour consulting fee, he provides a wealth of information
about relocating to, investing in, or operating a business in

Panama is ripe for investment,
so you should get started now!

 Schedule a consultation with Alex
Garridos to discuss your real
estate or business plans. 

Go to

m to learn more. 

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