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A new division called Lion Electrical was just opened within the service company Lion Home Service. This division is filled with experienced, professional electricians who put safety first and is located at 4600 Innovation Dr #102C, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

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Published by francis, 2021-10-28 11:19:45

Lion Home Services Expands With New Lion Electrical Division

A new division called Lion Electrical was just opened within the service company Lion Home Service. This division is filled with experienced, professional electricians who put safety first and is located at 4600 Innovation Dr #102C, Fort Collins, CO 80525.

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Lion Home Services Expands With
New Lion Electrical Division

The company Lion Home Service
is a home service company that
provides a wide variety of services
around homes including heating,
cooling, water heaters, roofing,

septic, and electrical.
Their new division called Lion

Electrical located at 4600
Innovation Dr #102C, Fort Collins,
CO 80525 just opened to aid their

customers with all of their
electrical needs.

Lion Electrical can complete
many different tasks and can
repair, replace, and install any
electrical components inside or

outside of their customer's

As you could imagine,
electrical issues and trying to
fix them on your own can be

very dangerous and even

Having unknown electrical
issues or attempting to fix them
on your own can lead to house

fires, home damage, and
severe injuries.

Lion Electrical is dedicated to
their customer's satisfaction
and makes safety for both the
electricians and the customers

a top priority.

Lion Electrical 's team
consists of professional
electricians with over 30
years of experience in the


Their professionals are
licensed, bonded, insured, and

have the knowledge and
equipment necessary to take
on any electrical project safely.

The company works on a variety of
electrical services including general
electrical repair, code compliance,

recessed lighting, main electrical
panel service, circuits and wiring,
ceiling fan installation, and smoke


Not only this but Lion Electrical proves that they
are the best option for your electrical needs
compared to their competitors with their
warrantied work, safety precautions to avoid

the possibility of electrocution, their customers
get to enjoy amazing installations and air-tight

fixes, they elimin

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