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Shopency has launched a new corner LED floor lamp for modern, multicolor home decor styles. It’s lightweight, and comes with a worldwide adapter for ease of use. Find out more at:

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Published by francis, 2021-06-09 05:39:49

This Affordable Nordic-Style Corner Floor Lamp Offers Versatile Decor Options

Shopency has launched a new corner LED floor lamp for modern, multicolor home decor styles. It’s lightweight, and comes with a worldwide adapter for ease of use. Find out more at:

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This Affordable Nordic-Style Corner Floor
Lamp Offers Versatile Decor Options

A new minimalist color-
changing floor lamp has
been launched by Shopency,
the popular online store.

Whether you want to showcase
your unique personality, create
a colorful home studio, or add a
multicolor touch to the home,

this lamp is ideal.

The newly launched LED
light is the latest addition to

their home and decor

Designed with simplicity in
mind, the corner lamp can fit
in any space and align with

the style of your room.

Over 350 multicolor effects
can be achieved alongside
integrated special effects for

a unique look.
Because the lamp is made

from aluminum, it's
lightweight and easy to move

from corner to corner.

A universal worldwide
adapter is included at point of
purchase to ensure that the
lamp can be used anywhere

across the globe.
Optional add-ons include the

USB-powered multicolor
window LED curtain string

lights, and 9-color LED
crystal ball.

There are a number of
benefits to using LED

lights in the home.

LED bulbs don't use heat to
generate light, which means

their average lifespan is
longer than traditional lighting


Find out more at

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