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JH Studio is celebrating the launch of 2021 Graduation Collection online by giving away a limited You Did It! gift box valued at $200. Further information can be found at

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Published by francis, 2021-04-27 14:30:19

JH Studio will be giving away prizes to celebrate their 2021 Graduation launch

JH Studio is celebrating the launch of 2021 Graduation Collection online by giving away a limited You Did It! gift box valued at $200. Further information can be found at

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JH Studio will be giving
away prizes to celebrate

their 2021 Graduation

In a unique change of pace, ecommerce store "JH Studio", will be
celebrating the launch of its Personalized Graduation Flags by giving
away a limited You Did It! Graduation gift box which is valued at $200.

It's reported the event will
take place on April 30.

In a space where most competitors simply have preselected
colors to choose from.

Their personalized garden flags are
customized with the graduate's school colors,
name and photo and fail to cause much of a

stir, JH Studio has opted to be a little more
creative and personal with it's 2021
Graduation Collection launch.

Jennifer Hatfield, Owner at JH Studio, says: "We knew we needed to do
something creative for our Graduation collection launch to help celebrate

making it through a very unique high school or college experience.

The 2021 graduates deserve
to be celebrated in a big

It should be really worthwhile and we're hoping it will recognize a
very special graduate for all their hard work and bravery.

JH Studio has always thrived on
the idea of standing out and
making a commotion.

This launch celebration is just one of the many ways
JH Studio achieves that goal.

When asked about 2021 Graduation
Collection, Jennifer Hatfield said: "We

think it's going to be a real hit
because our personalized yard flags
help you celebrate all summer long.

Plus, you will have the cutest yard on the block".
2021 Graduation Collection is
set to launch April 26.

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