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East Rutherford, New Jersey-based J Racenstein NJ ((201) 809-7500), a leading distributor of window washing supplies, tools, and equipment, is announcing the launch of a new EPA-registered disinfectant product line for post-pandemic interior cleaning and sanitizing. Learn more at

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Published by francis, 2021-10-26 03:30:13

East Rutherford, NJ Store Sells Virus-Killing Commercial Window Clean Products

East Rutherford, New Jersey-based J Racenstein NJ ((201) 809-7500), a leading distributor of window washing supplies, tools, and equipment, is announcing the launch of a new EPA-registered disinfectant product line for post-pandemic interior cleaning and sanitizing. Learn more at

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East Rutherford, NJ Store
Sells Virus-Killing

Commercial Window
Clean Products 

Now that we're in a post-pandemic economy, professionals who
own window cleaning companies have a lot more to think about

when their teams take on a project.

To ensure your employees are safe and
protected from illness while on the job,

and to provide the best disinfecting
services to your customers, J Racenstein
NJ now offers a full line of EPA registered

cleaners and gear.

Supplying your industry’s top window cleaning brands and supplies since 1909, J
Racenstein NJ has two automated warehouse locations to provide you with efficient

order shipment and delivery services no matter where you're located in the US.

Think of them as your one-stop
shop for disinfection perfection,

and valuable peace of mind.

The company sells EPA certified products, disinfectants,
and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). 

They’ve also extended their line of
scrubbers, pads, vacuums, and

high-reaching vacuum poles so you
can produce safe and pristine
interior public spaces.

You can rely on the efficacy of the detergents and
disinfectants available at J Racenstein NJ. 

They have documented protection against
viruses and contaminants that include
COVID-19 HIV-1, Herpes Simplex,
Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Strep, and
MRSA when used according to
manufacturer directions.

Ad Bac is an example of an EPA registered cleaning and
disinfecting agent meant for use in commercial and
institutional interior spaces.

Another type of product you should take a
look at are those in the company’s Clean and

Shine line. These are neutral pH, highly
concentrated no-rinse disinfectants, and
deodorizing formulations you can use on

non-porous food contact surfaces.

For the eco-friendly choices you demand, the company’s Green Seal
products include HydrOxi Pro, Grout Smart, and Earth Friendly
Window Cleaner concentrate.

J Racenstein NJ is proud to provide
you with the PPE, EPA registered
solutions, and interior cleaning

products you need so your team can
comply with post-pandemic protocols.

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