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Salt Lake City, Utah, USA-based Power Diary has just updated its practice management suite. This product helps clinics drastically reduce time spent on rote administrative tasks. Learn more by visiting

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Published by francis, 2021-06-02 21:00:20

Best-Selling Practice Management System For Doctors Offers a Free 14-Day Trial

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA-based Power Diary has just updated its practice management suite. This product helps clinics drastically reduce time spent on rote administrative tasks. Learn more by visiting

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Best-Selling Practice
Management System For
Doctors Offers a Free 14-

Day Trial

Power Diary, a company based in Salt Lake City, Utah,
announces the launch of its updated practice management


This suite helps streamline
appointment booking and patient
communication, thereby boosting

your clinic’s productivity and

Power Diary optimizes your clinic’s operations, especially during these
times when people are advised to avoid walk-in visits and book their

appointments beforehand.

It is suitable for both small and
multi-location practices as the

product is highly scalable.

With a practice management suite, you and your staff can
drastically reduce the time spent on rote administrative

This time can then be spent on
crucial business-building tasks,
such as marketing and patient


Power Diary’s built-in SMS and email messaging systems make it
easy to remind your patients of their consultation schedule.

By minimizing the number of no-
show clients, your practice can

increase the revenue it

The suite also supports telehealth services, allowing you
to easily consult with patients remotely.

No log-in or download is
required for patients, and both
parties can share their screens

with each other.

To better appreciate Power Diary’s features, you may sign up
for a 14-day trial of the product.

No credit card is required to
register and you will get full
access to the company’s

customer support team.

More info at

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