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Spine And Injury Center San Jose is now offering an updated range of chiropractic care treatments for patients in Campbell, California, who are struggling with acute and chronic knee pain. Go to for more info!

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Published by francis, 2021-05-07 16:40:41

Alleviate Chronic Knee Pain With This Chiropractic Treatment In Campbell CA

Spine And Injury Center San Jose is now offering an updated range of chiropractic care treatments for patients in Campbell, California, who are struggling with acute and chronic knee pain. Go to for more info!

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Alleviate Chronic Knee
Pain With This

Chiropractic Treatment
In Campbell CA

If you're experiencing knee pain and need immediate
relief, this chiropractor has the solution for you!

Spine And Injury Center San Jose, a
chiropractic care practice,

announced the launch of an updated
range of knee pain treatments for
patients in Campbell, California.

With the new announcement, the team at Spine And Injury Center San
Jose are dedicated to providing you with a safe and non-invasive option

to treat acute and chronic knee pain.

Knee pain can make walking,
running or climbing stairs very


Dr. Bradley Mouroux and the team at Spine And Injury Center
San Jose have successfully helped many injured patients
recover from knee pain.

They offer effective, non-surgical
treatment plans that help reduce
pain and improve the function of

the joint.

The chiropractor will also consider your spine, neck and hips,
in addition to examining your knees.

During the first appointment, Dr.
Mouroux will complete a comprehensive

evaluation. He will ask you about your
medical history and what you believe

caused the pain, among others.

Once Dr. Mouroux knows the root cause of your knee
pain, he can design a customized treatment plan.

At Spine And Injury Center San
Jose, treatment may include
massage therapy, chiropractic
adjustments, physical therapy,
and corrective care.

Dr. Mouroux earned his Bachelor of Science in cellular biology from University
of California and his medical degree in chiropractic medicine from Life
Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California.

The chiropractor will also
consider your spine, neck and
hips, in addition to examining

your knees.

Go to for more info!

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