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A newly updated birthday and sympathy flower bouquet range has been launched by Tooka Florist. Based in North Vancouver, they offer beautiful arrangements for any occasion. Learn more at:

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Published by francis, 2021-05-18 20:26:16

Spread Positivity With Stunning Floral Gift Arrangements For Birthdays/Funerals

A newly updated birthday and sympathy flower bouquet range has been launched by Tooka Florist. Based in North Vancouver, they offer beautiful arrangements for any occasion. Learn more at:

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Spread Positivity With Stunning Floral Gift
Arrangements For Birthdays/Funerals

If you're looking for charming and memorable floral displays that can
be perfect for birthdays, funerals or other big family events, you’re in


Tooka Florist explain that they provide you with
beautiful flowers that can make the ideal gift for any

The newly updated Birthday Collection aims to spread
joy and create happy memories, while the Sympathy

range is sure to raise a smile.

Many of their designs feature
charming touches like a wellington
boot-inspired option for birthdays.

Their flowers offer something different
to a standard floral arrangement, and
give friends, family or loved ones the

joy of a unique gift.

If you're looking for a meaningful or sentimental gift for funerals or
other occasions, you'll find a range of eye-catching white displays.

These include the "Basket of
Love", "White Water-Wrap", and
the "Gorgeous White Bouquet."

The full Birthday Collection includes
arrangements themed after sky, designs
for baby girls, general birthday occasions,

and more.

The birthday-themed designs available from Tooka Florist help
to brighten any space, and can share much-needed positivity.

A spokesperson for the company
states: “We do more than create
bouquets and arrangements; we

create floral masterpieces.”

“We see endless design
possibilities in any flower or


Learn more at

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