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Amy Scruggs, a TV host and author, has launched media coaching workshops for entrepreneurs and business professionals. She helps them confidently present themselves on camera. Go to for more info.

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Forget On-Camera Nerves With These TV & Podcast Media Coaching Workshops

Amy Scruggs, a TV host and author, has launched media coaching workshops for entrepreneurs and business professionals. She helps them confidently present themselves on camera. Go to for more info.

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Forget On-Camera Nerves With These TV &
Podcast Media Coaching Workshops 

Be camera confident with Amy
Scruggs! The media consultant's new
service is ideally suited to aspiring TV

hosts, as well as business owners
and corporate executives who want

to improve their on-screen

The coaching enables you to
present professional videos for
your brand, communicate your
company message on Network
TV, and develop presentation


You can now access Amy's
expert coaching program
on an individual or group
session basis.

Group sessions are
delivered via a virtual

team workshop.

Coaching is based on
proven techniques that Amy

has used throughout her

The course covers a wide range
of topics, including posture and
attire, presenting a professional

image on camera, and
mastering body language.

You can schedule a one-
hour coaching call via the

company's website.
Consultations last 30
minutes and allow Amy to
assess your individual


Amy Scruggs is a trained
media professional who
has appeared on CNBC

and CBS. 

She uses her experience
both in front of and behind
the camera to help others
enhance their digital media


Go to
https://www.amyscrugg for more

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