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Get expert pain relief from Spine & Injury Center San Jose (408-379-8888) in San Jose, CA. They will get to the root cause of your pain and relieve it naturally. They also treat sports injuries and provide chiropractic care. Visit to learn more.

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Get Spine Adjustments, Sciatica Treatment, & Massage At This San Jose, CA Clinic

Get expert pain relief from Spine & Injury Center San Jose (408-379-8888) in San Jose, CA. They will get to the root cause of your pain and relieve it naturally. They also treat sports injuries and provide chiropractic care. Visit to learn more.

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Get Spine Adjustments, Sciatica Treatment &
Massage At This San Jose, CA Clinic

Did you get a shooting pain
down your leg when you bent to
put your shoe on this morning?

Are your toes all numb and
tingly? You may have sciatica! 

Spine & Injury Center San Jose, in
San Jose, CA, addresses the
debilitating impact that sciatica

may have on your ability to work,
take care of your home, and enjoy

recreational activities.

Sciatica starts in the low back
and can run down the back of

your leg and into your foot,
along with making your foot

weak and numb. 
Frequently, sciatica is caused
by nerve compression from an
injury or bulging disc. Patients
with spinal misalignment will be

prone to this condition.

If left untreated, nerve damage
can become permanent. At Spine

& Injury Center San Jose, you
will receive a thorough evaluation

to determine the cause of your

Spinal adjustments can
reduce inflammation, muscle

spasms, and pain from a
variety of issues, including


Other conditions treated at this
clinic are headaches and

migraines, frozen shoulder, and
tennis elbow. Patients will also
learn about exercises, lifestyle

changes, and more.

Spine & Injury Center San
Jose helps rehabilitate sports

injuries, neck and shoulder
pain from whiplash, and knee


Dr. Bradley Mouroux treats
patients throughout the West
San Jose area, including Los
Gatos, Willow Glen, Cambrian

Park, and Saratoga. 

Looking for expert
chiropractic care and pain
relief? Call Spine & Injury
Center San Jose at 408-379-

8888 today!

Go to
https://www.spineinjury to learn more!

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