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Are you the parent, caregiver, teacher, or friend of a child with a highly sensitive personality (HSP)? Be sure to check out Lorraine Hawley’s upcoming release, Curious World of Dandy-Lion. Find out more at:

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Published by francis, 2021-11-01 22:23:51

Top Fantasy Author Lorraine Hawley Launches Story Empowering Highly Sensitive Children

Are you the parent, caregiver, teacher, or friend of a child with a highly sensitive personality (HSP)? Be sure to check out Lorraine Hawley’s upcoming release, Curious World of Dandy-Lion. Find out more at:

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Top Fantasy Author:
New Story

Empowering Highly
Sensitive Children

Author Lorraine Hawley offers a chance to understand the
world of a child with sensitivities while also empowering

them through story.
It is written for 8-13 years old
children, and is also suited for
anyone interested in deepening
their understanding of HSP.

The protagonist is a highly sensitive young girl.

The story explores the themes of
acceptance, friendship, and
grandparent relationships.

The plotline is intended to empower and comfort
middle-grade children. 

The most recent in a series of
books written by Hawley, this
publication serves a growing
global population of youth with


Up to 20% of children live with some form of sensitivity to
stimulation or overwhelm.

It is important that they see
themselves in books.

The main charcter, Meredith, is a sensitive young girl
living in Indiana.

She learns to accept what
makes her unique. 

The book was illustrated by artist, designer, and world
traveler Jocie Salveson.

She is passionate about living in
the present moment, taking risks

and seeking inspiration every

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