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Walid Chaya and Matt Beurois have announced their VIP Shoot & Production services to assist actors with creating reels for their acting portfolios with their award-winning production team. Visit for more information.

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Boost Your Film & TV Bookings With This Actors Access & Media Consultation Service

Walid Chaya and Matt Beurois have announced their VIP Shoot & Production services to assist actors with creating reels for their acting portfolios with their award-winning production team. Visit for more information.

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Get More Acting Roles With High-Quality
Recording & Editing Show Reel Services

Are you struggling to land
acting agents and roles? Would

you like a professional filmed
and edited reel to showcase

your acting abilities?

Award-winning actor Walid Chaya and
director Matt Beurois have launched
their Actors Demo Reel & Short Film

Private VIP Shoot & Production
services for actors like you to create
professional reels that can help you get

agents and roles.

As an actor looking to acquire
agents or to land acting roles,
you may struggle to be seen if
you don’t have a professional-
looking demo reel to showcase

your abilities.

However, it can be challenging to record and
produce high-quality reels if you don’t have the
equipment and resources needed to record the

production. The new services from Walid
Chaya and Matt Beurois provide you with a
practical solution to this need with their VIP

shoot and production services.

By providing everything needed to
create a reel, the newly launched
services allow you to concentrate
primarily on your acting without
worrying about the behind-the-

scenes production.

The development package
includes 30-minutes of on-site
filming from Matt Beuriois and

his crew, as well as the set
dressing and props needed for

the shoot.

Prior to filming, you are also given
fifteen minutes of online coaching
from casting director Ani Avetyan
and twenty minutes of coaching
with Walid himself to help prepare

you for the recording.

To assist with post-production, the VIP
package also includes complete editing and
color correction to ensure your reel has the
expected look of a professionally recorded
film. Additionally, the company can provide
music and scoring services to further elevate

the finished product.

Speaking about the services,
Walid Chaya said, “You focus on

the acting while we help you
prep and take care of all the
technical production, from script

to screen.”

Get a professionally shot and
edited film for your acting reel

with Walid Chaya and Matt
Beurois VIP recording
services today!

Go to

for more info!

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