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An online jewelry retailer has launched a new line of motivational dragonfly pendant necklaces, rings, and lanyards designed to be gifted to family members and friends. You can learn more at

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Published by francis, 2021-10-19 14:47:21

This Store Sells Inspirational Dragonfly Pendant Necklaces & Rings For Grandmas

An online jewelry retailer has launched a new line of motivational dragonfly pendant necklaces, rings, and lanyards designed to be gifted to family members and friends. You can learn more at

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This Store Sells Inspirational Dragonfly Pendant
Necklaces & Rings For Grandmas

Did you know that, historically, the dragonfly has been regarded as a
representation of the understanding of life's more profound meaning? Now you

can share this powerful symbolism with that special someone in your life! 

With its new dragonfly collection, Quan Jewelry
continues its mission of providing you with a unique way

to express your sentiments to your loved ones. 

Each piece in the shop’s collection includes a
personalized greeting card adorned with an

inspirational quote.

The e-commerce store’s new dragonfly
jewelry line was created to symbolize the
values of transformation, self-realization,

growth, and adaptability, as well as a
change in mental and emotional maturity. 

You can now browse through the
brand’s selection of traditional

dragonfly necklaces, rings, and face
mask lanyards.

Quan Jewelry’s Ica Dragonfly Necklace features a metallic pewter pendant that hangs from an
adjustable stainless steel chain. The piece includes a card made from recycled paper that reads, “My

Granddaughter; May you touch dragonflies and stars, dance with fairies, and talk to the moon.”

The company’s Mariah Dragonfly Face
Mask Lanyard offers you a suitable gift

option for a variety of occasions,
including birthdays, graduations, and

The beaded chain necklace includes a silver-

tone pendant engraved with the phrase,
“Accept what is, let go of what was, have

faith in what will be.”

You can also pre-order the shop’s Carmina Dragonfly Ring,
which is made from 925 sterling silver material.

Following the death of his father, the
founder of Quan Jewelry was inspired to
create a means for individuals to express
their feelings and deepen their connection

with others through words.

His vision was actualized in the form of
heartfelt jewelry pieces decorated with
meaningful phrases that you can gift to

your loved ones on any occasion. 

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