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Want to hire the best Fairfield, CA contractor for home repairs? Call Peter Ellis Construction (510 375 8584) and let them fix your drywall, tiles, deck, and everything else. Visit

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Published by francis, 2021-05-25 05:19:37

Top-Rated Fairfield, CA Home Repair Contractors Will Clean Your Drains And Ducts

Want to hire the best Fairfield, CA contractor for home repairs? Call Peter Ellis Construction (510 375 8584) and let them fix your drywall, tiles, deck, and everything else. Visit

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Top-Rated Fairfield, CA
Home Repair Contractors

Will Clean Your Drains
And Ducts

If you’re looking for a trusted home repair provider in
Fairfield, California, you’ve come to the right place!

Peter Ellis Construction is here
to help with your drywall, tile,

deck, and painting needs!

The Sonoma County contractor can offer you a wide scope
of home improvement services.

Whether you have a hole in your
drywall that needs to be fixed or air

ducts that need to be cleaned,
they can help!

Peter Ellis Construction has been a trusted provider of a
wide scope of home repair solutions for years.

They have fully trained technicians
who possess the experience,

knowledge, and state-of-the-art
equipment needed to perform an

array of repairs.

The company’s experts can paint the interior and exterior of your house, install
decks and provide refinishing solutions, replace damaged or broken drywall,

clean drains and ducts, and repair damaged tiles.

Aside from their full line of home repair
services, the company can also provide

carpentry services, perform electrical
installations, install and maintain plumbing
systems, build and fix roofs, install windows,

and more.

The company is committed to offering competitive
pricing and delivering exceptional customer service.

With an accomplished and
experienced crew, they are
able to take on a vast selection

of projects.

As a general contractor, the company can assist with new home construction and
renovations to ensure the client’s project is conducted properly from start to finish

and remains on schedule and within a set budget.

A satisfied customer said: “Super happy
with the job Peter did upgrading my smoke
alarms to Nest. Appreciate the team taking
the time to explain how the product works

and helped dispel any misconceptions I

Visit to find out more!

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