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Ensure your home and commercial basement floor spaces represent you home in the best light - call the team at Grip Tech (+732-334-3444) to get the top-quality epoxy coatings you need! You can find out more at

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Published by francis, 2021-10-27 22:20:07

Freehold, NJ Epoxy Company Offers Residential And Commercial Floor Coatings

Ensure your home and commercial basement floor spaces represent you home in the best light - call the team at Grip Tech (+732-334-3444) to get the top-quality epoxy coatings you need! You can find out more at

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Freehold, NJ Epoxy Company Offers
Residential And Commercial Floor Coatings

Grip Tech  have recently updated their
epoxy concrete and metal floor

coatings, providing people who own
industrial and commercial spaces in
Freehold, NJ with a low-cost way to

reduce surface slip and prevent
workplace accidents.

Their team of highly trained epoxy installers
are now offering you a full range of flooring
solutions that can cater to both your budget
and professional needs, while adhering to

local and national health requirements,
including ANSI, ADA, and OSHA

The local epoxy flooring contractors
at Grip Tech use the latest advances

in flooring technology, applying
urethanes and polyaspartics coating
systems to provide you with erosion-

resistant indoor and outdoor

By improving traction and
eliminating residue, epoxy
coatings can make your
floors safer, whether they are

wet or dry.

They can also offer you residential
coatings if you are looking for

non-slip concrete and tile epoxy
finishes that can transform your
kitchen, bathroom, basement, or


Epoxy coatings can be applied
to your concrete, wood, tile,
brick, and metal floorings for
maximum traction and
increased safety. 

Moreover, the coatings are
highly durable and are ideal

for highly trafficked areas
such as restaurant and

warehouse floors. 

To create aesthetically pleasing
and long-lasting surfaces, colored

quartz, sand, and chips can be
added to the epoxy, offering you

endless possibilities when it
comes to finishing. 

A spokesperson for the company said,
“For commercial property owners,
keeping business interruptions to a
minimum is a must. We’ll help you
transform your flooring into an
attractive asset, according to your
schedule and budget.”

Grip Tech is the local Freehold, NJ
epoxy floor coating company that

can transform your business
premises or warehouse - call them

today at +732-334-3444 to get
durable, non-slip commercial


Go to
com to find out more!

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