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Looking for the best advice to help you and the school board shine like superstars? Check out this interview with an award-winning superintendent who knows what he is talking about! Learn more at 

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Published by francis, 2021-11-04 10:29:47

Expert Advice For Superintendents Looking To Establish Effective Board Communication

Looking for the best advice to help you and the school board shine like superstars? Check out this interview with an award-winning superintendent who knows what he is talking about! Learn more at 

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Expert Advice For School Boards Looking To
Establish Effective Communication

It's difficult to get many
people in one room to agree

or decide on anything.
Now imagine doing that
with a school board!

is some great advice.

Communication is key
when running a healthy

school board.
Everyone must
understand their role
within the bigger picture.

Superintendents should plan
to meet with board members
at least once a week. Every


They must also free up
their time by giving tasks to

support staff.

The board needs a fair
way to respond to

concerns and grievances.
Regular reporting is key in

keeping communication
lines open.

Simbli school board
management software

solves these

Meetings, planning,
communication, goals,
strategy, and more!

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https://www.eboardsoluti for more

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