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Learn2Code-Code2Win is an online coding boot camp cum contest conducted by 98thPercentile.The program is free of cost and gives children access to a boot camp wherein they would learn to code a game from scratch. Register today for the best coding and learning experience.

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Learn2Code-Code2Win is an online coding boot camp cum contest conducted by 98thPercentile.The program is free of cost and gives children access to a boot camp wherein they would learn to code a game from scratch. Register today for the best coding and learning experience.

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The New Wave of Online
Learning and Coding

Computer programming can be one
the quickest developing and the most

engaging professionals in the
following years, with the
enhancements of artificial

intelligence, machine learning, data
mining, and robotics.

Children presented to Coding
can build up the affection or
even the energy for it and find
that it is the thing that they need

to do in everyday life.

Coding makes an impression
on kids that they can make
anything from nothing only if

they decide to do it. By Coding,
they can extend what is

This encourages the
advancement of humankind

and the general
improvement of personal


98thPercentile is hosting a Coding
boot camp cum competition for

students of grades 1-6, on 28th &
29th August, Learn2Code-

Code2Win. Contestants will be able
to create their own game/project
from scratch.

This is a not-to-miss
opportunity for all grade 1-6
children looking for a fun and

exciting coding activity to
indulge in.

Learn2Code-Code2Win is an
online coding boot camp cum
competition that is a helpful guide

to game development for
beginners. Participants will learn
how to build a game on Scratch.

This would be taught by the
expert instructors from
98thPercentile in the

Learn2Code Bootcamp and
that too absolutely FREE.

After the bootcamp, the participants
would be asked to create their own
game and these entries would be
posted on the 98thPercentile Gaming
Wall. The game-videos to receive
maximum votes would be eligible for

exciting awards & scholarships.
The winners of course will earn a lot of
gifts that can help them carry forward
their talent. Winners will be rewarded

with awards and scholarships worth
$1000, Amazon gift cards, Math,

English, Coding, or Public Speaking

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