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Hallmark Solicitors, a firm of solicitors specialising in company & commercial legal matters has produced new guidance aimed at assisting company directors and their boards avoid breaches of directors duties which can often result in personal liability! Read more or call 0800 037 1305!

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Published by francis, 2021-10-26 08:39:03

These UK Insolvency Solicitors Can Help Corporate Directors With CIGA Liability

Hallmark Solicitors, a firm of solicitors specialising in company & commercial legal matters has produced new guidance aimed at assisting company directors and their boards avoid breaches of directors duties which can often result in personal liability! Read more or call 0800 037 1305!

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Hallmark Solicitors Providing Guidance To Avoid
CIGA Breach of Directors Duties!

Are you the director of a company? Have you thought about what happens after the
Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020 extension ends? If you answered yes

to any of these questions, Hallmark Solicitors has the legal counsel you need!

The law firm has released a new article outlining
compliance considerations for corporate directors under

the Corporate Insolvency and Governance Act 2020.

The team of solicitors specialise in a commercial
legal services for companies based in the United


The UK Government passed the
Corporate Insolvency and Governance

Act on June 26, 2020, to introduce
several measures to English

restructuring and insolvency law.

These measures protect company
directors from wrongful trading and

liability claims during the

If you’re a company director, Hallmark Solicitors’ new guide will help you get
your affairs in order and avoid finding yourself in legal difficulty once CIGA
restrictions end.

The guide provides a
comprehensive outline of 10
important legal considerations for
directors and company boards.

The firm advises you to take vigorous steps
now to monitor your traditional position and
make sure you won’t be found to be trading

wrongfully after September 30, 2021.

The firm’s solicitors specialise in providing company directors with the counsel needed to
navigate all potential liabilities when their business is in distress. They are dedicated to giving

you non-judgemental assistance on all insolvency and business rescue issues.

Visit the firm’s website to book a
complimentary telephone consultation
with the Hallmark Solicitors’ team of

legal experts today!

There, you can also find articles
and resources regarding CIGA


Go to
https://hallmarksolicitors.c to find out more!

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