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PracticeFuel (+1-720-989-1932) has launched a new video discussing a 9-point system for inbound lead generation success. Targeted for dental specialists, it’s designed to connect oral health practitioners with more patients. Find out more at:

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Published by francis, 2021-10-28 16:46:40

Broomfield, CO: Target Local Patients With Bespoke Dental Practice Marketing

PracticeFuel (+1-720-989-1932) has launched a new video discussing a 9-point system for inbound lead generation success. Targeted for dental specialists, it’s designed to connect oral health practitioners with more patients. Find out more at:

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Broomfield, CO: Target Local Patients With
Bespoke Dental Practice Marketing

PracticeFuel is committed to helping you grow your dental
practice with cutting-edge marketing systems.

The marketing agency has released a new video
showing how it can connect you with more patients and

help you to achieve your growth goals.

It discusses the results-backed approach the
marketing agency takes to ensure optimal growth

and maximum ROI.

Research shows that 77% of patients
search online before they commit to
signing up with a dentist or visiting

your office in person.

With PracticeFuel, you have a
system that covers all the bases to

maximize outreach and

You’ll learn how to ensure you get found when prospective
patients search in your area.

While many marketing services aim to
generate leads that may not be targeted,

and therefore are unlikely to turn into
patients, PracticeFuel takes a different


The team strives to book more
appointments for you with patients who

show up and refer.

Each system the agency implements turns leads into patient calls,
and the company has doubled patient signup rate across a series of

case studies.

You have added peace of mind from
knowing that the marketing agency will
handle all of the follow-up, which means
you only have to deal with patients who

are ready to book an appointment.
A spokesperson for the agency states:
“What do you do when your marketing
company says they are doing a great job

but you don't have any more new
patients? You call us!”

Find out more at:


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