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Published by Laurenegraham1, 2019-05-08 12:08:58

APEX Air-Actuated Rotating JetLance

Rotating JetLance
& Tumblebox
Working Pressure: 55,000 psi (3800 bar)

The APEX JetLance is a handheld, air-powered cleaning tool using ultra high-pressure water for removal of hard epoxy coatings, cleaning and scarifying of all surfaces.
This model combines ultra high-pressure water with high rotation of multiple sapphire nozzles to achieve a superior rate of removal.
It uses up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar) water pressure with up to 6 gallons (22.7 liters) per minute flow rate. This relatively low discharge can be captured and used in combination with a proper vacuum system.
Standard length of this model is 22” (55.88 cm). Stem extension kits can be purchased at 18” (45.72 cm), 22” (55.88 cm), and 33” (33.82 cm). Additional stem sizes are available.
This model is a handheld, air-powered cleaning tool. The total weight of this unit is 11 pounds (4.99 kg), making it very easy to carry around.

Tumble Box
This JetLance has a tool motor hp of .9 hp and an air requirement of 32 cfm at 90 psi (6.21 bar) with a maximum flow rate at 6 gpm (23 lpm).
Working Pressure
The JetLance and Tumble Box can accommodate the flow rate suit- able for the JetLance - up to 55,000 psi (3800 bar).

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APEX Control Boxes APEX Pump Parts

APEX Philosophy
APEX Waterjetting is committed to accurately reflecting and upholding the following brand values:
We believe that every human was made in the image of God, and therefore has an inherit dignity and worth. At APEX, we recognize that principle and treat others accordingly, competitor and comrade alike.
Integrity comes from the same root as “integer.” An integer is a whole number, and so to operate with integrity is to “remain whole,” or have a soundness in our moral character. To us, this means operating in a manner that is above reproach, adhering to ethical principles in all our dealings. Thus, at the very core of APEX Waterjetting is this value of integrity.
Believing that “setting massive goals and taking massive action is the only way to fulfill our true potential,” we ardently hold to the same views as Grant Cardone in his book The 10X Rule. We believe the differ- ence between mediocrity and massive success is following the 10X principles, and we want to bring that mindset to our industry and the customers we serve.
APEX Waterjetting’s first goal is to be a significant contributor to the water jetting industry. We believe the better our industry does, the greater opportunities will be present for the families it supports. Sec- ondly, we are focused on contributing products and processes to the businesses of the customers we serve to make a notable impact on their bottom line.
Member of:

APEX Leadership
Dave Friday
President & Owner
In 2015, Dave Friday, a long-time industry participant and advocate, met Ali Sader by unknowingly buying a home two doors away in the same neighborhood. Having such a unique and similar back- ground, they naturally became better acquainted and on January 21, 2019, Dave purchased an 80% share in APEX waterjetting. He set out to transform the company as it currently existed and to become an industry contributor.
Dave has been in the water jetting indus- try since 2004, and during that time contributed to growing a company by more than 50 times in 15 years. Dave is currently leading an initiative to patent an idea he believes will make a signifi- cant difference.
Connect with APEX today and be a part of this unique story being created.
Ali Sader
Founder & Owner
In 1989, our Founder, Ali Sader, owned and operated a successful contracting business in the Surface Prep and Indus- trial Cleaning industry. As a contractor, Ali realized that it was very important to the bottom line to have fair pricing from suppliers.
Ali, having a background in precision engi- neering, set out to become a high-end manufacturer of replacement and consum- able items and provide the solution for companies that were in a similar situation.
A series of experiences led Ali to start APEX waterjetting in 2011 in a spare bed- room of a friend’s house with only $7,000.
Ali’s passion for quality and precision engineering is what drives him today and positions APEX, in combination with Dave Friday, for massive growth.
What we do: We innovate and manufacture ultra-high-pressure water jetting parts, tooling & technology.
Who we serve: Our customers seek out and implement innovations that improve their production, efficiencies and bottom line.

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Corporate Office
3569 SW Corporate Parkway Palm City, FL 34990 USA

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