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Chris Sullivan Business Project

Chris Sullivan Business Project

Table of Contents

Page 1 Resume
Page 2 Missions Statement
Page 3 Recommendation Letter
Page 4 Business Policy
Page 6 General Health and Safety/ After Care
Page 7 Client Consent Form
Page 8 Table Set Up
Page 9-10 Before/After Pictures
Page 11 Salon Service And Pricing

Our missions is to make the
world beautiful. One lash at

a time.

“Chris’s work habits are excellent. He is dependable, loyal and responsible, and demonstrates
insistent follow-through”.

⁃ Diane Lucas Palm Beach Tan
“Chris is very eager to learn, and always wiling to put in the extra work to do a good job. He
worked well with customer and staff, and has excellent interpersonal skills. His positive is
demonstrated in his smile. He is reliable and willing to always work hard”.
⁃ DeMarche Fisher European Wax Center

“I have known Chris for many years. We worked together for six years at Darque Tan before he
left to return to school to finish his degree in healthcare. We became friends outside of work on
a casual level. During the time I have know Chris, he has been honest and trustworthy. He is
always willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him. He is respectful of his superiors
and gets along well with his co-workers. I recall several occasions where he would stay late to
complete a project that had a deadline. He is a great guy”!
-Tyisha Buffin

“Chris is tremendous and a pleasure to be around. He always knows how to cheer you up, and
is the life of the party. I can’t wait to see what he does next”.
⁃ Kelley Vu


MAKEUP / MOISTURIZER POLICY: You cannot wear makeup to your lash appointment.
The oils in makeups and facial moisturizers can travel on your skin coating your lashes making it
difficult or even impossible for the lash glue to adhere to them. If you wear makeup or use
moisturizer before your appointment we may not be able to do your service on the same day. We
may recommend a professional cleaning if the makeup is light enough to remove before your
service, time permitting. The cost for a professional makeup removal/cleaning is $15.
NEW CUSTOMER INTAKE FORMS: If this is your first time getting your lashes done at
Epique Lash, please fill out the following form before your appointment:
If you do not fill out this form before your first scheduled appointment, you will need to arrive
15 minutes prior to your service time to complete at the salon.


We understand that life happens. With that said, we usually need the full appointment to do your
lashes. Even though we work quickly, and may even finish early sometimes, every application is
different — even for the same customer. Lash applications are more than just gluing on lashes.
There’s separation, removal of telegen lashes that are coming off, isolating, and more. If you
arrive late to your appointment we will still take you back, but may not be able to complete your
full service and your lashes will not look as originally intended. If you are very late to your
appointment and there is not enough time to do your service at all, we will need to reschedule
your appointment. A $25 rescheduling fee will apply to cover the cost of the lost appointment
and to reschedule you.


You may cancel your appointment up to 24 hours before your scheduled service. If you cancel
within 24 hours, or do not show up to your appointment at all, a $25 cancellation fee will be
charged to the payment source on your account, or through any other remedies available to
us. This policy applies to everyone and no exceptions will be made.


NO GUESTS & NO CHILDREN: Due to our small size salon, guests are not
permitted. Children are never permitted in the rooms. The fumes from the lash glue can be
irritating and children cannot be exposed to those fumes. Also, it is impossible for you to watch
your children as your eyes will need to be closed for up to 2 hours and you will not be able to
open your eyes in the middle of your service. As we are not a licensed child care facility, we
cannot watch your children for you. Arriving to your appointment with children will result in us
having to reschedule your service. A $25 rescheduling fee will apply.

REFUNDS & RETURNS: All sales are final. We do not offer refunds for services or products
purchased. If you are dissatisfied we’d love to fix the issue and in extreme circumstances may
offer a credit or comparative service to offset the issue.
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.


If you look good, we look good. We want you to have amazing results that last as long as
possible. We've put together this quick list of do's and don'ts to help you understand not
just what to do, but why you should do it. It's packed with science, information, and more
to help you learn what's best for your brand new lash extensions. While not an exhaustive

list, you should still talk to your stylist. They'll be able to give you quick tips,
recommendations, and real-world advice.


While all of these should be avoided during the duration of wearing lash extensions, it is
especially important during the first 48 hours as the glue cures to create a permanent
bond with your natural lashes. This is not an exhaustive list, and there are other things

you could do to shorten your retention (like pulling on your lashes, repeated exposure to
over-chlorinated pools, etc.). Check with your last stylist if you're having retention issues.


Especially waterproof or long-wear makeup around the eye. These can get in between
your natural eyelash and the lash extension and clump creating pressure that causes the

extensions to "pop off".


Makeup removers can dissolve the glue, especially in the first 48 hours. Try to avoid
removers containing any form of glycol. Ask your stylist about lash-safe makeup removers.


The combination of heat and pressure can cause extensions to fall out especially in the
first 48 hours. Your lash extensions are naturally curly. If you would like them to be more

curly, talk to your stylist about lash styles.


Fibers can get caught in your lashes, and they can pull on the extensions. This includes
Q-Tips®, cotton balls, or pads with fibers. Try to find lint free applicators or lint-free non-
textured pads if you need to swipe your eye. Ask your lash stylist about lash-safe


______I, the undersigned (“Releasor”), have voluntarily chosen to purchase eyelash
extension from Epique Lash Spa. As a condition of participating in the eyelash extension
procedure and for other good and valuable consideration, and intending to be legally
bound, I hereby grant to Epique Lash Spa this waiver of liability, general release and
covenant not to sue (this “Release”) and agree as follows:*

______ I authorize ELS to perform the semi-permanent eyelash extension procedure. I
understand this procedure requires the attachment of individual synthetic eyelashes to my
natural eyelashes using adhesives. I understand that it is my responsibility to remain still,
with my eyes closed, throughout the lash extension application procedure and to follow all
instructions of the lash stylist and other ELS employees (both during the procedure and
with regard to the post-procedure maintenance protocols.). I have been fully informed as
to the methods, procedures and potential complications and risks related to this semi-
permanent cosmetic procedure, including complications such as transient eyes redness,
irritation, allergic reactions, etc. I have not been influenced to any extent whatsoever in
making this Release by any representations or statements made by any employees of
ELS. <strong>I am consenting to this procedure at my own risk.</strong> I represent to
ELS that my responses on the ELS Client Information Form are complete and accurate
and disclose all allergies and other medical conditions of which I am aware that may
cause negative reactions to this procedure. If at any time I feel uncomfortable with the
eyelash extension procedure, I will inform the lash stylist of the problem, and I am free to
end the session at any time.

______ I hereby agree and covenant, on behalf of myself, my heirs, my personal
representatives, my executors, assigns and insurers (collectively, “Releasor Affiliates”), to
release, acquit, hold harmless, waiver and forever discharge ELS and their respective
officers, directors, members/managers, employees, contractors and agents (collectively
“Releasees”) from any and all claims, demands, damages, debts, costs, fees, obligations,
loss, expenses, compensation, actions or causes of action whatsoever, of every nature,
character and description, whether known, unknown, discovered, undiscovered, suspected
,or unsuspected (collectively, “Claims”), including but not limited to Claims arising on
account of, or in any way growing out of, this Release, Releasor participation in the lash
extension procedure, Releasor or any Releasees’ negligence or the negligence of any
third person in connection with the lash extension procedure or results of such procedure.

______ I hereby agree covenant, and agree and covenant on behalf of the Releasor
Affiliates, not to file any claim, lawsuits or other proceeding, whether judicial or
administrative, against the Releasees for any Claim. Releasor shall indemnify, defend and
hold harmless each of the Releasees against, and reimburse any one or more of them for,
any and all claims and liabilities directly or indirectly arising out any lawsuit, claim or other
proceeding filed against one or more of the Releasees by Releasor or any Releasor
Affiliate. Under no circumstances will the Releasees be required to seek recovery from
any insurer or third party, or otherwise mitigate their losses and expenses, in order to
maintain and recover fully a claim against Releasor.

Client’s Signature____________________________. Date:___________________

Lash Removal Consent

The adhesive remover is applied near your eye area for the purpose of
removing the eyelash extensions, we request your written consent to
perform this service so that we can complete the service.

I,_________________________ (your name) am giving consent for the
“company” DBA Epique Lash Spa to use Novalash Adhesive Remover for
the purpose of removing existing eyelash extensions on my eyes,

The reason for this removing is the following (please choose from below)

_____ Upcoming Cosmetic Eye Surgery
_____Unsatisfied with the Lash results
_____ Unable to Attend
_____ Irritation/ Swollen eyes
_____ Financial Reason
_____ Putting on a new set

By signing below, you affirm you have been made aware of any risk
involved and sign voluntarily to continue with the removal.

_______________________ Signature ____/_____/______ Date

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