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Canadian Nursery Rhymes

Canadian Nursery Rhymes

Canadian Nursery Rhymes

Canada Goose Song Lois' Garden
(tune of Row Row Your Boat) Lois Hole, Lois Hole
Flap, flap, flap your wings How does your garden grow?
As we fly along With daisies and daffodils
South to North and All in a row.
North to South by Melanie Mazurek
We sing the world a
song. Maple Syrup
by Carol Vaage Maple syrup on my pancakes
Maple syrup on my nose
Pea Soup Maple syrup in my hair
Pea soup hot, pea soup cold, On my chin and on my clothes.
Pea soup in the pot, Lick it off my fingers
Nine days old. Lick it off my nose
Some like it hot, some like it cold, But if it fell upon my feet
Some like it in the pot, Should I lick it off my toes?
Nine days old. by Melanie Mazurek
by Carol Vaage
Dandelions are Yellow
Pan Pizza Dandelions are yellow,
Pan pizza hot, With stems and leaves of
Pan pizza cold, green.
Pan pizza on the But you are the prettiest girl
plate, That I have ever seen.
Nine days old. by Carol Vaage
Some like it hot,
Some like it cold, Hockey School
Some like it on the plate, 1, 2 Blades so new.
Nine days old. 3, 4 Shoot and score!
by Melanie Mazurek 5, 6 Hockey sticks.
7, 8 Play 'till late.
Maple Leaf 9, 10 Score again!
(tune of I'm a Little Teapot) by Melanie Mazurek
I'm a little maple leaf, on a maple tree
Red, gold and orange as Canada
I can be 1, 2 Sky so blue.
When the wind blows 3, 4 From shore to
and sets me free shore.
Just watch me float and 5, 6 Cultural mix.
fall gently. 7, 8 Land so great.
by Melanie Mazurek 9, 10 Canadian!
by Melanie Mazurek

Dance School Packed on a Ship
1, 2 Ballet shoe. Hip to hip
3, 4 Touch the floor. Packed tight on a ship
5, 6 Sky high kicks. And who do you think they were?
7, 8 Legs so straight. The Germans and Swedes, the French and
9, 10 Bend again. Chinese,
by Melanie Mazurek Turn them out, Land-Ho! Free!
by Carol Vaage
Shoo Fly
1, 2 Shoo, fly, shoo! Rub-a-Dub Dub
3, 4 Out the door. Rub-a-dub dub
5, 6 No more tricks. Three kids in a tub
7, 8 Here's your fate. As muddy as muddy can be.
9, 10 Not you again! The climber, the hiker, the mountain
by Melanie Mazurek biker.
Scrub-a-dub dub these three.
High Level Bridge by Melanie Mazurek
(tune of London Bridge)
High Level Bridge has a waterfall, Alberta Wild Rose
Waterfall, waterfall Alberta wild rose, you're
High Level Bridge has a waterfall, a beautiful sight
July 1st, Canada Day. You bloom in the spring
by Carol Vaage when the sun is bright
You have five pink petals
Walterdale Bridge and a center that is yellow
Walterdale Bridge is falling down, Your fragrance is lovely
falling down, falling down. and still quite mellow.
Walterdale Bridge is falling down. Oh, You are Alberta's floral emblem and
Mayor, of the grow from coast to coast
town. But your piping hot rosehip tea is what I
Build it up with like the most.
steel and rivets, by Melanie Mazurek
steel and rivets,
steel and rivets, Canadian Money
Build it up with steel and rivets. Oh, Five pennies make a nickel
Mayor, of the town. Two nickels make a dime
Steel and rivets will rust away, rust Ten dimes make a dollar
away, rust away, Now what should I buy this time?
Steel and rivets will rust away. Oh, Four quarters make a loonie
Mayor, of the town. And one loonie is a dollar
by Melanie Mazurek Two loonies make a toonie
Now aren't I a scholar?
by Melanie Mazurek

What Coin Am I? See-Saw
I have a beaver on my (tune of See-Saw Margery Daw)
back See-saw, black crow can caw
I am silver, that's a fact. Pump-jacks bring oil for the master,
Five pennies I do equal He gets more than a dollar a day,
My name rhymes with pickle. But they can't work any faster.
What coin am I? by Carol Vaage
I have a caribou on one side
And the Queen on the other Ding Dong
I am round and flat Ding, dong, det.
25 pennies to be exact. The puck went in the net.
What coin am I? Who put it in?
I am the smallest coin in size Gretzky! For a win!
I am silver to your eyes Who took it out?
A ship is on my back The goalie, with a shout.
Ten pennies to be exact. "That's the Great One", we did say,
What coin am I? He played hockey every day.
I am a lovely copper colour by Carol Vaage
A brown and orange sort of colour
A maple leaf is on my back Wayne Gretzky
I am not worth much in fact. Young king of the goals
What coin am I? Was a kind and humble soul
by Melanie Mazurek And a kind and humble soul was he.
He flew down the ice,
Polar Bear With grace and with ease,
(tune of I'm a Little Teapot) His name? The Great One, Gretzky!
I'm a little polar by Melanie Mazurek
bear, soft and white
Catching a fish. Clara's Cow
They're a tasty bite. (tune of Little Bo-Peep)
When it gets cold on an Arctic night Clara knows how
My thick warm fur keeps me just right. She lost the cow
by Melanie Mazurek And can tell you where to find her.
Go through the fence
I Had A Little Apple Just to the west,
Tree Where there is greener pasture.
I had a little apple tree, by Carol Vaage
Nothing would it bear,
But a bright red apple and Calendar Chant
a golden pear. 30 days are in September
My cousin from Alberta April, June and
Came to visit me, November
And all for the sake All the rest have 31.
Of my little apple tree. Except February the odd one.
by Carol Vaage It has 28 days dear
And 29 in each leap year.
by Melanie Mazurek

Two Little Birds Hey Diddle Diddle
(tune of Two Little Hey Diddle Diddle
Dickey Birds) The Lynx and the fiddle
Two little singing birds The Moose jumped over the moon
Sitting on a shed, The little Wolf laughed to see such sport
One was blue and the other one red. And the Goose ran away with the Loon.
Fly away, blue. by Monica Rosborough
Fly away, red.
Come back, blue! Come back, red! Gnaw, Gnaw, Gnaw Beaver
by Carol Vaage (tune of Baa Baa Black Sheep)
Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw, Beaver, have you
Penny Piper any wood?
Yes, oh, yes, as much as I should.
Penny Piper One pile's my little house,
My food pile looks the same
popped a pile of One for my little dam that keeps in the
peppered popcorn. A Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw, Beaver, have you
any wood?
pile of peppered Yes oh, yes, as much as I should.

popcorn Penny Piper popped. Ruff, ruff, ruff doggy, have you any
If Penny Piper popped a pile of peppered Yes sir, yes sir, as much as I own
One for my brother, one for myself
popcorn, One for my sister, one on my shelf
Ruff, ruff, ruff, doggy, have you any
Where's the pile of peppered popcorn bones?
Yes sir, yes sir, as much as I own.
Penny Piper popped? by Matthew and Amber Rosborough

by Melanie Mazurek Beaver Cleaver
Beaver Cleaver bit through a log
Ring Around the Sun Beaver Cleaver fell
A ring around through the bog
The sun or moon All the animals and
Brings rain or snow moose his friend
Upon you soon. Couldn't pull beaver out again.
Anonymous by Melanie Mazurek

The North Wind
The North
Wind does
And we
shall have
And what will poor robin do then?
Poor thing!
He'll fly to the south,
And build a new house,
He'll fly north when spring comes again.
Good thing!
by Carol Vaage

The Beavers in the North Old Auntie Lantry
(tune of Wheels on the Bus) Old Auntie Lantry went to the pantry
The beavers in the north go chew, chew, To get her good dog a treat.
chew, But when she got there the pantry was
Chew, chew, chew; chew, chew, chew. bare,
The beavers in the north go chew, chew, So she gave him some luncheon meat.
chew, by Melanie Mazurek
All day long.
The beavers in the Old Geezer Greezer
north go swim, swim, Old Geezer Greezer went to the freezer
swim... To find the cookie dough.
The beavers in the But when he got there the freezer was
north will drag, drag, bare
drag... So off to the store he did go.
The tail on a beaver goes slap, slap, by Melanie Mazurek
The nose on the beaver goes open and Flies and Mosquitoes
shut... Flies and mosquitoes
The kits in the lodge go mew, mew, Are biting and humming,
mew... Swallows fly low...
The beavers in the lodge will sleep all A rainstorm is coming.
day... Anonymous
by Carol Vaage Little Farmer Joe
Little farmer Joe
Sir John A. MacDonald Come find your hoe
(tune of Duke of York) The corn's in the meadow
Sir John A. MacDonald And all those weeds must
Had 10,000 mounted men go.
He rode with them up to Where is that farmer
the top of the hill Who supposedly hoes?
And he rode with them He's under his covers
down again. Snoring through his nose.
And when they're up, they're up, by Melanie Mazurek
And when they're down, they're down,
And when they're only half way up,
They're neither up nor down.
by Terry Starko

Big Bull Elk
(tune of Lucy Locket)
Big bull elk has lost his antlers.
Little Leah found them.
Ground them up into some dust,
And made a potion from them.
by Carol Vaage

Seasonal Poems
by Melanie Mazurek

Snow, Snow
Snow, snow, melt away
Come again some January
Now it's spring
And the birds want to stay.

Spring, Spring
Spring, spring, go away.
Come again some cool March day.
Now it's summer
In the lake we will play.

Summer, Summer
Summer, summer, go away
See you in the month after May
Now it's fall
In the leaves we will play.

Fall, Fall
Leaves, leaves, blow away
Come again some September day.
Winter's here
In the snow we will play.

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